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Some notes on some of our many TQM Quality Assurance
Systems which help ensure Peak Activities' events are
always first rate, safe, unique and worthwhile ....



It's the people and the systems and the safety culture they've developed and perfected over 25 years working at
the forefront of personal development and training programming in the UK which make Peak Activities Ltd so safe
and reliable and such a successful organisation. Corporate training clients won't keep trusting you unless you keep delivering and benchmarking events that meet their expectations. We are constantly developing our skills and striving
to explore new possibilities and build on our considerable expertise and experience in our fields.
Above : One of our senior trainers, Iain Jennings, having a break during a recce for a new venue we are introducing to the
market in the Austrian Alps in 2004/2005. Iain started running developmental programme working on glaciers in mountain
regions in 1970 and is still developing news ways and means of using such wonderful environments for training purposes
with delegates over 20 years ater ! If you can't get all the way to the Alps, our accessible base in the Peak District is a less
expensive and just as successful place to consider run your shorter tailored training events.
INTRODUCTION .......................................................................
This part of the Peak Activities Ltd website details some of the many quality assurance
systems and controls which we have operating to ensure our company's safe & reliable
training activities are first-class....including our membership of the CIPD and our
membership of the AALA licensing scheme..which ensure good qualiy training and
a safe environment. These and other TQM benchmarking systems ensure our
Training Division offers our Corporate Training & Consultancy clients the highest
possible quality serious training programmes to those clients who have a suitable
budget and commitment. We are also long serving members of the regional tourist
board for the Peak District - Visit Heart of England Tourist Board, which means we
operate to high professional standards rgearding bookings and delivery of our
customer services.
The Institute was formed by the amalgamation several years ago of the
UK's former Institute of Personnel Management ((IPM) & the former
Institute of Training & Development (ITD). Our Managing Director
Dr. Iain Jennings was a Fellow of the ITD and a Fellow of the IPM
and is now a registered consultant and Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.
Other members of our training team, such as Wing Commander Pete
Daughtrey ( seen lecturing on an EFQM course, above) are also senior
Chartered Members of the Institute.
The IPD's hopes to become a chartered organisation were
fulfilled in July 2000, when chartered status was conferred
upon what was then the Institute of Personnel & Development.
This afforded our company's FCIPD and MCIPD chartered
trainers such as Iain, Peter and Simon the same degree
of professional recognition and professional status as
that enjoyed by chartered engineers, chartered accountants,
chartered surveyors, and so on. In the Autumn of 2003
individual members of the CIPD were awarded individual
chartered status. The CIPD is widely acknowledged as the
leading professional organisation for Human Resources and
Training Professionals and practitioners across the world.

"Membership of the CIPD is a hallmark
indicating a serious training professional. "
"CIPD Professionals are proficient in business management; deliver effective people strategies; are committed to ethical standards; can apply & adapt techniques for people management & development to fit the needs of organisations and the people who work in them. They are skilled in the management of change, and are personally committed to lifelong learning and Continuing Professional Development."
...the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development Handbook for Consultants.
If you would like to join the CIPD or find out more about the organisation, its examinations
or excellent book department we suggest you contact the membership services online at www.cipd.co.uk
CIPD Library Tel. 020-8263-3355 enquiries
CIPD Membership Tel. 020-8263-3305
CIPD Examinations Tel. 020-8263-3326
CIPD Books Tel. 020-8263-3387



Few UK outdor training companies have as many qualified senior CIPD members
on their team as we do. Dr. Iain Jennings, Peak Activities Director (above) is one
of several of our staff engaged in training consultancy assignments who are CIPD
members. Iain was a university lecturer & teacher in Edinburgh and Sheffield for
many years and is a long established Fellow of the former ITD and is a long standing
Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. His industrial and commercial experience includes
recruiting for a major Scottish Bank and the country's largest buidling society,
undertaking research and training for the United Nations Food and Agricultural
Organisation. In the past 15 years he has undertaken a wide range of complex
HR consultancy projects for some of the UK's best known organisations, including
Rolls Royce, Lucas, Norwich Union Healthcare, Kelloggs, Northern Foods, ICI
TXU, BP and the Rover Group. Click here to see case studies and endorsements
and thank you letters from delighted corporate customers, including directors
and chief executives from some of the UK's leading blue chip organisations.
For several years Iain has been an accredited Member of the former
IPD's Register of Consultants. Membership of the register of consultants is
strictly limited to people who are carefully vetted and accredited on an annual basis.
At present the number of other outdoor education training specialists on the UK
register of IPD Consultants is restricted to only a small handful of people.

Pete Daughtrey BSc PGCE MCIPD MRAeS
Several of Rock Lea's other professional outdoor
education and development training specialists, such as
Pete Daughtrey MCIPD (above) are qualified members of
the CIPD...and others in our
team are currently training
for & will be sitting their MCIPD
exams shortly.
Several of our team hold MBA degrees also and are
members of several other professional bodies, including
the Chartered Institute of Engineers and the Institute of
People such as Peter have very special skills gained from
working full time for some the UK's leading leadership training
unit. This means that many of our staff are very conversant with
current Human Resource Development issues and may be
more sensitive to your needs than, say, staff from other outdoor
centres who have little or no HRD background and very little
long term full time commercial or practical management experience.
endorsements from many of our corporate clients
As members of the CIPD, our staff working in the company's Consultancy Division
are expected to work to strict codes of professional conduct. We follow the CIPD's
guidelines for consultants, which cover the emotional and psychological wellbeing
of guests, client confidentiality, and upholding the credibility of our clients. We are
also committed to the continuous professional development of our personnel,
through in-house & external vocational and safety training events run for our own people.

" When we started looking into using outdoor
based experiential training with you, we thought
all outdoor trainers might be just a bunch of
winch drivers up on the crags who had stumbled
into training. When we discovered your team's
expertise and insight we soon realised how very
wrong we were ! The results speak for themselves."
....a comment from one of our many delighted customers. Click for more endorsements
Many of the team at Rock Lea, like Iain, Peter, Andy and Caroline, and are
also fully qualified teachers and lecturers, each fully qualified and registered
with the Dept for Education & Employment. They can be relied upon to do a
good job for you in a professional and ethical way.
We like to feel that our training clients are more comfortable being trained
by people who have done more than just work in an outdoor centre !
Others on our team of staff are also former professionals ( such as retired
trainers, managers and dental surgeons), and serving professionals such
as procurements specialists, IT experts, health & safety experts, engineers
and psychologists and a university governor...as well as serving training
officers and managers who work here on an ad hoc basis as external
associates. We feel this broad range of professional experience gives
us a competitive edge when planning and delivering training and development






Because we offer sometimes activities for under-18's, Rock Lea is licensed by the
government's Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. We are pleased to report that
we get random spot checks from their inspectors. ..who really know their stuff. So far
our safety systems, management and operating procedures have had good assessments
& feedback from our government inspectors. The AALA scheme was long overdue and we
look forward to possibly seeing the legislation extended sometime to cover provision for
over-18's in due course.
Rock Lea has been awarded four two-year AALA licences.


As members of the Heart of England Tourist Board, we comply with the
English Tourist Board's ACAC Code of Conduct for the safe running of
outdoor education centres & service providers, (a document of which
our director Dr Iain Jennings was one of the co-authors as a member of
the English Tourist Board's ACAC Task Force). Rock Lea has close
working links with many members of the regional tourist board and the
English Tourist Board. You'll see from our clients list that the ETB and
the former East Midlands Tourist Board and the British Tourist Authority
have used Rock Lea for their own corporate entertainment and staff
training events over the years...and have had some very nice to things
to say about working with us.


We frequently help our corporate training clients obtain grant aid from
their local Training Enterprise Council and other sources of assistance.
Whenever this occurs we are subject to strict checks on our quality
assurance through post-course evaluations procedures. We also run such
follow-up evaluation sessions with our other clients to help gain feedback to
gauge and improve our performance.
As a committed Investor in People we run many in-house training & development
events to boost the skills and professional development of all our own personnel.
For example, all outdoor tutors are trained, qualified and re-assessed to ensure
all our staff have an exceptionally high level of accident avoidance & first-aid
Steve Pope (right) is one of our long serving
caving & potholing tutors and is one of
our centre's nominated Health & Safety
expert advisors. He's been one of Iain
& Caroline's volunteer instructor associates
since 1981.
Please click for details
of more of our centre's team....
Formerly a British Coal Board Colliery
Manager with a Class I Certificate of
Competence as a Mines Inspector, Steve
later became a government Health & Safety
Executive Factory Inspector. He now works
as an independent health & safety consultant
for a wide range of companies, including our own
.... and as one of our second tier of safety advisors
under the 1989 Health & Safety Act.
Steve is a chartered mining engineer - and is one of the
many very experienced cave and mine explorers who have
been drawn to join Rock Lea's fellowship of experienced
instructors over the years. Suffice to say, people such as
Steve wouldn't have joined and stayed involved with our team
unless we all shared the same commitment to running safe
and enjoyable training sessions underground and above ground !

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We very much regret twe are now unable to assist people wishing to get in touch
with the CIPD about membership details, training courses, and events run by
the CIPD. Please DO NOT phone Peak Activities Ltd seeking any information
on the CIPD and it's activities.
Contact the CIPD in WImbledon direct, please. Tel 020-8971-9000.