Below are some answers to the frequently-asked-questions regarding our events.


Are complete beginners & novices welcome ?

YES, novices are welcomed on all events. 
Most of the thousansds of people we meet 
on our events every year have little or no 
experience of the activities they enjoy with 
us here !

Do you run the courses just for big groups from firms?

No, little groups like men's fellowships, the WI,
stag groups, social clubs, etc. all use us for jolly
sports events. We have a world class reputation for 
tailoring exclusive private bespoke courses for firms, 
but we welcome enquiries from anyone who can afford to 
use our services. Everyone can use us !

Do you mix up groups from different firms ?
Only when we are running inter-company challenge days for 
charity fund raising purposes.  Otherwise we always keep
groups quite separate.

Are low cost comfortable double 
and single rooms available ? 
YES, see the accommodation notes in the web site. 
We offer a huge choice of accommodation options.


Are events run to a strict schedule or any special sequence ?

YES & NO ! Yes...we do have to ensure the content of each 
programmes is covered, but the sequence of sports events
is decided upon by the staff to make the best opportunity 
of the weather and other considerations on the day, such as 
daylight length and logistical factors. The training courses
tend to be much more structired and do have a sequence, as
one might imagine.


Can kids come too ?

Yes but only if part of a private GROUP of youngsters 
or a family booking. Kids can be booked using our private 
events using our bespoke service. All those making a booking
have to be over 18 yrs.
(click for details of events we can set up for private groups and families). 

Can I book a group of more than 6 friends 
such as a Stag or Hen Party onto a sports event ?
YES, as long we are fully consulted and briefed about 
the aims of the group...and as long as you don't get drunk ! 
From experience we know that some stag groups are a safety 
risk, so drinking excess alcohol is mentioned in our terms 
and conditions ! Your attention is drawn to these clauses.

Do delegates mix well on these events ?

YES, It's hard not to make friends very quickly 
when you've been down caves or on the crags together 
all day doing amazing things on the ends of ropes 
you've been holding for each other !  One of the most 
common outcomes of our team building events is the
sense that people know each other much better after
they've been working and playing hard together with us.


Do the coaching staff have first-aid
& teaching qualifications ?
YES, all our instructors are qualified first-aiders 
with National Governing Body qualifications as coaches 
and instructors in a wide variety of sports. Some are also 
fully qualified & experienced P.E. teachers and some are 
also IPD qualified trainers. We would not have been granted 
our two year AALA licence unless the centre was deemed 
safe by the government's inspectors from the AALA in Cardiff.


Have you any female tutors ?

No it;s just the way they dress !
Seriously YES, we do have several 
women tutors and Caroline is one of 
our directors, but it is company policy 
not to make too many distinctions between 
male & female tutors when staffing adults events.
We're all equal here !
The situation is different, of course,
when rostering female staff for pastoral care of under 18's


How old are the staff ?

Our average age is mid-30's, but the age 
of staff varies from c. 26 to 67 yrs. 
Iain is 46 ...going on 12 or 102 sometimes 
(depends what sort of a day I've had)!   :-)

I'm slightly unfit ( or )
I have a medical condition will I cope ? 
We don't know ! :-)
.... so any very unfit, pregnant or ill people 
do need to phone and check with us first - and 
contact their G.P. if there's any doubt. We have 
a health check form for people's GP's to fill if 
there's any question about their ability to cope. 

n.b. Healthy & fit people do NOT need to 
fill in our health form,but will be asked 
to sign themselves in as fit on arrival.

Will my wife be insured whilst dangling
over cliffs on ropes, etc. ?
YES, but we're always suspicious when you ask these questions !!!
All our activites are automatically insured for
£2 million Public and 3rd Party Liability.
Our insurers are the British Activity Holidays 
Association Insurance Services. In addition, 
clients and their guests may (if they wish) 
take out optional additional cover through 
our office.


Isn't it all rather tough & machismo ?

NO, we pride ourselves on running events 
which are open to anyone of average fitness.
Unlike many other centres with an excessively 
high testosterone count, we seem to attract 
lots of normal men & women to Hathersage 
because they like the idea of a centre that's not 
too macho. We haven't forgotten that things 
are best in their beginnings - and novices need 
patient and friendly coaching from mature staff 
who will look after them.
We'll only shout at you if you don't pay your invoices on time !!!


What kit do I need to bring ?

NOT A LOT ! Just a smile and your personal gear. 
We provide everything else you'll need. 
You shouldn't have to buy anything ;


Where do we eat in the evenings ?

Most groups eat in their hotel, hostel ,etc.
or they can meet up and eat together in places 
like the Little John Inn just across the road, 
or in one of the village's many cafes & restaurants.
Click here to see article on the many places 
our customers go eat together in the evenings


Will I have to do anything that I don't want to do ?

NO, we don't believe in pressuring people through bullying 
or peer group pressure. You can opt out of anything you 
prefer not to do at any time. See our terms and conditions
if you don't believe me !


What happens if we cancel ?

If you've taken advantage of our optional travel / cancellation 
insurance policy you'll get your money back from the insurers 
for bone fide reasons such as if you've, say, broken a leg before 
your event, got flu, been called up for UK jury service, or are having 
to attend to a sick child. Our office has a sliding scale of cancellation 
charges, which you should check before agreeing to book with us.

See terms & payment conditions.


When do we need to book ?

We're bound to say "as soon as you can", although 
we will welcome late booking when space allows. 
You may be disappointed if you leave booking until 
the last minute. 


VISA & Mastercard Transactions taken ?

YES, we can easily book you in over the phone or by 
fax or by snail mail if you have your VISA or 
MASTERCARD credit card handy. For group bookings we 
need a single payment from one person who will be 
responsible for the booking.


Do you accept credit card payments sent by e-mail ?

NO, because at the time of writing we're not totally 
convinced it's safe to let your precious card's details 
go through the ether by email yet ! Besides, we believe 
it's nice to talk to our prospective customers...
which gives us a chance to check that what you're booking 
is right for you.


Are there any hidden costs ?

NO ! You'll need to pay for your transport to get here, 
your meals and your accommodation and beer money, etc. 
Your tuition fee paid to us covers your transportation during 
your daytime activities, site entrance fees (for caves etc.), 
your tuition and all necessary personal & group equipment hire. 
Optional cancellation and additional personal injury insurance 
is extra at £20-00 per person, but you are not forced to take this 
out with us if you have other arrangements or wish to take a 
risk and not take out the extra insurance.




......but unless you're placing an order over £10,000-00 please don't call us after 10-00 pm 'cos we need our beauty sleep !

Queries : Call 01433-650345 (daytime !)

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