We require a parental consent form signed & returned from the
parents or legal guardian of each
youngster aged under-18 yrs
who is taking part in activities where their parents or carers are
not present with them.


Youngsters accompanied by their parent or a legal guardian
do not need to complete the consent form (reproduced below) to
take part in our outdoor activities in the Peak District. However,
a form is needed by law for any youngster who will not have
parent / legal carer or a legal guardian actually out with them
...for example those youngsters coming here for apprentices' training,
& under 18's with scout troops or school parties under the aegis of their
or scout troop leader. This also applies to unaccompanied youngsters
attending events such as our special Summer Camp Adventure Programmes.
We normally can post out or e-mail copies of this form to all customers
and group organisers at the time of booking, so don't worry if you
haven't got a printer attached to your computer...
Any queries...just phone us on 01433-650345 and ask !

Parental Consent Form : Copyright Peak Activities 2011. All rights reserved.

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Frequently asked questions : - )
    Why are these parental consent forms needed well in advance ?
Well, we want to include everyone we possibly can and we take our 
responsibilities seriously. We wish to open our opportunities to all.
Safety comes first however, and in the event of a medical condition
being flagged up which might prejudice the insurance cover of an
individual or third parties, (such as serious heart disease, epilepsy,
asthma or diabetes), we reserve the right to clarify things and make
further enquiries...and if necessary make special arrangements
regarding medications, etc. This process makes sure everyone is
as safe as can be - but the clarification can take time if GP's or
specialist medical consultants are involved.
    Is this information confidential ?
Yes, only those people who need to know (the instructors and
course director instructor, and the overnight tutor in the case of
some activity holidays) will be made aware of this information.
In the unlikely event of an illness or accident whilst under our
care, our insurers will also be sent a copy of the appropriate file,
so it is important that all pre-existing conditions, injuries, medical 
conditions etc. are noted down on the form, please... as 
non-disclosure could prejudice or invalidate any claim.
 Insurance Cover for all our activities...

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