Bike Orienteering & Cycle based Treasure Hunts
based in Derbyshire's Peak District National Park.

The staff at Rock Lea Activity Centre in Hathersage in the accessible heart of
the Peak District National Park have been successfully designing & running
unique inter-team treasure hunt competitions and mountain bike based
orienteering contests for teams for over 25 years now. Hathersage is very easy
to get to by road or railway and the countryside around our base is beautiful
and ideal for cycling safaris and competitive Trailquest inter-team challenges.

For people who have not sat astride a bike for a while you'll be peased that the
instructors at Rock Lea are patient and kind and the hills are reasonably gentle
too. Many of the trails we use are farly flat and traffic free too.


Our bike events are professionally organised, safe and enjoyable means of
entertaining groups of between 5 to 150 people - with the participants working
in teams sized and structured carfefully beforehand in consultation with our
client. If you want to mix and match people from 10 work functions then it would
be logical to plan the event so that folks are working together in teams of ,say
ten or more.

Peak Activities Ltd's bike based team challenges will usually involve a degree
of problem-solving, planning, joint decision-making, and teamwork. They are
fairly light-hearted events - and not to be confused with the much more serious
team training or treamwork development exercises that are involved in our
company's more sophisticated team building programmes. As our MD said the
other day "Anybody elsewhere who tries to tell you that a half day bike based
treasure hunt will vastly improve your team's effectiveness is having laugh or
insulting your intelligence."

Click here please if you looking for serious training rather than lighthearted entertainment.

You can choose to book a full day treasure hunt with us - or a four hours
session. Sessions run either before or after a lunch at a local inn or at our
centre. We start each session with a short plenary safety briefing and a
clear & comprehensive explanation of how the competition is going to be
run and marked.

Scroll down or telephone 01433-650345 for more information.

As featured on ITV Television's EDIT FIVE and BBC television's 11th Hour Programmes. Click on images for details.

Price guide :

Prices for parties of 12 or more start at as little as £99 + vat per day. Prices vary according to the
duration of your booking, the size of your party & whether you're coming in the low or high season.

We have special reductions for groups of students ( with NUS cards ) and organisations such as
scouts. There may be additional charges for our collecting clienst from local airports or railway
stations or from their hotels. Prices will also vary if you dewcide to combine a bike based event
with some other activbity here - such as booking a morning of biking followed by an afternoon of
caving, sailing or abseiling.

Our treasure hunts on mountain bikes and our cycle based treasure hunts in
the Peak Park are suitable for all ages over 16, all abilities and fitnesses. They
are very carefully set up... and perhaps most and important they are totally tried
and tested with no doubt that they'll amuse, entertain and benefit the groups
which use this popular service. These treasure hunts are not available from
any other supplier - and for most of our groups comprising under 100 people
we will only use our own fleet of mountain bikes and hybrid cycles. These are
well maintained and fully supported by our mechanics who are equipped with
minibuses which can deliver and collect bikes from any safe local roadside
location...allowing replacement bikes to be more or less instantly delivered
in the unlikely event of a puncture or breakdown. This is much quicker than
getting covered in grease struggling to try to fix a puncture yourself ! We do
issue tools to clients who want to carry a bike pump or a spare inner tube with
them...but it is so much quicker to phone or radio through for another bike of
the same size and type.

Clients who have used our mountain bikes for their corporate entertainment and training
events in the Peak District include Astra Zeneca, AVIVA, Avon Cosmetics, Robert Bosch GmbH,
Barclays Bank, Capital One, Johnson & Johnson, Land Rover, NHS, Marks & Spencer, the RAF,
Sainsbury, Smith & Nephew, Rolls Royce, and many others over the last 25 years.


Like all of the many other outdoor activities and team building events
on offer with Peak Activities Ltd., our inter-team bike orienteering
contests and cycle based team treasure hunts are fully insured by
our insurance scheme offering you £5 million Public and Third Party
Liability cover.

To put a large number of cyclists safely on bikes you need a relatively large
number of bikes and helmets available - otherwise you end up putting small
people on bikes which are far too big - and vice versa...which is a safety issue.

When booking our services you are assured that all your participants will get
a correctly sized bike and the correctly sized safety helmet and will be safe.
We rarely book in more than one group per day to make sure that we always
have enough bikes and helmets of various sizes to fit our clients.

It is a very strict requirement that ALL our customers wear a cycling helmet
when out on our bikes. The only exception is for Sikhs who may wish to wear
their turbans as the law and our insurance company permits. We will also
expect our clients to turn up free of excessive alcohol and to stick to the
suggested mountain bike trails, avoiding any dangerous unauthorised routes.

Sensible stag groups and hen groups are welcome, providing they're OK with
our safety guideliens and rules. We're not joking when we say safety here is
really important to us. If a stag group wants to do really tough extreme biking
and bring our bikes or themselves back in bits we really would rather they went
somewhere else.

Need a coach to get your group here to your event at Rock Lea ? Ask us for help.

Top tips if booking a cycle event for a team :

You can cycle in almost any weather except snow & ice. Don't write
off the possibility of having a great team event in the winter time.
It is often a lot nicer to be out and about in the Peak District in the
colder months, but the daylight can be shorter in the afternoons...
so consider having an early start in say November or December.

You won't get your shoes laces trapped in the front chainset teeth
if you have velcro type flaps or fastenings without laces showing.

Cyclists are always much more comfortable if they wear gloves.
We can provide gloves if you ask us to. We also provide drinking water.
If you want us to order in energy drinks etc. let us know beforehand.

You don't need a chamois leather gusset to enjoy cycling at Rock Lea
but it helps if you have a lightweight rainproof and windproof jacket
which you can stuff in a jacket or bag.

It is rather naive to expect anybody to learn to ride a bike here if they
have not learned to do so already. Choose another activity rather than
expecting somebody in your group who is a poor rider to struggle on a
bike and risk an accident when they are tired or stressed.

We have mountain bike simulator which is very useful for training people
how to change the gears on a bike if the gear shifts are not like they one
they are used to using.

People can get a tad muddy or moist cycling in and aroud the Hope Valley.
Make sure you bring along a towel or a load of wipes, spare shoes and some
spare thing to change into afterwards. We have 2 showers guests can use at
Rock Lea - but large groups won't have time to use our limited facilities and will
need to consider hiring extra changing & washing facilities if they feel it is
essential for them all to change in ashort period of time...such as a couple of
en suite rooms in te hotel or inn we may be based at.

Don't expect a centre like Rock Lea which employs qualified staff and
provides insurance, exclusive minibus support, spare bikes delivery, and
arranges coach transport, meals at inns in private function rooms, etc. to be
as cheap as a shop that simply hires out bikes.

If legal parents / guardians are not present as well, it is a Criminal Offence to
take under 18's off mountain biking into really remote countryside a long way
from help unless trhey are under the aegis of AALA Licensed operators such as




Any questions ?

Please call Caroline or Iain on 01433-650345 to check AVAILABLE dates
and to check out if we feel that a cycle based event would be best for what
you are trying to achieve and do.


Perfect for mixed age, mixed fitness parties wanting a safe, enjoyable inter-team event that everyone can get into...

Peak Activities Ltd.,
Rock Lea Activity Centre,
Station Road,
Hathersage Village,
The Hope Valley,
The Peak District National Park,
Derbyshire, England, S32 1DD.

Tel. 01433-60345