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Television & Radio Features on Rock Lea Activity Centre's Activities.

Click here to see a two page full colour article on caving with Peak Activities LKtd's staff based at Rock Lea in Hathersage.....ARTICLE FROM SUNDAY TIMES Both photographs : copyright Dr Iain Jennings reproduced by Sunday Times with permission of Dr. Iain Jennings.....click to enlarge images...........

Since 1981 right up to the present,  Peak Activities Ltd's  adventurous events, 
  outdoor training & education services  based in Hathersage & elsewhere have 
  regularly been featured & recommended in many national & international 
  newspapers & in numerous HRD & Training Journals.   Click on the ST Travel
  Magazine image for full reprint of detailed article.
Extract from a press article on outdoor pursuits and outdoor instruction services proivided by the staff at Peak Activities Ltd.


... senior members of the
travel trade have had some
very nice things to say about us !






Please don't just take our word for it, 
  do please read these articles for yourself...

We've received great reviews on numerous national &  international 
television and radio travel programmes.  HRD training documentary 
programmes on BBC and ITV  tv have featured our work too.  
This web page shows samples of reviews we have received 
from  the UK press and media such as national tv, cable television 
& national radio.


| Click for Press Coverage of our Sports Events |
| Click for article from Sunday Times on our Caving Weekends |

| Full colour feature on our caving & potholing weekends by UK Travel Writer of the Year |

| Sunday Times Travel Section - Full page editorial by Michael Woods |
| 2009 article in Sunday Telegraph on our Small Groups Guiding Service - often used by families |

| Click to see Sunday Times Travel Peak District Multi Activity Multisports Weekend Review |
| Click for Press Comments of our Training Events | | Click for Press Coverage of our Team Development Events |


Distinguished travel writers & journalists from the UK
and Germany, Australia and the USA have often joined
in our popular sports and serious training events incognito.
Their resulting rave reviews have included no less than four
lengthy illustrated articles in the 'Sunday Times' Travel Section
(1982-present), several articles in the The Independent and
other top class media.

Various enthusiastic features have been published in media
including the "
The Independent on Sunday", 'Sunday Telegraph',
ST Travel Supplement, "Daily Mail" & many other UK media & trade press.

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Scholarly article on caving & potholing in the Peak District

Please scroll down this page to see examples...
We can arrange to send copies of these articles
to bone fide corporate enquirers.


.. ...NBrand New Stories from Rock Lea


Please click here to see an article  by Steve Bleach of the Sunday Times 
Travel Magazine who tried out and then highly recommended our popular 
beginners' caving weekends. Steve was voted UK Travel Writer of the Year 
shortly after he visited us. 

Click for dates and prices of our caving weekends
Click here for details and dates and prices of other popular open sports courses.







Click for two page full colour article on our caving weekends
from the glossy Sunday Times Travel Magazine.



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We had a fabulous press cover when a full page editorial all about us appeared on the
back page of the Sunday Times Travel Section written by Michael Woods on 21st Feb 88.
This featured our popular multisports weekends designed for complete beginners with
no prior experience... Click for full details.

Unusually we had a two page rave review in the "Western Australian" after their Travel Editor
was here on holiday with his wife. One of our staff on holiday in Perth WA got the shock of his
life when on his first day in Freemantle he saw himself in the local paper's Travel Magazine !

We've been featured all around the world thanks to Singapore Airlines' House Magazine !


Wrag outs of articles on our services, people and customers' comments........Abseiling - wrag outs of some of the articles on our abseiling activities with staff based at Rock Lea.



Click for an article from Independent on Sunday on our caving weekends.

Click on the cutting below to see full article from
"Sunday Telegraph" Outdoors Travel Section Feature :

This article recommends our private guiding facilities for families and small parties at £250 per session.




The success of our training events for companies such as Aviva, Rover, Bosch, Northern Foods,
e.on  EDF and Volkswagon hasn't gone unnoticed.  We have often had glowing write ups
and features in the house magazines and in professional trade journals of our clients...
including "Lucas Life", "Bosch People", "Northern Foods News", Singapore Airlines'  
"Outlook" & YHA's Triangle. 

We have enjoyed some excellent coverage in training media such as "Managing" , 
"Management Today", "Management Development", "Manufacturing Magazine",
"Training" "Jounrnal of the Inst. of Leadership & Management" & many other media.  

Some examples are shown below :-

An post course article published in Northern Foods' company newspaper by the participants of one of our many courses run for that comnpany.

Recently our short team building courses we were featured and illustrated in April's "Edge"  
- the Magazine of the Institute for Leadership & Management's which seeks to promote best
practise in developing and  driving Leadership and Management Skills. The ILM is part of the
City & Guilds Group.
A very amusing article about one of our training courses
for the Department of Trade & Industry entitled
" Do we all have to wear rubber suits - or is it just me ?"
was published by Paul Stringer of the Small Firms &
Business Link Dept. in DTI News.

Click here to see full sized copies of the colour articles on leadership and teamwork
training for Cottam Power Station's First Response Teams ( part of Electricitee de France ).

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An article on Team Building at Rock Lea by senior Land Rover Discovery & Defender Production Managers

Other articles on our Training & Development Courses tailored for companies have appeared 
in media such as "Training Today" and "Management Development" and "Personnel Today".
Trade and staff publications such as "Bosch News" , "Lucas Life" and "Land Rover Today"
and many other media have frequently written up courses which have been particularly
successful and cost effective.  Companies such as e.on and EDF  have published extensive 
articles on the courses we have run from them.  For example we were especially pleased by 
an EDF article singing the praises of one of our bespoke first aid courses which our MD
designed to develop leadership skills for Power Station personnel. That article is published 
in full on our first aid page on our website ( click here to go to our first aid page ).

Specialist articles on topics such as tailored events for families have appeared in
national media recently such as the Sunday Telegraph. Click here to see a copy.

Copright : Image of Peak Activities Ltd's logotype.....

Group organisers who want a tailored event can arrange to visit 
our base, Rock Lea, for pre-trip planning meetings.  They are 
welcome to browse the original copies of many press cuttings 
and kind clients'  comments that we have on file here. 
We're proud of our long and successful track record of looking 
after the people who trust us to look after them. 

Pre-trip planning meetings are a great way to make sure group 
events go right first time ! Please phone us on 01433-650345 to 
discuss any specific requirements you may have in mind.
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.........Ian Wright filming caving at our centre with a BBC  film crew for hios pilot of his Saturday night show "I'll do anything"...Photograph of BBC personality and footballer Mr Ian Wright - one of the many famous people who have filmed our activities with BBC film crews visiting us over the past 20 years.....

A group of climbers from Rock Lea Activity Centre being filmned by a BBC film crew for a programme which was broadcast on both BBC2 and BBC2 - hosted by BBC sports presenter Mr Damion Johnson.Caroline filming with the BBC for BBC2 tv's "Eleventh Hour" programme.


 Peak Activities have experienced considerable national & international television 
coverage since we started filming in 1981...with many broadcasters & celebrities 
( such as Ian Wright, Damion Johnson, Matt Dickinson and Alex Lester ) having been 
out with us filming and taking part in sports and training activities for various BBC1,
BBC2, Yorkshire Television, NBC, and ITV television features on our caving, abseiling,
watersports, mountain biking and rock climbing activities.  

Our more sophisticated management training and team building events for companies
have also been highly acclaimed and featured in several television documentaries 
which have been made at Rock Lea with Peak Activities staff.  

BBC Sports Presenter Damion Johnson filming biking, canoeing and abseiling with us for BBC1 tv' s   "Edit Five" Programme.

Click here for pictures and more details of tv & radio coverage of Peak Activities Ltd' services.


RADIO COVERAGE has included several live broadcasts for BBC Radio Four
including the Radio Four "Breakaway" and "Today" programmes and Live and
Recorded programmes for Alex Lester on BBC Radio Two and for Radio 5 Live.
There have been numerous features involving studio interviews and live outside
broadcasts for local radio stations such as Radio Sheffield, Radio Derby and 
Radio Hallam too.

One interesting live broadcast was when Radio 2 and Radio 4 
broadcaster Alex Lester conducted a live interview with our 
director Dr. Iain Jennings when Alex was half way up a tall rock 
climb heading towards Iain who was holding Alex's rope.  It was
a tricky climb at Lawrencefield Quarry and it would have been 
the easiest thing in the world for Alex to "pretend to be climbing".
Nobody else would have known. However he soldiered on and
wouldn't give up until he managed to complete the climb and grill 
Iain on why groups of business people keep coming to Rock Lea 
for team builds and outdoor trainiong programmes. He was a
true professional and a total delight to work with and will always 
be welcome here at Rock Lea.  Iain will never forget the sight of
Alex clad from head to toe in abright yellow rain suit trying to get
his radio equipment to work half way up a cliff ! That's dedication.
Prospective clients visiting Rock Lea for pre-trip planning meetings are welcome to ask to see screenings of samples of some of the many broadcasted films and documentaries we have here as reference copies.

Image picture of a lady of High Ropes Course Challeneg during a training course outdoors with  our outdoor pursuits instructors based in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire.


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