Rock Lea is definitely a non-macho centre, which doesn't want people to
believe that we're a tough bunch forcing people to do really exhausting
mindless activities like some other centres are sometimes accused of doing

We don't use peer group pressure to bully people or persuade them to do 
things against their better judgement - and we do our best to make sure that 
all our guests are well looked after emotionally as well as physically....with close 
personal coaching.

Age is no issue here !


Most of our events require about the same fitness level as a day
working in a garden, so you don't have to be young or exceptionally
 fit to enjoy most of Rock Lea's events.  An exception is advanced 
caving, which you need to be both fit and mad to enjoy ! Anyone who
is obese or very unfit should talk to us before booking something like
an advanced potholing weekend !

For everyone's safety & enjoyment, it is a strict condition of
participation that all medical, emotional, behavioural or mental 
problems & conditions are disclosed at the time of booking. 
Your insurance & booking may be invalidated otherwise...and 
you could jeopardise your safety and that of others.



All our beginners events are designed for people of slightly below or average
fitness.  If you are slightly overweight or unfit this is not going to be a problem
on most of our events .  However, as mentioned above, if you have any pre-existing 
medical conditions you should touch base with your medical doctor or consultant 
to check what she/he feels about your participation. If you're concerned about your
health or fitness, we have a form which your doctor should read, sign & return to us
in confidence if you're worried about your medical suitability.

Rock Lea staff are positive about including people with disabilities on our
events. We have, for example, often taken out people who are deaf and blind.
However, because we are working with aircraft, caves, and other very hazardous
situations - some serious preparation may be needed to look after certain kinds
of people with specific disabilities properly.

The centre owns a specially adapted minibus which can accommodate a 
wheelchair users, for example.  However, it is fairly clear that people with
serious mobility problems may struggle getting around in caves or on the
tops of mountains...so it is essential that any disabilities ( and conditions
such as pregnancy, diabetes and epilepsy and heart conditions ) are
fully disclosed to us well before booking so we can discuss what we can
and cannot do safely for folks with visual, hearing or learning problems.

People of all ages can enjoy our events. "Adults only" events are restricted to
over 18's for pastoral reasons....although we will accept 16 & 17 year olds
on adults events if they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

We are licensed to take out parties of under 18's and to provide holidays and
short breaks for unaccompanied under 18's. All under 18's must provide us 
with a signed parental consent form well before their arrival.



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