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Established over 25 years,  Peak Activities Ltd. is one of the Peak District's leading 
providers of safe, enjoyable & meaningful Outdoor Activities Courses & Bespoke 
Development Training Programmes.   We operate in the Peak District National Park, 
in the Austrian Alps and elsewhere.  Open all year round, we run public events for
individuals and couples and small groups and we also run private events for groups
from companies and clubs, etc. We sometime arrange private tuition for individuals 

Corporate and group organisers can purchase off-the-shelf programmes 
or choose to have made to measure "bespoke"  events tailored for them.
Top quality tailored development training and management training events can 
be designed by our in-house team of  expert CIPD qualified & chartered training 
& development  professionals. 

All of our events are designed & run safely by a highly acclaimed, long-established 
team of nationally qualified, friendly instructors & our training & development courses
are designed and run by experienced and flexible CIPD qualified chartered training &
development experts.


CORPORATE EVENTS for parties large and small, all year round.
       Abseiling | Caving | Rock Climbing | Potholing | Treasure Hunts | Walking | Orienteering |
       Mountain Bike Trailquests |   Scrambling | ..and much more ! see the full list by clicking here


Private outdoor activities instruction tuition & guiding for individual clients.
Private guiding service for 1:1 Tuition  |  

If you choose Peak Activities to take care of you - we promise that we won't let you down.

....Our work with groups and our events for individuals have been featured many times on national radio & television.


Peak Activities' products and service has been highly acclaimed on national television, 
and radio travel and training programmes - and in media such as the Sunday Times.



. . . .


above : Powergen's EGAM Managing Director Mark Draper
andHR Manager Paul Meneely during a high ropes session
during one of our tailored three day management
development and team building courses based in the
accessible Peak District National Park
After this event Powergen was purchased by and became part of e.on ( Dusseldorf )
Click to see a list of just a few of our well known corporate clients.






Our Sports Division offers.....


| MULTI-ACTIVITY | Abseiling / free-fall | ATB Trailquest | Caving & Potholing |

| Mixed age, mixed fitness Treasure hunts & Trailquests |

| Climbing (roped) | | High Ropes Team Challenges | Hill-walking | | Hill-Craft Training | Inter-Team Challenges |

| Gorge-walking | Local Mine Leader Training & Assessment | Map & Compass Tuition | Mountain Biking |

| Mountain Rescue Tasks | Multi-sports programmes | Nordic Walking | Orienteering | Outdoor First Aid Training|

| Potholing/Mine Surveying | Problem Solving Games | Raft building & racing | Board-sailing |

| Rambling | Rock scrambling | Dinghy Sailing | Scrambling | Canoeing |

| Top Team Challenge |

| Water-skiing | Windsurfing | ...and lots more too !






Our specialist trainers in the UK are based at our long-established
base, Rock Lea, This is located in Hathersage in the scenic Hope Valley
in the UK's accessible Peak District National Park... Britain's most
accessible national park.



Phone us or check out our special deals page with last minute booking offers for groups...

Dates & prices of events open to individual clients. Guiding for individuals.




Click to see our NEWS page
We currently some very good seasonal deals for groups
and great weekend offers for individuals too.
Please call us on 01433-650345 or 07771-855105 for details.
We run events all year round in the UK's accessible & beautiful
Peak District National Park. Scroll down this page or call us on
01433-650345 or 07771-855105 for more information and to discuss
your specific requirements with one of our experienced sales staff.






Established over 20 years ago, Peak Activities Ltd's three Divisions now offer
a broad range of top quality services for groups of adults. These include : -


Our people, products and services from all our Divisions have often been praised on
ITV & BBC television and radio.
Click to see a list of our corporate clients & some of their endorsements & kind letters of thanks.

ADVENTURE & OUTDOOR SPORTS DIVISION (events for groups & separate "open" events for individuals )
click for dates and prices of current open events - including open weekends designed especially for individuals.

"Off-the-shelf" Outdoor Sports Sessions for parties of friends - such as
climbing, caving, abseiling, mountain biking, potholing, orienteering & many more fun-filled activities
such as the high ropes course tasks, team problem solving tasks, team challenges and much more..

Adventure Activities suitable as TEAM BUILDING EVENTS for groups from industry & commerce
     such as light-hearted, jolly Team-Building Events - including orienteering, treasure hunts, trailquests,
    watersports.... and inter-team challenges.

Tailored Team Training Courses & Team Development Programmes 
     using task-based problem solving.

Outdoor-based Corporate Hospitality Events, Group Challenges & Incentives.

Made-to-measure Management & Leadership Training Workshops with our 
   company's own nationally-registered and fully quualified & chartered CIPD consultants.

HRD & OMD Development & Training Consultancy & Training Facilitation Services.



Directors in Charge  : Tony Kendall MIST MISM FRGS  & Caroline Jennings BA PGCE

The Sports Division runs safe, high-quality off-the-shelf "fixed price" non-residential 
sports sessions for groups which are normally booked by fax or phone for groups of 6 to 30+
people who usually make their own group  accommodation arrangements independently or with 
our assistance.  These are pure fun "jollies" as opposed to the more serious training and
development work undertaken by  other Divisions (see below).

We also run "open" sports events"  from time to time which are social events for adults 
which are "open" to individual over 18's, couples and small sized groups of friends.
For example see our popular beginners caving weekends featured on our caving page.
These have just had a rave review once again in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine.
Our popular beginners  CLIMBING & ABSEILING open weekends are also very popular.

Choose from sessions of caving, abseiling, mountain biking, rock climbing, scrambling,
sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, treasure hunts, orienteering, and lots, lots more.
For example, our  Treasure Hunts are great for mixed ability, mixed age groups.
Typically this division's clients include groups of friends, informal groups from work, 
stag & hen groups, church fellowships, works social clubs, etc. Usually we meet the 
clients at our own home base, Rock Lea, which is located in the centre of the accessible
but unspoiled Peakland village of  Hathersage.

Booking is easy. Just outline  how much you want to spend, how many in your group
and what dates you want and we can let you know what choices you can have !  
Our Sports Division's simple outdoor activities start at around £69-00 per person per 
day inclusive of VAT and rarely exceed £200-00 per person per day.

Organisers from, say, companies with more than 20 people in their parties and budgets 
over £100/ day/ each should contact our Corporate Division (see notes below) which 
offers the facility of pre-event meetings with our staff and a comprehensive event planning
service.  The Corporate Division (see below ) is very flexible and can cope with much larger 
sized parties with more complex requirements. 

b) CORPORATE HOSPITALITY & TAILORED SPORTS EVENTS Director : Caroline Jennings BA PGCE Peak Activities Corporate Division runs both light-hearted off-the-shelf and more sophisticated tailored "jolly" social gatherings and team build events for exclusive groups with specific requirements. Clients include organisations such as factories, accountancy firms, consultancies, charities and training groups who generally wish to book safe and reliable, high quality bespoke corporate hospitality events in the form of packages including prize giving ceremonies, meals, hotel facilities, T-shirts, prizes, minibus transport to and from their hotels, airport transfers, etc. Clients may be non-residents just coming up for the day .....or they may be staying in one of the many local hotels and conference facilities we can offer our clients. Other corporate clients may wish to use us as part of a residential where they've already made their own local accommodation arrangements. Popular events include Treasure Hunts Inter-Team Challenges and Group Challenge Competitions.In additional to our normal range of sports events, lots of other group activities and team building exercises can be incorporated into corporate clients' programmes to suit mixed ability, mixed fitness groups. With over 20 years experience in this field we have an extensive range of group activities available to suit all sorts of group sizes, moods and budgets ! Inter-team challenges are a house speciality. Many projects can be booked over the phone, but for those wanting something really special we also offer a bespoke events design and planning service allowing customers to tailor their own events face to face with one of our very experienced events organisers, such as our M.D. Dr Iain Jennings. This allows clients to have more control over their event's content. However, to do this clients must have full budget control and must be prepared to pay for the extra fees involved in our sitting down with them to go over their specific requirements beforehand and plan things out in detail. Prices of a simple half day corporate activity event vary from £45 + vat (simple walks & treasure hunts) to over £290 per person per day (helicopter trail quests & other sophisticated team challenge events with banquets, etc. included). Whilst serious bone fide purchasers are always welcome to come to Hathersage and look around and discuss their needs with us, from April 1st the cost of pre-trip planning appointments with our corporate specialists has been payable up front to preclude wasting the time of people who do not really have a suitable budget or official purchasing authority. Prospective clients should call 07771-855105 for more details and discuss your needs & possibilities with our Marketing Director.
     Dr. Iain Jennings PGCE BSc PhD FRGS, Chartered FCIPD                         
 & Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey Chartered MCIPD, BSc PGCE  MRAeS RAF (Retired)
Senior Tutor :
Dr. Andy McLean BSc PGCE PhD  Dip. Outdoor Ed.

Peak Activities' highly qualified and experienced individually chartered training & 
development professionals run  training & development courses all year round at 
a wide variety of venues. 

Our other website http://www.iainjennings.co.uk may be of interest.
Iain Jennings & Associates is the registered trading name of the training 
& development consultancy team within Peak Activities Ltd.

Our consultants have over twenty years experience in training course planning and
 implementation & can design and run sophisticated high value tailored events for 
clients who want to change the attitude and/or behaviour patterns of their colleagues 
and themselves. These are really serious HR training and development investments
as opposed to company "jolly" team building events run by our other division - and the 
emphasis is on delivering pre-arranged results - benchmarked against carefully specified 
measures of performance and kpi's ( such as improving specific leadership & teamworking 
skills, improving reduction of lead-times, reduction of scrap values or time wasted, increased 
customer satisfaction levels, raising staff and stakeholders morale, boosting communications, 
etc.) and other pre-defined and agreed key performance indicators. 

Whilst we've often run courses for as many as 500 people from a single organisation,
at any one time - if the job is what we class as serious training we tend to work with real
 teams in groups of no more than thirty three people ..and working groups of 6 to 12 people
is much more common. It is still fun and we do enjoy being outside some of the time, but 
usually, projects involving our training consultants use our tried & proven outdoor training 
methods and indoor techniques and in-depth reviews to examine the management of 
change, communications, development of leadership and management skills & teamworking
qualities, and so on. 

Customers using this Division prefer to work very closely with us before and after an 
event tailoring the specifications to get the most from their investments - using psychometric 
tests, ( we offer Belbin, 16PF, 32PF and Myers Briggs Type Indicators for example ) plus
anonymous questionnaires, 360 degree appraisals, pre-course meetings and so on to 
ensure the assignment hits the ground running & goes right first time.  Whilst much of the work
we do has to remain very confidential, work has been published from time to time which
suggest the investments with our company have been very fruitful....and the endorsements
which we've been sent by many clients to publish elsewhere on this website will, we trust, 
speak volumes too.

This Division's customers have included senior managers, directors & CEO's of some of the 
UK's leading commercial and industrial organisations...many of whom have written some 
very kind endorsements of our services following outstanding successful implementation of 
follow up work.  Our staff charge daily & hourly rates similar to those charged by accountants 
& lawyers and groups usually book their conference centre and /or and hotel accommodation 
through us. A typical bespoke training assignment for 10 people may involve investments varying 
from £5k - £40+k plus meals accommodation fees.

Our chartered training consultant's time is valuable. Whilst the first 30 to 60 minutes of consultation 
time and pre-trip planning is free, we do reserve the right to charge for time spent on site meetings, 
pre-trip briefings, planning workshops, production of training needs analyses, training manuals, 
the benchmarking afterwards and so on. Having seen our website, senior managers (who must 
be budget holders) who feel they are ready to make an appointment should phone us on 
01433-650185 in the first instance to discuss their specific requirements.  From past experience
we have come to the conclusion that it is best to speak with the person responsible for booking 
the training in the first instance, so we prefer our senior staff to speak with the managers or 
directors concerned in strict confidence whenever a new account first approaches us.

Please note that in asking for one of our senior consultants to visit you at your premises you are 
accepting our standard terms and conditions of business.  It is cheaper usually to set up a planning 
workshop with us in Hathersage in the first instance rather than asking us to come to you. This allows
customers to look around the hotel and conference centres we use at the same time as having
some fairly serious discussions (in strict confidence) about the changes in attitudes or behaviour
that they are wishing to inculcate amongst their colleagues.  It is also, of course, a great opportunity
to look at the lovely landscape of the surrounding Peak District National Park as well as seeing
things from a slightly different perspective away from the pressures of work.

Company directors and senior managers wishing to discuss possibilities further 
should please call our sales director  on 07771-855105 to discuss anything you 
may have in mind.  

Whilst our senior staff are always happy to speak with junior colleagues and PA's 
we know from experience that it is always best for us to qualify exactly what's
required and discuss objectives in confidence with the key decision makers and
budget holders at the earliest opportunity.

Our standard terms and conditions of business and our fair trading policy...
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Getting to our outdoor centre in the Peak National Park  by road or rail is very easy !

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