Easy Caving, Potholing
Abseiling & Mine Exploration
in the Peak District National Park.

with instruction from Peak Activities Ltd.
at ROCK LEA Activity Centre
in the centre of Hathersage, Derbyshire.

Rock Lea 's nationally qualified safe caving
instructors and tutors have had some great reviews
the national & overseas press, including
full page reviews in the Sunday Times,
Sunday Telegraph, Tourism Focus & other media.

Peak Activities' beginners' Caving Weekends & Potholing Courses
have been featured on several BBC television &
ITV programmes such as BBC 1's "Eleventh Hour",
BBC 2's "Breakout" & NBC's popular international
adventure programme "Ushuaia".

Come and see for yourself what it's like
exploring deep down inside England's deepest cave.

Tel. 01433-650345

Dates & prices of low cost "Open Caving Weekends" designed for individuals...

Come and join one of our courses for individuals...

Hire a qualified instructor to look after your small party..or for 1:1 tuition.

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Assisting the tutors cleaning up the waterproof caving suits 
back in Rock Lea's wash up yard  after another successful 
caving trip...and then it's a quick tea or coffee, a shower and 
down for a meal in one of the pubs just across the road from 
our centre....

We also provide rubber boots, helmets, cap-lamps, 
caving belts and safety harnesses. Bring your own polo
mints and bars of chocolate !

apres cave !

Left : James Powell, our company's lawyer, on the first 
ladder pitch on a beginners' potholing trip down Giant's Hole, 
the deepest cave system in England. Potholing is more serious 
and involves abseiling or climbing down ladders into vertical pitches 
such as this. These electron ladders or abseils are protected by the 
use of safety lines held by our qualified tutors. This descent of
Garland's Pot involves laddering down a modest waterfall.

Potholing trips at Rock Lea may also involve tighter squeezes than anything
experienced on novices CAVING trips. Easier "Caving" trips do not involve 
the vertical sections or the really tight stuff encountered on our advanced
"potholing" trips. ( Click to see the difference ! ) Dates of advanced trips...

What if it rains ?

Our underground activities for novices are in safe sections
of caves which don't have serious flooding problems, so they 
are largely weather independent. However, advanced trips do 
go deep and may be below the flood water table and might have 
to be cancelled after very heavy rain or rapid snowmelt to 
avoid clients having prolems. 
Is caving suitable for youngsters ? Yes we often take groups 
of teenagers on easy trips...and we often  run week long and 
weekend training programmes for school and youth groups who 
are "up for it". Phone to discuss.

" So what's it really like underground ? "

Below is a typical customer's unsolicited comment. 

It's an open letter from one of the 500+ Rover Associates
who've been here caving over recent years from Land Rover, 
Range Rover & Discovery production teams ....

Harvey Liddington, Range Rover Assembly Production Manager wrote as follows :- "Dear Iain, Having come up and met with you some weeks prior to our experience at Rock Lea, you'll recall the definite NO my team said to the idea of caving being even remotely associated with our weekends' itineries. However, having experienced mountain biking, abseiling and the total professionalism of your instructors, my team were more than eager when you suggested we adjust the programme on the soggy Sunday morning and explore the "dry" caves. We donned our caving suits, wellies, helmets and lamps & jumped into the minibus to make our way to the caves. Under your team's expert instruction we made our way to Giant's Hole. After half an hour we reached what seemed to be a 20 foot drop, over which considerable amounts of water ran. Our first thoughts were 'Very nice, are we going back now ?' 'No' was the unuttered reply ! Out came the flimsy looking six inch wide wire caving ladder and soon we were taking turns to tie into the safety rope and descend down to the passage below. Water was splashing into our wellies and onto our heads. We we frightened, no ! Apprehensive ...? Yes !!! We soon left the wet river bed and made our way along a narrow vertical rift, including one area which required hands and knees briefly. We reached another narriow rift the 'Crabwalk' and the next task was to climb up and straddle the rift's narrow gap. We managed this feat thanks to the patience and skills of your instructors before heading back at the 'Blowhole'. To sum up, our weekend was one of excitement, enjoyment, excellent food and hospitality which can only be attributed to the professionalism and total commitment of all the staff and yourself Iain. Thank you once again. I hope to publish the team's stories in the next Land Rover Magazine..."
" P.S. We will all be back very soon."
(and they all were...to man ! and the article appeared as promised
within a week or two ! Harvey's wife, Bev, later came back with a
group of her friends and Harvey for more caving trips the same year).

More case studies & comments from delighted customers...

Details of a multisports holiday for individuals & 
multiactivity weekends for individuals which both 
include sessions of caving abseiling & potholing....
Details of novices introductory caving & potholing weekends...


Our nationally qualified senior instructors also 
run events for the training & assessment and 
qualification of cave and mine excursion leaders.

How to reach us by car, rail or air...
So accessible ! Look us up on this UK Location map... detailed maps


Link  to  notes on the caves of the Castleton area 
(includes some interesting maps and cave surveys). 

External link to more images of caving in the local 
area from Cressbrook Mult-Media


      Tel. 01433-650345
If you're interested in caving, have you printed our
caving weekend dates & detailed open programme notes ?