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| Iain's successful surgical operation  |     

  Our M.D. had major gastric surgery in February 2015 using NHS funded facilities at 
  the Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield under the aegis of surgeon Mr Ackroyd based at
  the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield... which explains why you may not have
  heard from Iain for a while.

  Iain has subsequently lost over four stones in weight and is now feeling much fitter.
  Iain would like to thank his family and colleagues for their excellent support and
  help during what has been a fairly interesting time for us all.

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| We have been awarded another 3-year AALA Health & Safety Licence |  

| Steel Events is offering great deals on group accommodation & conference facilities for our clients  |  

| Instructor James Jennings awarded a First Class M.Eng. from Loughborough University |  

| Training clients & corporate customers can now join Iain on Linked-in |

| Death of much loved family & team member David Farnes |


Well done James & Elizabeth ! 

One of our part time tutors and instructors 
James Jennings was awarded a First Class Honours
Masters in Aeronautical Engineering by Loughborough 
University in 2013 following 5 years of full time
hard study and reseach in the School of Aeronautical 
and Motor Engineering at Loughborough.  He was also
awarded an Industrial Studies Diploma having worked
a year at Rolls Royce Aero Engines's Design Facilities 
in Derby.

James is now working Full Time at Rolls Royce as a
graduate Aerospace Engineer and he is very much 
enjoying working there helping design, test and build
engines for commercial passenger aircraft such as the
new wide bodied jet from Airbus.

He still helps out at the centre as one of our valued and
popular part time instructors.  He leads a very active life
as a qualified Volleyball Coach and he is also an
ambassador for STEM encouraging youngsters in schools
to engage more with Science, Technology, Engineering 
and Mathematics. James is also an active member of the
Royal Aeronautical Society like his father. The two
of them frequently meet up at the University of 
Sheffield / Boeing Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre's
Knowledge Transfer Centre in Sheffield to attend Branch 
Meetings and Lectures.

James also enjoys helping dad on "Eisbar" our lovely
old sailing cruiser which is moored in the beautiful
Lake District National Park and where we plan to run
more courses and events and meetings with clients in

Some of our readers will remember that James qualified
as a JAA Private Pilot when he was only 16 years old
and adored studying maths and engineering from his
very earliest days. We are very proud of him and his
achievements.  He is a modest soul and very engaging.

James's sister Elizabeth is also a bright soul. She did
extremely well in her A-level examinations in 2013 and 
managed to get the grades she needed to go to Lancaster 
University and study English and Theatre Studies.  She is 
working hard and is enjoying playing sports such as 
representing the university at Ultimate Frisbee matches.


  Rock Lea Activity Centre was routinely inspected in
January 2014 by the Adventure Activities Licensing Services
( AALS is part of the Health & Safety Executive ) and 
following the visit from Senior Inspector Mr Kevin Danforth
we have been re-issued with another 3 year duration licence
by the AALA ( Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, Llanishen )

Our AALA reference number is RO 671


David Farnes :

We were very sad that we lost David Farnes, Caroline's
dad,  towards the end of last year.  He died very 
peacefully after a couple of weeks battling to recover 
from a fractured hip trauma after he'd fallen over in
his residential care home in Uttoxeter. David was 83. 
He had been suffering from Vascular Dementia for the 
last two years and had fought bravely to overcome 
cancer and other illnesses. At David's cremation there
was a collection in support of the Alzheimer's Society
and McMillan Cancer Support, two charities we are
always happy to support if we can.

Many of our friends, family, clients and supporters
will remember David when he was on form in earlier days 
helping out here at Rock Lea. He retired from being the
senior partner in a large dental practise in Essex and 
then for many years arranged and led various expeditions 
studying his beloved Rhododendrons and other Alpine species 
of plant in the Himalayas and other regions of China.
He was personally awarded a medal by His Royal Highness
the King of Norway in recognition of the expeditions he
arranged for keen botanists from Norway who worked alongside
David and Eileen and other enthusiasts for places as far away 
as New Zealand. David was a keen gardener and a well respected
member of organiser of the Royal Horticultural Society. He 
often delighted very good humouredly in beating his rivals 
such as His Grace the Duke of Devonshire in RHS flower
shows and competitions.

David's favourite thing to wear in the care home was his 
Red White and Blue "SEAL GUIDES" leaders' jumper which
he wore all the time with great pride. Many people here
will miss Grandad David.  He is survived by his wife Eileen,
daughters Caroline, Elinor and Rowena, no less than nine
grand children and one beautiful great grand daughter.

A kind comment from one of our corporate customers who has used us many times...


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PREVIOUS MAIN STORY Rock Lea Activity Centre's 25th Anniversary.... Below is a message of thanks from Iain....
This year Rock Lea Activity Centre is 25 years young !

" The powers we create things with are not ours alone.
   We owe our staff & helpers a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid."

Iain instructing & using his much loved Bronica to photograph a rock climbing session at North Burbage with instructor Mark Skinner (right).


"Caroline and I would like to thank all our colleagues, friends
and customers for their generous help and support over the
past 25 years that we have been operating from this little
friendly base in the centre of Hathersage. It's been a massive
team effort and we know we couldn't have achieved anything
without your kind input and help and hard work. "


There are a lot of people we are especially grateful to and we hope 
folks will understand if we can't mention everyone here.  However,
we owe a very special debt of gratitude to Tony Kendall and John Thomas 
who have been rock-like stalwarts through thick and thin times - including the years 
we worked together as a team before we purchased Rock Lea and moved 
here from Edale.  Other loyal & faithful supporters & the kindest of friends include 
Peter Daughtrey, Angela Groves, Steve Charles, Steve Pope, Dean Peck, 
Glen Richardson, Frank Kent & Dr. Andy McLean. 

We also wish to recognise the great support and valiant efforts of 
James & Elizabeth and relatives such as Dilip Karnik & Keith Marsh
and Eileen and David Farnes in times past & present. 

We also are grateful to all our very kind & supportive suppliers, many 
of who we now perceive as friends... including Anne Marie and Tim at VW,
the wonderful Birkinshaw family, Jerry and his team at the Millstone Inn,
Ingrid and her co-workers in Ellmau, our accountants such as Tony Hawley
and last and certainly not least John Atkin - who has oft times kept us sane 
and brought a wonderful sense of humour to bear when helping us out.

To all of the above - and the many other folks involved in making us what we 
are... especially past staff such as Claire, Mark, Alan R, Peter B., Simon T., 
Lesley RH and so many others a very big thank you is well deserved.

The following comment from one of our oldest and most frequent corporate 
client on Facebook  perhaps says best of all how we & others feel about our 
wonderful hard working team....

"You have created an inspirational centre and improved the 
working and personal lives of many hundreds of people and 
through them many more, through your efforts at Rock Lea.
Thank you. "

                               Bill Roberts* -  M.D. & Investor, Sundog Energy Ltd.

formerly a valued client whilst working at the NDA, at CDC, at TXU Energie 
and at Eastern Electricity.

* Bill was formerly a corporate client of ours working with closely us at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and before that when he was Finance Director at the Commonwealth Development Corporation, as Finance Director at TXU Energie (Geneva) and before that the Financial Controller at Easter Electricity. We never set out to make friends with the people we teach or for whom we undertake assignments, but it is a pure delight when we look back and realise dear friendships and a lasting trust arose from working together with so many of our training customers at Rock Lea.

As part of our 25th Anniversary Year Celebrations
Iain is hoping to use Linked-in to help us to re-connect and
link up with lots of people who have been here in the past. 
We're using the social networking tool "Linked-in" because 
it is a very useful tool to know about anyway...and it enables 
people who wish to place comments about us to do so.  If you
haven't used Linked-in before have a look - it's more formal 
than, say, Facebook but just as useful.
RIGHT BUTTON CLICK ON THIS LINK please and open a new Window to follow Dr Iain Jennings & see his other clients' comments on Linked-in For security reasons, Linked-in might not allow you to open Iain's profile to inside this frame.


 Result !  Here's some good news !  Following announcements that the Welsh
 & Scottish Governments intend to retain a  statutory licensing scheme for 
adventurous outdoor activities, the English HSE based in Bootle wrote on 
June 29th 2012 to our MD Dr Iain Jennings and other AALA License holders 
in England to inform us that they are now consulting further rather than going 
ahead with what we considered was a very ill considered plan to abolish the 
AALS and AALA schemes here in England.

The two major issues our government appear to have finally woken up to fully 
appreciate and value are the issues of the need to reassure users of the safe 
operating procedures and practises of professional operators like ourselves 
- and the need for a level playing field for providers - when so many activities 
and operations were no longer within scope of the current excellent scheme.  

 HSE's Letter officially announcing the welcome reversal of the HSE's earlier decision to kill off the AALA scheme.


The need to reassure users and purchasers that any centre is safe and reputable 
and well managed was at the very core of the all the work Iain and many other
local Derbyshire centre managers did all those years ago when Iain sat on the 
English Tourist Board's Task Force designed to provide quality & safety assurance
for customers.  This U-turn by the government and their agency is long overdue
but we are grateful that the AALA scheme hasn't just been abandoned as a politically
motivated whim to deregulate small businesses.  We were very fearful that a lot of
cowboys were returning into our industry and would ruin things for us again if the 
regulations were relaxed.  It was a stupid idea to just say the government would 
abandon the AALA scheme backl ion the Summer of last year... and we're grateful 
that at least some MP's listened to our requests that we shopuld be consulted before 
the baby was chucked out with the bath water !     Customers should feel pleased that
we still have a fairly robust and fair and easy to understand QA scheme in place for
activities for under 18's.   Of course, some of us always argued that the over 18's activities
should also be included in the scheme too...but let's be grateful for what we've got and 
hope things may improve in the future.


This is really useful news if you arrange group bookings or conferences.... FREE VENUE FINDING AGENCY LINKS UP WITH PEAK ACTIVITIES TO HELP OUR CORPORATE CLIENTS GET THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE DEALS... We are pleased to be continuing the excellent link up with our dear friend Ms Nicky Brind who runs STEEL EVENTS in nearby Sheffield. Nicky is a tried and trusted accommodation and events expert we've worked with for a long time. We know she is 100% reliable and are happy to recommend her service. If you want top quality but nonetheless great prices for your hotel or conference groups attending our centre or anywhere else in the UK or Europe Nicky is a great person to ask to help you. Our group organisers and corporate customers can now ask Nicky to find them local three, four and five star hotel accommodation for their groups and she will free of charge find and book accommodation for them at really good rates. She charges the venue a modest fee for her time and you get a great service and a great trouble free way of finding & booking your group accommodation. This service applies to any commissionable hotel or conference centre accommodation and facilities booked direct through Nicky and her service operates anywhere in the UK and even at places like the wonderful hotel Hochfilzer in Ellmau. STEEL EVENTS : Telephone Nicky on 07801-818-949 web site
POSSIBLE OFFICE RELOCATION DISCUSSIONS : We are in the very early stages of looking at a possible relocation of our main office function in 2013. Nothing has been decided upon or finalised yet, however, it is possible we may be moving or extending some of our operation from Hathersage to the next village - Bamford - where we have owned premises and had an office operating from there for 19 years. The Bamford site has just been refurbished and some of our resources may be being moved to new bases up in the Lake District and in Tyrol, where our boss Iain loves spending time running courses and sailing ! We anticipate there will be lots more watersports on offer in 2013 and a whole new range of events based over in the mountains and on the lakes of the Austrian Alps. We will make an announcement about what has been decided upon in due course but we are excited, needless to say, that things may be getting better in our 25th anniversary year at Rock Lea.


| Late booking deals |  NHS & Public Sector Staff Discount Scheme | Aston Martin Team Building |   

Potholing instruction in the Peak District, Derbyshire.Descending Garlands Pot heading deep into the Depths of the Giants Hole


Giants Hole Round Trip Caving Excursion

We have still have some places left on the Round Trip 
of Giants Hole with Tony Kendall on Sat 8th Sept 2012.

This is an advanced caving trip for anyone who has been caving
before & wants to try some serious, more challenging potholing.
It will involve climbing up and down slender "Electron" caving ladders 
and some quite exciting ( almost scary ) sections too.

We take VISA, Maestro & MasterCard credit and debit card payments over the phone. 
We have also started taking PAYPAL payments now too.

Call us on 01433-650345 to book or to discuss oher late booking
opportunities. See also for dates & fees
of other events with late availability.

Caving instruction in Drbyshire Peak District. copyright Peak Activities.

BIG DISCOUNTS FOR NHS & PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES : Do you work for the National Health Service or in the Public Sector ? A big supporter of the NHS & Public Sector workers, Iain our manager recently agreed to offer all NHS Staff some substantial 10% discounts to try to make coming here on our open courses (events open to the public ) more attractive and affordable to anyone who is employed by either the NHS or the Public Sector. If you work for the NHS & Public Sector, staff can click this link for specific offers from us. When booking please mention the scheme, and you may wish to tell your friends too. Please see the NHS & Public Sector Staff Discount scheme's general website URL at for more details or call us here on 01433-650345 for details.
Snow on Stanage Edge in the Autumn.
  News for individuals, private groups - & for our corporate clients

Caving in the Peak District in Derbyshire is a great activity for all ages in the Winter time.

Stanage Edge is a rock climbing Mecca overlooking Rock Lea Rock Climbing & Abseiling Centre in the Peak National Park in Derbyshire.. Tel 01433-650345.
Overlooking our centre in Hathersage is a Mecca for rock climbers from all over the UK - Stanage Edge 
glowing here in the wintersunshine.  Above : Stanage on a sunny day.

Now is a great time to be contacting us to arrange individual's 
weekends and days away this Autumn and Winter... and it is 
the perfect time for group organisers to be discussing & booking 
events here in the accessible Peak District in the run up to the 
Christmas and the Festive Season.  We fully appreciate how hard 
it is for people and some organisations to make ends meet at the 
moment and we are very sincerely committed to trying to help
and offer oustandingly good value for money and maintain our 
high safety and quality standards during what is a challenging 
time for so many people and organisations.   Whether you are 
looking for a good deal for a group or for a day or a weekend 
away for just yourself give us a call and we'll try to look after you.

With offering great value for money in mind we have some great value high
quality offers for groups wanting corporate days out ( e.g. a day day of fun
orienteering and treasure hunting with a fabulous hot & cold buffet lunch for 
20+ people now from as little as £49 per person + vat ) and some really great 
savings on our popular "Friendly Face" Weekends designed to appeal to 
single people aged from 21 to 65 !  Come on these great weekends alone or 
bring a friend along and pay nothing extra on any of our great "TWO FOR ONE" 
price busting deals. Call us on 01433-650345 to talk to us about these offers.

Please click here to go to dates & prices of events such as caving and abseiling 
& rock climbing weekends open to the public and grab a bargain whilst places 
are available.  Call us on 01433-650345 to book.   We welcome enquiries from
group organisers as well as from individuals, couples and families.

One of several tried and truisted hotels used by Peak Activities Ltd for our customers booking outdoor activities with us.

We also have some terrific deals from some of our trusted accommodation suppliers. 
For example staying at this luxurious 4 star hotel whilst you're here with us for as little 
as £45 per person per night including a full English Breakafast.  We can offer such
deals for you if you book instruction with us and contact us soon.  ( special rate is
based on two people booking our instructors & sharing a twin or a double room ).

Hikers walking across Kinder Scout in the Autumn
Walking on Kinder Scout in the depths of winter can be most rewarding and challenging


One of our local competitors recently published an attack on our using part time staff alongside 
our full time staff who as well as being qualified & experienced as outdoor instructors also have 
skills and experiences in varied fields such as medicine, education, broadcasting, aerospace, 
finance and IT & management. We couldn't quite see his point of view... which seemed to suggest
"Weekend Warriors" - staff who just work here as enthusiastic instructors at weekends had to be 
second rate. On the contrary, we have always felt that our having a broad church of instructors with 
enthusiasm and skills in other fields can only enrich our team's depth of knowledge and the quality 
of the experiences we can offer here.  As we have no less than four qualified geologists and Geology 
& Geography teachers and lecturers and two mining engineers and a Mines Inspector helping to run 
our caving courses, for example, we wondered if there might have just been a hint of envy in our 
outspoken competitor's tirade !  I have always thought that we whilst we have sometimes been 
copied and envied we've rarely been exceeded in terms of the quality and enthusiasm of our full 
-time and part time outdoor instructors and trainers.

Strive for perfection in everything you do - take the very best and make it even better.....

James Jennings :

James is currently very happily working at Rolls Royce Aero Engines in Derby 
where he is a young aerospace engineer working in a design team developing and 
designing new jet engines for passenger aircraft.  He loves working for Rolls Royce 
and he is enjoying living in Loughborough. He still helps out here part time sometimes 
& is working hard to complete his industrial M.Eng. degree.  Rolls Royce have offered him 
a place on their graduate engineers scheme and he is looking forward to his career 
with such an outstandingly good company.  He is still busy sailing and walking and
says he is getting used to getting up really early and being at work when many of 
the rest of us may be fast asleep !  We wish him well. He's worked really hard to achieve 
what he's achieved. He always loved things that flew - even when he was a little boy !

Where does the time fly ? Our little aviator James now designs jet engines and pilots fixed wing aircraft  !
Time flies like an arrow - but fruit flies like a banana !

Tony Kendall has now retired as Faculty Head of Finance at his Faculty 
at De Montfort University after 35 years there and he is now spending lots more time 
here with us in Hathersage walking and teaching people how to cave and pothole 
safely !  We wish him him all the best for his retirement and the future.  He is still 
carrying on working for his trade union as an employment law advisor and 
consultant and expecting to continue his tireless work for Scouts and for his 
beloved Leicester Transportation Museum.

One of the best pictures we have of Tony was on Facebook recently with 
him dressed up a Father Christmas driving his steam engine locomotive 
around his museum's railway. He had smoke and steam in his beard and 
looked the epitomy of pure contentment !

You can follow us on Facebook and become Facebook Friends if you wish.
See Peak Activities Ltd's page - or Iain Jennings's or the Rock Lea Page
on Facebook.

Our other young helper Elizabeth successfully toured with her band in Salzburg in Austria this July.
She plays flute and keyboards and is part of a very successful wind band. One of her highlights was
a concert in the famous city centre Mirabelle Gardens which is hopefully to be confirmed shortly.  
She's doesn't just make teas and coffees and serve cake....the Summer she was awarded 12 GCSE's 
at Grade A and A-Star - and her 13th was a  "B" .  Clever girl eh ? 

She's recently been one of the cast of a very professional and successful production of "Guys & Dolls" 
in Bakewell. She just loves the theatre, singing and dancing and music.

Iain has managed to have lost three and a half stones since Christmas following his new healthy eating 
plan...and continues losing weight with the help of Caroline and his NHS Tier Three Team. He's done so 
well he's been used by the Tier Three Service as an exemplar and has had his weight loss story published
in a full page article in the Derbyshire Times which was successfully used as part of a campaign to persuade
the Commissioners at the NHS to fund the Tier Three scheme permanently. It is led by a Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Rachel Holt and we would recommend this very worthwhile scheme to anyone needing it.

One of the side effects of losing weight is that Iain is spending a lot more time sailing up in the Lake District
....and his trousers keep falling down so we have bought him some new braces !  We're not sure if going 
sailing is a good thing or not - especially as his partner in crime Tony Kendall has more time to go sailing 
now he's retired from De Montfort Univ !  Lots of people on Lake Windermere seeing Tony on the bow of 
"Eisbar" head the other way - they think it's Uncle Albert from Fools & Horses heading towards 
them on a boat - always a big worry !


Have you seen Iain's fabulous latest offers on our "deals" page which
     lists our open courses such as caving and multisports weekends for individuals ?
     Choose from a wide range of beginners and advanced courses.
Stag groups are always welcome !


We have recently enjoyed visits from lots of private parties large and small who have 
chosen us to organise and run their private socials, hen group outings, stag weekends, 
birthday parties and other events involving activities such as caving and potholing, 
abseiling, rock climbing, hill walking, orienteering and mountain biking and more.
We have adopted a flexible approach for people wanting to keep their costs down and 
we now offer a wide range of choices to suit most sensible budgets and group preferences. 

A wide range of local accommodation options is available to our group leaders - from local
youth hostels and private hostels to B&B's , camping sites, camping barns and hotels &
conference centres.  There are also lots of local self catering options to choose from.

Biking in Edale

Iain is very pleased with the very kind comments 
endorsing our people, products and services that 
have been published on "Linked-in" by past clients
and course participants from clients such as e.on, BP
Johnson & Johnson, the NHS, Newburgh Engineering, 
Volvo CE - and many others.  Iain reckons that one enemy 
or one unhappy customer is far too many - and that you
can't have too many happyt customers and friends.
We now have some great reviews on Trip Advisor and we also
have a growing number of senior managers and execs who have 
left some very impressive endorsements & recommendations
on Iain's Linked-in pages. 

If you use Linked-in and have used our products in the past
and would like to join Iain's professional network, please contact 
Iain direct or via "Linked in" ( lookup Dr. Iain Jennings on the 
Linked in search facility.) or call us on 01433-6540345.


Rock Lea's staff have always welcomed private groups from commerce and manufacturing 
industry coming to Hathersage to take advantage of our superb team building facilities &
opportunities available all year round.  We were very pleased to be welcoming Aston 
Martin Lagonda here earlier this year for example. 

You can enjoy our treasure hunts and orienteering competitions - and our unique trailquests 
and mountain bike orienteering rides are popular too at this time of the year. Get the old hearts 
pumping a little harder with a brisk walk up a local mountain, an energetic and thrilling  rock climb 
or walking gently along a lovely river spotting the Dippers and Kingfishers.  Caving and potholing  
are as popular as ever at this time of the year.  Local accommodation options as cheap now as 
they were over 5 years ago - and our customers  can grab some great bargains right now for 
individual and group accommodation. Nicky at The Kenwood Hall Hotel continues to offer 
our corporate clients some fabulous group training and corporate hospitality deals.

If you're wanting some worthwhile and enjoyable team building events organising for your 
business call us on 01433-650345 and see if you can snap up a bargain from me, Iain, or 
from Caroline or John.  We can offer serious sophisticated tailored team building events 
designed to develop Continuous Improvement and other initiatives amongst teams and their 
leaders - or more lighthearted events  designed mainly to reward staff and have fun and 
recreation time together.

Please call us on 07774-112204 if the main 01433-6540345 office number is busy.  
We promise we won't let you down if you trust us to run your event here.
Winter team building activities sketch by Iain Jennings.  copyright.
Just get out there !
Make the most of the great Summer weather ! 

If you use "Linked-in" to keep in touch with your professional
work and business contacts, please see the numerous 
recommendations and endorsements from past customers on 
Dr Iain Jennings' public Linked-in file.  For many more client 
recommendations please see our comments pages and our
endorsements page.

Some comments from Iain - our manager :

"After what seems to me to have been a very long tough Winter, 
Spring is at last here !  If you haven't been so active so far this year,
now's the perfect time to be getting out and about and enjoying the
outdoor life here in the accessible Peak District National Park."

"This is the start of our 25th Season at Rock Lea and we're really 
excited that we have a full range of outdoor activities on offer this 
season AND in addition we are once again going to offering simple 
Bed & Breakfast accommodation for customers here at Rock Lea in 
a month or two.   We'll initially be offering up to 8 beds in simple 
single and twin rooms.  However, if they prefer to stay elsewhere all 
of our Open Courses customers can still opt to stay in local hotels, 
inns, self catering camping barns and cottages or in B&B guest houses, 
camping sites and local YHA's of course. However, there have been many 
people asking if they could stay here all under the same roof here in the 
very centre of the village of Hathersage...and Caroline agreed we could 
offer private hostel style accommodation here at Rock Lea once again
once some  decorating and refurbushment has been completed.
More news about that later ! "

"On a personal note,  I've managed to lose a stone in weight in the last 
6 weeks and I am hoping to lose a lot more and get fitter in the coming 
months - thanks are due to everyone in the excellent team that has been 
helping & encouraging me to downsize !   I am feeling much better and 
I am grateful to everyone who sent their best wishes when I was ill 

Dr. Iain Jennings Chartered FCIPD, Senior Training Consultant specialising in OMD Training, Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Training Programmes in and outdoors. Tel 01433-650345.
Please call Iain on 01433-650345 to discuss 
any specific requirements you may have.
We welcome enquiries from groups and

Please click here for our last 8-page .pdf NEWSLETTER offering some unbelievably good deals for individuals and small parties visiting our base in the Peak District, plus the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. The Spring months are often a perfect time here in Derbyshire for groups to be running informal post-Christmas team outings and day visits - often in spectacular scenery - and it's a great time of year for people to be considering booking weekends away on their own or with friends and family. The next few months can be really lovely and warm or can be pretty cold and wet - all part of the joys of the climate this part of the world enjoys. However, If you take care to wrap up warm and head down, say, a nicely pre-heated cave ( the caves are always a comfortable 9 degrees all year long ) then that's hardly a big issue. We welcome people coming on their own or with family & friends on our public winter "open" weekends .... and you can also book instruction for private, exclusive bookings such as stag groups & hen parties. Close personal 1:1 tuition and private tuition for small parties can be booked through our guiding service for cavers, climbers, potholers and abseilers too. This service allows smaller groups to move and learn at their own pace...and in an exclusive relaxed atmosphere. Don't forget we can supply our guests with everything needed to keep warm and dry and comfortable - so you don't need to spend a fortune buying technical clothing or equipment ( unless you like shopping and want to ! ).
Other NEWS stories on this news page include : -

NEW !    LOW COST WALKING WEEKENDS in the Peak District National Park 
                   now available for individuals - listed on our OPEN  WEEKENDS PAGE.

Sunday Times Travel Publishes another complimentary article about Rock Lea's "Open" courses.
Health & Safety Executive's AALA Inspection Service awards Rock Lea another 3-year license.

Dutch Firefighters enjoy their Team Building Event in Hathersage.
French Power Company's First Aiders Team Building & Training Residential.

Polish team members join Avon's UK Colleagues for team build in Derbyshire.
Telegraph's travel section reports on a family caving trip using our Guiding Service.

BBC tv crew filming at Rock Lea for Ian Wright's TV show with Mohammed Ali.
Prestigious National Award presented to our Director Tony Kendall at the House of Commons   

Our crossword challenge - Only if you think you're hard enough ?
James, our youngest instructor,  attains his European Flying License

Pudsey Bear visits Rock Lea for charity abseiling event.   
News from Austria   
Name changes at one of our favourite Sheffield 4 star hotels    
A fall of snow



We are pleased to report that early in 2010 we were routinely inspected 
by the AALA inspection services and we were given a clean bill of health 
and recommended we will be issued with another 3 year licence by the 
Licensing Authority.   

An AALA License is required to take students and young people under-18 yrs
on adventurous activities in remote places when they are not accompanied by 
their parents or legal guardians /carers.  For example when Police Cadets or
apprentices from Volvo or Babcocks have been here it has been necessary for
us to hold a valid AALA License for the activities involved.

Peak Activities t/a Rock Lea Activity Centre and T/A Iain Jennings Associates 
is licensed to take out youngsters undertaking rock climbing, abseiling, caving, 
potholing, mine exploration, ice-climbing, coasteering orienteering, trekking 
and mountain biking in remote areas. Click here for more details.

click on logo for more information on the AALA scheme

SPRING CROSSWORD CHALLENGE : Our tough 2010 Competition for all our website readers & customers is a nice little teamwork task. We doubt if many people will complete it working alone. IS YOUR TEAM UP TO COMPLETING OUR TOUGH 2010 CROSSWORD COMPETITION ? EVERY SINGLE CORRECT ENTRY WE RECEIVE BEFORE THE END OF NEXT MONTH WILL WIN A £100 VOUCHER ! Click here please for full set of details, clues, & your crossword challenge team entry form...

More dates released listing this year's public weekend courses : 

Now is the time when our open courses are being offered at up 
to 50% off their normal RRP - so it's the ideal time to be booking 
some great value weekends for the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

 Click here for dates & prices of Days and Weekends on offer this year...

We are again offering weekend courses such as "Beginners Caving & Potholing",
"Abseiling & Rock Climbing", and our very popular "Multisports" multi-activity
weekends for individual adults, couples and small parties.   In addition there 
are now some mid-week dates on offer, which if demand is sufficient, will be 
run throughout 2010 and 2011.  We have a great set of deals on offer in 2010
with firms supplying really great value local accommodation. For example for 
many dates in 2010 a couple can share a four star en suite Twin Room at the 
Kenwood Hall Hotel  for as little as £25 per night each for 2 night stays...including 
lavish full English Breakfasts designed for outdoor appetites !


Happy faces after a caving trip for a Hen Group.  See for more details.
Hen Party Members after a caving session

Stag Groups and Hen Group Visits in 2010 :

We already have a number of private group bookings 
for 2010 & 2011, including a number of hen parties 
and stag groups coming to our outdoor base in
Hathersage for half days, full days and two & three 
-day programmes of outdoor sports and outdoor 
pursuits in the lovely Peak National Park.  Prices of
sessions for groups of 12 or more people vary from
£69 to £199 per person, including VAT.  Please call
our office on 01433-650345 for more informastion or
to firm up a booking.  We take Visa, Maestro, Solo 
and MasterCard payments over the phone.  Free places
can be arranged for the group organisers.

Tom's jolly Stag Party prior to setting off on a caving trip !

Click here for lots more information for Stag Group Organisers.
Click here for lots more information for Hen Group Organisers.

      We can cater for hen and stag groups large or small, fit or unfit !
      No prior experience and no special equipment is needed to join us !

      Enjoy a choice of half day activities such as rock climbing, abseiling,
      orienteering, easy caving, tough potholing or treasure hunts on
      foot or on bikes or in minibuses.  Talk to us to see what combination
     of activities at Rock Lea will suit your budget, mood and group size.

Click to see wide range of more activities available to private groups.
    Call Iain & Caroline on 01433-650345 to discuss your needs & interests.

Charity Fund Raising Events this year :

Our company directors have renewed their commitment
to helping people who want to have fun raising funds 
for good causes -  and we are particularly keen to
help folks who are wanting to organise sponsored 
abseiling or caving events to support the work of charities 
working on disaster relief in Haiti such as Medecins Sans 
Frontieres, Oxfam, UNICEF,  Save the Children Fund and
the DEC. 

Click here for more info. on how we can help you have
 fun charity fund raising on your own or with friends.

News from Austria :

Our dear friend and associate Ingrid is having a great season over 
in Tyrol.  However, she has been affected by the UK£ : Euro exchange
rate this year and for once she is not fully booked up - so she has some 
rooms free if anyone wants to book skiing or snowboarding over there 
this season.  For last minute bargain ski holidays e-mail Ingrid and please
mention Iain & Caroline at Rock Lea.

Click here to explore skiing possibilities with Ingrid's team...
Older new stories from Austria ( staff visits & filming )   
Weddings in Ellmau !

Employment opportunities with Peak Activities Ltd.    :-(

We regret that we do not have any paid employment vacancies 
at the present time, so please do not sent us any unsolicited
CV's or job application letters or e-mails.  A lot of other centres 
must have made some of their key staff redundant recently - we seem 
to be getting loys of employment requests which we haven't asked 
for - and all too often the people who have been working elsewhere
don't even have the basic qualifications and experience that our 
volunteers working here at Rock Lea have achieved.  

W + E S

OLDER STORIES FROM ROCK LEA | Dutch Firefighters get into some tight spots ! | King of the Air ! | | Visitors from Switzerland fill their lungs with fresh Derbyshire Air | | Low cost four star hotel rooms for Rock Lea's groups | | Booking Weekends & Days | Back in the National Travel News again ! |
Members of Frigwillige Brandweer, Gemeente Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands caving during their
team building event and social gathering in Derbyshire with caving staff from Peak Activities Ltd.

Recently we enjoyed running a busy weekend looking after a very 
jolly party of 28  men and women Volunteer Firefighters from the 
Dutch Fire Service ( Frigwillige Brandweer ) who are stationed close 
to the Belgian-Netherlands border.  They came across to Hathersage
with a coach on the excellent overnight ferry from Zeebrugges to Hull.
They then spent a full day caving and potholing in three working 
syndicates of  9 or 10 people under the aegis of three of our Sports 
Division's experienced caving leaders & several caving safety assistants.  

The gathering followed a pre-trip planning meeting at our offices
at Rock Lea held a couple of months before with their Brandweer
Kommandant, Heer Jac Haagen. Iain Jennings our centre manager
said " Although this assignment could have been arranged over
the phone, it was great to meet Jac and show him the many options
on offer using video and other resources."  Iain added " I think it
was useful for Jac to come and visit us for a pre-event meeting to
put faces and names together and for reassurance that we could
handle his specific needs in a bespoke manner.  We often say
that time invested on such visits is seldom wasted."

The Diutch Firefighters approaching the entrance of one of the three 
caves being explored.  This the deepest in England - but sadly the
group did not have time to get all the way around. Maybe next time ?

A lady firefighter showing the boys how to wriggle out of a tight spot !
Don't forget they'd asked for some really tough tight bits..and to be fair
they seemed to really enjoy this trip !  It takes all sorts !

The Dutch group came here to have some fun and expressed a 
keen interest when booking to get used to working in tight, very
confined spaces.  The women in the party were extremely fit and 
agile & our staff reported they had a job keeping up with some of 
them when exploring some fairly low passages in caves such as 
Giants, Carlswark and Devonshire Cavern.

Where the tough get going !

Having fun and working as a team exploring the secrets of the 
Derbyshire underworld...

The firefighters climb up the electron ladder up the waterfall in 
Garland's Pot, with our experienced Caving Director Tony Kendall 
looking after the safety line. This is a pothole with a strong vertical
element.  You are glad when you have a tight safety line on this
section of the trip.

Iain Jennings added "A lot of people from the Netherlands are 
coming to see us in the Peak District at the moment - making 
the most of the very favourable Euro - Pound exchange rate."
Several of the firefighters said it was their first time in England 
- but said they hoped they'd be back soon. We hope they 
enjoyed themselves sampling the delights deep beneath this 
lovely upland area.   

We even managed to arrange for one our friends in the village's
fire fighting team to kindly show some of the firefighters around 
our retained ( volunteer ) fire station in Hathersage. They were 
very intrigued to learn that most English fire engines are called 
"Dennis" !

Danke Welle !    Bedankt  !
Photos in this article were kindly provided by Frigwillige Branweer, Gemeente Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands. Sign up for our e-mail news-letter
Back in the Nation's Travel News again ! THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH LIKES OUR GUIDING SERVICES Bella & Sebastion : Picture by Offical Telegraph Photographer RII SCHROER
Our guiding service and the activities which we organise at 
Rock Lea for families from time to time such as caving and 
climbing and abseiling were highly acclaimed in the Sunday 
Telegraph earlier this season. The newspaper sent us a very
young family and a reporter and accompanying photographer 
who went off for a day of various activities under the safe
aegis of  senior instructor Dr. Andy McLean.

They seemed to enjoy a good time - we certainly enjoyed a 
good write up by Gary King, who concluded that even young
children can enjoy caving if sensitively led.  

We were one of the very first firms in the Peak District to offer
our guiding services for small groups - largely because we
only had several small 6-passenger minibuses in our fleet at 
the time - which lended themselves to such a service.  Nowadays
all sorts of firms that have just arrived on the local scene are
claiming to be the innovators of guiding.  We're not bothered as 
long as people who write for the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday 
Times keep writing that we're the best !


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Our own king of the Air ! James Jennings at Leicester Airfield on the day he passed his JAA private pilots licence tests there under the aegis of Chief Flying Instructor John Pugh.

We're delighted to report that James Jennings 
(19) our youngest instructor at Rock Lea has just 
passed his final flying skills exam & his emergency 
procedures tests at Leicester Aero Club and has now 
been awarded his JAA European pilots licence for 
a single engined piston aircraft flying under VFR.

James is pictured with one of the eight Cessna 152 aircraft 
that he has been flying in recent weeks to hone and practise 
his cross country flying skills.  James started to fly in a 152 at 
the age of 10 as a birthday present... and later went on to log 
many hours flying larger and more powerful Piper Cherokees 
out of Llandwrog at the seaside near Caernarfon, where he flew 
solo at the age of 16.  Sadly, numerous sessions of waiting for 
weather to clear at Caernarfon and the long driving distances 
involved in getting to Wales meant that getting sufficient hours 
at Caernarfon became a slow, long term project.  Accordingly 
James and his dad joined Leicester Aero Club a few weeks ago 
in the hope the weather there would be more chances to fly there
...and they were right. Under the aegis of two qualified flying 
instructresses Joe and Jessa, James has made rapid progress.
We're very grateful to Joe and Jessa and their senior colleagues 
Paul and John for getting James through his training & skills 

James said "The sky's your limit ! " 
"It's simply amazing what you can achieve with 
just a bit of the right sort of help and encouragement ! "

     James on the day he flew solo in a Piper Cherokee 140-D at Caernarfon Flying School.

Above, left : About 15 years ago a very keen little four year old James explored the controls of the helicopter his 
dad had just been flying around in during a R-22 helicopter flying experience Caroline had purchased for Iain.
James' keen interest in aereoplanes and things that fly meant that it was no surprise that within a few years, 
James first flew solo at Caernarfon Airfield in Piper Cherokees "Hotel Mike"  ( pictured ) and "Charlie Alpha".

James' cross country solo flights included trips from Leicester to visit aerodromes as far away as 
Nottingham, Cambridge, Peterborough, Marwell and Northampton.  His next target is to have some 
fun enjoying more basic flying and then to study for an instrument flight rating and also to learn to
fly a larger Cessna 172 high lift "Skyhawk"  so he can fly off with his dad.  Fellow instructors Tony, 
Glenn, John and Peter Daughtrey have all said they'd love to get airborne with James as soon as 
possible for him to fly with passengers.  We wish James a long, safe and successful career flying.
If anybody fancies learning to fly we strongly recommend Leicester Aero Club. Their staff are 
excellent. It 's a really friendly and professional, long established & well equipped flying centre.

James is a student studying for an MSc in Aeronautical Engineering at the Department of Aerospace 
and Motor Engineering at the University of Loughborough.  He worked at Rock Lea again all through
the Summer months now he has passed his PPL exams.  James is a Black Belt Second Dan in Tae Kwon 
Do and his growing string of qualifications includes a Wilderness Outdoor Pursuits Instructors First Aid
Certificate.  James is currently looking for one or more sponsors who may wish to help him fund his further
training in the air. He wants to learn to fly fast multi-engined aircrsaft using avionics instruments. Please
call Iain on 01433-650345 if you can assist James.

OTHER NEWS STORIES.... Sign up for our e-mail news-letter
Visitors from as far afield as Sheffield and Switzerland
    come to Hathersage to enjoy getting fresh air into their lungs !

Message from our Centre Manager...
    Iain Jennings


Click here to see dates of weekends open to individual adults.
Open Weekend Beginners' Caving Group Safety Briefing at Rock Lea

If you are looking for a great bargain which won't break the 
bank - now really is the perfect time to be booking group and
individual events with us if you can afford it.  You'll be warmly 
welcomed and you should be in line for some generous offers.

Our friends and suppliers such as The Kenwood Hall, for 
example, are currently offering our customers some great 
exclusive deals. We can arrange Bed & Breakfast rates in an 
executive 4 star hotel room at the Kenwood Hall ( complete with 
gymn and a swimming pool ) for just £75 mid week and for as little 
as £29 per person for Friday to Sunday stays. Two or three
years ago clients staying at the Kenwood Hall would be paying 
£150 each per overnight we feel we are offering our
customers some really good reliable deals at the moment.

Click for a pdf file on the services offered by the Kenwood Hall

Click for pdf file on what sort of outdoor activities we can 
    offer Kenwood Hall's visitors.

Some of the stag groups we have been looking after recently have 
been staying at places such as the Kenwood Hall at very low prices.
This is how I see we can work smartly during what is a recession to
actually improve our brand and our reputation for offering good deals.
However, it requires close working relationship with partner organisations
and we're lucky we've built up such good offices over the years.

Kenwood Hall Hotel
Why not try one of our popular open weekends such
as caving weekends for beginners ....or maybe book
an abseiling & roped scrambling weekend  ?

Typically these groups comprise 12 people who 
have come alone or with a friend or partner.
No special gear or experience is needed !
Some weekends offer two days of tuition for as
little as £99 per person. Prices range from £89 to 
£199 per person per weekend.

Click for detailed dates and prices of events open to the public...
If you've been to Rock Lea before - ask about our follow up weekends including intermediate and advanced skills weekend courses. Having fun cimbing up a potholing ladder with safety rope during one of our popular Beginners' Open Caving Weekends at Rock Lea.
Copyright Logo. PEAK ACTIVITIES LOGO. Outdoor Pursuits and Development Training Consultancy in the Peak District & Austrian Tyrol.

The dates of Peak Activities popular "open courses " for this year
are  published elsewhere on our website and these weekends 
are open to individuals and couples.   Please click here to go to
our dates and prices page and grab yourselves some bargains !
Group leaders wanting other dates or group deals on the 
weekends or mid week dates of their choice should call 
us on 01433-650345 please to check group prices and 
dates availability.

Adventure Racing Page now open on

A team from Robert Bosch GmbH.

We have often run Adventure Racing events in the past few
years as part of tailored, made to measure events for Charity 
Fund Raising Purposes.   However, for this year we have decided 
to widen the scope of these increasingly popular events to 
include two day events with overnight camps and much more.
You can choose to arrange your adventure race in the Peak 
District or in the Wilderkaisergebirge Mountains of the Austrian 

Group Organisers wanting a more challenging and strenuous 
team building event for fairly fit and motivated people may well
find our Adventure Racing possibilities interesting !

Please click here for more details of Adventure Racing organised
by Peak Activities in the Peak District.

Not for the faint hearted !  Combine an orienteering competition, 
a night hike, a high level moorland trek, a kayaking race, problem-
-solving experiences, freefall abseiling experience and a potholing
challenge with an overnight camp and lots more !

Prices on application.

Carry on Camping : Union Pub Story : Open Course Dates for 2008 : Older Stories : Pudsey Bear's Sponsored Abseiling Visit : Tae Kwon Do Black Belt for James :


       The staff at Rock Lea are committed to raising even more money for worthy 
       charities in 2010.  Below are examples of previous charity events we have
       been involved with planning and running for two registered charities.

Debby, Debbie and Helen from the Alzheimer's Society with Dr. Andy McLean and James Jennings - raising  money  in July 2006 for their worthy charity. Copyright Peak Activities Ltd. Copyright Image.Alzheimer's Society Logo & Hyperlink Link - click to go their website....Abseiling picture - copyright image.

Three plucky ladies Debbie, Debbie and Helen pictured above raised lots of money for 
the Alzheimer's Society during Alzheimers Awareness Week. They'd asked us to arrange  
a sponsored abseiling session with James and Andy ( right ) from Rock Lea Centre.  
Alzheimer’s Awareness Week aimed to reach out and make contact with all those thousands
of carers and people with dementia who need our support and who are not in touch with the 
Alzheimer's Society. Please click on the Alzheimer's Logo ( above ) to and learn more about 
this charity's excellent work. For more information about organising charity events with 
Peak Activities please click here or visit


Pudsey Bear at Rock Lea Activity Center for a charity abseil in support of BBC Children in Need. Copyright image...Abseiling. Copyright image.
      Staff from our clients Castle Estates pictured above at Rock Lea with BBC Children in Need's "Pudsey"
            - all working together on a team project to raise funds for Pudsey's Charity.  If you are interested in working with our
             staff to raise funds for your organisation's chosen good cause please see our special charity fund raising page. 

             We can run charity fund raising events for groups or for individuals.
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This year we've had lots more bookings for our"Open Events" than we'd expected.
WEEKENDS for INDIVIDUAL ... Click here to see dates and prices of our wide 
choice of weekend events open to the public. There are some great bargains to be had 
including 2 full days of qualified friendly instruction for under £100 eachin the low season !  
These are our adults events that have often been featured on national radio and TV and 
much higher prices, so grab a bargain while they're still on offer.
       Phone Iain or Caroline on 01433-650345 for details !


BBC Sports Presenter Damion Johnson  abseiling 
with Peak Activities Ltd's staff during one of our
"Breakaway" open weekend featured on Damion's 
BBC2 television's "Breakout" holiday programme.


James and Piper Cherokee "Hotel Mike" pictured at Caernarfon just after James' first solo flight in this aircraft. on Friday August 4th 2006. Copyright Image.Aircraft - Piper Cherokee "Charlie Alpha" piloted under instruction by James Jennings under aegis of Paul. Copyright Image.

Congratulations to James on flying solo !

Those of you who have been following his progress in learning to fly will be pleased 
to read that our junior instructor James Jennings (above) very successfully flew solo 
at Caernarfon Air Parc in early August in his favourite Piper Cherokee aircraft G-CGHM 
"Hotel Mike" ( left ) after approx. 11 hours flying tuition from his excellent flying instructor 
Paul.  James now has lots more flying practise hours to do in "Hotel Mike" and 
"Charlie Alpha" ( right ). In July James took two weeks over at Caernarfon and 
passed no less than 6 PPL exams.  These included the JAA  Air Navigation, Air Law,
 Human Factors in Flight Safety, Engine & Power Management Systems plus 
Navigation and "Meteorology" which are all needed to gain a PPL licence.  

James is paying for his lessons by working at Rock Lea doing all sorts of jobs 
including washing helmets and cleaning up minibuses & caving suits and helping 
out as a qualified first aider on events such as our charity abseils.  He is now looking 
around for sponsors and cadetships.

If you would like more information on flying as part of a small group experience in
North Wales ( with more qualified pilots like Kristina who has over 25,000 hours in 
her log book - please click here or call Iain on 01433-650345.

A group on a team building course canoeing with Peak Activities Ltd. Copyright Image. Here at our outdoor activities & training centre in Hathersage we're looking forward to another busy Winter Season. Right now's an ideal time for you to be talking to Caroline in our bookings office if you want to book events for individuals or groups of people for this year. We are offering past customers and new clients some very good deals for return trips this season. Check out dates of our open weekends.




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Centre Instructors and Managers from the Union Pub Company pictured in their caving suits at our base in Hathersage Rock Lea.   Click on this image to go to a page with more happy customers' comments.   

A very jolly party of managers from The Union Pub Company 
pictured having a very good time at our base in Hathersage 
Rock Lea. They were out enjoying an "Away Day"  team
building event including  easy caving and orienteering with our 
instructors Caroline, John and Andy.  This year Peak Activities Ltd. 
have welcomed more groups than ever before enjoying the excellent 
weather for such informal and enjoyable opportunities to relax and chill 
out together in a fun-filled way.


Group Organisers considering events based in the Peak District
National Park and who want the BEST rather than second best 
should please call us today on 01433-650345 to discuss their 
specific needs and requirements.  If you would like to organise a 
safe, reliable low cost, fun-filled away day for your own private group 
we'll be pleased to hear from you.   Individuals should look our open 
fixtures listed on our special "deals" page.  This details events 
( mainly weekends ) which we hold for individuals and couples.


Click here to see a short movie clip with commentary... 
( it's a 5 megabyte file - sorry ! ...suitable for broadband users only ).


The New Year saw the launch of a new web site at
with special offers listed there for people who have brought groups of
people here before. See

This web site is under development with Eclipse but is expected to have 
lots of cine films and interesting movies and lots more when it's developed.

NEW Fun Mixed Ability Corporate Challenges...

..Orienteering Prizes - chocolate and sparkling wines - Copyright : Iain Jennings Image Library.
New for this year we're offering to visiting 
groups some exciting new mixed-ability trailquests 
involving ligh hearted physical and mental challenges.

If you are up to the challenge & want to book something 
that's a bit different, sporty and packed with fun for all ages 
& all abilities -  then please call us on 01433-650345 for 
more details.

Everybody's a winner but there's champagne & 
chocolates all round for the winning team too !

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N W + E S

 Poles travel all the way over 
 to Rock Lea for a teambuilding
weekend their UK colleagues !
Avon Cosmetics Outdoor Team Building Event at Peak Activities Ltd in Hathersage in the Peak District National Park. Copyright image.
Lucasz, Ewa, Tom, Stephen, Neil and Hania get ready to go caving with Andy.

People often travel a very long way to enjoy our activities and 
events in the Peak National Park but by anybody's standards flying 
in from Garwolin near Warsaw for the weekend to visit Peak Activities 
Ltd's base in Hathersage is a pretty impressive journey !   

Pictured above are procurement experts from Avon Cosmetics
 - three of whom travelled all the way from their new manufacturing 
plant in Poland just for a fun filled 3-day weekend of informal team 
building with their UK colleagues from Northampton.   The party 
enjoyed some abseiling and orienteering and some scrambling 
and some pretty impressive pub games and some serious 
socialising !  This jolly group stayed in a traditional local inn 
on the edge of Hathersage sharing the delights of top quality 
Peak District food and hospitality.   The visitors also entertained 
us  with their excellent guitar, accordian & concertina music.

Abseiling with a party from Avon Cosmetics' factory in  Poland.  Copyright image........
A man destined for higher things...Lucasz scored 9.8 
for this abseil attempt  AND we now know he can sing 
perfectly all of the verses to "Auld Langs Syne" too  !

Click here to see some kind endorsements from
Tom and other team leaders from Avon who have 
been here over the years.

Because the weather was fairly changeable during
their three days we were glad Tom trusted our tutors 
to pick out activities on the day that would best make 
the most of the team's time out here with us.
The other kind of walking where 
we supply the Poles for you is our 
new Nordic Walking activity option !
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Peak Activities' director TONY KENDALL receives a prestigious
National Community Award at the House of Commons for his work 
setting up & running an inclusive Cub Pack in inner city Leicester...

Tony Kendall - caving instructor and safety advisor with many years experience. Copyright image...Tony Kendall - Director of Peak Activities and Founder Member of Rock Lea Activity Centre. Copyright Image.
Tony working in our caving lamp store.

Our busy Director Tony Kendall is the co-Founder of a Cub Scout  Pack held on a 
Saturday so Muslim children  can be included and attend has just received another 
prestigious award "Investors in the Community Award" held at a ceremony at 
the House of Commons recently. Tony's pack is part of the 12th/74th group in 
Mere Road, Leicester, was set up to help replace failing youth clubs in the inner 
city of Leicester a couple of years ago. They wanted to help provide the youngsters 
of the Highfields area with something worthwhile to do. 

The pack is run by Tony and Alam Navsa and Bill Trewick. A Scout Leader 
of many years standing, Tony said the group was mixed and set up to run on 
Saturdays rather than mid week to enable kids of all faiths to take part.  Tony, 
who holds both the Scouts Medal of Merit and the Silver Acorn Awards said 
"This highlights the fact that Scouts welcome members of all faiths, colours 
and nationalities. We wanted our group to be as inclusive as possible."

Peak Activities Ltd's Company Directors Tony, Caroline and Iain 
have always been keen to help people of all ages, nationalities and 
creeds get out and about and enjoy the Great Outdoors.  We have 
recently been working on a new range of activities for people of all 
ages and levels of fitnesses to enjoy activities with us in the Peak 
District ..and we now have a range of new activities which can be 
enjoyed by folks in wheelchairs and other people with limited mobility
... including some new "wheelchair friendly" mixed fitness, radio 
controlled orienteering sessions, caving trips, kite flying, treasure 
hunts, trail quests, quizzes & lots more.

A modest fall of snow occurred...... a snow story from Nov 2010.

Centre Manager Caroline used her  tape measure to record a blanket 
covering of 14 inches of fresh snow over the night of 30th Nov. and 
into the early morning of 1st Dec. 2010.  This is almost an Alpine fall
and all trains and buses stopped on evening of Nov 30th. Some roads
are just passable by 4x4's others are blocked, so you may need to walk
if travelling to accommodation off steep side roads or some farm tracks.
Sadly much of this snow is unlikely to melt until the very low daytime 
temperatures we have been experiencing start to rise above freezing 

It snowed a lot more here at Rock Lea after this picture was taken.  Such heavy 
falls of snow are very rare - and have only occurred once or twice in the past 
25 years we've been watching the weather here. Winter now seems to have
arrived at last.  Throughout S. Yorkshire and N. Derbyshire major roads and the M1 
and M18 have been very badly affected by the snow and there was traffic chaos for 
days.  Of course the places higher than Rock Lea ( and that's most of the land 
hereabouts ) are more badly affected because of the increased altitude.

The snow in our car park was above some of the cars' wheels !  Sadly some 
damage occurred when the heavy fall of snow caved in and wrecked Iain's 
beloved yard awning. Police have advised people to keep off the local roads unless
absoluetly necessary whilst tye snow is like this.  Even the railway was stopped for a 
while, which is quite unprecedented. Schools were closed by the snow.

Anybody travelling to the Peak District is advised to carefully check the roads
conditions, note any road blockages or conjestion and take heed of any Police
Warnings.  Get an accurate weather forecast and make sure your car is well
kitted out with food, warm clothing, sleeping bag, non-slip mats, and chains if
you have them and can use them.  Also ensure your antifreeze is nice and
concentrated or your block could freeze and crack open. Ensure you have loads 
of almost neat  de-icer /screenwash so it won't freeze in the container.  Check you
have your RAC / AA details to hand and that your mobile phone is well charged up 
and ready to use in an emergency.. 

Below -10 degrees road salt/grit doesn't work very well. If you find yourself on white 
roads drive slowly and smoothly and use 2nd or 3rd gears very gently to start on hills with
minimal; toque - and hence minimum risk of your differential gears slipping!

Customers who are booked in for events over the next few days 
are reminded it would be a good idea to check if you are covered
by any cancellation insurance you may have taken out for claims
against having to cancel your event by virtue of your local roads 
or motorways or trains being ususable or being deemed to be too 
dangerous to use. Sadly we cannot underwrite any losses arising from
such national and regional traffic problems.

Peak Activities Ltd.will be open over the next few days ( staff are 
sleeping here so we know they can be here unless we get more power 
cuts) and a modified programme is being implemented which takes the 
road conditions into account.  We trust clients will appreciate we are doing
our best to keep things going even though it is very difficult when the county's
roads are so badly affected by ice and snow.

Millstone sign at edge of the Peak National Park, near Hathersage, UK.  


In my 30+ years experience as an outdoor tutor,  December is often a month when everyone feels 
they'd like a "boost" or a change from routine.  However, this month can be overlooked or simply 
dismissed as being "too cold" by so many people, especially when a load of snow falls on you !   
Nonetheless, in spite of the snow and ice - the month of December affords brilliant opportunities 
for a break from routine and some serious enjoyment - it's a really great month to explore and 
enjoy the many delights of places like the lovely Peak District National Park with folks like the
friendly and experienced staff here at Rock Lea Centre.   



Ian Wright - BBC  celebrity and Englad Soccer star pictured during filming at Rock Lea Activity Centre.  Copyright image.
Ian Wright with Caroline during filming at our base in Hathersage - Rock Lea Centre.
" Ein Prosit, ein Prosit - der Gemutlichkeit ! "

John Thomnas, Tony Kendall, Caroline Jennings, Iain, Steve Charles and little Elizabeth learning to ski a little better on top of the Hartkaiser Mountain above Ellmau in the fabulous Austrian Tyrol. In the background are the Wilderkaisergebirge mountains.  Copyright Image.


Numerous directors, staff and volunteers and family members 
recently flew out to Salzberg and enjoyed a fabulous residential 
discussing and trying out some of our new products and
experiencing first hand the delights of the Wilderkaisergebirge....
our new "home from home".  It was tough out there slaving over
all those new concepts but somebody had to do it !  We also
took the opportunity whilst we were there in such glorious
weather to start making our new promotional video. 

Pictured above are tutors John T., Tony Kendall, Caroline, Iain,
Steve Charles and Elizabeth. Although she's our youngest 
apprentice ski instructor, Elizabeth is now skiing down 
black runs and leaving all the rest of us behind !   

Caroline E. Jennings - Director of Peak Activities Ltd - pictured on staff training event in Soll and Ellmau skiing in the Austrian Tyrol.....Team Building with a difference ! Snow shoe walking above Ellmau in the Wilderkaisergebirge - reproduced by permission of Peter Brookes. Copyright image.Pete Brookes

Caroline, our Finance Director, over in our base in Ellmau enjoying the scenery & apres ski.
We will be publishing fairly soon some new itineries involving skiing, snow shoe walking (above ) 
and lots more in the fabulous mountain of Tirol !  

Picture taken during Peak Activities Ltd's staff team building event in Ellmau in the Wilderkaisergebirge mountains of Tyrol. A night out in Ellmau dorf !   Copyright : Iain Jennings.Click to return to top of this NEWS page


Some very complimentary feedback notes on the success of the decision making 
& leadership and teamwork training events Iain's team arranged for the Health 
& Safety experts at Cottam Power Station were published a while ago by EDF.  

One of their reports is reproduced in full below as two .jpg's below in the hope 
it may be of interest to anybody interested in the effectiveness of carefully 
designed and planned outdoor training exercises with Peak Activities Ltd's 
Development Training experts.
Copyright -  EDF Electricity de France.  Images copyright of Peak Activities Ltd.
ARTICLE ON FIRST AID TRAINING and LEADERSHIP SKILLS COURSE at Rock Lea - reproduced with permission of copyright owners. Copyright EDF Electricity de France.  All images copyright of Dr. Iain Jennings.
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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED STORIES AT FOOT OF THIS PAGE : - Tony now holds both the Medal of Merit & Silver Acorn. Training Case Study - TXU's CEO's Team & Management Development Event Heart of England Tourist Board's Chief Exec's Residential Team Build with Peak Activities Ltd.
........       ......................................................................

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MORE NEWS BBC TV films at Rock Lea again... BBC Television Presenter & former England international footballer Ian Wright pictured with our centre's director Caroline during a BBC tv film shoot for first of Ian's series of top Saturday evening BBC1 television show "I'D DO ANYTHING ". This filming asignment was a special three day contract featuring our popular potholing & caving underground treasure hunt & challenge activities. NEWS + NEWS + NEWS + NEWS Filming with BBC film crew and Ian Wright for a programme later brodcast on BBC One Television. Click for more details. Copyright image......Mr Ian Wright - copyright image.......
This latest of a series of successful filming projects with the BBC involved a large film crew working very closely in local 
caves with our senior instructors Caroline, John Thomas, Andy McLean and Iain Jennings.  Peak Activities Ltd senior 
associates were all responsible for selection of suitable filming locations and the Health & Safety of the crew working in 
various tricky situations to get unusual points of view shots.

Caroline and Andy also had special responsibility for looking after a rather nervous first-time novice lady who was 
undertaking the special trail quest we'd been asked to design underground in parts of England's deepest pothole.  
The programme was screened at 6-00 pm Saturday April  26th on BBC1 television and part of the filming was shown 
again a week later when the successful participant flew across to te USA to meet world champion boxer Mohammed Ali.

Training and sports activities at Rock Lea have often been featured in the press and on a large number of television
and radio programmes. Peak Activities Ltd welcomes enquiries from commercial film crews wanting professional 
help with safety assurance and filming in confined and difficult access areas.  Click here for more information.
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...James Powell - one of our valued friends and legal advisors - on a staff familiarisation trip into Giant's Hole. Copyright Image.

We have recently enjoyed another rave review in the Travel Section 
of the Sunday Times from their travel specialist Steve Bleach..who 
was out here enjoying one of our very popular "friendly-face"
introductory caving weekends last month. 

The people who read Steve's excellent article all agreed that his 
writing had really captured the spirit  of one of our popular "Friendly Face" 
weekends. These events are open to any member of the public aged 18 and 
over and are held monthly at our Hathersage base.  

In his article Steve's imagination  seemed particularly taken with all the geology 
he'd learned about whilst he was here working alongside our enthusiastic leaders.
Click here please for lots more details of these weekends (including prices
and dates of our open events ) and to read  Steve's very kind article including 
Steve's his comments on the fun of  feeling like a piece of meat in a rock sandwich !tl
aary enjoyr.
To see lots of other kind press and media comments, including previous
editorials about our caving and otrher outdoor activities in the Telegraph and 
Sunday Times and other media please click here.

Click here to see details of other television and radio features on our events.

We are always willing to offer facilities for press visits to bone fide reporters and journalists.
Travel media writers should please contact our press and publicity officer via 01433-650345.
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NEWS of our new Treasure Hunts
Cartoon. Copyright Jim Watson - reproduced by written permission of Mr Watson.
Our tailored treasure Hunts are ideal for all ages, shapes and sizes and fitnesses !
NEWS Seasonal Treasure Hunts
Peak Activities Ltd are now running a wide range of fun-filled inter-team treasure hunt challenges
designed to make the best of the seasonal weather. Some of the various options on offer include : -





We hope we'll welcome you here soon !
Come and enjoy visiting the lovely Peak National Park.
Frank Kent and mountain bikes. Copyright image - Peak Activities Ltd.........PEAK ACTIVITIES LTD Logotype.
Peak Activities Associate Frank Kent loads up a load of bikes for a party from Orange
enjoying a mountain bike treasure hunt around the scenic Hope Valley. Mountain biking
from our popular base in Hathersage is a great activity for all ages and fitnesses and
allows you to set your own pace and have fund working together as a team.
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Swimming Pool - reproduced by permission of image copyright owner.Kenwood Pool

After a £4 million modernisation, rebuilding and refurbishment project, the former 
Swallow Hotel just across the hill on the edge of Sheffield was purchased by
Whitbread and then started trading as Sheffield Marriott Hotel. This is proved to be a
very popular venue with our customers running training courses with us... and to add 
to their delight we've recently managed to negotiate some very attractive exclusive 
deals for groups staying there as part of packages organised by Peak Activities Ltd. 

The hotel was purchased two years ago by Principal-Hayley and is now trading
as the Kenwood Hall Hotel.  

Click here to see more photos and for further information about the Kenwood Hall Hotel.
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Marriott Dining Room
Lady caving with instructor John T in England's deepest cave during an activity session with Peak Activities Ltd qualified caving instructors team. Copyright image.
Just imagine ! You can now enjoy muddy caving
with us and be back in your executive suite at the 
Kenwood Hall Hotel within 15 mins. of  leaving Rock Lea 
in one of our minibuses.  You can combine "roughing 
it" with being smooth and sophisticated !

Bar person at the Marriott Hotel.The Kenwood Hotel. ).....
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ABSEILING IMAGE - copyright photograph.. A RIB at our watersports facility. copyright photograph.
The activities we are offering groups over the coming  months include : -
Treasure Hunts ; Caving & Mine Exploration, Cycling, Abseiling,
Gliding, Centre Based Problem Solving Tasks, High Ropes Course
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Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, S32 1DD.
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