If your party is booking instruction or training facilities
& / or tuition with Peak Activities we'll be very pleased to help you 
and your group find the ideal group accommodation & conference
facilities for your corporate event or your team's training party...


Peak Activities Ltd's have a wide range of places large & small,
grand or modest in & around Hathersage where we can base our 
Outdoor Development Training Courses, Team-Building Programmes, 
Jolly Corporate Events and bespoke programmes for our corporate clients. ..

Obviously with over 30 years experience of running events for groups in 
the Hope Valley, we are experts we know exactly which places are best 
for the moods and budgets of lots of different kinds of groups.

You can choose from 4 and 5 star hotel luxury, conference centres 
which can be booked through our inbound accommodation agent - or
book yourselves into a wide range of other lower cost accommodation
options such as camping barns, youth hostels and local inns and self 
catering cottages and houses.  The choice is all yours !

This page gives details of the wide range of different groups'  
and individuals' accommodation options we offer our guests...
group accommodation to suit every possible budget & mood.
We also arrange events in the Lake District, Snowdonia & the Austrian Tyrol.
Ms Nicky Brind owns and runs STEEL EVENTS which is our inbound travel agency organising accomodation and conference facilities and much more for our corporate clients who want the best levels of service at sensible prices from our local hotels and conference venues.  Call her on 07801-818949 and please mention Peak Activities Ltd.  
Nicky Brind runs our Groups' Inbound Accommodation Booking Consultancy 
STEEL EVENTS. Follow her on Twitter @STEEL_EVENTS   
We are pleased to announce that we now employ our own embedded group accommodation 
booking agent, Nicky Brind, who runs STEEL EVENTS - Nicky can easily help group clients to
find hotel and conference accommodation and facilities in our area - and elsewhere too for 
guests wanting hotel or conference venues. 

This comfortable 3 star hotel & conference facility in the centre of Hathersage is just 100 m from our own base Rock Lea, within
easy walking distance of our railway station.  It can be booked for group accommodation and training rooms and meals through 
STEEL EVENTS.  ( see below ).  It is very popular with our clients.

Nicky used to be the Sales Manager at one of our tried and trusted hotel accommodation 
suppliers on the edge of the Peak National Park and now runs our venue finding facility 
from offices in Sheffield a few minutes drive from our centre.  Nicky has always looked after 
our clients and has an enviable reputation for dleivering great value for money rates for 
groups wishing to stay in excellent hotels & conferences facilities.  We are very pleased to 
have appointed Nicky as our preferred supplier for arranging hotel accommodation in the 
UK and hope you'll agree the deals she canarrange for you are very hard to beat.  

Please Call Nicky on 07801-818-949 if you are serious about booking hotels or conference 
facilities in Sheffield, the Peak District or elsewhere in the UK. As a self employed agent Nicky 
only deals with commissionable sales.  If you company has its own embedded travel agency 
she won't be able to book events for you unless you're paying the venues direct.  Call Iain at
Rock Lea on 01433-650345 to discuss booking youth hostels, camping barns, etc.

STEEL EVENTS Tel.07801-818949
Click here for a .pdf presentation on STEEL EVENTS'S services.

Syndicate Room in one of the hotels frequnedtly used by Peak Activities for our team bonding and staff development training and team building programmes.
Group accommodation electives for our residential events' customers... Whether your training party is a big group of "toughies" ...or a small party of lazy "couch potatoes" or a keen bunch of sportsmen and women who will like to relax in an indoor pool or a gymnasium at the end of their day, Peak Activities Ltd has many tried & trusted local accommodation options for all shapes & sizes and moods of groups booking products and services from us.
This web-page details some of the many places we can
book your training party into as part of a complete "package"
of training and accommodation. These options tend to be 
booked through by staff in our  office on behalf of our 
group training customers once programmes have been 
contracted and agreed.  Training groups tend to have
special requirements for break out rooms, large meeting
areas, eating privately as a separate group, and so on.


We regret we cannot help people find accommodation who are
not buying instruction or purchasing training from our company.
We're not a tourist information centre, so please call the local
TIC's  ( which we've listed on our links page ) instead of calling 
our training consultants if you are just wanting details of local 
accommodation suppliers.

Private banqueting facilities can be arranged in some of the hotels used by Peak Activities Ltd. Tel 01433-650345 if you are serious about us running a programme of activities for you.

We always  are happy to help our customers choose and book 
the option which will best  suit the  mood, nature size & budget 
of most groups using our services.
Swimming pool at conference centre.


Almost every week of the year we tend to have some
attractive group accommodation and conference facilities
deals for our customers arranged with some of our regular
suppliers... phone us on 01433-650345 or 07771-855105
or scroll down this page for more details.
The costs of arranging an event in a 3 or 4 star hotel are often
much lower than you might assume and we could pleasantly surprise
you ! At the moment we are offering en suite rooms ( shared ) in four star
hotels where the B&B accommodation deals start as low as £45 per person
per night.
PICTURE OF A COACH from ANDREWS OF TIDESWELL. Copyright Image - reporduced by permission of Matthew Andrew.
If you are staying in nearby Sheffield we can easily contract to
collect & transfer you back to your hotel at the end of the day
- either using our own fleet of minibuses or using one of our
local coach hire companies. Transfer time is about 10 minutes.

There is a charge for such a service.


Image of Rock Lea Activity Centre in Hathersage . Copyright.
Rock Lea - our own operations centre in the unspoiled village of Hathersage.
In addition to our own base, Rock Lea, which is available for daytime
use as a meeting point and mini conference centre for smaller parties,
we have built up close working links with several tried & trusted residential 
conference & training centres nearby which Peak Activities Ltd now uses 
regularly for groups of between 6 and 60. We also have some bigger venues
for groups of up to 200 taking part in our charity events, team challenges, etc.

The Snake Pass Inn on the A57 near Bamford...
Plough Inn - Hathersage. Copyright Image.

Some of our clients prefer us to book them in to 
stay in friendly and charming local inns like these 
ones which are close to our popular activity centre.  
They offer good food and drink and a warm
welcome and excellent value for money.

A jolly group of our individual clients on an open course at Rock Lea enjoying lunch at one of the pubs in Hathersage.

The local inns we use are all hospitable places where 
we know our customers will be very well looked after. 
The venues we use can cater for groups from 6 to 150+ 

One such partner facility providing bedrooms,  meals, 
conference rooms and so on is the popular 
hotel & conference centre in Sheffield - see below. 

We have worked very closely with their excellent 
staff over the past decade and are always happy 
to  show training clients around there. 

In addition to such fine venues which are ideal for larger parties, there are numerous 
 smaller local hotels with good training facilities for indoor working sessions. 

CAMPING CARTOON.  Rock Lea's staff can provide camping and other equipment for groups booking our trfaining and outdoor activities services.  Call 01433-650345 for more information.

Camping sites, camping barns & self-catering, youth hostels & cottages are also 
available for groups who prefer to "rough it" ...although from experience we know 
customers enjoy good food and warm dry en-suite bedrooms at the end of an action
-filled day working outdoors...so saving money and using too basic accommodation 
can be counter-productive. 

As a compromise, some groups may wish to stay in a nice hotel for most of their course 
& spend a night out somewhere more basic ( like a candlepowered camping barn or in
one of our tents ) for part of their course.

There are a numner of lovely farmhouses in Hathersage with en suite 
rooms which we can offer to small groups who prefer to be in lower 
cost but nonetheless warm and cosy B&B accommodation.  

As we tend to book these veues for our clients who have been 
up to look at them with us during planning workshops you will 
not find any of our preferred suppliers' telephone numbers
or addresses here on this page. This is a deliberate policy to 
ensure we match bone fide groups with the very best options 
available on the dates the clients require.

Brookfield Manor in the centre of Hathersage..now owned by Sir Hugh Sykes.

Above is one of the many superb conference centres 
set in its own grounds  where we've based events when using 
our training or corporate hospitality services in and around 
Hathersage.  Such venues have been popular with many of 
Peak Activities Ltd's delegates over the past few years but sadly 
for us this one is now in private ownership.

Many of our tried and proven group conference centres 
offer single rooms, excellent meals, and first-class large 
& small conference/teaching rooms.  Some offer more 
economical twin rooms and triple berth rooms.

The excellent conference centre pictured below is very popular 
with our serious training clients and is only a short ride from  
Peak Activities'  own base, Rock Lea, in Hathersage. We will
be pleased to show you around  this  and similar centres if 
you book one of our events planning workshops and spend 
time with us discussing your needs in detail. Please note there 
is a charge for our planning workshops...which is fully refunded 
against any subsequent bookings.


Our event plannning workshop system is a great way 
to tap into our extensive local knowledge and discuss 
and plan your proposed event in fine detail with one 
of our most senior staff. Telephone us, talk to one 
of our consultants and we can e-mail you more details
if it's appropriate.

Don't just take our word for it ! Check out the following kind client 's
endorsements,  thank you notes & press and media comments.

Click on the cat if you have just a small party and just love your creature comforts....



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Offering an excellent range of group 
accommodation options combined with 
imaginative tailored management development 
courses ensures teams from quality conscious 
organisations such as Transco BG (pictured here) 
keep coming back to Peak Activities Ltd for 
follow-up courses - AND they kindly recommend 
us to their fellow teams and customers.





Accommodation prices for local conference centres and hotels start
from about UK £50 to £140 per day / delegate all inclusive. However,
there are cheaper deals sometimes available at weekends. If you share
twin rooms it is often very cheap to stay in local hotel's en suite rooms.

Our own centre Rock Lea offers a basic level of daytime facilities 
such as training rooms and is ideal informal groups of  8 to 16 people 
who  wish to keep down their overall costs. By staying in low cost 
accommodation such as a local inn or guest house B&B and then use 
our modest meeting rooms during the day.

Training Tuition & Bureaux Services are charged extra in all our usual
accommodation options.

Variables such as bar bills, wine bills, newpapers and telephone calls, etc.
are to be paid on the day of departure direct to the accommodation provider.





We know that time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted.... 
so we like our customers to have a good look around a selection 
of suitable prospective training venues before deciding which to 
choose.  Call us to set up a suitable meeting.

Inspection visits can be combined with an initial meeting at our
offices in Hathersage to discuss your training needs with us. 
Such visits are offered to bone fide decision makers who have 
budgets and who have the authority to book events with us.

Once we know exactly what you're looking for and how much 
you're willing to invest, we will be pleased to make some
suggestions and (better still) show you around the most 
suitable options available on the dates you've specified.


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