This page details what you need to bring along on our outdoor events.
The safety of our customers & staff is always paramount ....but their
enjoyment & comfort comes a close second ! That's why we ensure
that everyone on our events is properly equipped, all-year-round.
If you can bring along the smile, we can supply almost everything
else you'll need for a superb event away in the Peak District !

We provide all our customers with the best available
personal & group training equipment, including anoraks,
boots, wellies, safety-hats, all-in-one waterproof suits,
wet-suits & lifejackets, hard hats, etc.
We can supply resident groups with walking boots too, if necessary. (please phone for details)

We know lots of people like to buy new kit to come
away on an event with us BUT there's no need to buy
anything especially for an event with Peak Activities.

A group from Rolls Royce, Derby donning caving suits during
a team development workshop designed to help reduce the
"Trent 700" jet engine's "strip+ rebuild" cycle by 50%. (which they did)

The white drum's full of flasks full of tea & coffee ! We like our creature comforts ! Who's got the chocolate then ?

Customers are sent a detailed personal equipment list
(click for a .pdf file sample download) when they book
...and on this list the only essential items to bring along are
lots of old clothes and a smile :-) !!!
We can supply most items you'll need during your stay...
including anoraks, leather walking boots and even woolly hats
for the fashionably challenged ! Our training clients' delegates
are usually briefed all about what to bring when our staff come
over for pre-trip briefing sessions...
For example, people who wear spectacles are asked to consider
the need to bring along items such as strings for making sure they
don't lose them when windsurfing etc., but there's no need for
anything really special.

FREEBIES with your logos and stuff specially printed on them...
Many corporate clients often ask us to arrange special "give away"
items for their delegates We call them "gizzits". Such as momentos
or prizes for competitions might include items ordered especially such
as embroidered ( or silk screen printed) anoraks, T-shirts, blousons,
umbrellas, ties, etc. It's not essential to lavish gifts on delegates to have a
really good time, but it often goes down well with all concerned - especially
if the organiser wants to impress the participants. Something useful &
different ( like a small rucksack) that will last and be useful in times to
come is always welcome & treasured. Peak Activities Limited are happy
to arrange this sort of additional optional gear for our clients - providing
we have plenty of lead time. We can also steer people towards good
value-for-money suppliers who we trust and who we know clients can
deal with direct ( which often works out cheaper than asking us to do it).
Examples include the USAAF and British Diabetic Association who have given away
ace T-shirts whenever they've been up here with groups. Aesculap Downs gave everyone
a day rucksack with their corporate logo printed on it so they could carry round their
stuff easily whilst on a treasure hunt involving a lot of walking ; sweatshirts for every
participant on recent team building events for Ernst & Young and Price-Waterhouse-Coopers.
Another client likes to give away Thermos Flasks and big bars of chocolate always go
down well but don't seem to last very long !
The writer's personal long lasting favourite useful "gizzit" is a nicely printed Swiss Army
style penknife which is great for when I need to take stones out of horses hooves*.....but
then again I am a sad person who watches "Animal Hospital " a lot and who really does enjoy
taking things out of horses hooves ! My wife likes over-sized T-shirts. To each their own !
One well-heeled client at present is generously suggesting giving away logo pinted GPS
satellite navigation systems to their delegates as a reward. They will be very well received
as he's planning to issue them at night just before they go out across a lonely moorland
on a map reading exercise. Do I get one too ? Maybe I should go and work for them full time eh ?
All I usually get when I go away on courses is a lousy keyring and a Biro !
Clients wanting help obtaining prizes for team challenges and competitive events should contact us
for ideas. We can discuss this and look at sample ideas if you decide to come and see us before
you finalise the details.
*If you really didn't know we actually did horse riding treks, climbing, abseiling and caving
& lots of other activities here , then you've probably not studied our list of activities.
Check it out ! All the equipment for the sports we list is provided by us !
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