We take pride in tailoring worthwhile & successful tailored events for all our corporate clients ...but please don't just take our word for it ! Here are some comments & endorsements from two of the previous Chief Executives of the East Midlands Tourist Board ...plus some kind comments from the Netherlands Marketing Manager of the British Tourist Authority...


"Dear Iain,

I write to thank you and all your
colleagues for memorable & productive
days organised for the staff of the
East Midands Tourist Board. We all
found the programmes imaginative and engaging.
The event met the purpose admirably & 
succeeded in pulling the team together 
in a low key and informal way,as requested. 

It has formed an essential & integral part 
of the EMTB's staff development programme. 
Many thanks for your help,
     Yours sincerely,"

     Robert N. Collier, Chief Executive.

Bob is now Managing Director of the Southern Tourist Board 


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This is one of several unsolicited endorsements from 
members of a party from the British Tourist Authority : -

" Dear Iain & Caroline,

We  did want to thank you upon my return to the office 
for the arrangements you made for us. It was a great thrill 
(literally) to taste what Peak Activities has to offer. It certainly 
did bring out the team spirit in a group like ours - as I found 
out when I was half way up that rock face ! Please pass on 
our thanks to all your instructors who put us through our 
paces with such patience and great encouragement ".
Fiona Turnbull, Marketing Manager, British Tourist Authority Office, Netherlands. National press endorsements of our products and service. BBC & ITV television coverage & radio recommendations. Thank you letters & e-mails from other delighted customers. Click to see more recommendations from our corporate clients.


We were very pleased to welcome the Visit Heart of England Tourist Board's 
dynamic former Chief Executive, Beverley Neilson ( 5th from left) who brought 
her senior management team up to Hathersage for a few days with us in. 
This was Beverley's first event here but we were pleased to welcome again 
managers Fiona and Lisa and Alison who have been up here before with
their previous Chief Exec. Bob Collier, who's endorsements are published 
elsewhere on this website ( see above ).
Beverley's team was all here to consider ways of means of helping board 
members like ourselves boost our performance and help boost tourism into 
this region in the aftermath of the shadow of  foot and mout .  This strategic 
planning event also served to help newly recruited  members of the team get 
to know the area and each other a little better. The HETB region earns millions 
of pounds per year from direct Tourism spending and the folks pictured above
are key personnel involved in making sure the area's tourism potential is fully 
realised and helps create wealth and prosperity for the region's economy. 
The HETB's partners include local authorities as well as small individual 
members such as Peak Activities Ltd.

Their first evening of their investment with us saw the group on an ice-
 breaker ( literally) to navigate successfully and most cheerfully a tricky 
upland moorland orienteering course in thick freezing fog before being
 meeting up for a meal with the Board's chairman - Sir William Lawrence.  
The team also took some opportunities to assess how the Tourist Board 
can apply continuous improvement concepts to their own management 
team to boost and develop the clarity of focus of their plans for the future. 

The HETB team has wide-ranging responsibilities to their various 
stakeholders, and like many teams we meet these day, they're conscious 
of the need to review their performance and build on their successes.  
Outdoor training and indoor evaluation and planning meetings can be 
usefully combined to help teams who need to spend a little time together
to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement and agree and orchestrate
business action plans.  This may especially true when people work in
different offices or when there is need for clarifying or reappreciating the
key business objectives and priorities in response to ever changing 
business conditions and busy workloads.

On their third day here the group enjoyed some fine views of the Hope Valley
in glorious( albeit sub zero) December brilliant sunshine after emerging from 
a trip down a section of England's deepest cave Giant's Hole. Having wrapped 
up warm and after keeping busy indoor sand outdoors it was agreed that even 
in the depths of winter it's quite possible to have a productive and enjoyable 
( and indeed sunny ) "team get away" from work to see things from a fresh 
perspective and exchange ideas in a supportive and creative 

Peak Activities director Caroline Jennings (second left) said "We're very 
pleased to welcome groups like Beverley's at any time of the year, but it's 
particularly pleasing to see our own Tourist Board's staff getting out of 
their office environments and enjoying the benefits of this sort of retreat 
in the winter when hotels and centre's like ours are pleased to extend the 
normal levels of occupancy.  There's such a lot of training activities that 
can be enjoyed in a worthwhile way in winter, but we often forget to stress 
we're open all year round for such team training investments."  
Dr. Andy McLean (far left) who was one of the event facilitators commented  
"People can often feel very bogged down at work and find it's a help to 
come up here and think about how to avoid the pitfalls of falling into swamps !  " 
"When we're up to our bottoms in crocodiles at work we sometimes have to 
remember our mission is to drain the swamp and keep our wellies dry" 
added one participant wryly !
The Heart of England Tourist Board management  team stayed at the 
George Hotel and also spent some time visiting the conference and training 
facilities at Brookfield Manor. We wish Howard, Nigel, Sue, David, Angela, Lisa, 
Fiona, Liz, Chris, Penny, Malcolm, Alison and Ailsa and all the rest of Beverley's
the HoETB team every success in helping boost the success of the contribution
of tourism in this wonderful region.  

For more information about the Tourist Board, including how to join and 
how you can support their worthy mission, please see their website at 
http://www.hetb.co.uk   Phone Peak Activities Ltd on 07771-855105 if 
you are interested in organising a team event for your own organisation.  
The weather may be frosty in Winter but you'll be warmly welcomed  
and you may be pleasantly surprised how  a very modest investment 
of a few days away in recreative surroundings can do wonders for your
own team's focus and drive  !

Editor's footnote : Beverley Nielson has now moved on to become MD of another
organisation and her deputy Mr David Moyser (also pictured above) is the new Chief Executive 
of the Visit Heart of England Tourist Board.  Mr Bob Collier referred to above is now the MD
of the Southern Tourist Board.

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