Gripping stuff on the rocks of the Peak District National Park ! .



Relax & unwind in the Peak District National Park with 
Peak Activities' safe, novices' rock climbing sessions...
with nationally qualified rock climbing & abseiling tutors



"To all the team at Rock Lea,

Thank you for a fantastic weekend

out rock climbing & abseiling.

We has a wonderful time & we can't

wait to come back again.

We'll be returning soon !

A very big thank you !

..... Lots of love from Marie & John H. "



Marie and John were customers on one of our

recent abseiling & rock climbing weekends open

to the public. Please click here for dates & prices

of these very popular weekends designed especially

for individuals whoa re complete novices. 

Click here to see endorsements from corporate

clients who have also brought groups here.



All year round Peak Activities' SPSA & MIA & MIC*
nationally qualified. AALA licensed climbing instructors 
can run safe half-day & full day, weekend and longer rock 
climbing tuition sessions for complete beginners & enthusiasts
on the many famous & popular crags overlooking our base in 
Hathersage in the Peak National Park's lovely Hope Valley.

........ maps

We can also run scrambling and abseiling sessions for
individuals using our guiding services and for groups wanting
activities for corporate entertainment or training and development

Phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss your specific requirements.
Click here to see the dates and prices of our weekends designed 
for complete beginners coming here on their own or with friends.


These really low cost , easy to book weekends are just for complete 
beginners wanting to learn to climb and abseil.  We also have listed
some special follow up events for people who want to do some
harder climbs. Our latest "Open" event is our LEADING EDGE 
weekend for people who want to learn to lead their own climbs 
safely out of doors. 

We have been arranging corporate rock climbing events as part
of training events, team builds and corporate hospitality functions
for over 25 years - so please call us if you would like to include a
session of abseiling or rock climbing as part of your next
corporate event in Derbyshire, Snowdonia, the Lake District
or in the Austrian Tyrol.  We promise  we won't let you down 
- well, except on the end of a safety rope !  



Click to meet some of our instruction team

Dave Baines MIA is one of our established team of senior climbing instructors.

Check out some more of our excellent team of BMC qualified tutors.

The National Governing Body for Rock Climbing in England 
    & Wales is the British Mountaineering Council (BMC).
SPA = single pitch award - supervisors rock climbing qualification. ( formerly the SPSA ) 
MIA = Mountaineering Instructors Association qualification.
MIC = Mountaineering Instructors Certificate ( a high level award )

As featured on BBC and ITV television !

Rock climbing with Peak Activities is lots of fun... we have over
25 years experience ...it's very safe & it's an ideal way of keeping 
fit and having fun !  

At our accessible base in the Peak District we offer events for 
individuals as well as private  bookings for corporate training 
groups and corporate hospitality parties.  We specialise in top 
quality sessions with plenty of qualified staff- ideal for mixed 
-age, mixed ability groups of first-time men & women !  

No special fitness, no special equipment & no prior experience
or equipment is needed to enjoy this popular & rapidly expanding 
sport activity. If you haven't tried it before - you'll be surprised
how easy it is under the aegis of our friendly and very skilled
mature instructors and instructresses.

Peak Activities also offers some of our senior staff for private 
1:1 and exclusive small group tuition sessions. Great for people
who are shy - or those who have very specific training needs 
such as learning to lead safely or to help push your grades.

... . 

You can choose to come on your own for 1:1 private guiding, 
join an "open course" or bring a group & have private, 
exclusive tuition sessions for your party. Climbing and abseiling
is also used here as a popular vehicle for learning on various 
team-building and management process skills development courses. 

We also arrange first aid courses here and carefully managed 
& planned mountain rescue & first aid scenarios can be arranged 
at quiet local crags.

All our climbing and other instructed activities - including our
LEARNING TO LEAD weekends are fully insured.

Our fleet of minibuses is used to take our customers up to the
local crags - which are just five minutes' drive from our centre
Rock Lea in the centre of Hathersage.

Photo: Tony Kendall - one of our company's directors instructing on an informal, fun  
multisports team building weekend we arranged staff from for W.S. Atkins Consultants.

Easy rock climbing here is often combined with other activities such as
mountain biking, treasure hunts, nordic walking, caving and orienteering
to produce some really exciting and memorable weekends for our guests.
Abseiling is another very popular activity run by our qualified tutors.

Click to see a full list of all the activities offered by our sports division.





Full details of NOVICES' Introductory Climbing Weekends in the Peak District
which are run here once every month and are open to any adults aged 18+.


 .....Telephone 01433-650345

Tutor Pete Daughtrey teaching PC Mawer from Lincolnshire Police how to safely belay one of her colleagues using a Gri Gri device.

All activities are automatically covered by our £5 Million Public and Third Party Liability insurance.


Above : Rock climbers on part of Stanage Edge, the 5 km long  huge Millstone Grit crag which
overlooks our centre....( actually it's a crystalline massive felspathic sandstone...not a true grit ! )


......Abseiling & Climbing just 5 minutes from Rock Lea


Please phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss booking : -


  True Grit !

Few centres in the UK have so much outstanding novice's 
rock climbing & scrambling routes right in view from their 
doorstep !  From our popular accessible base - Rock Lea in 
the village of Hathersage you can see the 5 km long crags of 
Stanage Edge (above), plus Millstone Edge, & Bole Hill Quarry. 
Nearby (5 mins drive) are Burbage Edge and Froggatt Edge.
The rock here is classic Millstone Grit which makes this group 
of nearby crags a mecca for climbing enthusiasts from all over 
the world.  There are loads of routes for beginners & advanced
climbers alike.

We also have Stoney Middleton's high crags nearby for Limestone 
epics and the swiss-cheese-like Magnesian Limestone just to the 
south of here can offer longer stay visitors even more variety & fun !

Below is what one of our corporate  clients wrote after an evening session
on the crags overlooking our base in hathersage where they were staying 
for a mini sales team conference. There were 16 in the party plus a team of 
five of own staff looking after them to make the most of the limited time they 
had to spend together : -

" Hi Iain, It was excellent. When I stood back and watched
even the people who were worried about trying the climbing
there they were all enjoying it. I was also impressed with 
the number of  routes you put up so we were all getting the 
most out of the session...
As a field based group of people we have to be quite insular 
sometimes so its great to see them all working together 
like that. 

Sheldon Davies 

Customer Technical Support Manager 
Johnson & Johnson 

More thank you's from other happy customers

Getting here is really easy from all parts of the UK and overseas.




Simple top-roping on our local crags is great fun for novices.
There are scenic views over the Hope Valley at all our
rock climbing locations that will take your breath away !
No special level of fitness or equipment is required.
Easy climbing sessions are suitable for complete novices of all ages.



MORE CLIMBING INFO, PHOTOS & LINKS...Go to our other climbing web page.

In addition to the actual rock climbing there's a  lot to learn
and do when you're at the crags. For example, there are
the safety ropes to hold for other people  ( we'll teach you 
how to belay each other and keep a watchful eye on you ! ), 
plus tea to be poured, photographs to take and other people 
to encourage and talk to ! Giving help and encouragement is 
an important part of climbing when you're at the foot of the 
crag taking a break between rock climbs.

       If you're out with us for several sessions, to avoid getting bored 
       we can easily arrange other places to climb, other activities to do
       ( e.g. caving, abseiling, sailing,  walks,  high ropes challenges, orienteering, etc.)


Q: What if I can't do it and get bored or look stupid ? 

A:  Our non-macho staff carefully match customer's abilities 
      with climbs which they should all be able to scramble up, 
      - starting with v. easy stuff for novices - so this question really 
      doesn't arise very often on the day. It's our job to see you
      succeeed and enjoy yourselves.

We promise you'll have fun and we won't make you look stupid !  ...

( Thanks to Jim Watson for the use of his cartoon ! )

Q:  What if it rains ? 

A:  Our staff are happy to carry on if it rains whilst you're climbing
      ...or if you prefer we can return to Rock Lea (our base) and go and do 
      something else...like a session of orienteering caving or mountain 
      biking or abseiling.  See also our page " what if it rains ? "

Q:  During 25 years of operations have you had any bad 
      accidents or injuries rock climbing ?

A:  No - except from the odd broken finger nail or bruise !

Q:  What if I fall off ? Will I hurt myself ?

A:  You'll be held safely by a reliable 11mm safety rope at all times. 
      People don't fly through the air...they just feel themselves 
      sitting onto the rope.  Your weight is distributed against your 
      safety harness's leg loops  as well as around your waistband,
      so it's quite comfortable.  The rope feels quite springy.
      Have a rest  & then carry on climbing up or down your route 
      or we can easily  lower you off  gently in complete control.


Q: Are the staff qualified - and they very macho ?

A: YES (they are fully qualified) and NO (they're not macho at all ! :-)

The National Governing Body for Rock Climbing is the British Mountaineering Council.

SPA = single pitch award - supervisors rock climbing qualification.
MIA = Mountaineering Instructors Association qualification.
MIC = Mountaineering Instructors Certificate ( a high level award ) 

The author of this web site wouldn't get into a plane flown by a cheap 
unqualified pilot - and neither would he expect you to trust yourselves
to unqualified or inexperienced climbing or abseiling instructors ...even
if it was a lot cheaper !

Q: Are there nice places to stay near your centre in Hathersage ?

A: Yes..click here please to see more information about the local youth hostels, 
     inns, camp sites, B&B's, camping barns, inns, farmhouses and conference
     centres which we can arrange for our customers to stay in when they are 
     attending our centre's climbing courses & other events.
     Accommodation information

Q: Is it easy to get to your base in the Peak District ?

A: YES ( very ) just click here please for lots more information about 
     getting quickly to Rock Lea in Hathersage by road or rail or to see location maps.

Q: What about insurance ?

A: Click here for insurance information. We carry £5 million Public and 
     Third Party Liability Cover plus extensive Employer Liability Cover
      .... as good as it gets !

Q: You seem to be more expensive than some other firms.  Why ?

A: You tend to get what you pay for in life !  If you want the best staff
     and be a firm with an impressive 25 years track record for safety and 
     service you have to pay the best wages and offer first class training. 
     If you want to see what can happen when you employ staff who have 
     shortcomings in, say, their communications or coaching skills 
     click here.



Please click here to see more photographs of rock-climbing with 
Peak Activities during team builds, training programmes and 
corporate hospitality events.  Check out details of a multisports holiday 
for individuals & multiactivity weekends which both include sessions
 of climbing....and abseiling. Check out our High ropes team challenge.





Dates & prices of rock climbing weekends with Peak Activities Ltd.

 Course notes and details of the content of open climbing & caving weekend 
      courses at our base in the Peak National Park.



Taster Courses & Beginners Weekends.


Peak Activities Ltd - some of our Corporate Training clients.

Endorsements and kind comments from some of our clients.

Other sports activities for private parties.

Events for individuals.





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