This page outlines some of the many kind endorsements we have received from







Relaxed group review sessions with expert
tutors are one of the keys to making the very 
most of every 'brief-monitor-review' team and
leadership  training exercise organised by 
Peak Activities Ltd's expert training staff.


Outdoor Management Development is currently being 
recognised as a critical issue to the future of many companies, 
but it's far from being a new training approach. Peak Activities Ltd 
has been at the leading edge of usingh outdoor training for many 
years for companies with progressive and far-sighted HR departments. 

One such firm of high fliersis Lucas Aerospace plc. 

Below are samples of the many unsolicited comments 
we received in open letters from people in different 
Divisions of Lucas Aerospace following various training 
events we've designed and run for their leading edge 
learning organisation in the last decade : -


from the Lucas Flight Systems Corporate Newspaper :-


"The benefits of the development courses 
with peak Activities at Rock Lea in Hathersage 
helped us achieve : -

* Reduction of our manufacturing lead times

* Optimisation of Resources

* Designing of Target Costs

* Production of "Right First Time" manufacturing instructions."

* "Open forums" in which to exchange ideas and opinions safely.

* "Increased customer satisfaction externally and internally."

"Only the dead would not benefit from these excellent 
 training events in Hathersage with Iain and his team! "

from Mr Keith Botten - Senior Training Officer, 
Lucas Aerospace Wolverhampton : -

" I have just returned from speaking with our delegates about their 
team building weekend with you.Words like "brilliant", "fantastic", 
"exciting" and "wonderful" kept getting in the way of any objective
assessment - but I did gather in between their bouts of euphoria that 
you and your team once again have delivered for us a package to 
stretch mind & body, with a high level of enjoyment. 
Many thanks to you, Caroline and your team for your tremendous 
efforts over the weekend - and thanks particularly for your patience 
and your hospitality". (April ).

from a Senior Training Manager : -

" How can we start to thank you for such a fulfilling visit last week ? 
Your hospitality will surely become legendary if you treat everyone in 
the same way ! I can now see how the extensive facilities at your disposal 
can be used most effectively for true team building purposes. I'd now like 
to see all my apprentices coming on a two or three day development workshop".


from Mr Eddie Grimshaw - LUCAS Flight Control Systems Factory Manager : -

"Dear Iain & colleagues,

Eddie Grimshaw -FACTORY MANAGER & M.D.



    Phone 01433-650345