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Low Cost Camping Barns & Self-Catering Apartments....          
This information is part of our knowledge base provided for the benefit of 
Peak Activities Ltd.'s  training clients and our sports activities customers 
who may be interested in considering using the camping barns in and around 
our base Rock Lea in Hathersage when using our staff to train and instruct their 
groups visiting the lovely Hope Valley and surrounding areas.

Camping Barns are simply old traditional stone-built farmers' 
barns which have been saved from dereliction by conversion 
for use by self-catering groups with their own sleeping bags. 
Camping Barns can vary a lot in size, quality and reliability,
which is why our training staff and instructors tend to use some 
barns more than others for our discerning clients' sports and
training groups.

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There are lots of  camping barns and bunkhouses now 
on farms dotted around the edge of  Hathersage and elsewhere
in the Hope Valley...and they are popular with visiting groups
using Peak Activities qualified outdoor instruction and training
specialists for non-residential sports events, such as sessions 
of caving, climbing, abseiling,  and so on.  

Camping barns and bunkhouses are ideal for stag groups, 
very low budget training groups, parties of scouts and school 
groups and for others looking for something exclusive that's also 
cheap and cheerful. In winter time they offer a very sound cheap 
alternative to camping under canvas (brrr !) for those who cannot 
afford the luxuries of the Hope Valley's many YHA youth hostels
and other centres ...which are often busy with other groups.

We do not recommend the use of camping barns for our most serious training groups, but camping barns are worth looking at for "jollies" and informal social get togethers. They need to be booked well in advance for busy periods such as school holidays and at weekends.
Some of the local camping barns sleep from 4 to 40+ people, depending on the barn's DCC fire brigade rating. They're mostly inexpensive but some are very Spartan too ! They are ideal for groups wanting to keep their budgets down to a minimum, but they are quite basic. Bring your own sleeping bags ! You can collect loads of information on local barns from the local Tourist Information Centres. An overnight in a camping barn may cost as little as £5 per person.
We regret Peak Activities Ltd can longer book camping barns unless it is part of a comprehensive team building or sports package using a camping barn AND purchasing other instructional facilities from our company. Some barns are much better than others. We suggest you don't book barns without looking over them in person and checking everything beforehand with the barn's owner.

OTHER SELF-CATERING OPTIONS FOR LARGE TRAINING GROUPS... We have a tried and trusted family-run camp site now located on a farm down at Edale which takes touring caravans and tents up to marquee sizes, but unless you're really keen to get cold and damp when it's raining or snowing we do not normally suggest the use of camping to groups trying to achieve serious training aims...except using a camping experience as a small part of a longer hotel-based event. However, we do have an access agreeement to a superb series of self-catering apartments in a unique baronial hall set in its own grounds. This has been tastefully converted into sumptious self-catering suites. We can arrange for a team of chalet maids & cooks to move in there for the duration of your course too. This wil help you keep on top of the cooking and washing up if you're staying there and don't want to waste time housekeeping. This unique venue accommodates groups as small as six and can cope with groups as many as 40+. It can booked through us if you're arranging a training course or team building event with us We can also help our team building clients find really nice self-catering cottages too.
Peak Activities - offers a wide range of non-residential outdoor activities for groups.

Most sports groups tend to book 
their low cost accommodation direct. 
n.b. Peak Activities Ltd is a training company.
We are not an accommodation booking agency,
We regret Peak Activities can only provides help
tried and proven accommodation electives
our bone fide fee-paying clients buying our
training services as well as accommodation.

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