Orienteering, Hillcraft & Map Skills Tuition....

Peak Activities provides friendly expert orienteering instruction and tuition
all the year around in the
Peak District and in the Tyrol for private groups,
for individuals, corporate hospitality & for training organisations.

ORIENTEERING..orienteering compass...

As featured on BBC television............. What exactly is the sport of Orienteering ?

Orienteering on foot for corporate groups in the Peak District National Park
Orienteering with Mountain Bikes or Cycles in Derbyshire's Peak District.
Extreme Orienteering : N
ight orienteering experience in Derbyshire.
Orienteering underground in the Peak National Park's underworld.
Opportunities for individuals wanting to orienteer with Peak Activities Ltd.
Arranging team building days with Orienteering for private groups & organisations
Orienteering competitions to raise funds for charities.





Trailquests & Orienteering

All year around, Peak Activities Ltd runs lots of different
kinds of sessions of Orienteering events for visiting groups
of adults and for youngsters groups visiting the Peak District.
Orienteering involves the use of maps & compasses plus lots
of different kinds of clues to plan & find one's way around
villages, pine-fringed reservoirs, along scenic rivers or over
the challenging high moorland tops overlooking our centre
in the charming peakland village of Hathersage.
ORIENTEERING Chocolates and champagne - copyright Peak Activities Ltd.....
Chocolates and champagne may be two of the most
unlikely training tools you'll ever use....but they work
well to get mixed aged, mixed fitness teams to get
totally involved & wrapped up in what they're doing
during our tried and proven corporate events.
In Derbyshire we encompass ( aaargh ! ) several different
grades of orienteering - from basic tuition involving half day
sessions to full blown inter-team challenge events, team building
days and adventure racing weekends for fit, super competitive
We offer orienteering on foot ( your can choose easy walking
courses or running around type events ) and orienteering on
mountain bikes. Inter-team competitions are regulalry arranged
for our corporate orienteering customers. Make it as easy or as
hard as you wish. If unsure what would be best call us and we'll
steer you in the right direction ( aaargh !!!).
We specialise in mixed age, mixed fitness courses which allow
people of varying levels of fitness and stamina to work in teams
and successfully achieve team goals in a set time. Orienteering
can be combined with carefully planned and resourced business
games for groups wanting to test the cerebral strengths and
weaknesses of their team without testing people's actual
physical prowess or fitness. People in wheelchairs can take
very successfully part in many of our orienteering team challenges
treasure hunts. Our most extreme orienteering courses involve
using aerial photos and maps and radios to find your way on foot
or on mountain bikes across trackless and featureless moorlands
at night !
Orienteering is quite distinct and separate from our very
popular inter-team
treasure hunts and trail quest challenges.



Orienteering is a popular activity too on both our "open weekends"
and on our training programmes for private groups and companies.
Variants can also be used very cost-effectively for corporate hospitality
purposes and team challenge "jolly days" out for people of all ages
and levels of fitness.
The great news too is that Orienteering is one of our lowest
cost activities on offer with Peak Activitikes Ltd, so you can
combine it with one of our
many other activity sessions to
put together a really
worthwhile ( but not too expensive )
day out for your group. It's a nice
way to unwind at the end
of a busy weekend or mid-week
training event too. Set your
own pace and you don't need
to worry about your party
having mixed levels of fitness or motivation !
Orienteering is easy - you don't need an A-Level in maths
or geography to do quite well on our basic inter-team
orienteering challenges.
Prizes for our orienteering winners
Click to see sample prices for groups of 6 to 100 people.
      Hi Iain,
      Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for the
      inter-team orienteering competition last week.
      Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues
      who helped as well. We had had great feedback
      from everyone as they all really enjoyed the
      activities and the way you led the session.





GPS Orienteering............
Pete Brookes is one of Peak Activities Ltd's
enthusiastic orienteering tutors. Here he's using
a Garmin E TrexGPS to lay out
and cross-check
the accuracy
of an orienteering course we designed
for an
inter-team challenge event for one of our
clients' colleagues from BP. You can now
book onto a GPS training weekend we have
designed for individuals. Click for details.
easy short sessions with no long distances to more
 epic challenges crossing trackless and featureless
moorlands  to find your lunch waiting at a nice "middle 
of nowhere" pub !

Organising top quality Coporate Away Days and Orienteering
Competitions for Companies in the Peak District has been our
 speciaity for many years !  We now have orienteering in the 
Alps too on snow shoes, on skis and using skidoos. Clients.

Orienteering here has been featured on BBC television
including BBC Look North, BBC2's Breakaway Programme,
the 11th Hour & on Ian Wright's I'll Do Anything priogramme.
Click to go to the bottom of this page if you'd like more
detailed information on what Orienteering is & how it works.
Bike orienteering
Orienteering on bikes can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Iain ,

All involved in the Orienteering Competition - including
Adrian our sales director - said it
had been an excellent
event, so thanks very much. We'll be talking to you again!

All the best,

Wayne Gwilym , Human Resources Director - ROCKWOOL ( July 2006 ).
Dear Iain

Just a quick note to thankyou and all involved at
Peak Activities for a great afternoon. Everyone thoroughly
enjoyed themselves... although I think there were some
aching limbs on Tuesday morning !

I hope our paths will cross again some time in the future
until then good luck. Thanks for photo... will use it in our
in-house magazine

Kind regards,

Lorraine Scott
Wall Systems Manager - ROCKWOOL.

.....Nordic Walking

Our various Treasure Hunts and inter-team Orienteering
Competitions for mixed age parties are a speciality.
Prices in the low season for simple sessions range
from just £49 to £129 + vat per person - depending on number
in the party and event duration and other service level agreement
variables - such as whether lunch is included and whether large meeting
rooms are needed for briefings and prize giving ceremonies, etc.
Corporate Orienteering - copyright...
If you are organising a corporate inter-team
orienteering or a company treasure hunt we
will be pleased to supply you with prizes such
as chocolates and sparkling wines or champagne
for the winners.
We can also arrange certificates for your winners
and runners up, plus prizes such as T-shirts,
compasses & sweatshirts. Just phone us on
01433-650345 to discuss anything you may
have in mind.
Click for endorsements and thank you notes from some of our customers.
Of course if you want to spend more money and want
to mix into the session the use of helicopters and so on
.....we also offer somewhat more lavish sessions for our
better off clients !
underground orienteering
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance ! A group
preparing to set off on an underground trip checks their route
with their instructor using a 3 dimensional caving map.
A popular choice for one-day team builds is to combine an
orienteering session with us in, say, the morning, with another
activity in the afternoon after a nice lunch...why not combine a
session of orienteering with a session of caving or mountain-
biking or abseiling with us ? Less adventurous groups or parties
with a limited budget may prefer a treasure hunt or a gorge walk.
Click to go to the bottom of this page if you'd like lots of
information on what Orienteering is and how it works.
Using a map and compass underground !
Orienteering at Rock Lea sometimes can involve finding
your way around unusual environments such as caves
and disused mines.
Night orienteering is classed by our centre as an extreme sport.
We only offer this to reasonably fit and active groups.
Please call us on 01433-650345 to discuss possibilities further.
girl orienteering
A French delegate enjoying an orienteering session
during an internatonal team building event which we
organised in Hathersage for BP Chemicals recently.



With over 27 years experience, our chartered training
professionals have developed tried and tested sessions
and special training exercises that can be run as skills
transfer elements, or as inter-team competitions.
Other options include team challenges where different
syndicates work together ( or in spite of each other ! )
to get a task done in an specified time. Orienteering
"business planning" games are especially popular and
offer great opportunities for problem-solving,
decision-making and leadership development training.

"Trailquest" is our special form of orienteering using
our centre's own fleet of mountain-bikes and minibuses
and hilarious cryptic clues to plan and get around a choice
of easy, challenging or much more strenuous trails. It's a
cross between orienteering and a Treasure Hunt, and
as mentioned esarlier we can also weave into the mix some
quite exciting additional activities such as helicopter
transfers, caving challenges, and high ropes problems
problem solving and so on.
trail quest
A busman's holiday ? A map and compass exercise for a group of
cyclists from
the Ordnance Survey....which was very well received.
Click to see sample prices for groups of 6 to 100 people.
If necessary we can tailor a themed Treasure Hunts or
Trailquest events just for you. For example, we can tailor
special routes or a bespoke set of clues just for your sales
conference, business meeting or training programme.
For example, when a medical equipment company wanted
a unique event to entertain a coach load of people including
their managing director and sales managers, we were approached
to put together a treasure hunt themed around the healer
"Aesculapius" from mythology...closely linked to the
company's logotype. We also included questions designed
to simulate discussions on product knowledge.
See case study comments.


Click for details of our multiactivity weekends
in the Peak National Park for individuals
which include sessions of orienteering....
nordic walkers
A jolly group enjoying a simple fun session Orienteering
up on the moors at the rear of our popular base Rock Lea.

Click for dates and prices of some of our open
events open to the public which include orienteering...


At Rock Lea, the choice is yours.
Phone us on 01433-650345 to set up
an off-the-shelf event or to arrange
something unique & special for your
team !

If you are looking for something especially challenging and different
to test your team's propblem solving and decision-making skills,
why not try going around one of our moorland orienteering courses
in the dark ? All participants are given a rigourous safety briefing
and equipped with radios and headlights and other safety equipment.
Groups who have enjoyed this most unusual team experience have
included parties from the Visit Heart of England Tourist Board, Bosch,
Powergen and TXU.
bike orienteers
Modern Apprentices from an aerospace
company during a training week with us.
Click here please to see possibilities for treasure
hunts and orienteering on our fleet of bikes. You can
combine a session of orienteering with a treasure hunt
or a session of, say abseiling after lunch , for a great low
cost team build day.
A group of very keen map and compass trainees from Licolnshire Police Constabulary
photographed during a break on the summit ridge below Mam Tor on their four day
residential course tailored for their leaders Mossy and Vanessa - who've brought groups
of their cadets to Rock Lea many times before. The flat featureless upland plateau of
Kinder Scout which can be seen in the background, is where we can carry out advanced
navigation training with such groups.
We've often been asked to tailor special events for groups
of people wanting to learn or improve their navigation or
map and compas skills. Click here to go to our page on
tailored events for such parties or phone us on 01433-650345
please for more details.
Our new 2 day weekend GPS course for wanting to learn
how to use
hand held walkers' global positioning satellite
receivers to steer your way safely over remote,
& featureless terrain.
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Moorland orienteering course...walking with sticks


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Orienteering is an increasingly popular and healthy
sport for all ages which combines easy map reading and
compass skills to find your way from checkpoint to
checkpoint whilst gathering points as you move from
control to control. Anybody can do it with a few minutes
safety briefing and basic instruction.
Orienteering at places such as Rock Lea can be done
in woodlands and forests, over high plateaus or
across dales and moorlands. You use your brain
and skills to pick your way - so it's not always
the fastest team that wins an orienteering competition
and picks up the glittering prizes ! Sometimes referred
to as "Cunning Running" at competition level, this
is a misnomer....as some of the best sessions of orienteering
we've run over the last 20 years have always been at easy
walking pace - and have therefore allowed people of mixed
ages and mixed fitness to take part and win just as easily
as those from the same party who want to run around a
course. For that reason you'll find that we are very strong
enthusiasts fro orienteering. You definitely don't need to be
super fit to take part. People with bad backs and even
pregnant women have won orienteering competitions
here in the past. Moreover, as the maps are easy to read
you don't need an A-Level in Geography to avoid getting
lost !
Orienteering is sport which can be learned and enjoyed
by people of all ages. At Rock Lea Activity Centre we are
very enthisiastic about sports such as Orienteering or
Volleybal which can be learned fairly quickly and then
studied and enjoyed at a more advanced stage for the
rest of your life. There are orienteering courses for
all ages and abilities, so unfit
adults and youngsters
can enjoy this sport just as well
as Lycra-clad athletes !
Of course if you do a lot of orienteering you may get
fitter and become a Lycra clad athlete in time !
The Governing Body for this Sport is the British
Orienteering Federation. The BOF has a great
web site and we would highly recommend you look
attheir site if wanting to become a Club Member or
an advanced skills athlete.
BOF: Welcome To British Orienteering An Adventure Sport For All
The official site of the governing body for the United Kingdom
provides information about the sport, news, events, fixtures, history,
and rankings,


Clubs - www.britishorienteering.org.uk/asp/makepage.asp?PID=CLUBS
The maps used for orienteering are usually specially
surveyed and then drawn up with standardised
orienteering symbols. Commonly used scales are
1:10,000... 1;15,000 and 1:20,000. Aerial photographs
and simplified maps drawn especially to make your
initial orineteering experiences successful are also
used by Rock Lea's staff sometimes.
Usually the contours on Orienteering maps are
shown at about 5 to 7.5 metres
You will be handed a control card and a
and a description of the route's controls. You'll
also need map cases, waterproof pencils and emergency
equipment. At Rock Lea when we are working in teams,
syndicates may also be given a number of walkie-talkies,
additional information, aerial photographs (as well as or
instead of maps) and other useful team equipment such
as safety gear and first aid kits to assist
the team get a
round the chosen course and tackle the
problems of
navigating around the event successfully
getting as
many points as possible in the least time.
If you like Orientering (and lots of our guests really say
they were realy pleasantly surprised at much they enjoyed
being out together orienteering around the local moors
and dales) you may wish to join a club and compete at
increasingly different levels. Some clubs and centres such
as Rock Lea will often use different colours of map to denote
different grades of difficulty of course. You can start at
Wayfinders level (easy) using white and yellow maps until
you have the increased confidence to try harder Badge and
Championship events with harder maps (blue and brown
and green grade).
Difficulty of course is not necessarily a function of distance
and time spent out and about. Some of the hardest events
we have at Rock Lea are quite short in terms of both time
and distance - whilst easier, more rambling routes might take
longer to do and be much less taxing and more relaxing.
The choice is yours and group organisers will be asked
what sort of a course they want if they book orienteering
as part of their programmes.
Some competitions go in sequence, following controls in
a strict order. Others are "score events" where there is
no set order and you have to decide where to go when.
At the finish you're usually timed and the score adjusted
if you're late back. In score events the handicap system
is a little more complex. Results are usually announced
as soon as evryone comes back - or often better still, in
our case, back at a local pub or inn !
If this information has been useful to you please let us know.
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Phone us please for details of our arranging an
exciting night orienteering session for your party
using headlights and state of the art GPS equipment.


Please telephone us today on 01433-650345 to check dates availability & to make your individual or group booking.
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