Gorge Walking & Bog Trotting
in the Peak District National Park.


We're often asked "What is Gorge walking ?"
and "What is exactly is Bog Trotting ?"
Quite simply, as far as we are concerned here
at Peak Activities, Gorge Walking simply involves
youngsters & adults enjoying led-walks through
some spectacular local gorges scrambling over
rocks and crossing streams and rivers - and
having loads of fun whilst usually getting quite
wet & soggy ! Bring along some spare clothes !
As there are no Grand Canyons or deep Alpine
ravines in our National Park, we are are very
keen to make sure there are no misrepresenations !
Gorge walking with Peak Activities in the Peak Park
does not involve wearing wet suits and safety
helmets, for example. We run led-walks, scrambles
and adventurous treks and Nordic Walking sessions
in and out of gorges through the year.
In the UK centres need to be licensed by the AALA to run gorge walking
sessions for under 18's from schools or scout troops etc. Our centre in
Hathersage - Rock Lea is fully licensed for gorge walking.
"Well not really compared to other things we do..."
Over at our base in the Alps and the up in the Scottish Highlands "Gorge Walking" and the sport of Canyoning
are more specatular activities involving donning wet suits and safety helmets and jumping and abseiling down huge waterfalls into pools of ice cold mountain water....but that doesn't happen overground in the Peak District National Park because the landscape here is a little more tame !
Similarly, we don't have massive rapids for white water rafting ....sorry, but you'll have to come over to the Alps with us to Tyrol to enjoy those activities with us !
If getting wet and splashing in pools and abseiling into
tight ravines is what you're looking for, why not go to
our caving and potholing pages - a session with us deep
underground has everything that canyoning can offer and then some ! Caving can be every bit as extreme as the gorge walks we do over in the Alps..but darker & more remote too ! The views are different !
A bit darker than your average
gorge walk, abseiling into a
pothole is a real adventure
few people have ever done !
We run beginners weekends offering
caving and potholing and abseiling
experiences open to the public every
month all year round.
Click for dates and prices.
We offer a huge range of sports activities.
As seen on television.
Peak Activities are happy to tailor caving and potholing events
for private group and include caving-related training exercises
in the leadership and management development training
courses run by Peak Activities' chartered training consultants.

For private groups we can also set up rope crossings
tasks, casualty evacuation exercises and lots of
other pioneering projects in a gorge on the
private estate we use for management training.
One of our popular training exercises
for private parties based in a gorge on a
private estate is our Tyrolean Traverse.


Nordic Walking


The Peak District contains some of the largest
and most remote upland moorlands in England.
The views up there on the heather and bleaberry
covered peat moors are out of this world & they
include "moonscape" wind-eroded rock features
you'll never see anywhere else. Trekking up here
with our walking guides and Nordic Walking tutors
is very popular.
All year round people who enjoy this experience
say the views from the high plateaus edges are breathtaking. Our base in Hathersage is ideally
situated close to these moorland wonderlands
and we can use our fleet of minibuses to get you
high up on the local "Dark Peak" hills quickly and
easily. The start of the famous "Pennine Way"
promoted by Wainwright is at nearby Edale - and
all who have completed this 270 mile walk along
the spine of England agree the toughest stretches
of upland walking are the first two days tramping
here over the trackless and hard to navigate vast
open tracts of Kinder Scout, Bleaklow & Black Hill.
What exactly is Bog trotting ?
The unusual experience of walking over the very
highest tops of the local wilderness peat plateaus of
Kinder Scout and Bleaklow is a great joy. "Walking"
on these high and wild parts of the Pennines however,
is a misnomer in all but the driest spells. Some parts
of the mosses and heaths have the consistency of wet porridge ! Much of the time the heavily dissected peat blanket bog is quite moist & interesting underfoot !
Bog trotting is our affectionate term for enjoyable
treks crossing this area on foot (or your hands and knees !) and exploring this unique upland landscape, where nimble footwork keeps you out of the soggy bits !
The edges of the local high plateaus are steep and freely drained but the vast expanses of moorland which form the flat table tops of these Dark Peak mountains are often quite wet and hard work to trek across. In winter when the ground is frozen solid it's a wonderful place of solitude with just the
noise of the cracking ice underfoot and the lonely calls of
Red Grouse and Kestrels and solitary sheep all around
you. If you're lucky you may see a Blue Mountain Hare
scampering across the snow covered ground in her white winter coat. Whether you're a keen walker, naturalist,
botanist, geologist or photographer you'll love the rare experience of just being high up here.

Take only photographs, leave only footprints...

Not a place for the geographically challenged at any
time of the year, the high windy plateaus of Kinder
Scout and Bleaklow and Black Hill are just a short drive
from Rock Lea along the A57 Snake Pass route or via
the Edale Valley.
This is great landscape in which to test your map & compass or GPS skills under the watchful aegis of
our expert, government licensed instructors. You need
to be quite fit to enjoy activities up here, but those who
do opt to traverse the plateau on foot often say it was
one of the unexpected highlights of their stay with us.
We suggest fit clients should consider including a trip
up here to the experience the remote moonscape of the
high plateaus to complete their exploration & discovery
and experience of the Peak District National Park.
In the UK centres need to be licensed by the AALA to run high level
walking and trekking sessions for under 18's from schools or scout
troops etc. up on these wild, potentially hazardous moorlands.
Our centre in Hathersage - Rock Lea is fully licensed for such
walking both in winter and in summer.
Getting here from all parts of the UK is very easy.









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