Apprentices' Training Events

If you believe in investing in your young people because
they hold the future success of your company in their hands,
then why not give them a flying start to their careers with the
best available apprentices training & personal development
residentials ? Peak Activities training specialists can tailor
our tried and trusted approach to suit your organisation's
young persons' specific training needs...

Apprentices outdoor training

Printing Industry Apprentices undergoing jolly teambuilding training in Edale...

Since 1981 Peak Activities Ltd has been tailoring high quality bespoke
leadership training courses and development training residentials
for modern apprentices, police cadets and new recruits to the
police and other uniformed services.

Customers' comments and repeat bookings suggest we offer good
value for money as well as outstanding training...indoors & outdoors.

Please click on our customers' logos to see their kind comments and photographs from their apprentices' training with us.






Discerning clients who have chosen to use
Peak Activities Ltd for training apprentices
have included
Volvo Construction Equipment,
Babcock Naval Engineering, Lucas Aerospace,
Robert Bosch GmbH, G.E.C. Large Machines,
Lincolnshire Police, Guernsey Police, Hampshire
Fire Brigade & Rescue, British Steel, British Coal,
the USAF, the
RAF and many others.

We are not the cheapest providers of quality
accommodation and training for your people
...but we do offer clients outstanding reliability
and value and the highest quality of effective
lasting training to get your apprentices off to
a flying start in their careers within your
organisation's specific ethos and traditions.

Please note ....




* WE PROMISE WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN - well, except on the end of a rope perhaps !



Iain Jennings has a wealth of expertise in the field of training apprentices.

Wing Commander Peter Daughtrey (left) & Dr. Iain Jennings* (right)
and their expert training team at Peak Activities Ltd. have been
designing & running successsful, safe and enjoyable tailored
development training courses for cadets and groups of modern
apprentices for many years. Our team offers a wealth of expertise.

* Iain Jennings is a Registered Consultant and Chartered Fellow of the UK's prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Steve Charles - one of our young people's training specialists.

Dr. Andy MacLean - Development Trainer ................................. Steve Charles - Senior Trainer


Courses for apprentices can address training needs relating to
personal development, communications, planning, decision-making,
boosting trust, team working, reviewing skills, leadership qualities,
leadership styles and managing teams.
Personal skills and qualities
such as self-confidence, taking personal responsibility for one's own
development, decision-making, communications skills, problem-solving,
working well in small teams and setting high personal goals are
commonly occurring themes in such events...and Peak Activities Ltd's
staff have developed some very successful, unique ways to inculcate
these qualities amongst apprentices. Other key topics covered during
courses may include considerations of health & safety issues, customer
care skills, quality assurance, and getting the most of working alongside
older, more experienced workers....the essence of the apprenticeship style
of learning as far as we are concerned.

Peak Activities Ltd's CIPD qualified consultants work closely with your
training managers and company's directors before each course commences
to ensure your apprentices & cadets get just the right blend of indoor and
outdoor training elements - tailored to elicit just the right outcomes.

As an
AALA Licenced centre we can be trusted to run events for your
organisation's under-18's safely and reliably....and your over 18's will
be well looked after too.

Prices for an action-filled 5-day programme now start from as little
as £559 + vat per apprentice / cadet including budget accommodation.
There are no hidden costs. The resulting benefits for your organisation
and your apprentices will last a lifetime !



Apprentice Training Tel 01433-650345.




Our young people are your organisation's success stories & wealth for tomorrow !
We promise we won't let you or your young people down !


FAQ : What is the ideal sized group ?

Answer: From our experience we reckon that 6 to 14 apprentices per course
is an ideal size. If you have more apprentices we can run sequences
of events for you or run two courses in parallel.

FAQ : What is the best way to make further enquiries ?

Answer: Just pick up the phone, talk to us and confirm that you a training budget
holder and decision maker - and then we can arrange for you to visit us
and ( if necessary ) put you in touch with some of our clients.


Please call us soon on 01433-650345. You could be surprised at the
exceptional value for money we can offer you ...

We are now taking bookings for apprentice training training weeks
for next year.

CASE STUDIES : Lincolnshire Police Cadets


Training & Development for Young Cadets from
Lincolnshire Police.

Click on the link for further information and pictures....

Dear Iain, Caroline, Dave, Simon, and Andy,

Just a note to thank you all for the brilliant residential
training week you designed and ran for our party of police
cadets. As usual, the feedback from this, the third year's 
event with you and the reports from  all the cadets attending 
were more than positive ( comments like "12 out of 10" and 
"why can't we stay there longer next time ?" ).   

We hope to be there again soon*.  Thanks again.

Best wishes,
P.C. V. Mawer   -   2006.

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* They were back soon 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2009.
   Vanessa and Phil are now frequent & regular clients !


Cadet training for Lincolnshire Police. Crate stacking competition for apprentices
Left Lincolnshire Police Cadet & one of their dedicated Trainers - PC Vanessa Mawer
Right : Vanessa and her colleague Phil attempting to break the world crate stacking record !


Development Training for new recruits for Guernsey Police.

A carefully modified version of one of our mature apprentices programmes has
been employed successfully by Guernsey police several times in recent years to
accelerate the team building process amongst new recruits to the island's police
force. We have been informed by their senior management that the package we
can offer the States of Jersey police based here in Derbyshire more than amply
justifies the time and cost of flying the recruits over here. We appreciate that clients'
have a vast array of places to choose from - so we try our best to try to meet all their


Peak Activities have been employed by numerous cadet groups and parties of
serving trainees from the RAF requiring safe, reliable and high quality tailored training
residentials and adventurous training run by civilian fully NGB qualified instructors
with full insurance. Numerous CCF ATC and Air Cadets parties have also used our
facilities very successfully for short and longer duration programmes.

We have welcomed groups from many bases including RAF Brampton, RAF Colitishall,
RAF College Cranwell, RAF Lakenheath, RAF Marham, RAF Wyton, and elsewhere.
For sample of clients' comments please refer to our clients' comments web page ( click link).




Peak Activities has also been employed by the USAF ( Kaiserlautern, Brindisi,
RAF Croughton, RAF Feltwell, Zeppelinheim, RAF Upwood, Aviano, Adana.)
For example residentials addressing drug demand reduction and drug demand
awareness have been run for young people and military police officers from
RAF / USAF Lakenheath.


Cost effective Leadership & Personal Development
training in the Peak District National Park for Naval
Engineering Apprentices from Babcock Engineering.


Apprentice Training Course for Babcock Naval Services.

Following two years assisting in the training young engineers
from Babcocks, Peak Activities received some very kind
endorsements from apprentice trainers and training managers
at Babcock Engineering employed to develop the confidence
and skills of their Modern Engineering Apprentices who train as
aspirant electrical engineers and mechanical engineers in Naval

" Dear Iain,

Thanks for all your team has done for all our
dockyard apprentices. We want you to have a
big thank you and wish to put you forward as
our preferrred supplier of apprentice training.
Even though it's a long flight down to England
from here in Scotland the distance we have to
travel to the get such a high standard of bespoke
apprentice training from you is not a significant
I look forward to working with you the same
time next near."

J. Mitchell - Training Manager, Babcock Engineering. ( 2006)

" Dear Iain & Caroline and staff,

Of behalf of Gordon and myself and all of our apprentices
I would like to thank yourself, Caroline and all your staff
for the 7 days we spent with Peak Activities Ltd. It was an
action packed week for all of us and it was great to see all
our boys getting up and getting on with it. Your staff we met
from Wing Commander Pete, Simon, Pete and Doc Andy are
all a great credit to your company and worked great with the

It was a pleasure to meet yourself and your family who made
us all feel so welcome. So once again on behalf of Gordon
and every one of the Babcock Naval Apprentices Class of
2005 THANK YOU !

Yours sincerely, Francis Mulvenna & Gordon Gray.
...................................... Babcock Apprentice Training

P.S. Could you also pass on our sincere thanks to all
the catering staff and the caretaker at the conference
accommodation you arranged for us ? They looked
after us VERY WELL !



Courses have been designed to help experienced dockyard workers
share their skills and knowledge and wisdom with young apprentices
in a fun learning environment. At the same time the courses were
designed to help ready the apprentices for work high in the sky on
tall ship lifts and cranes - and in very tight confined working spaces
such as cable conduits and bilges. Working at heights abseiling and
rock climbing and on high ropes challenges was woven into a series
of task based problem solving exercises alongside other problems
based in confined places such as cave and disused mines and other
training environments...allowing the apprentices to build their self-
esteem and confidence before entering their naval shipyards.


Dear Iain,

May I thank you on behalf of Robert Bosch for the very professional
service you provided designing and facilitating the 15 days outdoor
development training programme for our 14 visiting Bosch Apprentices.

At the joint seminar between Robert Bosch GmbH and Lucas Industries'
senior directors at the University of Birmingham, held to review the
exchange of apprentices, the following comments were made : -
"We did many things for the first time."
"Iain's team were always very helpful and very safe."
"Every single day was different and very well organised."
"We hope next year's exchange students are given the 
  same opportunities to go to Iain's centre."
"Iain himself was always friendly and approachable  
  but he tells some terrible old music hall jokes in German ! "
The senior directors from both companies attending there were all
delighted with the outcome of the 1987 exchange to which you and
your staff made a very significant and much appreciated major 
Yours sincerely,
    Derek Jones FITD * - Group Training Manager.
* Website Editor's note : Without doubt the late Derek Jones was one of the most 
powerful positive influences over Iain Jennings and our styles of training in our 
earlier days when we really only had a handful of corporate clients. As a leading 
client he was always willing to share his expertise and insights and was generous
in going out of his way to set up meetings for us with the most senior Foundation
Directors of organisations such as Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart and Schillerhohe well as recommending us to many Lucas training staff - for whom we ended up
working in cities as far apart as Leeds, Wolverhampton, Hemel London and Stuttgart.  
Groups even travelled over here from Boston in the USA on Derek's personal
recommendations that it was worth coming here for some "Hearts and Minds" training.
Derek's very highest standards of professionalism - coupled with his great dry sense 
of humour, approachability and endless generosity rubbed off onto everybody at 
Rock Lea who knew him.  He was considered by many as a man of great integrity
and his introductions to fellow training professionals such as Alan Gruar MBE and his
reviews ofd our work led, eventually, to us working regulalry right up to Board Level
in parts of Lucas such as Lucas Actuation. 

When he retired from Lucas his wife, Jean, mentioned he'd expressed an interest 
in working with us as a training consultant and we jumped at the chance of getting 
Derek to join our team & share his vast knowledge of training. He worked here as 
a popular part time guest lecturer, speaker and training coach alongside Iain and 
Peter et alia until he sadly passed away very suddenly. He was a great friend and 
supporter of our work here who over the years became a great friend who is still 
very sadly missed by a lot of people.  Iain, Caroline, Peter and Tony owe Derek a 
great debt of gratitude which we can never repay.

GEC Large Machines, Rugby

Dear Iain,

 I am writing to you on behalf of all the GEC Electrical Projects 
and Industrial Control technician apprentices who attended your  
excellent management skills course from 27th Feb to March 3rd.
The week was exciting and great fun throughout and we learned 
so much about teamwork, leadership skills and how to keep up 
morale - especially during the final exercises working underground
when we didn't get so much sleep and we needed to keep on going 
to finish the task and succeed.

I now feel I have learned so much about how recognizing people's
strengths and weaknesses and working with people instead of 
against them can enable us to achieve such great things if we set our 
minds to to doing so.  We have also learned so much about the need to
be organized when trying to get things done.  We were well organized
for the final presentations to management when we got back to work
and the presentations went very well indeed.

Please will you thank all your staff and your wife for making us all feel 
so welcome and for looking after us so well in Hathersage ?  Thanks 
again to you for helping us all to understand how to work efficiently 
with other people and helping us to boost our confidence and seeing 
how we can work well together.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Pinks - Technician Apprentice
GEC Large Machines - Rugby.

Lucas Apprentices Training Experts use Rock Lea for training and development.

Apprentices Mountain Biking Apprentice abseiling
Apprentices from Lucas Aerospace Wolverhampton.

Lucas Group Industries plc. Birmingham.

Dear Iain,

I am most pleased to be repeating once again the booking for this year's
two weeks of development training activities for the Bosch-Lucas exchange
scheme's Technical Apprentices. This year's programme which you designed
and ran for us in Hathersage was again an outstanding success in every way. 
expressed in glowing terms by the apprentices' during the final seminar 
presentation to the senior directors from Bosch in Germany and from our 
senior directors from Lucas here in Birmingham. 

Thank you once again.

Derek Jones - Group Training Manager, Birmingham.

Bosch Apprentices visit Rock Lea for 15 day duration training courses.

Technical Apprentices from Robert Bosch GmbH on a course based at Rock Lea Centre.

Lucas Actuation Division Wolverhampton

Dear Iain,

I have just returned form speaking to my lads who I sent up to you
for their personal development training course. Words like "Brilliant,
"Exciting" and "Fantastic" kept getting in the way throughout what I'd 
planned to be a calm and objective assessment of the cost effectiveness 
of the event ! They are buzzing !  However, I did gather between their bouts 
of euphoria and discussions of their new good intentions that you and 
your team have once again planned and delivered for me another 
powerful tailored package to stretch both mind and body with a very 
high level of enjoyment and a degree of inspiration. Many thanks !

From both the technical apprentices and my supervisors and myself 
please would you send our thanks to your staff for their tremendous
efforts and inputs..and thanks to you for your hospitality and for
pitching  the course at just the right level for my lads.  I understand
you're planning a sophisticated management skills development 
programme soon for our senior managers and board and I am sure 
they too are going to come back suitably recharged and ready to go !

Thank you once again.

KB - Apprentices Training Manager,

Stafford Road Site, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton.

Working with young people and Hampshire Fire & Rescue.

Sailing a Wayfarer at our Watersports Centre.

Mountain Rescue Stretcher Lowering

Mountain Rescue Training Exercise

Young people's training for USAF Lakenheath's TF Squadron


apprentice map reading exercise apprentice abseiling inside a cave.

Why are Rock Lea's courses offering better value for money ?

Our staff are all senior people who appreciate the need for the qualities
you are trying to develop within your and development
specialists qualified by the CIPD as well as being qualified teachers and
lecturers as well - not just glorified climbing instructors with little or no
experience of the working environment in which your apprentices will be

As well as holding CIPD qualifications most of our staff also hold National
Governing Body Coaching qualifications for a wide range of sports. Many
of our staff have held or still hold senior posts in commerce and industry
or as training experts in the armed services.



Members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development & Institute of Outdoor Learning.


Peak Activities Ltd's planners take great care to make sure we are totally
clear about what is wanted by the client and other key stakeholders before
submitting detailed proposals to our clients. In this way you get what you
need - and no nasty surprises.

Apprentice Training Tel 01433-650345.
Babcock Naval Apprentices during an indoor training workshop.

Naval Dockyard Engineering Apprentices presenting their summary
of findings and good intentions following a training course examing
the differences between "management" and "leadership" and
inculcating the skills and qualities of good leadership & good
management in their specific workplace.


We believe that apprentices deserve the best that their
employers can provide and will appreciate it when we
look after them as best we can. We therefore offer a
good range of facilities for cadets and apprentices
- from excellent group accommodation to air conditioned
vehicles and the very best equipment we can provide
for them. We have generous levels of staffing - with
good staff : pupil ratios to ensure people are well
looked after. Click for more information our pedagogy.

Peak Activities take great care to put together unique,
imaginative programmes using well researched, tried
and trusted training techniques that will capture their
imagination and motivate the apprentices to dig deep
and make the most of their time with maximise
the return on your investment of time and money with

Wing Commander Peter Daughtrey has a host of experience training modern apprentices.

Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey - one of our highly qualified trainers.
Peter has extensive experience of managing teams in the health, education
and commercial sectors.





Peak Activities Ltd indoor training room.
Syndicate room in one of our preferred accommodation's training annexes.

We offer a comprehensive package of assistance
in the planning and running of your apprentices'
training residentials. For example, if you need help
arranging transport to and from the Peak District
or from a local airport - just ask us and we can
arrange for suitable safe transport using our own
minibus fleet or coaches from our associates at

Peak Activities offer clients a wide range of local
accommodation options available which are tried
and proven bases from which successful events
can be run exclusively for groups of apprentices and
cadets. Choose from self catering options - or private
conference centres with all meals provided. Some
groups over the years have opted to camp out under
the stars - whilst others stay in twin or triple rooms in
hotels. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and help
you come up with the best accommodation for your
training group.

Youth hostels are available in the area, but with
perhaps one or two exceptions we feel they are
not always the best place to stay if you want an intense
course free of distractions caused by other groups
staying in adjacent rooms.



Further reading / photography :

Police Cadets use high ropes course to develop their teamwork skills.
Apprentices & cadets train using rock climbing activities...
Apprentices reviewing problem solving exercises and command tasks...
Apprentices use abseiling exercise as part of their team building activities...
Using first aid training and mountain rescue training for developing 
      apprentices' leadership skills...
Apprentices use caving exercises to develop their team working skills...



To discuss setting up a programme for your cadets or apprentices, please contact us PEAK ACTIVITIES LTD, Call 01433-650345 Rock Lea Station Road Hathersage Hope Valley Derbyshire England S32 1DD Website : This page is