Safety deep underground in caves & mines....


Local caves and old mine workings can be potentially dangerous 
places - especially if you don't know what you're doing - or if you 
don't have all the right safety equipment with you.  To explore safely
deep underground you need ultra reliable lights and other equipment 
and you must be aware of what you can and cannot do safely. 
We would therefore urge every novice not to try out caving or 
potholing ( caving with steep drops ) or mines exploration  by 
yourselves unless you're longing for eternity ! 

You can learn all the skills of caving by joining a local potholing or
mines exploration club or by  going out with qualified instructors from 
an accredited and recognised centre.  Instructors will choose trips that 
are within your capabilities and routes which are free of excessive risks
from dangers such as flooding or loose rock.

Centres such as our base at Rock Lea will provide excellent insurance 
cover and are very safety conscious.  Always check the insurance cover
 you are using covers mines and or potholes...some policies specifically 
will exclude roped climbing and potholing etc. If in doubt ask to see the 
schedule of the insurance policy and check.

Peak Activities Ltd staff are long standing members of the Derbyshire
Caving Association and have been running caving events very safely  
in this area for over 25 years without any incidents - and we hold an
 AALA Licence which allows us to take youngsters from 9 to 18 yrs
underground safely too. Our staff team includes a former HM MInes Inspector
and former HSE Inspector ( Steve Pope ), several CIC's and numerous
instructors holding the DCA Level 1 and Level 2 Caving and Potholing
Instructors qualifications. All our staff are qualified first aiders and several
are members or former members of cave rescue teams.  All our tutors
have current H&S at work first aid qualifications and specialist training
in rescue and casualty care underground.

Peak Activities staff & associates are often used as safety management 
consultants and underground safety experts by discerning organisations 
such as the BBC  & NBC  for filming projects underground. Click for details.

Peak Activities Ltd's beginners caving courses are a great safe 
way for individuals and couples to get to grips  for the first time 
with caving and potholing and basic cave safety deep below
 the Derbyshire Dales and need no special fitness and no
 special equipment is needed....we provide everything you 
will need... from hard hats and lights to safety harnesses and
waterproof caving suits and wellingtons.

Click formore  notes on Caving & Potholing with Peak Activities.

We also offer advanced courses.  Anybody seeking more advanced 
training and/or assessment for the NCA's Cave or Mine Leader
Assessment scheme should contact our close associate David Baines 
via our office.  Call 01433-650345.

The NCA is the National Caving Association - the governing body for
the sport in England. The DCA is the Derbyshire Caving Association
which looks after the interests of caves & cavers in Derbyshire.

Dave Baines holds a CIC ( Caving Instructor's Certificate ) and together
with other CIC's working at this centre,  Dave specialises in running 
bespoke courses for training & assessing groups leaders such as 
Scout Leaders, outdoor centres' staff, teachers, and so on. 

Independent verification/assessments can be arranged through 
other members of the NCA governing body awards scheme.







Dave has held Cave Instructor Certificate since 1986 
and is a member of the NCA Local Cave & Mine Leader 
Coordinating Committee and serves as Technical Advisor 
for a number of centres and outdoor providers under the 
Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996. 

Dave is a former Chair of the Derbyshire Association of 
Residential Education (DARE) with a wealth of experience
to share with aspirant caving tutors. He is also a MIA
qualified mountaineering instructor.

Details of more of our team of NGB qualified tutors.

Dave's Cave Leadership & safety courses are held in Derbyshire, 
Yorkshire, North Wales (Mines) and in the Forest of Dean ( mines).

Within Derbyshire, Peak Activities Ltd runs regular open events for 
complete novices wanting to try caving and tailored exclusive group
caving experiences for private parties wanting caving or potholing. 

Underground trips can be as easy as you want - or quite tough ! 
Talk to us to discuss the age and fitness of your proposed 
participants...or if you fancy booking an event as an individual. 

Caving & mine-based underground problem solving tasks are 
popular  on our team building events for corporate clients.

Easy and extreme caving with Rock Lea has been featured 
on NBC, on BBC and ITV television, on Radio 4, Radio 5 Live 
and highly acclaimed in many national media such as the
Sunday Times. A recent half page feature in the Sunday Times
Travel Section  in Feb 2003. The travel writer Steve Bleach 
was very complimentary about our beginners' caving weekends.

Tony Kendall - our caving director, who holds
the Chief Scout's Medal of Merit and the 
prestigious Silver Acorn Award for over 
25 years of service as a Scouts Caving & 
Safety Advisor at regional and national level. 
Tony is one of our executive company directors
who has worked with us for over 25 years.
Tony is a very popular caving leader with 
visiting stag groups, hen groups, team building
and training groups, and parties of all types.
Tony is involved with our 1:1 and Guiding services.







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