with Peak Activities Ltd at Rock Lea Activity Centre

Enjoy the thrills of abseiling in Derbyshire's Peak District National Park 
with Peak Activities Ltd's experienced & qualified team of local caving 
& climbing instructors & our development training team's specialists...
Please call us on 01433-650345 today to discuss available dates & costs.
We offer easy abseiling sessions and things a tad more extreme too !


Abseiling with Peak Activities experienced staff is lots of fun
and suitable for old & young adventurers all the year round !

As featured on BBC1 & BBC2 Holiday Programmes !
BBC Sports Presenter Damion Johnson filming with Peak Actrivities for a BBC Two television holiday & lifestyle programme called "BREAKOUT"


All you need is a smile ! No special gear and no special fitness
or strength levels are required for our simple abseiling sessions
which can begin with easy sessions lasting from 2 to 4 hours !

For enthusiasts and more experienced abseilers scroll down
this page to check out
extreme abseiling down into potholes
and other more challenging activities involving abseiling.


Abseiling down a crag just three minutes
minibus transfer from our base at Rock Lea.
We have a great variety of climbing and abseil
sites within sight of our popular base in Hathersage.

It's Gripping Stuff !

Peak Activities Ltd. can incorporate safe, enjoyable  morning, 
afternoon or evenings sessions of  abseiling for complete novices 
into corporate sports days, corporate team-builds, training sessions, 
confidence-building  programmes or "just for fun" on group activity 
sports days & public weekends.  We have a wide range of events 
for private parties & you can also enjoy abseiling on our caving
weekends,  multi sports weekends, rock climbing and abseiling
weekends and other  "open" events  for individuals.  

Please call us in 01433-650345 to discuss your specific needs.
We can give you an index towards prices and availability of any 
dates you may require.

What if it rains ?

Abseiling in Derbyshire is a great all-weather activity and just like our
caving & orienteering it is a perfect half-day activity for rainy days.
Abseiling deep down into the void !
Abseiling to extremes with only a headlight in absolute darkness... 
        ....and it is certainly weather proof  ! 
 Climbing up a slender electron ladder whilst exploring a cave & then abseiling back down later on.
 In such a wet and slippy and remote environment it is vital that beginners are protected by safe and
 competant instructors using additional safety ropes.  This extreme abseiling - pure fun & excitement !

For most of our customers the ultimate abseiling experiences 
we run in the UK's Peak Park are probably the descents we 
arrange deep inside some of our local caves.   Provided the 
instruction team you choose knows exactly what they are 
doing these are safe and enjoyable trips... but we would 
suggest these extreme activities in potholes are not to be 
undertaken without very experienced and qualified 
supervision.   These are environments where you do not 
want to have any accidents !


Potholes are deep caves involving vertical sections 
negotiated using abseiling techniques and special 
caving ladders, etc.

Dates and prices of public events involving abseiling. 

Learning to abseil in a crevasse in
Arctic Sweden on a glacial research 
expedition led by our centre manager 
Iain in 1974.  

Several of Peak Activities staff each
have over 27 years experience of 
running very safe abseiling sessions, 
which is why so many film and 
television crews have used our 
services to look after their famous 
celebrities and technical crews
visiting our Hathersage base to 
film abseiling for various holiday
and training programmes.

Click to go to our website's  main abseiling  information page.
Abseiling for charity fund raising is also a possibility.

Abseiling in Derbyshire for Corporate Groups
Abseiling and climbing weekends open to individuals 

We can arrange private 1:1 tuition ( but it is not cheap ! )
Abseiling in the Peak District for small private parties....

Arranging Abseiling activities for a stag group or a hen party...

Our training and development specialists also use abseiling 
      and working at heights on high ropes courses and rock climbs
      as part of simple or more sophisticated team building events....


Check out how a motor manufacturer used abseiling with Peak Activities 
as part of a programme of  team building and continuous improvement 
courses designed to successfully improve communications between 
Range Rover and Discovery production managers and directors and their
shop floor  workers.  The programme was designed by our own Chartered
Development Training Expert - Dr. Iain Jennings with Company Directors 
from the Rover Group at Solihull and at Longbridge.
Click to read what these Rover staff said about their abseiling and caving and other team building adventures with us ! ..

Our qualified instructors often abseil with novices on nearby 
quiet crags overlooking our centre - but one of our most highly 
acclaimed & popular venues is a disused railway viaduct just a 
short minibus drive from our base in Hathersage. Here there's 
often the option of a superb "free-fall" abseil over a river.  

We also arrange abseiling in local cave systems...and from time to 
time our staff will arrange abseils down other structures for charity.
Our extensive A-Z Index has the answer to other frequently asked questions
and there's another page of information on abseiling if you click here.
insurance & liability cover for our abseilers - notes
Conservation : 

Abseiling sessions from structures such as disused viaducts 
helps minimise our impact on the local crags next to our centre.  
Our staff do, of course, also arrange abseiling as part of sessions 
when we're rock climbing on the local crags which are right next
door to our popular base in Hathersage - Rock Lea.

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As seen on BBC1 & BBC2 television's
travel & sports programmes !

Above : Social Club meet from W.S. Atkins Engineering.
Left : Our good friend Rev. "Alf" Garnett from Havering-atte-Bower.



From the viaduct pictured here you can dangle 100 feet above a fast flowing
river & find out whether your friends are true friends if they pull you in to the
river bank at the bottom before your ankles start getting moist ! Have as many
goes as you want in a half day or longer session with our patient & friendly,
nationally-qualified instructors....
No special level of fitness or previous experience needed - just a sense of fun !
To take out youngsters abseiling down caves or on the crags
when their parenst or guardians are not present you need an
AALA Licence from the HSE. Local licencing agreements for site
access may also be required. Using a well established centre
such as our base at Rock Lea means you will be well looked after
properly insured, qualified amd experienced staff who are
fully licensed and accredited.

We carry £5 Million Public & Third Party Liability Insurance...


Exclusive private abseiling sessions for individuals & groups
can easily be arranged all the year round. If you want to book
a non-residential event, a good idea is to come out with us for
the day and combine a session of abseiling with another activity
such as caving, walking, rock-climbing, watersports, orienteering,
Coaching for private parties is one of our specialities.
Check out our fees. Corporate group prices for simple
sports sessions start from around £99-00 per person
per day (non-residential).
If you want to hire one of our senior staff for 1:1 or private
exclusive small group abseiling tuition see our guiding page.
Please click for details of our popular multiactivity weekends, caving,
and climbing weekends , etc. for individuals which include abseiling.
These popular events are open for group bookings all year around.
We can also arrange personal 1:1 tuition and exclusive small group
tuition and coaching in activities such as rock climbing and abseiling.
Do please phone 01433-650345 or 07771-855105
to discuss what you have in mind & to find out just
what's possible on the dates and times of your choice.
BBC Presenter Damion Johnson filming with us for
a BBC Two television holiday & lifestyle programme.
More enthusiastic reviews over the years we have been
operating have included a full page editorial features in the
Sunday Times and documentary features on our climbing and
abseiling on BBC Radio Four's Breakaway & BBC's Freewheeling
Holiday Programme and on Radio Five Live...and on BBC tv's
"Look North" regional news & travel programme presented by
Damion Johnson. Many celebrities such as BBC Radio's Alex Lester
& Matt Dickinson have enjoyed abseiling above ground and in caves
with our tried and trusted team. See Ian Wright who was here
with a BBC1 film crew shooting a caving abseil with us in Feb 2003..
For real teams from work, we have over the last 20 years developed
several fun-filled, challenging & good humoured management training
tasks based at sites such as the bridge shown above. These non-macho
tasks keep everyone in the team very busy but do not require everyone
in the party to actually go over the top ! (unless they want to !) For example,
"Radioactive Reptiles"TM is a particularly good exercise developed by
Dr. Iain Jennings to help open up honest and frank discussions about
improving communications between and within real work groups.
This and many other orginal task based training modules developed
at Rock Lea have been featured on Yorkshire Television and in articles
in media such as Works Management. Such outdoor training can be
great fun as well as a worthwhile investment ! Corporate clients using
these facilities have included Rover, Rolls Royce, Bosch, Lucas,
Price Waterhouse, NHS Supplies Directorate, Kelloggs, Ernst & Young
Norwich Union Healthcare, USAAF, Transco and many others.
Our senior staff work from time to time as consultants when people
wish to abseil down structures such as high rise offices for charity
...and we can arrange for coaching and assessment from our MIA
and MIC qualified staff for those wishing to become qualified
( SPA and DCA Level 2 ) to teach and supervise others safely.

Click to see a list of our corporate clients :


Series of groups comprising managers & directors came up to Rock Lea
from Birmingham Cable Communications on courses tailored to help
boost inter-departmental communications & understanding.
Here some of the group are "up to their bottoms in reptiles" during an
team exercise involving abseiling by some of the team involved
in the search & recovery of a load of runaway crocodiles & snakes !
Even the less fit members of the teams who may have been a little wary
of the course beforehand got stuck in and had a great time.
The task and subsequent in-depth performance review sessions were
especially designed around some of the team's specific training needs.
Nobody on a team task such as this is forced to do anything they'd prefer
not to do. The only complaint usually when such exercises are being reviewed
is that people want more time to do lots more abseils just for the fun of it.
Click to see some of the team's comments and other rave reviews !
Please telephone us on 01433-650345.
Peak Activities Ltd., Rock Lea, Station Road, Hathersage, Hope Valley, S32 1DD.