Below are some kind open comments from a GP who invested in a bespoke
residential team building event in the Peak National Park with us to help him
to gel together a varied aged and mixed fitness group of receptionists, doctors, 
district nurses,  social workers and clerical support colleagues working in a 
newly modernised & enlarged doctors'  medical centre  in South Yorkshire : -
" Dear Iain,

Without exception we all enjoyed our few days with you, 
although beforehand many of the staff were wary about 
going away with management and the "physical" side of 
the programme.  Most people were really proud of themselves 
afterwards though - things they thought they'd never be 
capable of doing such as the cave exercises and the 
abseiling exercise. We've been passing around loads 
of photos subsequently - much to everyone's amusement."

"The staff found the small group discussion into changing 
the practice very useful and thanks to you everybody felt 
able to open up and say what they wanted to say without 
fear or any embarrassment. Since we've got back there's 
been enthusiasm for the follow up meetings even amongst
 what were some of the most reactionary of our group 
members. Time will tell ! However I have noticed that 
far more people are contributing to discussions and are
volunteering to take on new responsibilities as a result
 of the event with your organisation, which was one of 
the aims you elicited from me when we met together to 
discuss the aims before we booked the event. Thanks again 
for the training course, it was more successful than we 
all expected and you'll be pleased to know we're already 
planning the next one !"
Dr P.Hardy, 

Senior Partner, Norwood Medical Centre.

We booked Dr Hardy's party into this lovely conference centre close to 
our main operating base. Peak Activities Ltd have been arranging good
value local accommodation for our customers for many years. To see our 
page on accommodation options for Peak Activities customers just click 
on the photo above.

....... Iain Jennings

Peak Actiivities Company Director, Dr IAIN JENNINGS writes ....

" We take great pride in the positive feedback & kind overviews 
following detailed benchmarking and evaluation of each one of 
our serious training courses.  Training here is lots of FUN but it 
goes almost without saying, however, that the success of such 
events is largely down to the people involved putting in a lot of 
hard work - and in particular people such as Dr Hardy working 
closely beforehand with folks here such as me and Caroline 
Jennings to make sure that all the necessary groundwork is done
properly beforehand - especially in terms of objectives setting and
 the establishment of kpi's and defining the scope of the project 
within realistic limits of time and budget, and consulting and 
briefing people effectively prior to the start of each event and 
so on.  This involves a lot of work & planning - which  takes up 
time and which is why our training process isn't the cheapest out
there in the market place, but it does work time after time if our 
TQM procedures are followed carefully by our clients and our 
team here at Rock Lea.   

Setting up a training programme that will work right first time 
is something we have a lot of experience of doing here built 
up over 20 years of designing and running and benchmarking 
tailored course.  It's not rocket science but it is something 
we're good at - and most important of all it's something our 
customers know we're good at...which is our website is full 
of no end of very complimentary comments and endorsements.

Some of the best events we've ever run have been set up a 
fairly short notice but without exception all the hundreds of 
projects we've run over the years that have worked exceptionally 
well have ALL taken three or four days to run and twice that 
time to set up and get ready for. 

If you are looking for a similar event for  your own team which
has serious desired outcomes and if are prepared to work 
alongside us to make sure it all goes well, then we'll be delighted 
to hear from you."

"It's rocket science Jim but not as we know it !"

Dr Andy McLean - one of Peak Activities Ltd's team 
of  experienced trainers & bespoke event managers.



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