Apprentices from Lucas Insustries enjoying a treasure hunt on bikes which passes Stanage Edge. Copyright image.___Peak Activities staff have organised many inter-team challenges and trailquests in the Peak District. This is a picture of a group from Bosch on one of our unqiue charity fund raising team challenge trailquests around Win Hill, Ladybower reservoir and the Snake Pass Inn.  Copyright image.___CLICK HERE IF YOU'RE LOST AND NEED HELP NAVIGATING OUT WEBSITE....s 
Ltd runs safe, reliable Team Building  & Groupining Events on mountain bikes all year round...
All year round, from our long established little outdoor centre
( Rock Lea ) in the centre of the UK's accessible Peak District 
village of Hathersage, Peak Activities Limited offers groups
and individuals a wide range of outdoor sports activities 
including Easy & Harder Cycling & Mountain Biking Safaris 
and Cycle based treasure hunts and Trail Quest Challenges
for adult groups.  

We  also arrange team builds which include
cycling and mountain biking in Ellmau in the Austrian Alps.

You can expect very friendly, expert tuition plus a variety 
of special reliable backup facilities such as our minibus 
"get you home" service & roadside assistance from our 
experienced cycle mechanics.  Unlike many providers in
this area we own our own extensive bike fleet, so we are
not reliant on third parties when a prompt, rapid start is 
needed for your prestigious corporate event.





Peak Activities Ltd offer lots of other outdoor pursuits & adventure activities
in the Peak District National Park

...and over in Tyrol in Austria too !

From our friendly little base in Hathersage ( Rock Lea Centre ) 
Peak Activities Ltd can offer group organisers mountain biking 
and easy cycling sessions along scenic  trails in and around the
lovely Hope Valley and elsewhere.  

You can enjoy enjoy mountain biking with us just for fun... or as 
a part of a group training programme arranged by our centre's 
resident CIPD qualified and quality assured training specialists.  

Unlike some activities which need good weather to work right first time...


Peak Activities Ltd is Licensed by the Adventure Activities Licenisng Authority.

We welcome corporate away days, group incentives and 
inter-team challenge events ...or maybe just come along 
for fun as part of a sensible stag or hen weekend in 
Derbyshire's Peak District National Park !  

We are open for group bookings every week of the year and 
have a enviable record for safety and customer care.  Unlike 
many fresh freelance providers in the local market who offer 
biking but don't have their own bikes, we own & service our 
own large fleet of reliable, well maintained bikes with a wide 
choice for all shapes and sizes plus our own competent bike 
technicians on site....and the extra facilities of our own 
minibuseses,  bike trailers & roadside minibus support facilities 
for bikers. 

When you book a group in to our centre there's no waiting 
for other groups to be served - our staff will be ready to brief 
you and get your party fixed up with your safety equipment  
and any required group training resources as soon as you 're 

Peak District Cycle Guides Caroline and james with a younger cycling enhtusiast. COPYRIGHT IMAGE.
Call us on 01433-650345

To make the most of your trip out exploring the Peak District
on our bikes, we strongly recommend you take your time and 
spend a little more time than you might imagine to get around 
some of the scenic routes that start on our doorstep at Rock Lea 
in Hathersage.  Cycling is so much more fun if you can stop and 
take in the view now and again.

You can book all day treasure hunts and trailquests or sessions
of a shorter duration. All trips are prefaced with a safety talk from
an experienced cycle instructor. You will need at least 3.5 hours 
for a decent trip.  A top tip for Group Organisers is to make the most 
of your bike sessions by giving yourselves more rather than less 
time.  Rushing is not a good idea - If coming out for a whole day 
you'll get much more out of combining a 3.5 or 4.5 hours bike ride 
with a shorter session such as a quick abseiling session or one 
of the many other short sessions  which can be outlined if you 
call one of our UK staff on 01433-650345.
If you're looking to organise an event with no safety worries and
no mechnical problems call us first to outline the dates and the 
kind of event you have in mind !  All of our cycle based events 
in the Peak District National park carry £5 million Public and 
Third Party Liability Insurance Cover.  Click for more details.


As featured on BBC Television with Damion Johnson

Mountain biking in the Peak District for corporate groups with 
Peak Activities Ltd.  has been featured on BBC television's 
Eleventh Hour and also on BBC's Look North programme
 ...& on Radio Four's Breakaway Travel & Leisure Programme.

Mountain biking in the Peak District above Edale in winter. Copyright Peak Activities Ltd. 01433-6560345.
Touring on bridle ways above Edale in the winter time.

Spend a long half day or a full day setting your own pace 
and exploring this lovely part of the world on a cycle...or 
perhaps combine your cycle session with one of our other 
popular sports activities such as orienteering, abseiling or
caving.  Price of top quality team building events for corporate
groups ( including treasure hunts astride bikes ) start at around
£69 per person plus VAT. Call 01433-650345 for more information.

 Please call 01433-650345 for a group quotation.

Hen group mountain biking in winter just above Hathersage. Copyright image.
Overlooking Hathersage during a winter trail quest ride.

Frequently asked questions answered 
lower down on this page include : - 

What kit do we need for mountain biking in the Peak District National Park ?
Safety considerations....
Do we have to be able to ride a bike?....YES  !

Do we have to wear mountain bike safety helmets ?
Are your bike riding activities in the Peak District properly insured ?
Can we  run inter-team challenges and competitons using your bikes ?

Can Peak Activities Ltd help with charity fund raising in the Peak District ?
Can we just hire bikes from you and go off where we want ?


Peak Activities Ltd. was one of the pioneers of mountain biking 
for groups in the accessible scenic Peak District National  Park 
in the late 1970's. when we were setting up multisports courses 
at Edale YHA with YHA Warden the late David Nicholls and 
Keith Hannah who nowadays is the boss of Trailways.

At our current base in Hathersage,   we've just augmented 
our existing modern bike fleet with some excellent new 
Dual Suspension all terrain bikes imported from Austria.

Call us on 01433-650345

Minibus support and backup from highly experienced bike
mechanics dedicated to looking after your party means you 
and your participants will be well looked after and don't have 
to worry in the very unlikely event of a breakdown or tyre
puncture or one of your party getting tired.  One of the snags
in the Peak Park whenever you go biking is hitting a  thorn
and msuffering a flat tyre.   We have several tried and proven 
"trade secrets" for avoiding such probems - but nobody is
immune from punctures  ( unles syou use solid rubber tyres ).  

Check out the endorsements and "thank yous"  from group
organisers and corporate clients who have used our facilities
over the past 21 years at our current site in Hathersage.

Go now to our main mountain biking page...


Above : One of our air-conditioned VW caravelles towing one of 
our bike transporters to a quiet roadside starting point alongside 
one of the beautiful banks of a nearby scenic reservoir. 

If you would like a mainly downhill route talk to us !  
Our bike transporter facility enables us to give you 
a help getting up the hills and allow starts to be held 
in unusual locations. 

Our UK based bike fleet now includes comfortable De-Luxe 
Dual Suspension Bikes which have the very latest Pentangle 
frame design. * 21 gears with Shimano Derailleur and easy to 
operate twist grip changers * Very powerful V-style brakes 
with alloy levers * Aero alloy rims * Colour line all terrain tyres.   

For those who prefer a rigid frame our standard bikes offer 
18 and 21 speeds using thumb shifters and cantilever brakes 
on traditional frames by Raleigh, Coyote and Exel.  We stock 
several sizes to suit most adult sizes....big and small and for
softies we have very luxurious gel filled saddles too !

Peak Activities Ltd's experienced  instructors 
know this area really well and know which trails 
are quiet or completely traffic free.  Using a 
mountain bike trailer can helps us start and finish 
bikes trips in some really fabulous locations 
surrounded by wildlife & incredible views.  

Bone fide group organisers are welcome to arrange 
an appointment to come and see for themselves on 
a pre-event inspection / event planning visit !

Hen group cycling on a trail quest challenge around Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District National Park.  Copyright image.  Peak Activities have lots of exclusive treasure hunts and trailquests which only they can offer you.....Click here for dates of events open to individuals.

 Above : a Hen Group setting out on a bike based
Treasure Hunt organised by our instructors.  

Just turn up with a smile and we'll supply you with 
everything else you'll need for a really good day or half day out .

One of the great things about mountain biking is
that it's a great activity whatever the weather !
Unlike sailing that needs wind - you can bike rain 
or shine and still have a great time !

Mountain bikes on trailer at Rock Lea Activity Centre in Hathersage. Copyright : Peak Activities Limited. PEAK ACTIVITIES were Founder Members of the Heart of England Tourist Board.

Our senior associate Frank Kent loading up a group's bikes on one 
of our versatile bike transporters for a party of 20 people taking 
part in one of our Mountain Bike Treasure Hunts . This session
started after breakfast at the local inn they were staying at nearby. 
 We have recently supplied bikes for parties of 8 to 80 people.

Our base Rock Lea in the heart of Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District
is ideally located for a wide variety of easy or tougher cycling routes. 

We run a substantial well-maintained fleet of safe all-terrain mountain bikes 
and hybrid bikes, and we are licensed by AALA to run bike treks all over 
the UK all year round for under 18's.  For larger groups (such as mountain 
bike challenges & Treasure Hunts for over 100 people ) we'll procure
additional bikes & trailers....  but we will need plenty of notice please.

Advance booking is essential.  Booking is really easy.

.One of Peak Activities Ltd's minibuses hauling a load of mountain bikes on a special bike trailer owned by the centre.....
Mountain Bikes being towed up from Hathersage out to 
near Ashopton Viaduct. It's a mainly downhill run from 
here back to our centre in Hathersage.

Rock Lea's fleet of 15, 18 and 21 speed mountain bikes can be used for 
a wide variety of tried and trusted activity breaks, management training 
exercises, light-hearted team builds & for group events such as 
Treasure Hunts, Trailquests, Cycle Orienteering, Problem Solving 
Tasks & unique Mystery Tours and inter team Challenge Events..  

How to make learning & recreational trips FUN is always a good 
question and we have developed over the years a wide range of
 team events - including trail quests that involve cycling on easy 
trails around pine fringed reservoirs and along traffic free wo
woodland trails. Using our bikes is a good way of livening up 
a treasure hunt or a journey between other team tasks.

All events are supported by our team of friendly and experienced
instructors and our bikes are kept in tip top condition by our own 
cycle mechanics based at Rock Lea.


Accidents on bikes are rare and will usually occur when people 
are doing something they've been asked not to do  ( such as 
macho men racing ! )  We have some tried and proven pedagogic 
strategies for preventing such incidents, but nonetheless if 
you're organising an event for work colleagues it's good to
know you have the best possible available insurance cover 
in place as well.  

A lot of firms nowadays are using bike rides for informal 
corporate hospitality events. It's a very good way to spend 
quality time with like-minded customers in tranquil and 
pleasant surroundings.  Ideal for relaxed team building 
away days and other training events !

Corporate hospitality customers and training clients 
who have enjoyed using Peak Activities bike based events
over the years  include Bosch, Transco, Rover, Norwich Union, 
ICI, Barclays Bank, Ernst & Young,  Boots the Chemists,
Powergen, Fairclough Engineering, Lucas, Rolls Royce, 
Data Connection, Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young, 
PriceWaterouseCoopers, the Environment Agency, 
Wind River Systems, the DfES, the Royal Air Force,
English Tourist Board, NHS Supplies & many, many others.

Click here to read some of the recent thank you's 
we've received from our appreciative customers.


All Peak Activities cycle trips for novice adults 
can be accompanied by our centre's experienced 
bike guides / mechanics. Some of the bikes 
can also used for hilarious obstacle course 
& hill trials during inter-team "activity day" 
inter-syndicate challenges. Self-directed trips 
around the more or less traffic-free trails 
along the pine-fringed banks of the nearby
Ladybower and Derwent and Howden Dams 
combined with Treadure Hunts in the lovely
Hope Valley are especially popular with our 
customers wanting something different.


It doesn't have to be all macho Blood Sweat & Gears !

Bike safaris can be tailored to suit the mood and the
fitness (or otherwise) of all the people in your party. 
Rides usually start and finish in Hathersage. Most take 
about 3 to 4 hours, but all-day trips and shorter sessions
are possible too. 

We often arrange to drop off and collect bikers 
& their cycles using our special trailers towed behind 
our centre's Land Rovers and 4 x 4 minibuses. 

Everyone is provided with drinks bottles and drinks and 
an ANSI/SNELL & DIN standard safety helmet. We can 
also supply waterproofs., Packed lunches, can be fixed up
for a modest extra fee too.

If you're planning a wehole day trip bringing along your
own padded cycling shorts is a very good idea ...and cycling 
gloves and sunglasses or cycling glasses to keep insects out of 
your eyes are very useful extras to bring along if you have them !  

See our suggested kit list.

A party from Bosch GmbH enjoying a trail quest challenge organised by Peak Activities in support of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. copyright image : Peak Activities Ltd.  

Our experienced instructors will be pleased to take you out 
for gentler or more demanding half day or full day rides over 
local trails and tracks around nearby pine-fringed reservoirs. 
We have a team of very experienced mountain bike leaders who 
accompany groups and provide navigation and technical support. 

Left : Lesley, one of our part-time instructresses

Staff carry radios and tools & first-aid kits, so any problems along 
the way can be addressed immediately. All our tutors have first-aid 
qualifications,but spills are rare when the group has been properly 
shown how to safely ride off road and avoid common mistakes. However, 
just in case, wearing a helmet is plenary. A centre 4x4 minibus and 
driver are usually standing by in support in case spare bikes, etc.
are needed during your trip.


For straightforward sports events, bike fees for non-residential corporate clients 
start at c. £69 +VAT per person per day for simple rides for a party of 6 or 
more people. Quotes for shorter sessions and combinations of activities on request.
Fees will depend on group size, season, lead time and whether lunches, minibus 
rides to and from hotels etc. ,are required. Discounts are available for prompt 
payment with advance orders.

Training groups using our bikes will normally pay different levels of fees.
Ask us for a quotation over the phone f you have a specific date you want.



We have different sizes of bike available for adults and 
teenagers and we can usually offer enough bikes and helmets 
for groups of 30+ people, but given enough notice,  groups of 
up to fifty +   can be accommodated.

We would always suggest, however, that larger groups work in 
much smaller syndicates for safety reasons...so a "Round Robin" 
might be more appropriate.  Please let us know will in advance if 
you have anyone in your party who needs an extra small or extra 
large bike. Given plenty of notice, Tandems or rickshaws may 
sometimes be hired in if anyone in the team is visually impaired.

For something completely different for your team building activity, 
check out TREASURE HUNTS USING BIKES ( ...and/or feet... and canoes 
..or even helicopters )
Click for details of multisports events for individuals
& multiactivity weekends for individuals which both
include sessions of mountain biking...
Dates & prices of biking and other events open to the public...



Alphabetical Index ( if it's not listed here, just phone us ! )


Tel. 01433-650345



All our guests are recommended to bring along stretchy trousers 
or even shorts in hot weather  ( something like track suit bottoms are ideal ) 
and a pair of sunglasses to look trendy and keep flies out of your eyes.  
A pair of cycling gloves is also useful.  Padded cycling shorts with
Chamois leather gussets and loads of Lycra are only de regeur if you
can actually ride the bike quite well !

On your feet you can wear trainers or boots or shoes.  Footwear without
laces is best but oytherwise we'll be asking you to tie up your shoelaces 
to keep them well out of the way of getting caught in the front chain set 
and causing an accident.

Your kit could get a tad moist or muddy even on a sunny day 
- so a change of gear ( no pun intended !!! )   is always a pretty 
good idea too.  On really hot days some sun tan lotion is also 
worth having along.  Sweets and chocolate are great for bribing 
the instructors and renewing your energy levels.  We have
water bottles on many of  bikes - so if you have some soft drinks 
with you it will be possible to put them into your cycle bottles.  
Talk to us nicely and we'll provide you with some orange squash
or water before you set off from Rock Lea.



Under our terms of business we have strict policy regarding 
drug and alcohol-induced-accident avoidence, so leaders of 
Hen and Stag groups etc. should note that we cannot allow our 
bikes to go out with anyone who seems to be worse for drink... 
If you're planning a weekend programme, we'll fit in the biking 
on Saturday afternoon rather than on Sunday morning if anyone's 
planning a heavy drinking session on Saturday night !!!



We regret that for safety reasons we do cannot normally 
offer mountain biking as an option to persons aged 
under 11, or those who are seriously unfit or non-riders, etc. 

Special bikes can sometimes be arranged ( given prior notice )
for visually impaired people and folks with special needs.

Cycle instructors Caroline and james with a younger cyckling enhtusiast. COPYRIGHT IMAGE......


All our guests are issued with Safety Helmets  and are expected
to wear them at all times, please. Except for Sikh guests wearing 
turbans, who are exempt, the wearing of our safety helmet is plenary
at all times. This is for safety & insurance reasons.  If you don't want
to wear a helmet you'd be better off contacting another supplier - as 
we will always enforce this safety procedure !



We only offer organised cycle events for groups & off-the-shelf
open events for individuals where we know where people are 
travelling and can cover them with our insurance.  We regret we 
are an events company running events with technical support, 
meals, rescue backup, etc.  - so our bikes are not available as 
" hire bikes "   which you can just pick up and take anywhere 
you want.  People wanting cheap bog standard bike hire facilities 
will need to call elsewhere ( try the Tourist Information Centres
listed on the TIC link ) .  

We cannot recommend other firms or assist people wanting ad hoc hire.  

If you want to hire a bike on an ad hoc basis and go off where you
like you'll need to contact one of the Tourist Information Centres 
listed on our "links" page.  


Climbing, Caving, Abseiling, Potholing, Orienteering, Treasure Hunts, 
High Ropes, Nordic Walking,  Scrambling and much more.

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information about cycling with Peak Activities Ltd.


.....Telephone 01433-650345 ....