Accommodation for people booking sports & training 
events in the Peak Park with Peak Activities Ltd.

For information about accommodation for our team builds in the Austrian Alps please click here...

Our outdoor activities and training events' participants wishing to stay locally can 
choose from a wide variety of local accommodation options.   You can choose to 
stay in self catering cottages, camping barns, Bed & Breakfast Guest Houses, 
camp sites & youth hostels or stay in 4 & 5 Star Luxury Hotels.   This page provides 
information on these options.

NEW :  We are offering B&B at Rock Lea as an option later this year too.

A lovely farmhouse Bed & Breakfast venue on the edge of the charming village of Hathersage.
Above - a party of cyclists passing one of the charming B&B Farmhouses we recommend 
to our guests.  It is situated on a popular national cycling route which was used by the 
"Tour of Britain" Cycle Race" when it passed through Hathersage.  There are lots of B&Bs
and farmhouses offering Bed & Breakfast in and around Hathersage and the Hope Valley. 

The choice of local accommodation for our participants...

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Whether you're an individual client booked onto 
one of of our popular walking, climbing, or caving 
open weekends - or a group of people booked in to 
enjoy some of the other activities offered in the 
accessible Peak District by Peak Activities,  we're 
committed to helping you choose from a wide variety
of tried and proven accommodation options on offer 
to all our customers.  The choice is yours !


 Caroline Jennings
You can choose from catered venues with hearty meals designed for 
outdoor appetites and using local ingredients...or opt for lower cost 
self catering accommodation options close by...including camping sites,
slef-catering cottages, camping barns and caravan sites. 

The Choice is all yours ! 

All Peak Activities' customers can choose from a wide 
range of local accommodation options. With over twenty 
five years experience organising weekend breaks, holidays 
and corporate training & team building for our individual 
customers and parties of clients big and small,  Peak 
Activities Ltd  have a sound set of links with  tried and 
trusted local  suppliers. We can therefore offer our 
corporate activities & training clients and our individual 
activities customers almost every imaginable kind of suitable 
accommodation available in and around our centre in the 
fabulous Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park .

Having been based in Hathersage for over 22 years, 
some of our suppliers are local family and close friends,
so you'll be made to feel very welcome and well looked
after.  Our suppliers at our base in the Tyrolean Alps are
good friends too - and the same applies over there too !

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The many different accommodation options in the Peak Park 
available to Peak Activities' clients who use our instruction 
services  include : -
Four and five star hotel Accommodation.
Perfect for training parties and all sorts of team building events.

Click here to see the level of luxury we can offer groups & individuals
who want to pamper themselves with fine meals, late night bars,
swimming pools, steam rooms, gymns and saunas etc.   Prices for 
our bone fide clients booked on to our events now start from as low
as £45 per person per night ( reduced down from £155 / night ) for
single and double and twin en suite rooms with a full breakfast.
These are special rates negotiated for our clients by our director
Dr. Iain Jennings.

A bedroom in one of the hotels  on our preferred suppliers database.

Who said that you had to rough it when enjoying outdoor pursuits with Peak Activities ?
Why not  opt for some four or five star hotel luxury and comfort after a hard day outdoors ?
Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.


Three Star Hotel Accommodation


Local inns and hotels are great for all sorts of groups using our services 
and for individuals and couples too. There are some nice small inns 
and hotels in and around the Hope Valley and surrounding area. 
We have a list of local accommodation venues which we send out to 
everyone as soon as their bookings are confirmed.   

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.

Conference Centres.
We have many years experience of using the best local conference
and training facilities in and around the Peak National Park and can
recommend those designed for serious training & ideal for staff 
development events.

Usually we can give out lots of information about local centres at
planning meetings with bone fide group organisers who come
to our base Rock Lea to meet with us and plan their events with us.
Usually we only book conference centres for clients who have
walked around the facilities with us during pre-event planning 
meetings to check out the most likely centres to suit their events. 
There is a usually a modest charge for this pre-event planning service.

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.
Fully Serviced & Self Catering at Youth Hostels.
Some of our local YHA hostels are popular with clients on tight budgets.
They are NOT suitable for boisterous or noisy stag parties or hen groups !

There are different styles and sizes of youth hostels at Ravenstor,
Castleton, Eyam, Bretton and one in Hathersage...plus a number of
private hostels which we have on our database too.

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.
Self catering centres & private fully serviced hostels.
Groups can sometimes arrange to stay with a close friend of ours who 
has her own private hostel / centre.   Needs to be booked well in advance.
Well behaved parties only !   Choose either fully serviced food arrangements
or opt for one or two meals a day only.

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.
The Snake Pass Inn  on the A57 Snake Pass Road near Bamford.
The Snake Pass Inn on the A57


B&B in local Inns, Guest Houses & Farmhouses
Bed & Breakfasts / Guest Houses are excellent value and very comfortable 
but are not suitable for big parties. We have loads of B&B's in and around 
Hathersage and these can often be bookd at quite short notice by individuals 
and couples.  There are also lots of places where you can eat out in the evenings 
and at lunchtimes.  All our customers who have booked with us can ask us to 
send them our updated list of tried and trusted local suppliers.  We regret this list 
of preferred B&B suppliers is NOT available to people who have not booked with 
us yet.  Contact one or more of the list of local TIC's on the foot of our local links
page ( click here please )  to get a list of local B&B's and hotels prior to booking 
with us - or if you are just a member of the public not intending booking tuition
or training with Peak Activities Ltd.

The Plough Inn on the southern edge of Hathersage on the B6001 road to Grindleford ).

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.

A flower decked local farmhouse offering B&B...

We send out our preferred suppliers accommodation 
list to everyone who books instruction or training with 
us.  We will send this information out as a .pdf file by
e-mail when we send off booking confirmations, joining 
instructions, maps, etc.


Self catering cottages.
There are many self catering holiday cottages in the Peak District which 
can offer excellent value for people staying for, say, at week at a time.
Some cottages may be available for shorter weekend lets too...and there 
are a limited number of quite large houses which groups such as stag groups
and hen parties may find are ideal venues for a relaxed weekend away. 

At busy times such venues will be much in demand ( e.g. school holidays ) 
and at very short notice - your choice may be quite limited.
Booking well in advanced and confirming your booking in writing is
therefore always very highly recommended.

Try using a tried and trusted agency such as Peak Cottages  for late bookings...
or contact one of the many TIC's listed on our local links page or scroll down 
to the very foot of this page for more contacts.

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.


Self catering in Camping Barns.
Camping Barns are "stone tents" which provide
spartan, cheap and cheerful acoomodation but are
hardly luxurious !   They are popular with various
groups prepared to rough it a bit - such as military
training groups, scouts, stag parties, hen groups, 
and youth and school parties on tight budgets.
We have had some police cadets groups staying 
in local camping barns every year for 9 years...so 
we know some camping barns work really well 
for some groups.

Barns will be warmer than, say, tents, in the depths
of Winter...and probably more spacious too.

There are several good privately owned camping
barns in and around Hathersage. Some places
advertised in the Peak Park are much cleaner
and better equipped than others.  

"You'll need a sleeping bag to stay in most camping barns...."

Top tip - "Time spent on a good reconnaiscance is seldom wasted."

We would strongly suggest you arrange a recce trip and look 
around barns before booking them. Some are very different 
from others and the facilities offered by some are much
better than others. We will do our best to suggest the best 
barns for our customers.

Just how clean some barns are when you arrive is 
often a function of who stayed in it last !  Not all
groups clean up  as well as , say, a well supervised 
RAF or police training group might do.

Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.

Camping in tents on local campsites...

Peak Activities Ltd's Course participants often enjoy the
experience of camping out under the stars. There are several
great places where you can camp in and around Hathersage and
keep costs right down.

There are numerous quiet camp sites in & around
Hathersage....plus more nice camping sites at
Bamford, Hope and Edale and Catleton. More can
be found at Foolow, Tideswell and other nearby
towns. Some are for tents only.
Some of the Hathersage sites are within walking
and cycling distance.
Camping site fees vary from site to site but are usually
c. £4 to £5 per adult per night and from about £1 per car.
When hiring our camping kit which is new or almost brand new, a
damage deposit may be charged against your credit card to
the cost of any kit losses, damage or cleaning bills. Because it can
takes a while for us to check, clean and dry out tents and other
gear that might have been packed up muddy or wet, we charge more
per person per night for single nights stays than for longer hires.


Click on heading above for more information about this type of accommodation.
Close to our base, Rock Lea, there are a number of
great local camping sites ( public sites and private
camping locations ) for groups big or small who are
using Rock Lea's instructors and trainers.
Most of these camp sites have hot showers and good
WC toilets & washing facilities.
Please note the camping out option may not be suitable for
boisterous groups - since all of our local camping sites'
managers or owners will ask your whole party to leave

if any member makes problems for other campers on the
same site. Making a lot of noise at night is enough for

groups to be asked to leave without any further ado,
so forget camping if your party members are not going
to be quiet...
Peak Activities Ltd's customers should
call us on 01433-650345 during normal
office hours for more information.
We do NOT hire out camping kit any more, but are we are willing to
include the purchase of kit for training groups who ask us to arrange
for them to camp as part of their training courses.
Q: Do you help people find accommodation who are not your instruction clients ?
A : Sorry, we don't ! Apart from the information on this page we do not supply
accommodation information to people who are not booking our tuition services.
      Please don't waste your ( or our ) time calling us to ask for
      information about accommodation if you're not one of Peak
      customers booking instruction or training with us.

      We regret
      we haven't got the staff or time to help general
      enquiries from
      the public or agents. Click here instead for
      details of
      local Tourist Information Centres who will be able
      to help you.
      We regret we cannot offer our booking service to the general
      public or booking agencies. Our accommodation service is
      solely for our bone fide paying customers who have booked
      outdoor activities or training sessions with our centre's
      instruction team.




Q: Do you use accommodation that has been tried and tested ?
A : YES. We have been here for over 25 years so you can expect us to give you
very accurate and carefully considered information about reliable places to stay.
Peak Activities Ltd only recommend accommodation options
to our customers that have been very thoroughly tried and proven
by many of our previous customers.
Most importantly, as well as knowing where is good to stay locally,
we also know which places might best be avoided ! Click here to
see an amusing poem written by one of our police clients about a
place not very far away ( not named ) where they stayed against
our advice !
Top Tip : Don't leave trying to book group accommodation until
the last minute. You'd be surprised how quickly the very best
accommodation can be booked up each year here in the Hope Valley.



Local tourist information centres can provide 
accommodation information for local villages 
& towns such as Ashford, Ashover, Bakewell, 
Bamford, Baslow, Bradwell, Buxton, Calver, 
Castleton, Edale, Eyam, Hope, Grindleford, 
Froggatt, Tideswell and many others.





Peak Activities Ltd's customers bring along groups big and small.
Some groups need lots of conference rooms and single bedrooms
...others just want a simple cottage to crash out in for the weekend.

All the year round we're pleased to help our clients arrange all sorts of 
different kinds of group accommodation for our customers and their 
guests. We know that a big part of the total success of your residential 
activity package with us hinges on us helping provide good hospitality,
good food & comfortable accommodation at prices that will best fit your 
available budget !  

Top tip :  If you are wanting activities for just one day we would always
recommend you book your accommodation for the night after your day 
out with us rather than the day before. It makes for a much more relaxing
event without the need to rush off at the end of the day when you're 
mellow or tired !


We specialise in combining indoor and outdoor activities for our corporate clients.
We know that getting the accommodation and food and conference facilities right 
and choosing the right location is an important part of the arranging of a successful 
and worthwhile corporate event.
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Four Star Hotel Accommodation for our events organisers...
We have a number of tried and proven four star hotels which
we can make available for our corporate training and team
building customers. Because we do so much business with
them, many of our close associates now offer attractive exclusive 
deals for Peak Activities Ltd's customers who book direct
through us rather than through their embedded company
travel agencies. Click the photos above for more details of the 
above example of a very popular level of local four star hotel and
conference accommodation close to our centre in Hathersage which
can offer group rates reduced down to as low at £45 per person per 
night iuncluding a Full English Breakfast in a lovely restaurant in
beautiful landscaped grounds.  Rates will not apply if booking through
an embedded travel agency.


Suitable for groups of 6 to 160. Inspections of such venues
are often arranged when clients come to see us for planning
workshops to plan their events with us. Please phone us on 
01433-650345 or 07771-855105 for more details of our planning 

Typical price for a party of 10+ will be from c. £69 to £129 per 
person for single room occupancy of  very luxurious twin or 
double en suite rooms (Dinner , Bed & Breakfast rate quoted).
Currently 24 hour delegate rates for training delegates are
c. £100 to £130 per delegate/24 hours (inclusive of single bedrooms, 
all meals, conference room hire, breakout room hire, etc.

Twin en-suite rooms are often available in many of the hotels we 
use for our corporate guests - and these naturally tend to be a lot 
less expensive.
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3 Star Hotel Options for people booking events with us...
There are several very comfortable and pleasant three-star hotels
and historic coaching inns which we recommend in and around the
scenic Hope Valley.  These are extremely popular with our training 
and team building customers bringing along small and medium sized 
parties for team events.

One of the numerous excellent local coaching inns we can offer our individual & group customers.

Because we do so much business with some of these venues each year 
we can often negotiate very competitive group rates for our corporate 
clients who are booking tuition and instruction packages direct from 
us too.   If you book through a company embedded travel agency 
the fee will often be higher than the rate we quote for direct bookings.
Some of these hotel venues offer our guests excellent conference 
and private banqueting facilities, good en-suite bedrooms and good
facilities for customers with special needs, including as wheelchair
users. Some have added extras on offer such as swimming pools, 
steam rooms and well equipped gymnasiums too.

Combined with our our wide range of sports and training activities
these facilities mean we can run a huge range of high quality team 
events...from simple "jollies" to sophisticated training & development
and staff training programmes.


See our "deals" page or call us on 01433-650345 for details of some great late bookings offers for groups.

More information about accommodation for training groups using our services.

Eating out informally can be surprisingly inexpensive if
you opt for low cost bar meals in some of our local inns.
The food is basic but there's load s of choices and  the 
portions are great for hungry outdoor appetites.

Conference & Training Centres
There are lots of conference centres which our corporate events clients
can choose from when they book their events with us in the Peak District, 
based in nearby villages such as Castleton and Hope.  We have a few 
carefully chosen venues right on the doorstep which offer outstandingly 
good value for money and excellent facilities, including classrooms, 
spacious syndicate rooms, lecture theatres, superb single en-suite 
bedrooms and great food. 

Click here for more information about local venues we use for training parties.

We regret that we can only help people who are booking activities with our 


Typical charge for a party of 10+ to 50 of our clients are around £100 
to £155 per delegate per 24 hours fully inclusive of all you require
including teaching room areas, meals and so on.  Prices fluctuate
through the year in line with demand and vary from site to site,
so ask us for a quote for any specific date you require.
Some of the local Youth Hostels are worth consideration as a base
if you're on a really tight budget... or if you fancy a really informal 
and out of-the-ordinary event to help your team chill out together.
However there are rules to follow and you mustn't expect a five
star full service hotel level of luxury for just £25 per night or so !
Above is one of the very friendly family run local youth hostels we endorse
for groups of say 30 to 50 people with tight budgets. Our minibuses can
collect you from here and you can be enjoying activities and training with
us within just 10 minutes transfer time. There are several pleasant hostels
within a short drive of our base in Hathersage. We can arrange for the hostels
to open up outside of normal hours for inspections when we are running
pre-event planning workshops.
If you're looking for a really low cost venue for your group
event with us, the good news is that not  all local youth 
hostels are the same.  Whilst some in the National Park are 
very busy places bustling with youngsters, there are some 
quieter local hostels which we recommend which can be 
rented by parties of, say 30 to 50 people in their entirety.
Maybe staying in a hostel isn't going to be what exactly what
you want !  No worries ! There's lots of other types of places
you can stay...from stately homes converted into apartments
to four star hotels and other unusual forms of accommodation.

Rock Lea - our own modest base in Hathersage
is used for non-residential meetings and as a base
for all sorts of outdoor activities and training events.

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Hostels can be a really good low cost (c. £20 to £25 per person 
per night ) venue for groups that don't mind fairly basic shared 
rooms and fairly spartan catering.  In recent months we have 
arranged exclusive occupancy of hostels in this locality for 
several of our blue chip team building clients including a 
large group from Astra Zeneca, and a party of 114 from 
Union Railways and many more. Our chaplain Rev. Roger
Garnet uses the hostel pictured above for his Men's Fellowship
Weekends.  The food is good and the price most reasonable
compared with, say, a cheaper hotel holding so many folks 
under one roof.

Other parties  who've used hostels successfully under our 
aegis have included  Bosch, Union Railways, GEC and lots
of church groups and school and college parties. 

Clearly,  however, these events need to be booked and 
firmed-up well in advance or exclusive occupation will 
simply not be possible.  The same advice applies to the 
booking of other popular low-cost venues such as the 
best local camping barns and campsites ( see below).

Camp sites and Camping Barns for groups
taking part in Peak Activities Ltd's sporting events...
If you're a party wanting to book our instructors services
and you want to keep down costs and bring along your 
own tents and sleeping bags we can help you arrange to
camp at one of the many local camp sites or camping barns
on our tried and trusted preferred suppliers list.  Our suppliers 
may charge as little as £6 per person per night for camping,
but don't expect a four star full service hotel for that price !
We are now able to supply our group customers with sleeping 
bags and tents and other essential items of kit for a good night's
sleep under canvas.
Some of the groups coming out to enjoy training programmes
and activities with Peak Activities Ltd's staff like the idea of 
sleeping under canvas out there under the stars.  If this idea 
sounds good to you and your party,  we can help our customers 
arrange suitable local campsites for groups.  Camping barns are
simple shelters with a roof that you can camp inside - usually
farmers' converted barns. They offer basic accommodation
but may be better than damp and cold tents in the winter months.
Camping barns tend to be popular and may need to be booked a 
good time ahead and we always recommend you have a good 
look first hand before deciding to book - as the quality and 
cleanliness and levels of facilities offered by some camping barns 
is better than that of others.

The low cost options of camping on a camp site or staying in a 
camping barn are options that particularly may appeal to parties 
such as well behaved Stag Groups and for young person's parties 
for whom the overall cost of accommodation may be a very 
important buying factor alongside safety and reliability. 


Many of the local tents-only sites have hot showers and
are very clean and tidy. By and large really boisterous
& wild, noisy groups are not welcome on most local 
camping sites and will be moved off by most farmers 
and site managers who we know - often without a great 
deal of discussion ( ! )  to maintain the peace and quite 
of their sites for their other clients.  If you want a really 
wild time on a camp site try Scotland instead !

We can also sometimes arrange overnight camps in private
camping fields as part of hotel based courses for groups on 
management training courses. We can provide sleeping bags 
and tents and cooking gear etc. for such parties at a reasonable 
rate...prices for a tent and a sleeping bag per person cost from
£15 per night  plus a normally fully returnable damage / cleaning
deposit.   Phone us for more details on 01433-650345.

Local B&B's & Guest Houses &
 Self Catering Farm Cottages and Apartments...

For small groups and individual customers there are over 80 different B&B's which
we can heartily endorse which are located in and around the charming unspoiled 
village of Hathersage.  These include many with en-suite bedrooms which are 
charged at around £25 to £35 per person for Bed & Full English Breakfast.   

Vegetarian and special diets can be catered for. 

We have a list of our tried and proven accredited suppliers of B&B accommodation 
which is sent out to all our registered customers when we confirm their bookings.  
We regret this list is only available to our clients who have booked instruction from 
our staff.


Many B&B's and rooms in local guest houses and farmhouses are only really suitable 
for individuals, couples, family parties & small parties of up to 6 or so. There are few 
B&B places which have more than three or four letting bedrooms because of the local 
fire regulations.  The next step up is for a large B&B to be a small hotel. As soon 
as you start looking at local hotels you'll find there is often a big jump in the price of 
staying somewhere which can hold a lot of people under the same roof.

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Four self catering cottages overlooking Edale.  This site has an indoor swimming pool.


There are lots of places our customers can rent by the week
such as self-catering cottages and appartments, which are ideal
for people wanting a low cost venue when they are using the
instructors from our centre to run their courses.

Costs vary enormously so you'll have to get a quote direct from 
the owners for each cottage etc. for each week. See the search 
engine facility we've provided below or contact one of the local
self catering cottage and holiday flats lettings agencies such as 
Peak Cottage Limited ( e-mail enquiries@peakcottages.com )

Sometimes groups using our instructional staff can arrange 
to stay in self-catering accommodation owned by 
Peak Activities Ltd and other centres owned by friends 
and associates of ours.  We can also arrange for catering 
specialists to come in and prepare meals for corporate 
groups using our services.  Call 01433-650345 for details.

However, clients should note that a lot of local 
self-catering places are busy all the weeks of the 
year, even in winter, so owners are not always willing 
to rent places for a just one night or a short weekend let. 
All male groups and all female groups are often seen as
a potential risk (once bitten twice shy ! ) so you may find
that many owners will not rent premises to male or female
- only groups....or may wish to insist on a substantial 
damage deposit before booking in stag or hen groups.

Another useful search engine you may care to try for finding 
other local self catering accommodation can be found at
Peak Cottages Direct.    You can also try the various local
Tourist Information Centres listed at the foot of this page.

You may also care to try the useful "Need a Break" search engine
we've listed below.   We're very sorry but we're not allowed to send 
out our accommodation information pack out to non-customers.  



Needabreak.com - The UK Accommodation Guide for Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in England, Scotland and Wales.
Just type into the space above the name of the local village or town where you want to stay. For example, Hope, Castleton, Bamford, Grindleford, Eyam, Calver, Froggatt, Bradwell, Tideswell, Bakewell, Buxton or Edale. This engine works for places all around the UK too, so consider bookmarking this page for future reference ! return to top of this page
Clients ( i.e. people who have booked Peak Activities Ltd's services)
who need further information on the most suitable accommodation
options should call us please on 07771-855105 or 01433-650345.

We're not a tourist information service, so we regret our office staff
cannot help anyone who has not booked our instruction services.
Try the list of places at the foot of this page if you just want places to 
stay in the Peak District.

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 A salutory poem...


Having asked to be served their breakfast when they turned up 
in the dining room of their hotel at one minute past nine on the 
first morning of a three day stay, the team leader was told in no 
uncertain terms by the owner they would not be getting breakfast 
because they were one minute too late !

" There was a grumpy woman at an inn
who thought customer care was a sin.
If you asked her to dine
at just a minute past nine,
she'd give you a smack on the chin ! "
Fortunately this customer & his group had a sense of humour 
and saw staying at this particular place as a kind of team challenge
....and it was very cheap if not very cheerful ! Our centre managers
Caroline and Iain took pity on them and cooked them breakfast over 
at Rock Lea shortly afterwards so they wouldn't have a hungry morning 
and we all had a nice day iabseiling and caving in spite of their rather 
abrupt host's start to their day.  Not all places to stay are the same !
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Local tourist information offices

Below are helpful tourist information offices which during normal office hours
can help you source local accommodation in and around the Peak National Park. 
There are also National Park run tourist information centres close by at EDALE, 
CASTLETON and FAIRHOLMES which are also worth contacting.


Bakewell Tourist Information Centre

Old Market Hall
Bridge Street
Tel: (01629) 813227
Fax: (01629) 814782
Email: bakewell@peakdistrict-npa.gov.uk
Website : www.visitpeakdistrict.com

Buxton TIC

The Crescent
SK17 6BQ
Tel: Buxton (01298) 25106

Chesterfield Tourism Information Service

Rykneld Square
S40 1SB
Tel: (01246) 345777/8
Fax: (01246) 345770
E-mail: tourism@chesterfield.gov.uk
Website: www.visitchesterfield.info

Matlock TIC

Crown Square
Tel: 01629 583388
Fax: 01629 584131
Email: matlockinfo@derbyshiredales.gov.uk
Website: www.visitpeakdistrict.com

Matlock Bath Tourist Information

The Pavilion
Matlock Bath
Tel: (01629) 55082
Fax: (01629) 56304
Email: matlockbathinfo@derbyshiredales.gov.uk

Ripley TIC

Town Hall
Market Place
Tel: Ripley (01773) 841488

Glossop TIC

The Gatehouse
Victoria Street
SK13 8HT
Tel: Glossop (01457) 855920

Ashbourne Tourism Information

13 Market Place
Tel: Ashbourne (01335) 343666
Fax: (01335) 300638
Email: ashbourneinfo@derbyshiredales.gov.uk

Derby TIC

Assembly Rooms
Market Place
Tel: Derby ( 01332) 255802


The following accommodation options have not all
been tried and tested by us but are ETB approved :-

Hotels & B&B's in Ashbourne

The Hanover International Hotel & Club....... 01335-346666
Bentley Brook Inn & Fenny's Restaurant....... 01335-305278
Flaxdale House............................................. 01335-390252
Reevsmoor.................................................... 01335-330318

Sandybrook Country Park Caravan Site....... 01335-300000

Hotels & B&B's in Bakewell

The Dower House......................................... 01629-650931
East Lodge Country House Hotel.................. 01629-734474
Castle Cliff.................................................... 01629-640258
The Rutland Arms Hotel............................... 01629-812812

Hotels & B&B's in Bamford

The Snake Pass Inn ................... 01433-651480
( Highly recommended ! )
Yorkshire Bridge Inn.................. 01433-651361
Pioneer House B&B.................... 01433-650638

Hotels & B&B's in Baslow

The Cavendish Hotel....................012-465-82311

Hotels & B&B's in Buxton

The Palace Hotel.........................01298-22001
Best Western Lee Wood Hotel.....01298-23002

Alison Park Hotel........................ 01298-22473
Old Hall Hotel............................. 01298-22841
Netherdale.................................. 01298-23896

The Olde Manse Hotel................ 01298-25638
Staden Grange........................... 01298-24965
Lakenham.................................. 01298-74732

Buxton's Victorian Guest House...01298-78759
Lee Wood Hotel...........................01298-23002
Lowther Guest House.................. 01298-71479

Buckingham Hotel....................... 01298-72186
The Grosvenor House Hotel......... 01298-72439
Roseleigh Hotel............................01298-24904

Devonshire Lodge...................... 01298-71487
Wheel House Hotel..................... 01298-24869
Wheeldon Trees Farm................. 01298-83219

Braemar B&B............................... 01298-78050
The Potland Hotel........................ 01298-22462
Hartington Hotel.......................... 01298-22638
Shallow Grange........................... 01298-23578

Newhaven Caravan & Camping Park
Cottage Farm Caravan Park......... 01298-85330

Hotels & B&B's in Castleton

The Ramblers Rest...................... 01433-620125
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese........... 01433-620330
Dunscar Farm B&B..................... 01433-620483
Bargate Cottage........................ 01433-620201
Causeway House B&B ................ 01433-623291

Places to stay in Matlock...

Darwin Forest Country Park........ 01629-732428
( log cabins )



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