Rock Lea's local crags are a paradise for climbers.
With classic venues such as Stanage Edge just a
short stroll from our popular outdoor activity centre
our session of novices' rock climbing are very popular !

Within a short walk or drive in one of our centre's minibuses there are no less
than six excellent crags which offer fantastic opportunities for groups wanting
to try out rock climbing with us. Pictured above is just a small part of "Stanage Edge"
a 5 km-long crag which overlooks our centre. It varies in height up to 30 m high,
with stupendous views over the Hope Valley and Hathersage just below.
The image above shows just a small section of this amazing long escarpment of
Millstone Grit. Click here for lots more information on rock climbing with us.


Once the scene of arguments between hikers & climbers with landowners'
game keepers over public access, Stanage Edge (above) is one of the very 
few parts of the Peak National Park's 555 square miles which are actually 
owned by the park's managing authority. This means nowadays everyone 
can enjoy this wonderful climbers' & walkers' playground.


The local crags offer all possible grades of rock-climbing on fabulous
Carboniferous Millstone Grit - or Gritstone - which is not a gritstone at all !
It's really a rugged felspathic estuarine / turbidite sediment which outcrops
as scarp faces on escarpments striking NW to SE so the rock faces W & S.
This massive crystalline sandstone with large rounded pebble clasts &
extensive bedding planes & cross-setbedding offers some of the best friction
climbing in the UK. It once was part of Rhine estuary - and nowadays people
from all over Europe come to enjoy the pleasure of hand on warm, firm rock
with the sounds of red grouse and local Gristone breed sheep in the background.


Often overhead there are Kestrels - and on warm days you may see flocks of 
two recently-introduced species - Homo Sapiens Hangundergliderus and  
Homo Stanagius Danglingunder Parapentus !   :-)

We offer individuals rock climbing as part of our
multiactivity weeks and weekends. We regularly
offer novice's climbing introductory courses too
- and follow- up events for beginners & intermediate-
climbing enthusiasts. Some of our MIA & MIC
qualified staff run training & assessment
courses from time to time for people wishing to
become instructors. For people who can't make
weekends, we offer a "hire an instructor for the day"
guiding service. (n.b. * link is a large file to load)


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