Peak Activities Ltd. is a long established group of outdoor sports tutors and OMD training specialists brought
together in 1981 et seq. by our Managing Director, Dr. Iain Jennings
FRGS, Chartered FCIPD. Most of our team of
20+ instructors and instructresses live in or around the Peak District National Park - and our key stakeholders live
and work in Hathersage and the adjacent the Hope Valley. We are a friendly, highly qualified and experienced
team working to very high professional standards...and as a fairly older team we have a wealth of experience
working in the fields of education, industry, commerce, research & finance which can be brought to bear when
involved in training or teaching situations. We all get on very well together. Over fifteen of our staff members & part
time volunteers have each worked with us here for over 25 years. When we're not working together we're often
to be found eating & socialising together or going off sailing and skiing over in Austria. Everyone here is committed
to Continuous Improvement and dedicated to maintaining our excellent safety record....and having fun too !

Did I mention they seem to enjoy eating a lot too !


Some of our excellent tutors & associates... .


Please scroll down this page for information on some
of the
highly qualified & experienced full-time & part-time associates
working for Peak Activities SPORTS DIVISION at Rock Lea in the
very accessible, unspoiled Peak District village of Hathersage.
Our operations' success depend entirely on the quality of our people.
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Steve Pope BSc Ch.Eng.
Steve (above) is a chartered mining engineer who is a former
NCB coal mine manager and a former HSE safety inspector .
He is one of our many experienced underground guides
and mountaineering tutors, who has worked with us for over 27
years years above & below ground. Steve's a valued member of 
our safety management team and our centre's quality assurance 
team.  Very few centres in the UK can boast a mines inspector 
or a H&S Manager with Steve's wealth of experience as a long-
serving member of their instruction team.  Steve has both
Level 1 and 2 DCA Local Cave Leader qualifications too.


Steve is now a senior partner in a very successful
private Health & Safety and Legal Consultancy. He holds a 
First Class Certificate of Competence as a Mines Inspector 
and is a chartered mining engineer.  Like Tony, Steve also 
holds a Scout Leaders warrant and is an active scout
leader in his home town of Daventry. He recently took over
from Tony Kendall as Caving Safety Advisor for Leics Scouts.  

If you want to know anything about safety and the Law in the 
UK Steve is the man to ask first of all.


 Pete Brookes  MCIPS :

Peter's a highly experienced and qualified quality assurance & 
procurement specialist who's worked as an outdoor pursuits 
instructor with our team for over 27 years - specialising as a
caving & rock-climbing, orienteering & mountain biking tutor. 
A good man to alongside you when you're in a tight squeeze, 
you can see more of Peter on an advanced caving expedition 
on one of our website's caving pages !

Just like Caroline and many others now working in the team, Pete 
first started with us as a customer who was keen on caving and 
rock climbing ( at the time he was working fullt ime as an NCB 
mines manager) and then started training here and passed his 
SPSA,  Euain Jones First Aid qualifications and other NGB 
qualifications to become an instructor in our fellowship.   

Peter Brookes ice climbing on a Peak Activities organised event in the Tyrol - click the photo to see more pictures of Pete and the team over in Ellmau.
Pete ice climbing at Kundelklamm in Tyrol.

Pete's still an accomplished strategic supply-chain development 
and total quality assurance consultant, working as one of the 
founding fathers of a well known multi-million pound railway 
and oil industry supply chain and safety assurance consultancy
when he's not here helping us. Peter now climbs and enjoys 
skiing and ice climbing in the Alps...and is a mean Scalextric 
racing car driver and flight simulator F-16 pilot too !

A little known fact about Pete is that he an accomplished player
of the didgeridoo and he is the best circus skills juggler we know.

He is a very skilful climber and has won several indoor rock climbing 
challenges and competitions in the East Midlands.


John T, Lyn, Ben, Cheryl, Jon, Lynne, William, Annie,Teddy et alia....

Just a few of our part-time tutors on one of the advanced 
cave & mountain rescue first-aid courses run at Rock Lea.


John Thomas BA BSc 

John is a very long serving and much valued member of our 
team of volunteer sports tutors who had a successful career
as a computer IT centre and networking manager. 

He's an extremely popular nationally qualified climbing and caving 
and abseiling tutor, who has generated lots of thank you letters from 
the many people he has taught to climb and cave over the 29+ years 
he's been working in our team.  John likes to take out small groups 
climbing onto the adjacent crags..and is a popular member of our 
centre's senior guiding team.  

Everyone who knows John is surprised when they learn he is over 60.
He has over 40 years experience in the outdoors and he is still very fit.
John's quiet unassuming manner and dry sense of humour is very much
appreciated by many of our older customers.

A great deal of Rock Lea's success is down to people like John 
who has worked so hard to support us. The people who wear our
red instructors jumpers are all "chosen men and women" who
have served over ten years and are proud to be full members of 
the Rock Lea's elite "SEAL" team of senior tutors.  Many of the 
SEAL team have higher qualifications than many of the full time
senior tutors to be found working in lots of other outdoor centres. 
Our SEALs work here part-time when they're not being brain 
surgeons, dentists, IT experts, civil engineers, etc !


Angela Groves :

After a spell working as one of Peak Activities'
volunteers, Angela decided to pack in her job as
 a housing officer in Norwich and became a WRVS 
officer supporting young service personnel in places 
such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia !

A keen hill walker and experienced activities leader, 
Angela still helps us out as one of our most valued 
jolly volunteers. A typical enthusiast, her ever cheerful 
smile, patience, kind words and young-at-heart 
approach to life are always much appreciated. 

Like all of us working here, Angela loves the 
Peak District National Park's wonderful scenery.


Click to see some recent "THANK YOU" LETTERS from GROUP ORGANSIERS ....

"The quality of each one of our 
highly-acclaimed centre's events 
is chiefly down to the skills & 
enthusiastic attitude of all our 
team - and the way colleagues 
manage themselves & go out of 
their way to help our customers 
before & during their activities.

" The enthusiasm and expertise of 
our unique panel of volunteer and 
part-time tutors are often cited by 
our customers as vital elements in the 
excellence of our sports and training events."

Dr Iain Jennings BSc PGCE FRGS, Chartered FCIPD- Centre Director
Everyone in our fellowship works hard to ensure
all our indoor and outdoor events are safe & reliable.
Iain is a graduate Geologist and a Doctor of Science ( Ecology )
and an experienced Geography lecturer, teacher and researcher
who established SEAL GUIDES in 1980 which later became part
of Peak Activities Ltd. Iain has over 30 years experience of
successfully designing and running a wide range of training
events in the Peak District for large companies and smaller SME's.
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Our team comprises full-time employees & highly qualified part-time
associates who've each worked alongside us for many years and
who now manage carefully vetted freelance instructors who work in
partnership with our senior safety advisors.









Top left clockwise : Dean, Mark, Kim, Caroline, Tony and Richard.


     Dean Peck BSc MILAM: (above ; top left)

Dean is an SPSA and DCA qualified climbing & caving instructor,
with over 15 years experience working full time and part-time as 
a senior instructor & trainer at Rock Lea.  A graduate in
Leisure and Recreation Studies and Member of the Institute of
Leisure & Amenties Management, Dean has a PGCE postgraduate teacher 
training qualification and following teaching Primary youngsters
for several years he now works full time teaching and training other primary 
school teachers modern teaching methods and pedagogy.  One of our most
popular long term part time instructors - Dean has a very quiet and patient
and friendly manner.


Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey BSc PGCE MCIPD RAF ( Retired)

"Uncle Pete" is one of our centre's experienced professional development 
trainers who assists us by sharing his vast array of experience with us from 
time to time.  He is a typical part-time associate who also worked as senior 
training officer at a well known International School of Aeronautical Medicine. 
Until he retired from the air force recently Pete was Area Commander (North) 
for the RAF's recruiting and training function managing a large HRD team all 
around the UK.

A specialist in management & leadership training, recruitment 
and selection, Peter has enjoyed many years involved in the 
selection and training of managers for one of the world's most 
prestigious and highly respected transportation and peacekeeping
organisations working in the UK and overseas.  He's been a valued
friend and member of our team for many years.

Having taught Physics for many years at an inner city school, Pete 
enjoys a joke and has a cheerful, down to earth approach to 
teaching and developing people at all levels....

Peter has helped us run a wide variety of team building & leadership 
development courses with Iain and the team in the past few years for 
clients as varied as Reuters, Rolls Royce, Powergen, Bosch, British Steel, 
TXUBabcocks & Eastern plc.

A little known but useful fact regarding Pete is that he is also a qualified plumber
and now he has retired from the RAF he has been known to fit some rather 
impessive pipework in between other training assignments !  He is also a director
of a very successful Collectors' Teddy Bear Company.


...... Tony Kendall MISM MIST FRGS: (above ) Tony is one of our company's directors. He is a senior Scouts Caving Safety and Training Advisor. Holder of the Chief Scout's Medal of Merit and the Silver Acorn Award for 25+ years service as a caving and safety adviser and scout troop leader. He has worked with Iain's team now for over 30 years. Tony has extensive experience over almost 35 years as a caving leader all over the UK and abroad. For many years he was one of the key personnel teaching and assessing the safety and suitability of cave leaders being awarded the Scouts' own Form"C" award.... which has now been replaced by the national NCA award scheme. If any of our very experienced caving instructors want to know anything about a cave anywhere in the UK or in France or Spain they tend to seek out Tony who will know the answer. Tony was a staff governor of De Montfort University, Leicester for many years, where he worked as a laboratory manager. One of our company's Godfathers in every sense of the word...including being James and Elizabeth's Godfather ! He was recently honoured at the House of Commons when a Minister of State awarded him an Investor in Community Award for his work with young people living in the inner city of Leicester.

James Jennings - one of our younger staff members who enjoys mountain biking, ice climbing, abseiling, caving and aircraft flying...James started caving when he was only quite little !

James Jennings : ( fully qualified first aider & junior instructor )


James is our most junior member of staff, 
but he already holds some impressive
qualifications including a JAA Fixed Wing Pilots 
Licence, Black Belt Second Dan in Tae Kwon Do
and many others. 

James has passed his Wilderness and 
Mountaineering First Aid and his  Emergency
Casualty First Aid Certificate... issued by our 
centre's external examiners. These are the 
casualty first-aid qualifications which many of 
our much more experienced staff hold...so he
is being trained up and qualified to become a 
very popular and useful member of our caving
and abseiling backup team.  

James is an accomplished skiier and a keen 
climber and walker, with quite a lot of Alpine 
experience. He has successfully trainined to be a 
pilot flying Piper Cherokee 143-D and Cessna 150
aeroplanes and he has logged many hours of safe 
take offs and landings in places as far afield as 
Blackpool, Leicester, North Wales and Derby. 

James setting off for a flight around Snowdon flying Cherokee "Charlie Alpha" which is based near Caernarfon.
James taxiing Piper Cherokee "Charlie Alpha."

James has grown up at Rock Lea & so in spite 
of his youthfulness he has enjoyed some great 
experiences abseiling, ice climbing, caving, 
mountain biking and climbing and he has a very 
safe and mature  approach to outdoor activities.  

James is now one of our best German speaking 
instructors. He is a very sound bike safety technician  
and he shares our passion for outdoor activities
such as walking & skiing in Tyrol.  Many of our
customers are grateful to James for helping out
and keeping them safe and dry at the bottom of 
one of our abseils over a fast flowing river !

James is passionate about engineering and is
currently studying for an Master Degree in 
Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough
University's Department of Aeronautical and
Motor Vehicle Engineering.  He is currently the
Meets Secretary for the University Hiking & 
Mountaineering Club.



Kim George :

Formerly outdoor pursuits advisor & senior instructor 
for Sheffield Local Education Authority, Kim has advised 
us for many years on cycling safety & helps lead biking 
& training events.  He is a director of the British Assn.
of Skiing Instructors and spends lots of timje in the Alps
teaching Telemark Skiing.

A member of the Federation of Sports Coaches and
a former Raleigh Bike Team member & three times
UK Junior Cyclo-cross Champion, in his younger years,
Kim is a keen skiing coach and cycling coach with specialist 
skills, qualifications & a vast amount of experience in activities 
for special needs (slow learner) groups. Often to be found 
heli-skiing & Ski Guiding in the Italian and French Alps or on 
the less scenic skiing pistes of Sheffield !

Kim is currently spending a lot of time on a new business
venture teaching folks how to telemark ski over in the Italian 
and Austrian Alps.

Caroline, Cheryl & Lyn

...three of our longest serving SEAL tutors.



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Director Caroline & Senior Instructor John helping
to look after a party of 80 people from Aviva plc.


Caroline Jennings BSc PGCE

"Fred" is one of our longest-
serving team members & is now 
our Finance & Admin. Director as 
well as being a successful mum 
of two youngsters. Caroline met 
Iain when he was running one of 
our hillcraft courses in 1981.
She didn't want to go back to Essex 
and ended up staying around !

Caroline runs our base "Rock Lea"

Caroline has over 30 years of experience working as a walking guide and 
multisports instructress. Like many of our team, Caroline is an experienced
DES /DfEE qualified teacher with a PGCE qualification.  Caroline has a 
first degree in PE and Human Movement from Cardiff  & taught P.E. many 
years at Lady Manners School and Sixth Form in nearby Bakewell. She joined
our team in 1981 and has been a hands on person helping in the design and
running of a huge range of all sorts of outdoor education and training events
all year long for most of the three decades she has been part of our full time team.

Formerly a walking guide for the Countrywide Holidays Association & the YHA,
Caroline has extensive experience over many seasons of skiing in the Alps 
in winter and of walking and hiking in the Alps and the Dolomites in Summer
with groups of people from Rock Lea Activity Centre.

Formerly a very successful competition swimmer, she now enjoys walking & 
mountain biking with her Pointer dogs & the kids when she's not busy looking 
after Iain and the rest of our team.    As a Director of Peak Activities Ltd Caroline
has specific responsibilities for oversight of Finance, HR and Safety Compliance.
She is also responsible for making sure we pay all our wages, insurance bills, tax 
bills, vehicle servicing bills and lots of other bills on time !

Alan Robinson BSc ChEng. Alan is one of our many long-serving and experienced part-time volunteer instructors. Like Steve he's a chartered engineer and he's another keen caver and a diver too. Alan's a leading member of a wel known mines and cave rescue team. A civil engineer by profession, Alan often helps out as one of our enthusiastic cave and climbing leaders. Alan met his wife Vicky (who is another one of our experienced volunteer caving instructresses) fifteen years ago on one of our adventure breaks when they were both customers on courses we were running at Edale. Vicky's the intrepid caver abseiling in the photograph below : - Click here to see more information about more of our team of highly experienced and qualified indoor and outdoor instruction and training specialists.
abseiling into a pothole...

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