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Fly in the Peak National Park, Snowdonia or Tyrol.

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Photograph : James Jennings from Rocl Lea taxiing Piper Cherokee "Charlie Alpha" in Snowdonia..

Rock Lea's junior instructor James Jennings (16) at the controls 
of Piper Cherokee "Charlie Alpha" as a pilot under training. 
James has officially logged many hours taking off and landing in 
this & other aircraft at our associates' flying base in Snowdonia.
We know of youngsters as young as 9 and 10 taking control of 
such aircraft once airborne ( under qualified instruction !!! ) so have
a try !   It isn't really difficult rocket science ...more like fun filled
aviation !  Prices from c. £110 per person per hour. Be warned that 
this activity is so much fun it can be quite addictive !

FLYING under instruction at the controls of a dual control fixed wing
aircraft is just one of the many exciting new outdoor activities that 
organisers of group events can now include in their tailored corporate 
events designed and managed by Peak Activities. Choose from a 
huge range of activities including rock climbing, scrambling, abseiling,
orienteering, trailquests and treasure hunts on bikes, caving and so much 
more.Peak Activities Ltd's  staff love  tailoring made-to-measure 
corporate and group events with a difference...and what's more our
customers like them too  !


Abseiling, Rock climbing, Caving, Potholing, Mountain biking & lots more are on offer...

Helicopter flying and our unique helicopter treasure hunts
 are also possible for groups with more generous budgets ! 
Our treasure hunts using helicopters were very favourably 
reviewed in the Sunday Times Travel Clinic Section a few
years ago.  Try treasure hunts on foot if your budget is a
little more modest...or organise a mountain bike trailquest.


Helicopters are used mainly onr our more expensive top of the range
treasure hunts  designed and run by Rock Lea - but travelling around on 
bikes or on foot  with us is much cheaper if you want a lower budget treasure 
hunt arranging for under £110 per person er person for the whole day !
Costs of using rotary winged aircraft are considerable and depend 
on a number of parameters including the costs of positioning of the
 aircraft, the number of aircaft that will be airbone and how many hours 
of flying are required. Jet turbine aviation fuel is not cheap.
Expect to be paying at least £500 per hour plus disbursements
for an aircraft capable of carrying four passengers, such as a
Jetranger.  Sometime a pre-event survey may be necessary to 
check that the proposed landing site/s are safe, and written
permissions may be require dto land on private grounds.

Before sending off quotes for feasibility studies for corporate
jobs involving a helicopter we like to make sure that the person
we are dealing with is a serious authorised purchaser with an 
adequate budget...normally this will be a senior director. 
We regret we are not in a position to deal with agencies on such
assignments - so direct business to business contact is required
to book airpsorts with Peak Activities Ltd.


Please call us on 01433-650345


Corporate clients need to be considering serious corporate entertainment 
or training event budgets of around £500 to £1,000 per person per day to run
successful helicopter treasure hunts...
All of Rock Lea's staff, including climbing and caving isntructor Dean Peck (above) have enjoyed gliding tuition at our local gliding centre at Great Hucklow as part of their staff induction training programmes here .We like all our staff to eace everything we've on offer at Rock Lea Activity Centre and flying in a dual control glider is great fun.


Our customers over in Austria can now arrange to enjoy 
gliding and flying fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft 
sightseeing trips around the spectacular mountains 
around our base in the Tyrol as part of longer residential
programmes involving other activtiies such as white water
rafting or skiing.  

In the the UK we can also offer corporate clients a choice 
of 1, 2 or 3 hours sightseeing trips and initial flying lessons  
- flying two 4-seater Cessna 172 Skyhawk and two Piper 
Cherokee 140-D aircraft our suppliers now have available for
our customers. This is cheapest to set up when we arrange 
flights through Sam our close associate in North Wales 
who owns and runs a commercial aviation company. 

Normally we'll only set up flying experiences as a part 
of longer duration OMD training courses or residentials.

Piper 140-D Cherokee aircraft - seats four.


Karen Bostonm from our regional tourist board flying a glider during a special  press day organised by Iain Jenninsg for tourist board staff and national newspaper travel writers....Iain Jennings gliding at Hucklow near our base at Rock Lea.

above : Karen Boston from our Regional Tourist Board 
trying out gliding on a corporate event in the Peak District
which Peak Activities Ltd. arranged for a team of staff from the
British Tourist Authority...

Outdoor team builds and team building events in the Peak District

Flying needs to be booked well ahead so we will have the right
number of pilot instructors and aircraft ready for you on the day.

In our experience it's not something you want to consider for 
large groups unless you have a big budget and can book a long
time ahead. If you get airsick easily then maybe a trip on an abseil 
rope might be a lot less worrying  and cheaper too !

What happens when it rains or is fogggy on the day ?

Prospective clients should note that for safety reasons even
modern helicopters with fancy instrumentation and avionics
cannot fly in all weathers, so flying a glider or a plane is often
a weather dependent activity and the aircraft pilots always 
have the last word on whether it is appropriate to fly or not. 
We have a number of other weather independent activities
such as caving, abseiling and mountain biking and orienteering
on offer for group organisers who don't have the time to wait for
the weather to change on the day of their group's visit. Clients 
may wish to discuss building in bad weather alternative options
in their tailored event proposals.

We are also offering clients in the Peak District and Wales
helicopter flights  as part of our more expensive treasure
hunts and tailored  team building programmes. These events 
were given a greast write up in the Sunday Times Travel 
Clinic Section a couple of years ago. This is not a cheap 
option however !  You can also get a good bird's eye view 
of the area very cheaply if you're prepared to walk or scramble
up to some of the fine viewpoints on tops of some of the local 
crags and hill tops. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint
this way but you also save a lot of money at the same time !

Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir viewed from Bamford Edge. 

Safe air activities in the Peak District for Stag Do' & stag weekends. 

Light hearted team builds and corporate entertainment for small parties.
List of the many other outdoor activities available in Derbyshire and elsewhere with Peak Activities Ltd.

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Please call us on 01433-650345

Using helicopters as part of tailored training events, stag weekends, etc. Abseiling instruction & abeil tuition in the Peak District National Park Rock climbing instruction in the Peak District National Park Rock limbing & abseiling weekends for individuals Caving instruction and tution in the Peak National Park. Caving weekends for individuals in Derbyshire. Potholing tuition and instruction in the Peak District.
Insurance cover for airsports... Our suppliers and sub-contractors for air sports in Wales and Austria have their own insurance cover..as do UK gliding & aero clubs. We regret we are no longer allowed by our underwriters' scheme to extend our liability insurance cover to cover gliding in the Peak District, so this needs to be booked and paid for separately.
One of the lowest cost ways to start flying is to book an air -experience glider flight. For many years Peak Activities' clients have marvelled at the views of the Peak District that you get from a glider soaring two or three thousand feet about the ground. As a result of insurance changes, however, any gliding bookings for our customers now need to be made direct with the local gliding centre and not through our own office in Hathersage. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause our customers and we sincerely hope it doesn't put other people off the idea of trying out the great sport of gliding in the UK. You should please contact the sport of gliding's national governing body if you wish to find out more about the excellent airborne sport & pastime of gliding in the UK. The British Gliding Association has its own insurance scheme so if you go on a course or an air experience flight with their qualified and certified instructors in this area or elsewhere in the UK you'll still be covered by their own insurance cover.
The winch-launched gliding air experience flights enjoyed by so many of Peak Activities Limited's customers over the past 25 years at our local gliding school have been excellent fun, 100% safe and much loved by all who took part. Over the years many people have enjoyed gliding as one of our multiactivity prgramme options...including many press and media reporters who've been out gliding with us. We've been pleased to offer gliding as one of the wide range of exciting outdoor activities on offer here at our base in the Peak District National Park and some of us will be happy to continue flying up there with our family and friends in years to come. Whether the gliding establishment can succeeed in persuading insurance underwriters to stop excluding gliding from insurance policies like ours remains to be seen.
IS FLYING AROUND IN AN AEROPLANE SAFE ? YES ! Well statistically all other things being equal it's a lot safer say than driving around in a car ! Accidents in the world of outdoor pursuits in the UK are rare and accidents to people under instruction are very rare indeed - air accidents are rare too, so flying under instruction is generally accepted to be very safe indeed. That's a fact that's been established by the Health & Safety Executive. However, when any problems do occur they can be dramatic and thus may may get a disproportionate press and media coverage and loom large in people's minds. Compared to industrial accident rates or road accident probabilities you're much safer in a cave or sitting in an aircraft than driving along the M25. Nonetheless accidents c an and do sometimes happen, so it's important to know all of Peak Activities Ltd's ground based activities are carefully risk assessed and are all fully insured. Some other companies who also provide sports such as abseiling, caving and climbing are currently alleged to be operating without Public Liability Insurance because their premiums have shot through the roof in recent years. Moreover, we know of some firms who have been unable to get any cover at all because of past accident rates- and so we would always urge our customers to check for written evidence that adequate ( £5 million of more) third party and public liability insurance cover is in place and is current for this year's activities. Whenever anybody is working as an instructor working for someone else you need to check that they have suitable commercial employer liability cover in place too. When flying is involved there are a lot of extra requirements to make sure airfields and instructors comply fully with the CAA and JAA and other statutory regulations designed to safeguard the safety of pilots under training, aircraft passengers, crew and third parties, and so on. See our own insurance web page for details of Peak Activities Ltd's various insurance schemes currently in place.
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