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Outdoor First Aid & Casualty Emergency 
Care Training with Peak Activities Ltd.
   Peak Activities has been running & hosting First-Aid and  
       Emergency Care Courses for over twenty years  using both 
       internal & external trainers & examiners.  We specialise in 
       running first aid events for teams of first aiders wishing to 
      develop leadership and team working skills at the same time.

Click here for case study from EDF Energy First Aiders 
Combining leadership training with first aider refresher scenarios.

NEW FOR 2009 / 2010 SEASON :
Fresh Courses for people requiring the new 3-day duration Health & Safety at Work First Aid Certification...

Rock Lea's McInness Helicopter Mountain Rescue Stretcher being used during a training session on one of the crags overlooking Hathersage. Please click on this image to go to our Mountain Rescue Training web page. ..

Above : Rock Lea staff supervising a stretcher-lowering task on a team-building 
exercise for students from Department of Initial Officer Training at RAF Cranwell.
First aid training in remote wilderness areas is an  excellent  medium for basic
training in decision making and team working and transfers life saving skills.


HSE qualified first aiders from Cottam Power Station during a series of MIMMS related
mutli-casualty training scenarios designed & run by Peak Activities Ltd to help put 
their first aid team through its paces and boost  their individual first-aid, teamworking 
& leadership skills.   Above left : Jane Wakelin HR and Training Manager lying down on
the job ..... but all in a good cause !  Above right :   Jane and her team rescuing people
underground during a  triage exercise. See foot of this page which has a copy of a
very favourable article written by some of our discerning customers from EDF.

Image of a mountain rescue stretcher lowering exercise for staff from Rock Lea Outdoor Activity Centre in Hathersage. 
Below are highlighted some of the many possibilities 
available through our Hathersage office...from basic 
non-certificated training courses to tailored modules 
for existing first  aiders wishing to assess and boost 
their leadership skills & teamwork skills.  We can set
up realistic scenarios indoors and oudoors and in 
places where, for example, access is not easy.
Peak Activities Ltd's staff are increasingly being asked 
to include elements of first aid training in some of 
our popular team development & leadership training 
events run for our commercial and industrial clients.

As safety standards rise it's increasingly rarer for many
first aiders to have "hands on" practical experience
of looking after people injured in accidents. Whilst that's
a good thing  in many ways it means  there's increasingly
scope for Peak Activities Ltd's staff to run realistic
training and evaluation scenarios against which individuals
and teams of first aiders can be trained and assessed.

A mountain walking party crossing the remote Cairngorm Plateau in the snow in mid-winter during a first aid and mountain rescue skills training course designed and run by Dr. Iain Jennings in 1974.  Photo : Iain Jennings. 

Informal Mountain Rescue & Emergency Care courses can 
now be arranged here for groups of six or more. These are ideal 
for people such as scout leaders, teachers and outdoor tutors 
who may be called upon to render assistance to injured people 
in remote areassuch as mountain tops or in places like caves 
far from immediate help.

Many of our staff have a lot of in-house expertise in casualty evacuation, 
and so a variety of mountain rescue training scenarious  & cave rescue 
exercises are also possible here as part of staff development and training 
confidence building and team building programmes.

We can easily incorporate sessions of indoor or outdoor first-aid training and/or 
casualty care into our clients tailored outdoor programmes. This could have a lasting 
& useful impact on some of your course's participants ...and may give your decision
-making tasks a really useful,  practical and vivid atmosphere !

Cheryl Frost and Ben Church - two of the instructors at Rock Lea Activity Centre during an advanced  first aid training course teaching skills such as airway maintenance for transporting unconscious casualties.

Ben Church and Cheryl Frost Harman,
two of our part-time instructors, on an
in-house training programme learning the
best way to place a plastic airway device
safely into an "unconscious" volunteer.


Up to 80% of all unconscious real casualties
can die if steps are not taken to position
them safely or equip them to avoid choking....
....which is a good reason for having well-
trained & qualified personnel around
pending the arrival of much more competent
first aid or medical assistance.



Photograph of First Aider Training at Rock Lea Activity Centre in Hathersage. Poolside "drowning"  simulation exercise. Above : placing a casualty in a safer breathing position after a "simulated drowning incident " during a multi-casualty triage exercise involving six first aiders lworking together looking after nine injured casualties.
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We run certificate 3-day HSE first-aid courses from time 
to time for our own staff's professional development. 
These events are also open to members of the public, 
aspirant instructors and staff from other outdoor centres.

Call us if you want to set up a tailored event to put your
first aiders through their paces (tactical evaluation) or
if you have people needing initial training or re-certification.

..Photo of an emergenct resuscitator kit.

Some of LE's Cottam Power Station's first aiders working from LE underground during a 
MIMMS training exercise to boost the team's awareness that communications can be one 
of the first casualties  during a mutli-victim incident. 

All too often during a multi-casulaty incident it is not a lack of help that is the problem but 
a lack of clear direction and leadership.  This is why a rapid initial casualty triage sieve may 
be so important before assigning staff and resources to specific casulaties.  

In a cave scenario where it is dark and wet and very "alien" this can help us heighten the 
emotions and accelerate the learning processes we are involved with.  It's also vivid and 
a lot of fun too !

Senior First aider wearing caving helmet and caving lamp prior to working underground during a first aid course designed for people who work in very tight confined spaces at an EDF Power Station.........Peak Activities Ltd specialise in running tailor-made first aid programmes in the eak District and elsewhere.

Our first-aid training events involve friendly in-house and 
external tutors from cave rescue teams, doctors from NHS 
hospital casualty depts., pool lifeguard trainers, RAF MIMMS 
experts and so on. 

Expect lots of practical common sense, minimal mumbo-jumbo 
and minimum dogma and a wide variety of realistic emergency
scenarios - from car and aircraft wrecks to industrial accidents
and other major incidents calling for basic proactive  lifesaving
at the simplest level and MIMMS  management skills at the more 
sophisticated levels of training !

If there are no dates on the fixtures dates list below,
phone us for details of the next open event..... 

* next dates :

                     Tel. 01433-650345.

Our centre's team of  friendly, expert tutors includes : -

Wing Commander Peter Daughtrey BSc PGCE MIPD, is one of our highly 
qualified first aid tutors.

( formerly Senior Training Officer,  RAF School of Aviation Medicine )

Photo of Alan Robinson - a leader of a cave and mines rescue team. 

Alan Robinson BSc 

Alan is a Leader of a cave & mines rescue team in Shropshire.

Dr Andy McLean - first aid training expert and caving and climbing instructor.

Dr Andy MacLean BSc PGCE PhD
( Mountaineer & Diving Physiologist & REC First Aid Examiner )


Some very favourable feedback on the success of the decision making and leadership 
and teamwork training events Iain's team arranged in 2003 for the Health & Safety
experts at Cottam Power Station were published a while ago by EDF.  One of their 
reports is reproduced as two .jpg's below in the hope it may be of interest to anybody 
interested in the effectiveness of carefully designed and planned outdoor training 
exercises with Peak Activities Ltd's Development Training Division.
    Image of a large article on first aid training at Rock Lea published in a leading Power Generating Company's in house magzine for staff.
    Large article on a successful first aid training course designed by Peak Activities Ltd for existing first aiders  who work at heights and in confined places. A major part of this training cours was the training to help people build their confidence levels and get used to working in teams rather than on their own.


First Aid Course for Health & Safety at Work Purposes :

Following the revision of the requirements for companies & organisations
employing people to have qualified Health & Safety at Work first aiders,
Peak Activities Ltd have arranged with one of our tried and proven first aid
tutors to provide special HSE training courses which will provide participants
with up to date HSE compliant first aid certification.

Please call Iain or Caroline today on 01433-650345 to discuss your
requirements and we will be happy to put you in touch with our HSE
approved first-aid specialist provider. We will be happy to help you
unravel the mysteries of the new requirments - and the course fees
need not break your training budgets holder's heart !





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