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Below is a kind unsolicited endorsement from a
delighted team development programme client 
from the UK construction industry following our 
designing and running a programme to help his 
team work more closely with managers from his 
client,  I.C.I. Chemicals.

Harry Fairclough & I.C.I. Inter Company Team Building Course :

" Dear Iain

On behalf of all the delegates we wish to thank you 
and your staff for all their help for all their help and 
assistance in making the Harry Fairclough / I.C.I. joint 
team building courses so enjoyable and memorable.

All our follow up discussions have been lively and 
entertaining as each individual has recounted their 
experiences and the lessons learned during the short 
team building course. Therefore, you will be pleased 
to be informed that we believe all our original criteria 
have been achieved including the aspects of 
Team Building and the "WIN: WIN" situation plus 
having some tools that can be used during our 
work activities both singularly and jointly.

Once again thanks for your assistance and we trust 
we will do business with you again in the near future."

R.C. Lancaster

I.C.I. /  Harry Fairclough Alliance Manager
Harry Fairclough Construction Limited, Warrington.


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