"Serious Training" in the Peak District with our specialists....

Peak Activities' Consultancy Division employs CIPD qualified
consultants such as Dr. Iain Jennings and Wing Commander 
Peter Daughtrey.  They have a wealth of practical experience built 
up over 30 years running many SERIOUS* TRAINING PROGRAMMES. 
They are ably assisted by colleagues such as Dr. Andy McLean 
and Caroline Farnes and the rest of our close knit team.

* By "Serious Training"  we refer to bespoke programmes aiming to change 
attitudes and / or behaviour patterns and skills sets in a pre-agreed way.
Such training may need several days to plan and then brief delegates
and may involve just as long afterwards to follow up and benchmark 
against pre-agreed kpis and MOP's


Peak Activities can design bespoke residential events to help you
develop your organisation's teams' & individuals'  COMMUNICATIONS, 

Development Training indoors and outdoors in the Peak National Park...
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Continuous Improvement training can help you maximise your profits...


" Strive for perfection in everything that you do... 
 ...take the best and then try to make it even better. "
    . Sir Henry Royce ( Co-Founder of Rolls-Royce)


" Peak Activities made a definite dramatic difference to the performance & the attitude of teams and many individuals working for us..." Summary of an extensive piece of research with Lucas Aerospace. .....AEROSPACE TRAINING & HRD DIRECTORS' BENCHMARKING REPORT
Carefully developed in close partnership with many world class clients over 30 years 
and fully audited by independent experts, Peak Activities' staff development training 
residentials have been proven to be a most successful & COST EFFECTIVE way to 
help boost the communications skills, performance and success of real teams and 
individuals at work.  Typically our courses' content & themes may include : -

Embracing Continuous Improvement, Improving Communications Skills, Developing Successful Leadership & Management Skills, Boosting Planning & Decision-Making Qualities, Boosting Creativity & Developing Team Reviewing Skills, Achieving Greater Confidence, Motivation, Vision-Sharing, Formation of Newly Merged Teams, EFQM, Achievement of Business Excellence, Increasing Understanding & Business Awareness. A common dialectic is having FUN at the same time ! ..


" Iain and his team of management psychologists
and outdoor trainers really get under the skin of the
issues and put in so much effort that the client team
get a profound change in their working attitudes."

"I have used Iain's team for team builds for 40 people,
for inter departmental team development courses for
c. 80 people and for more lighthearted outdoor team
-builds, the personal development of site managers
and their teams & indoor follow up sessions to
encourage much better co-peration between teams
from different functions."

"I would certainly recommend them to other
managers elsewhere.

William Roberts - Vice President, Finance TXU Europe Ltd.

( extract from an Institute of Personnel and Development
Consultant's Audit of nour clients' attitudes & a benchmarking
research exercise evaluating clients' opinions after training. )



The serious OMD training & HR consultancy arm of Peak Activities Ltd 
enjoys an excellent international reputation in the field of tailoring high 
quality, successful events involving outdoor and indoor training.
" This is serious exclusive & quite expensive development training run by Chartered Specialists ... but it works really well and scores of customers agree it can be lots of fun too & it's excellent value ! "


Peak Activities Training Division has been operating for over 25 years. 
It has an enviable list of blue chip clients and customers from many 
leading organisations in the UK, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and USA.
The effectiveness of our development courses has been audited by the
UK Chartered Institude of Personnel & Development and through extensive
research in partnership with clients who are leading edge trainers in their
own right.

Training residentials with organisations such as VW and Bosch have 
been featured on British Television documentaries and in numerous UK
training trade magazine articles and professional journals.

A group of senior execs from another major european energy trading organisation during 
an indoor post-event CIP session dealing with EFQM led by Peter Daughtrey, Chartered MCIPD   
Their Finance Director later told our independent auditors at the CIPD that it was one of 
the best prepared and delivered tailored events his company had ever run and had major
impact on the productivity of his team and their influence amongst their stakeholders 
and internal and external customers.  Another job well done - down to careful planning
 and a very professional approach on the part of our clients and our trainers. When TXU was
purchased some time later by another one of our customers, Powergen, it was interesting to 
note that we continued to receive business from people in the combined businesses who we 
had been working with hitherto...and the same things happened when e.on purchased 
Powergen in due course.  We very much value such clients' referrals & recommendations.

Above : Senior staff from Powergen on a very successful senor management 
team residential and vision sharing workshop run for their MD and HR Manager 
Paul Meneely  ( pictured centre of the threesome on the Jacob's Ladder team 
ice-breaking training problem illustrated above.)  This work was later published
in Powergen's annual review - and the "Decathlon" continuous improvement
process which was conceived during reviews with our staff in Hathersage was
later rolled out and largely adopted throughout other parts of our client's 

In the Power and Energy sector  we've also worked running Management 
Development EFQM and Continuous Improvement Programmes for leading 
clients such as EDF, TXU, BP, Amoco, Phillips, Transco BG, National Grid
and owners of Power Generation Assets such as CDC- Globeleq and TXU. 

Courses we have designed and run for customers from the energy industry
have included Board Members, senior Vice Presidents and Director of these 
world class companies....as well as many other stakeholders from other levels.


For endorsements from these customers and many other corporate clients click here.

Listed below are examples of the kinds of issues & topics which 
our indoor & outdoor development training specialists have 
successfully helped our clients to address cost-effectively & quickly 
using our tailored programmes in the Peak National Park : -



Lots of our customers including numerous company CEO's and MD's
have volunteered kind endorsements for this website to voice their approval !

Contact us today on 01433-650345

If you're a budget holder and you're really serious about investing 
in indoor &/or outdoor based training & development techniques 
with our team to help you boost the team work, creativity or the
performance and credibility of your team or the individuals who 
work with you, it is worthwhile telephoning Peak Activities Ltd's
Training & Management Development Division. Why not  arrange 
to dsicuss your requirements over the phone initially and then
set up a planning workshop here with Dr Andy McLean,  
Dr Iain Jennings or one of our other senior HRD consultants 
such as Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey ?

When you're considering running an important event for your key 
stakeholders you may only get one chance to get things right first 
time - so we believe it's important to choose a training supplier 
that cares about your success and who won't let you down. 
We will plan things for you in meticulous detail and bring to bear 
over 25 years of success working in the complex fields of serious 
team building, staff training & development.  Don't take our word
for it though -  what other corporate clients have to say about us.

Staff from British Gas during a 3 day team build.
Click to see comments from some of our delighted  corporate customers.

PAL have well researched and proven blends of indoor and outdoor 
training in a tried and trusted way and offer cost effective solutions 
to achieve your training objectives and make a huge difference to 
the performance of your people and your firm's bottom line.  

Many of Peak Activities' clients are directors of household names 
such as Lucas, Barclays Bank, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Bosch, 
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Transco, Powergen, Kelloggs, Ernst & Young, 
Orange, TXU, Lufthansa, Hotpoint,  Norwich Union Healthcare , the NHS, 
Avon Cosmetics & our regional tourist board "Visit Heart of England".


Training ( when taken seriously ) is all about inculcating changes in people's
habits, behaviour and attitudes and skill sets. Our team of consultants work 
closely with customers to help them design & run  bespoke two, three and 
four + days tailored residential development programmes to boost 
Teamworking, Communications, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, 
Creativity & Leadership Skills.  These are events which often win over 
hearts and minds from even the most sceptical - and which offer lots of 
safe fun too !

In a world where increasingly people feel they can't afford time to spend
on training away from work it is vital that you trust your training to fellow
professionals who you feel confident are as passionate about your training
as you are and who you know won't let you down.


Development training courses tailored for 
professionals & run by fellow professionals...

Peak Activities Ltd's  serious training events are not just expensive 
outdoor "jollies".   They are carefully planned and targeted training 
and development investments run for professionals by professionals
...with remarkable outcomes and results.

These tailored programmes often involve a sophisticated, tried and proven blend 
of indoor and outdoor-based training, theory sessions, psychometric assessments, 
and carefully managed reviews and CIP sessions led by acknowledged specialists 
in their fields. By and large our customers who give us their brief on a 1:1 basis
are CEO's, Senior Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Sales Directors and 
Finance Directors of medium and large companies...who have a clear idea of 
what outcomes they want to see in their team or teams performing better 
- but who may need some of our experienced and reliable specialist help 
in achieving their objectives for their stakeholders and colleagues.


Click to see letters of thanks & endorsements from delighted customers who have contracted tailored OMD courses designed and run by Peak Activities Ltd.

  "Staff  you can trust ...100% "

Several of our trainers - including Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey and 
Dr. Iain Jennings - are qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel 
& Development. They are regularly used by some of the leading executives
& managers of many of the UK's top organisations to boost their teams' 
and individuals' performance and to facilitate Organisational Development, 
Change Management and Coaching.  Our senior consultants are backed by
a first class support team drawn from our company's team of NGB qualified
instructors...people such as Dr. Andy McLean and Caroline Farnes who are
respected and much liked specialists in their own rights.

"Results you can bank on "

The results of our work with senior managers and executives of well known
organisations such as TXU. Powergen, Bosch, and Lucas have often been
featured on network television programmes and have been featured in 
numerous in-company and national media.  Moreover, we have had the 
results of our work independently assessed and benchmarked over a 
period of many years by respected independent auditors and quality 
assessors, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development's
Consultancy Service...which audited us annually until they were disbanded 
in 2003.

Our customers tell us we have a highly developed user-friendly system 
for helping them establish their training needs and come up with enjoyable, 
carefully tailored training solutions which really deliver outstandingly good
lasting benefits. Call us on 01433-650345 if you are interested in investing
in a pre-event assessment and planning workshop with one of our specialists.
Client List : Facilities Available : Customers' unsolicited Endorsements :
Accommodation Options :
Training Staff Qualification & Experience : Training :
Our tried and trusted events have been fully vetted and accredited for many
years by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development as part of our
consultant's CIPD registered consultants' status benchmarking system.


Our team of training & development specialists will be pleased to help you realise the full potential of your teams at the same time as developing the skills & confidence of individual people within those teams. Programmes can be tailored to suit people of all ages and fitnesses drawn from all levels in organisations, including senior managers & executives.

The common dialectic here is providing safe and
relevent and appropriate serious training as well as


Click here for a note on some of our beliefs and principles 
regarding outdoor training pedagogy :


For over twenty years we've been running safe, enjoyable & 
cost-effective accelerated experiential learning programmes 
tailored to develop the personal potential of staff, managers 
& supervisors...and designed to provide lots of FUN at the same !


Development training courses often involve working indoors as well as 
outdoors and so we like to offer our customers a range of tried and tested
comfortable conference centres where events can be based. 

In addition to our own centre in the centre of the accessible village of 
Hathersage in the heart of the Peak District, we have several excellent
 local venues for indoor training sessions.

Some pre-event and post-course events are often held in our clients' 
own premises.  If you look around the web site's page on our sports 
and corporate facilities - you'll see we have some first rate facilities 
and support staff too.

Evaluating "Serous" Development & Training  Programmes

Having delivered learning ...it's important to evaluate how things went.
What impact has it had on the delegates ?  Was it cost-effective ? 
Did you delegates feel the process was worthwhile and appropriate
to their needs ? Will there be lasting and useful changes in their attitudes 
and behaviour towards each other and theirstakeholders ? We will help 
you get to the heart of the process of evaluating the success of the
training processes.  Particular reference will be made to the m.o.p.'s
and k.p.i.'s set out in the initial event planning stages.

"If your team's work isn't excellent, ask yourself why

...and then ask what are you planning to do about it ?"


All the events run by our training consultants are tailored around our clients' specific needs. Each organisation we deal with - indeed every group of delegates we meet - has different requirements, preferences & interests, so whilst we may include tried and trusted modules into tailored events we do not wish to sell "bog standard" training programmes. Each course is planned around the "training needs" statements arising from pre-course meetings with our customers and our senior training consultants. A key stage in the preparation of our serious training events is the pre-event planning meeting with the key decision makers.

Iain Jennings


Peak Activities team of CIPD-qualified specialist 
HRD trainers is led by Dr Iain Jennings who is a 
Fellow and a fully accredited member of the 
consultants register of the CIPD - the UK's 
Institute of Personnel & Development (formerly 
the Institute of Training & Development). 

There are several fully qualified members  and
fellows of the IPD on our team,making us one of 
the best experienced and most qualified team of 
training providers in the field of outdoor education 
& training in the UK today.

Our training programmes have been featured many times 
on television & radio. Here we are filming in the snow for 
a feature documentary programme broadcast on NBC .


Click here to see our list of clients. Customers include Transco, Norwich Union

Healthcare, Bosch, Lucas,Rover Group, the DTI, NHS Supplies, Rolls Royce

Aerospace, Northern Foods & the East Midlands Tourist Board... to name but few.

We feel it's important to build enjoyment
and relevence into all our programmes.
This is easy to do without detracting in
any way from the serious aims and
objectives of your event .  Click here for
notes about the pedagogy of designing
our special bespoke courses.



Organisations large or small can use us if they 
recognise there is scope to improving their 
performance through investing in carefully 
targeted training & development programmes
and can afford our fees which range from
around £250 to £ 400 per delegate per day
 + vat for a three day tailored event for a 
party of 10 to 15 course members.


More and more public utilities, industrial, commercial 
and financial organisations appreciate the value of 
investing in the programmes of powerful tailored outdoor 
based team building and management development offered 
by Peak Activities Ltd from their highly-acclaimed base 
ROCK LEA in Hathersage in the accessible Peak District 
National Park.

Click here to see our impressive list of corporate clients,


Our tailored programmes cater for 
people of all ages and fitnesses.

Our customers tend to be very successful 
organisations in their own field - whose
senior management & key executives appreciate 
that outdoor development training
with Rock Lea can have a demonstrably 
proven positive impact on the attitudes 
and behaviour patterns of their people.
Apart from having lots of fun in an atmosphere 
of complete physical and emotional safety, 
we will help you motivate your employees. 
Moreover, a number of the valuable management 
process skills and inter-personal skills can 
be inculcated and enhanced and developed by 
our outdoor based and indoor based experiential 
learning programmes.


Click here to see samples of the many unsolicited endorsements &

comments we've received from corporate clients over the past 10 years..


Of course, each group of delegates has its own sets 
of personal and group training needs...and so we take 
great pride in not running "bog standard" programmes 
like so many other activity centres.We take time before 
each course to check carefully the desired outcomes of
each event not only with the people who are purchasing 
the services..but also with each delegate.

We take time to ensure that the individual needs 
of each delegate are met - and to ensure that
delegates' own confidential "wish lists" are 
included in so far as possible. Pre-event briefing 
sessions at our clients premises are a key element of 
helping delegates "buy in" to their own courses.

The success of our events is largely due to the time 
we spend beforehand planning and ensuring that delegates 
want to come rather than "get sent".


Team Building Courses

as individual & as special as each of our delegates...

Tel. 01433-650345

Give us a call if you are a budget holder
and want tomake a significant impact
on your organisation's success.



Peak Activities Ltd., Rock Lea Training Centre, Station Road, Hathersage, Hope Valley, The Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, England, S32 1DD. Telephone 07771-855105 or 01433-650345 Please click to return to top of this page.......