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Yorkshireman Dr. Iain Jennings  has been the Managing Director 
& one of the driving forces behind Peak Activities Limited's growth 
and development for over 25 years.  Although Iain is an ITD-qualified
trainer, a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and an CIPD-registered training 
consultant, Iain still sees himself primarily as a teacher, coach and 
explainer...with a strong analytical curiosity which helps in his current 
work providing safe & enjoyable learning experiences for groups & 
individual customers.  

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Originally a graduate Geographer & Geologist, and a fully qualified and 
very experienced secondary school teacher, Iain taught A-Level Geography, 
Geology and Outdoor Pursuits for many years. This makes him sympathetic 
to the needs of school teachers using our Educational Division's products 
and services. Iain also has considerable experience lecturing and teaching
Forestry & Resources Management, Applied Geomorphology and Biometrics 
to BSc and MSc students at the Universities of Edinburgh, Sheffield and 
Amsterdam and to UNESCO students in Murcia in SE Spain.

Iain is a qualified climbing & abseiling instructor, first-aider & power boat 
cox and is an experienced caving, orienteering, sailing, and hillcraft tutor. 
He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society -with years of experience 
running scientific research projects and leading expeditions in Arctic Norway,
Iceland and Sweden.  For many years Iain was a Member of Council of the
Young Explorers' Trust and a Member of Council and Safety Officer of the 
British Schools Exploring Society - organising and leading training & scientific 
research expeditions working on various glaciers in Iceland, Arctic Norway and 


A Doctor of Science ( School of Forestry, Edinburgh University ) Iain is acutely 
aware of the need to conserve and preserve the mountain environment...and, 
not surprisingly, Peak Activities is managed in a very ecologically & environmentally
sensitive way. His research experience with the UN taught Iain the value of inter 
-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches to creative problem-solving and 
whilst studying for an education/psychology degree Iain initiated a keen interest 
in applied psychology and teamworking processes which remains active in his 
current work with many of the UK's blue chip companies who use our Training 
Consultancy Division.

For the past 20 years Iain & colleagues have built up an enormous of goodwill 
running scores of safe and successful tailored events and training courses for 
industrial organisations, public utilities and commercial organisations....and he 
has also found the time with his colleagues to help design and run many social 
and sports taster events for charities, schools and youth groups visiting the
Peak National Park

Iain's interests include film making and his many television appearances 
& radio broadcasts and projects where Iain has helped film production 
crews are listed elsewhere on this web site. He's often asked to speak to 
learned societies - and in recent years he has frequently been asked to advise 
organisations such as the English Tourist Board and regional tourism agencies 
on outdoor centre safety.  Very safety conscious, Iain was a leading member of 
the English Tourist Board's ACAC ( Activity Centres Advisory Committee )
the work of which was a key stage in the developmenet of the current AALA
licensing regulations.

Iain is now regarded widely as one of the experienced authorities in the field 
of outdoor development training based in the Peak District. A book on outdoor 
experiential learning is currently being written by Iain & his training associates
who include colleagues such as Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey and
Tony Kendall.

Iain's acknowledged weaknesses include expecting everyone he works with to 
give 200% ( and that includes his customers too ! ) If you do opt to work in 
partnership with Iain, you'll find him to be very down-to-earth, loyal, frank and 
open-minded. If you're wanting a reliable and honest approach to looking after 
your training needs, it's worth a visit to meet with Iain. As a professional provider 
with an enviable track record and reputation he won't sell you anything that you
neither need nor want.  The many endorsements on this website addressed to 
Iain in person illustrate Iain's personal involvement with so many of the diverse
training events run under his aegis...and testify to the continuing success of Iain's
hardworking team.  Whether you are booking in as an individual on an open
course or as a group of senior managers on a team build or bespoke development
training programme, you'll probably see Iain actively involved in making sure you 
all have everything you need and ensuring you are safe and well looked after.

Iain won't let you down - well except maybe on a rope when you're abseiling with him !




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