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Dr. Iain Jennings & Associates - one of our associated businesses -
holds a well known collection of images in a commercial slide,
photograph and digital image library established over 30 yrs ago.
This vast image library is frequently used by people wanting images
of people enjoying different outdoor pursuits and activities in the
Peak District National Park in well as people
enjoying outdoor pursuits in places farther afield such as Norway,
Iceland or the Austrian and Italian Alps.

Photographic topics covered including abseiling, canoeing, caving,
ice climbing, rock climbing outdoors, orienteering, potholing, rafting,
sailing, walking, windsurfing, camping, problem solving, snow skiing,
glacier walking, horse trekking and much more.

Ours is an exensive collection of images. It represents a lifetime of
mountain guides and outdoor pursuits instructors with a love of
photography photographing people and landscapes and wildlife
in the Alps the Arctic and the Peak District. Many of the images are
held as large and medium format colour transparencies which can
offer unsurpassed fine resolution and definition for commercial

Photographs from our library of copyright images have often been
used by picture editors to illustrate articles in media such as travel
magazines and colour supplements. They have also been used in
more modest aplications -for example to illustrate hotels' conference
packs, to promote B&B establishments' colour brochures and even
to add some interest to brochures for weddings in the Alps.



Reproduction of any of our copyright images requires an offical signed
repro license. The cost of using one or more of our images depends on
which images are being used ( some are very popular ) and the purpose
of the use. If you are interested in using the services of our image library,
please contact Iain on 01433-650345. Repro fees for many images start at
around £50 and there may be a modest charge for searches & scanning
or for mailing images. Glass mounted slides are not normally sent out in
the post. Clients are responsible for insuring any originals we may lend
them against any possible loss or damages to the original images whilst
in their care or being returned by post or courier.

Images are normally used subject to being published alongside one of our
offical by line. Clients may, if they wish, apply to buy outright the copyright
to any specific image...allowing them exclusive use and any specific image
in our huge photographs collection.


ABOVE & BELOW Our medium format copyright images in the Sunday Times




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Most of the images on this website are copyright images from our commercial
library and are protected by international copyrights. A few images are reproduced
by permission of their copyright owners ( includes Mr Watson's cartoons, company
logos and mapping of the Hope Valley reproduced under license by HM Ordnance
Survey ). It is illegal to reproduce our imagery without the correct written and signed

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