Booking & Arranging Corporate Events 
with Peak Activities is Easy & Reliable !


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Booking a corporate event or training course with
Peak Activities is straightforward if you've already 
had a written quote from us for a specified level of 
service on specific dates and for an agreed number 
of participants.  Just call us on 01433-650345.

We'll just send a note back confirming the details 
including any subsequent agreed adjustments to 
the original service level agreement and we will 
outline again the standard billing terms. If you require 
an invoice to raise your cheque, we will send out a
pro forma invoice requesting payment within 7 days 
upon receipt of an order form, purchase order, or a 
letter or a fax with your note on an official letterheading. 

Events will only be confirmed once we have received 
your retainer, and if necessary, your balance. If you 
wish to pay by electronic data transfer to our bank, 
or using a credit card account, just phone us for BACS


Most quotes and service level agreements are 
agreed upon following  face-to-face meetings 
with our senior sales and delivery specialists.
When our clients come to see us they have an
opportunity to see anything they need to see and
our special event planning workshops with our senior 
staff offer customers the chance to get everything 
sorted out in detail in a single visit.

We rarely give detailed quotes for serious OMD staff 
development and personal training courses over the phone, 
because fee rates depend on the amount of senior consultants' 
time that is likely to be required for the planning, briefing, analyses, 
resourcing, course delivery and follow-up & valuation sessions. 
Most corporate clients are happy to come & meet with us in 
Hathersage first - knowing that our daily fees for our company's 
consultants start at a minimum of £700 to £1,500 per day + VAT 
plus disbursements per consultant. We then send your quotation, 
if needed, within two or three working days.    Ask us to quote you 
for a two or three hour pre-event planning meeting.

Getting a quote for a simple "jolly" is much easier. 
If you call us to discuss the following parameters 
we can often turn around a quotation while you wait.
Things we need  to know from you include : -


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Bookings telephone : 07771-855105 & 01433-650345


To conserve resources, the company's policy is to decline to send out 
quotations, statements of methods, brochures and service level agreements 
free of charge to people engaged in market research, personal study, 
school projects, etc. We respectfully ask students/lecturers not to ask 
us to spend time and resources for quotes for services.