Rock Lea Activity Centre has been running safe, 
successful, fun outdoor rock climbing lessons in the
accessible Peak District as part of corporate events
 and training courses for large and small groups of 
complete beginners for over 29 years.  Often featured 
on TV & radio we have an enviable safety record and 
we field some of the most experienced rock climbing
instructors available in the Peak District.  Our services 
involve generous staffing ratios and options such as 
minibus collections from your hotels, barbecues, etc. 
We are frequently employed by some of the best known
companies in the UK, Germany and USA and have 
hundreds of kind unsolicited client endorsements 
on file which you can see if you book a pre-event 
inspection / planning visit.

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Prices this year for short sessions of  rock climbing & abseiling
instruction for social groups of complete novices in the 
accessible Peak Park start from as little as £69 each plus vat.  
Call us on 01433-650345 for a quotation for longer sessions.

If you are a corporate event organiser and know what dates 
you require & the number in your party please call us for a 
quotation please phone us during normal office hours on 
01433-650345 for details.  Individuals can also join us on our
outdoor centre's  OPEN EVENTS on special dates and can
 also book individual priavte tuition using our guiding service.




Click here to go to our web page with loads of photographs of our corporate training and corporate hospitality clients rock climbing under the safe aegis of our nationally qualified instructors. Link to our second additional climbing tuition page. ...... Other height related activities on offer for corporate groups include our high ropes team challenges, scrambling & abseiling.

As featured on BBC1 and BBC2 and ITV & NBC cable television.

Abseil Training with Lincolnshire Police


Abseiling is a great activity for groups all year round.




Peak Activities use our executive people carriers and minibuses and Land Rovers to transport our corporate groups up the the nearby crags overlooking our centre. The rock climbs we use here can be seen from our base & are just 5 minutes drive away ....or if you're feeling fit or need some exercise you can walk up to or down from the crags.


All of our adventurous outdoors activities are fully & comprehensively insured.

We provide everything you'll need from safety helmets, cups of tea and coffee, safety ropes, nuts and slings, sophisticated belay devices, descendeurs, leather gloves, karabiners & climbers' harnesses.


Click here to see further general information on rock climbing, abseiling and other activities with Peak Activities Ltd.

Our guiding service for very small private groups & for individuals wanting personalised tuition is very popular.




Several of our rock climbing tutors and instructors are members of the UK's Association of Mountaineering Instructors with MIA and SPA & MIC qualifications.

Please note that rock climbing crags in the Peak District National Park
tend to be located high up and in fairly windswept exposed places 
where you or some of your particpants could get quite cold and wet 
if it starts to rain or if it is misty or foggy and if participants are 
ill-equipped for the conditions at the time. Hoping it won't rain is naive. 
It can rain in the UKon average one day in three.

Therefore for their comfort as well as for safety, all participants do need 
to know what they are doing well before they get here and need to be 
bringing along spare kit such as fleeces and extra jumpers as well as 
wind and waterproof jackets and warm stretchy trousers...such as 
warm track suit bottoms rather than jeans ( jeans get very wet and 
feel very cold when it is windy and wet).

The trend amongst some day trip group organisers to try to surprise 
people and only tell them where they are going and what they are doing 
after they have left home is ill conceived when you are taking people 
up into quite hilly and mountainous terrain.  It may be quite acceptable 
for a mystery tour to Alton Towers for the day but in our opinion ( based 
on over 25 years expertise and experience ) it's not a sensible thing
to do to your group when you've booked them in for, say caving or 
rock climbing. ( unless,. of course, you really don't like your colleagues ! )

From experience trying to surprise people is rarely such a sensible idea,
so we do expect our pre trip briefing notes and equipment list notes 
to be passed on to participants well in advance so they will come on 
their event with us and get the most out of the time and money that's
been invested on their corporate activity sessions with us.

Sorry to sound so heavy - but recently we've had a few group leaders 
who have ignored this sensible advice and some of their delegates
have asked us to reinforce this point here on the website.

What if it rains whilst we are out rock climbing with the instructors ?

One can climb out in the rain and wind but it's not a heap of fun
for complete beginners, so we normally plan and pre-arrange for 
suitable alternatives to be ready and put in place with the agreement 
of the group organiser in case it rains.   Wet weather options include 
orienteering, bridge abseiling and - most popular and most suitable 
when it's wet outside we go caving where it will be warm and dry.

Treasure hunts and mountain bike trail quests are also very
popular wet weather activities we can substitute at short
notice if the weather is really lousy and it's unsuitable for
rock climbing.


Whist climbing in the wet is slippy, harder and more difficult
than when the rock is dry and warm, climbing in thundery weather 
is extremely hazardous and so groups from our centre will be taken 
from the threat of lightning strikes if we can hear thunder and there 
is a threat of a strike occurring. Crags such as Stanage Edge which
overlook our centre are particulalry prone to lightening strikes
during thundery storms - so your instructor's decision in such 
circumstances is absolute and final if s/he feels youy need to seek 
shelter well away from the crags. Normally you can return to the crags 
and start cliombing again safely approx. 30 mins after a thunder storm 
has passed over. Sheltering in a minibus is a safe place, but more often 
than not it's easier to drive to the centre  just 5 minutes away and have
a toilet break and a cup of tea inside the building until the storm has 
moved over.

The village swimming pool operates a very similar policy of getting 
bathers out of harm's way when there's thunder in the air.   If you find 
yourself out climbing with an instructor from another centre when you 
can hear thunder or see flashes all around you  - you might want to ask 
why you haven't retreated somewhere safer !  Not all local centres' staff
 are expert mountaineering instructors - some are just climbing tutors 
per se. They may not be trained to be aware that if you can hear thunder 
you are in immediate striking distance of a potentially lethal ground strike.   
It's always better to be safe than sorry !

Peak Activities Ltd, Rock Lea Centre, Station Rd., Hathersage, Hope Valley, The Peak District National Park, S32 1DD.

Telephone 07771-855105 or 01433-650345