Peak Activities' expertly designed and professionally run 
bespoke training programmes are engineered & planned 
to fit your delegates' specific training needs & interests.


All-year-round, Peak Activities Ltd's CIPD-Accredited 
Training Division designs and runs sophisticated, 
imaginative, reliable & fun-packed bespoke programmes 
that will help you ad your colleagues to boost...
Key-decision makers should please phone us in the first instance on 01433-650345 or fax us on 01433-650342 requesting one of our CIPD qualified consultants to call you.
Our list of delighted development training customers is impressive 
& contains many well-known, quality-conscious organisations.  
These include Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Lincolnshire Police, 
Boots the Chemists, Babcock Engineering Group, BT, CDC Globaleq,
British Gas, EDF, Orange,  The Department for Education & Skills, 
Lufthansa, Lucas Aerospace, the NHS, Birmingham Cable Ltd., BP, 
Lufthansa, Transco, Norwich Union Healthcare, Northern Foods, 
Safeway, Tescos, & Range Rover 

 ... to name but a few.  
To stay on the top in development training, your trainers' skills have to stack up and you really need to build on sound foundations ! .. .. For over 25 years Peak Activities Ltd has been stacking up our own training skills by working in very close successful partnerships with a growing number of leading edge clients. We're available to assist your organisations big or small ! . . .
A wealth of expertise developed through working in partnership with leading companies is available for you through our training team. Please call +44 (0)1433-650345 to discuss your needs.
. A syndicate of senior IS Procurement Managers from Transco BG taking time out preparing & planning indoors before setting off on a training task to manage a business related problem outdoors "right first time". Click here for information on our CIPD-Registered Training Consultants who handle group training enquiries from UK & overseas organisations. We like all prospective clients to call us in confidence on the phone and then later meet with us if possible & outline their specific training needs,interests & requirements.






" Are your serious training & development programmes very
  different from the sports courses run by your other staff ?"

Our tailored training programmes are more serious than "team jollies"
and are focussed on agreed outcomes in addition to just having "fun". 
There is a styrong emphasis on achieving pre-arranged and agreed
k.p.i.'s and m.o.p.'s. - but you can have fun too whilst doing that !

Bespoke courses therefore involve very different content to our
centre's Corporate Hospitality Division's "jollies" and light-hearted 
events...and are invariably designed in person by Dr. Iain Jennings
working in close cooperation and consultation with our clients and 
other course designers such as Pete Daughtrey and Dr Andy McLean.

The made to measure programmes also involve a considerable amount 
of pre-event planning, pre-event briefing sessions, and post event 
follow-up sessions and a treid and proven evaluation/benchmarking 
process which has been successfully audited by the UK's leading 
independent training professional's body.  This extra work means that
our serious training events tend to be more expensive than "jollies" 
but have much more lasting and greater impacts on the success
of the teams  and groups of personnel who participate in these 
tailored programmes.  Endorsements published elsewhere on this
website and television programmes on our Designer Training Courses
indicate that most of our training programme clients feel these bespoke
tailor-made events are a particularly worthwhile investment and 
offer very good value for money.  They are lots of fun too !

Peak Activities' Designer Tailored Development Training Courses have been highly acclaimed on BBC & ITV television

WORKING AT ALL POSSIBLE LEVELS We have many years working in this field with clients from every level, including Senior Executives, CEO's & Managing Directors of many of our client organisations. Our experience & expertise is tried and proven. ENDORSEMENTS FROM WELL-KNOWN CLIENTS.... FLEXIBILE COURSE DESIGN BY PROFESSIONALS... Whether you're considering booking a team building weekend for a dozen people or investing in a company-wide training programme for over 1,000 participants, we'll be very pleased to help you if we can. We treat every group as being unique, so don't expect "bog standard" training programmes dressed up as bespoke events from our company ! Call us to discuss your specific interests and needs ! Please call us on 01433-650345 and ask to speak with a senior trainer to discuss anything you have in mind. If appropriate we'll ask if you'd like to arrange to meet with us to discuss the training outcomes you want to elicit from an investment with Peak Activities Ltd.


As Chartered Trainers what's the most difficult part of your job ? 

"Convincing decision-makers who clearly need our help that we can 
deliver what they need in a cost-effective way - providing they're
willing to do the job properly and  invest two, three or four days 
to allow the process we have developed to work !  There are a lot 
of people out there who are busy fire-fighting all the time who might
be a lot more efficient and a lot more profitable if they just took a 
well-earned break and improved their staff and stakeholders' 
teamworking & leadership skills ! "

"Form should follow function but all too often naive people with 
big requirements may instruct their company's trainers to try to 
pack in training into an all-too-short session without fully considering
the implications. In an increasingly busy world where people want 
everying yesterday we can sometimes lose work because we are 
a professional crew and may say we cannot deliver a set of desired 
outcomes in a single day.  "   

"Other providers trying to cram too much into very short time slots 
just risks getting our sort of training a bad name."

"We often get asked to teach people everything we know in 
an afternoon and finding a sensible polite response is quite a 
hard part of our job !  We try to make sure our events have a 
fast pace and are action-filled and interesting but the tried 
& trusted processes we have evolved over the past 25 years
cannot be rushed and sometimes you do need to have a 
reality check and let customers know that spending time 
with each other is often more important than throwing
money at a serious development training project."

. FOLLOW UP TRAINING IS A KEY STAGE OF MANY DEVELOPMENT COURSES. Peter, one of our senior trainers working in Ipswich during the setting up of a novel " Continuous Improvement " process for a major energy supply company following a four day residential two months before at our base in Hathersage. Peak Activities TRAINING DIVISION contracts usually involves our panel of MBA and CIPD-qualified trainers as well as our panel of NGB qualified staff. Tailored training propjects also usually involve events of 3+ days duration based both out-of-doors and indoors. The Training Division's assignments often involves a considerable amount of pre-course preparatory work ( 360 degree appraisals, psychometric assessments, self perception inventories, anonymous questionnaires, team-reviews, pre-course planning meetings, etc.) and post-course follow-ups. Our fees for on site and off-site work reflect the extra time and work that goes into the planning & running such tailored staff programmes. If you're involved with Investors in People project work, we are a nationally approved and accredited supplier of bespoke development training & team development courses, so getting helping you with your grant application forms and getting applications approved is normally a straightforward process. We work closely with clients to gear up for Peak Performance
A TRAINING TEAM YOU CAN TRUST COMPLETELY.... Our bespoke courses are a great way to get to know your colleagues better, develop understandings of each other's problems and highlight your team's strengths and weaknesses. Groups will usually identify areas and schemes for implementing significant continuous improvement ....so the investments frequently more than amply repay themselves within a few weeks of running a programme. Don't take our word for that though - see what our clients have to say about this !

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