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Abseiling information...

Our friendly, nationally qualified abseiling tutors are amongst
the safest,  most experienced & qualified abseiling instructors 
to be found anywhere in the UK...and our base in the Peak District 
is in the middle of an area naturally designed for this extreme adventure ! ..

Chris Dacey, W.S. Atkins Social Club Secretary enjoying abseiling during one of her
trips here with her adventurous sports & social club.
Our patient and very experienced staff include people such as Dr Iain Jennings,
Tony Kendall, Caroline Jennings, Steve Pope and John T who each possess over
30 years experience teaching abseiling & rapelling here at Rock Lea Activity Centre.
We offer an established level of safety and enjoyment of abseiling that is second to
none... as evidenced by glowing endorsements in the travel media and on TV and
radio - as well as on media such Linked-in and Facebook.



We offer abseiling and rapelling instruction as part of a 
range of events for exclusive private parties, for individuals, 
as part of sports courses (e.g. our open rock climbing and 
our caving weekends) and as part of bespoke training and 
corporate hospitality programmes for private corporate 
parties from commerce and industry.  

Please call us on 01433-650345 to discuss how we can 
best help you.

Prices start from around £69 each.


Click to see what the tv & press have
had to say about abseiling with us !
Our Abseiling sessions have been
especially popular with the many
journalists and t.v. & film crews
who have been out and about with us.
Rock Lea's staff have been featured
abseiling on BBC1 television's
"Eleventh Hour", BBC2 television's
"Breakout" & on Yorkshire TV's
"Edit Five". Not to be outclassed,
NBC's "Ushuaia" adventure
programme presented by Matt Dickinson
featured us abseiling underground on one
of our novices' potholing & caving sessions !











Abseiling in the Peak Park with staff freom Peak Activities Ltd. Tel. 01433-650345.  Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings


Abseiling can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  Abseiling in the Peak National Park with instructors from Rock Lea, Hathersage.  Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings..Learning to abseil in the Peak District. Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings..Abseiling in a Derbyshire cave. Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings

What exactly is abseiling ?
Whether above ground or underground, abseiling is having lots of fun sliding down
a rope under control, but to be really cool you have to get your pronunciation right
too, so please pay attention....there will be a test afterwards ! :-)
In German "Seil" = rope (pronounced SILE not SAIL)
& "Ab" = go down. Americans have to be different, so
they use the French word "rapelling".
    Providing you can say it properly, abseiling on the local crags
    or from disused viaducts over fast flowing rivers below is
    definitely one of Peak Activities safest and most popular activities,
    It's suitable for people of all ages and fitnesses.
    We'll provide everything you'll need to have a safe and fun filled time.
    Our nationally qualified staff can arrange sessions all year round.
    Morning, afternoon and early evening sessions are possible.
    Abseiling is suitable for down-to-earth novices of all ages.
    We often use abseiling on our highly acclaimed
    tailored team building projects and confidence building tasks
    designed and run by our Chartered Institute of Personnel
    & Development CIPD Qualified consultants.











Having fun abseiling in the Peak District.   Copyright photo : Dr Iain Jennings..Abseiling with Peak Activities Ltd in the Peak Park.  Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings..Abseiling instruction. Learning to abseil in the Peak National Park.  Copyright image : Dr Iain Jennings, Rock Lea Activity Centre.
Centre : Our great friend and mentor Reverend "Alf" Garnett abseiling during a men's fellowhsip weekend.
Abseiling is a favourite fun activity when the weather is wet.
Our non-macho women and men tutors will take good care of you.


It's lots of fun for all sorts of people of all ages !
No previous experience needed ! .....Bring your camera !
  • Learning to abseil is great fun. Abseiling with staff from Rock Lea Activity Centre, Derbyshire....
    According to both the Sunday Times
    & The Daily Telegraph abseiling with
    Peak Activities' expert staff is a really thrilling rush !
    See what some of Rover's production staff
    who make Land Rovers had to say about abseiling with us !
    More corporate clients' comments



    Insurance Cover !,
    Safety & Quality Assurance...


    Did you know you can also enjoy abseiling as part
    of some of our other outdoor activities we offer here ?
    For example during climbing & caving and also on our
    High Ropes Team Challenge ?
    The most extreme abseiling we do here is deep underground !
    Click here to see what The Sunday Times Travel Magazine had
    to say about our extreme caving trips for beginners in Feb 2003.
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    We are very grateful to freelance artist Jim Watson

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    cartoons to raise a smile here and there on our website.


    Jim's books of climbing and walking cartoons published

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