Learning to Lead Outdoor Rock Climbs & Abseil Safely
  with qualified outdoor instructors from Peak Activities


… an intensive  two day safety training programme 
out of doors in the accessible Peak National Park


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Peak Activities’ BMC qualified climbing 
instruction team has been designing and 
running training courses for rock climbers 
& mountaineers for over 25 years.   

Our courses have been acclaimed on BBC 
& ITV television & featured in media such as 
The Sunday Times & the Sunday Telegraph. 

This page describes our leaders’ course
 "Learning to Lead"  which is a short 
informal weekend for rock climbers run
by our most experienced climbing 

Click here for dates and prices of our 
Learning to Lead Courses and our other
climbing courses for beginners and 
intermediate rock-climbers. 

Our training weekend outdoors is designed 
for those who have climbed a little before 
( such as climbing wall enthusiasts or 
newcomers to the sport of rock climbing who
wish to learn more about leading outdoor 
climbs safely— with a strong practical emphasis 
on the following : - 

Sound placement of running belay protection and safely rigging 
     suitable anchors for belays on easy & intermediate rock climbs.

 Safe rope work, tying knots, rope management & belaying techniques.
Uses & limitations of most popular modern belaying devices.
Using Guidebooks & Topographic Guides to identify & choose suitable routes.
Setting up safe & reliable top roping systems.
Self-protected abseiling & abseiling methods.
Self-rescue methods for remote climbs where self help is needed. 
Purchase & selection of the most suitable equipment for people starting to lead.
Crag etiquette, conservation & working safely near other groups & users. 
Crag safety & major hazards awareness.
What to do in the event of an emergency.

This weekend course is an "open" course open to anyone 
aged over 16.   Prices start from  £199 for 2 full days of tuition.

Prices and dates are listed on our dates summary sheet.

Places are strictly limited to ensure close personal tuition.

Discounts may be possible for university climbing clubs, 
groups of friends, or multiple bookings from scouts and
other uniformed organisations.

Additional Information - "Learning to Lead" 

This 2-day event on the Carboniferous Griststone crags 
overlooking our popular centre in Hathersage is designed 
to help people learn to lead rock climbs safely - and boost
people's confidencxe in their rigging & self protection skills.
It will usually be run monthly at our base in the Peak District 
starting on the last Saturday of the month from March to October.

This weekend will be of interest to people who can climb on indoor 
walls who want to make the transition to climbing outdoors on 
crags & mountains using self-placed running belays and belays
involving protection devices such as nuts, "friends," cams, etc.  
Roped climbing outdoors in area such as the Peak District relies 
on climbers being able to place their own sound belay protection  
to help their seconds to arrest any falls.  Bolts are banned from
many local crags here in Derbyshire, so the person who is used 
to using bolts, say,  on indoor walls may find it rather daunting
relying on nuts and runners placed temporarily whilst they are 
leading or seconding routes.

We can teach you how to rig very safely - in fact so safely
you can hang a mountain rescue stretcher and severel people
from your belay system you've set up yourself under our aegis!


Anyone who is just starting or thinking about starting to lead
rock climbs or set up their own top roping systems so they can 
climb or abseil using commonly recognised self protection systems 
to protect themselves and their companions  in the event of a fall. 
Typically this might be a teenager or adult who has done some rock
climbing on a wall or on a course who wishes to start climbing on 
single pitch crags up to 40 m high.

You need to climb a little already to make the most of 
this weekend.  It should not be confused with our centre's 
popular "beginners rock climbing" weekends - or our 
instructors training and assessment weekends which are
run on separate dates.  Click here for dates of events for 
complete beginners who want to learn to rock climb.

For more details or to book, call Dr. Iain Jennings 
the Head of Rock Lea Centre, Hathersage, S32 1DD.
If you call us we'll check that you are matched up with 
the right course for you.

Telephone 01433-650345 Fax 650342.

............Dave Baines CIC MIA

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Rock Lea Activity Centre has a well established team of over 20 qualified climbing instructors. Most of our staff are close friends who have been working closely together and setting high standards here for over 10 years or more. Instructors such as Iain Jennings, Steve Brodie, Peter Brookes, John Thomas, Caroline Farnes, Kevin Parker Dave Baines, Simon T., Steve Pope, have many years of experience of climbing and working as instructors in Austria, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, Iceland and elsewhere. We have an enviable excellent safety record and all of our mountaineering, climbing abseiling & other activities are fully insured.
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