Fees for employing the professional
services of Peak Activities team of
to assist running your company's
bespoke OMD Programmes successfully.
It normally costs between £500 & £2,000 / day plus
disbursements to hire the services of one of our
Chartered & Registered Consultants for serious 
leadership and team development training events.  
By serious we mean events designed to help change
attitudes and/or behaviour patterns as well as skills
sets...and changes that will have mutually agreed
long and lasting benefits for the client organisation
as well as the delegates concerned.  In an age where
going paint balling or running a fishing trip is called 
" team building " and "staff development" we feel it 
is important to clearly distinguish that the work we 
do for our Development Training customers is very 
different from the work of our other divisions involved 
in organising"jollies". 

The lighthearted events we organise for many 
customers undoubtdely have their place but in our 
opinion as qualified trainers they should never be
confused as "serious" training and development. 
To call a day out to a theme park is a misnomer in 
our opinion - and top some extent has helped to dilute 
many people's perceptions of what OMD (Outdoor
Management Developmenet Training ) is all about.

Charges for our Chartered staff's time will vary 
according to the nature and the duration of the 
specific training assignment...and the level
of extra staffing, vehicles, accommodation and 
other resources that may also be involved to help 
support your tailored outdoor training programme/s.

Registered Consultant Dr. Iain Jennings, Chartered FCIPD
Iain's clients who have successfully used his organisation 
to improve their business performance include Bosch,
Rolls Royce, Kellogs, Northern Foods, Rolls Royce, Babcocks,
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Lucas Aerospace, Avon and
many others.

Pre-event planning workshops at our UK base 
in the Peak District village of Hathersage or at 
our other base in the Austrian Alps are charged
at a reduced rate & the cost is refunded against 
any subsequent booking.

For a full detailed written statement of our current
day and hourly rates and listing our disbursements 
for offsite meetings, planning workshops, mileage 
charges, faxes, please call us on 01433-650345 
and outline your needs with us in more detail.

Please phone us on to discuss the costs of hiring
our senior consultants' professional services further.

Tel. 01433-650345


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