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In England, Peak Activities Ltd. organises sports events for private groups,
low cost outdoor activity weekends for individuals, team builds for corporate
corporate team events & experiential development training courses.
Some of our senior staff also have an international reputation in the field of
using indoor &
outdoor training to accelerate management skills development.

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All year round from our base in the accessible village of Hathersage
Peak Activities Ltd runs a wide raneg of events in the heart of the UK's
fabulous Peak
National Park's Hope Valley. Here clients can make the
most of
their visit
to the premier UK National Park. The Peak Park is one
of the two most
visited national parks in the world and it was the first
national park to be
established in England and Wales. It is an internationally
renowned area
of diverse and very attractive upland scenery.
Peak Activities Ltd's other european base for outdoor pursuits & development
is in the Wilderkaisergebirge of the Austrian Tyrol close to the Hohe
National Park and the glaciers and snow fields of the Grossglockner.
We also use the UK's Lake District National Park and the Snowdonia
National Park in North Wales for some of our other training programmes.
Whilst much of our work in the Peak District National Park Park is with
organised groups using our expertise for team building and team
development purposes, we also run a very popular, wide range of
outdoor instruction events open to individuals in the Peak District.
These "OPEN" outdoor pursuits and outdoor adventure products and
training services have often been featured on national and on
international television programmes.
Team Building Courses in the Peak National Park, Derbyshire.
Management Development in the Peak District National Park.



The Peak District is easy to reach by rail or road from all parts of the UK...
There is a list of local Tourism Informnation Centres (TIC's) and
other useful numbers at the foot of this page for people seeking
local accommodation.



Rock Climbing & Abseiling Weekend courses 
     with Peak Activities Ltd in the Peak District.

Caving Instruction & Potholing Weekends at Rock Lea 
     Activity Centre - our base in the Peak National Park.

Abseiling in the UK's Peak District National Park.

Multisports Activity Weekends in the Peak District National Park.


Click for maps & travel information showing
how to get to our accessible base in Hathersage.


Outlined below is some of the Peak Park's history,
something of the park's varied landscape types
& notes on the Peak District Charter ( an agreement
by local outdoor instruction centres and providers
to conserve & protect the local countryside
which is both our joy and inspiration).
Today the Peak Park is the 2nd most visited national park
in the world (second only to Mt. Fuji in Japan). This is
partly due to the excellent road & railway links to places
such as our village of Hathersage from all over the UK.
Recently we've welcomed visitors on training courses
and leadership and management development courses
for firms from Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Poland
Italy, Holland, France and the USA.


See our "NEWS page for details of some great late bookings offers 
for groups from Peak Activities Ltd's Rock Lea Activity Centre.



The Peak District National Park (click for map) was
established in 1951 and was Britain's first ever National
Park established to conserve the landscape, maintain local
employment & help educate and inspire visitors. Interestingly
enough the legislation setting up the park never mentioned
leisure but today the park is a focal point for all sorts of
"recreational" activities in the strictest sense of the word.
The leisure and recreation sector of the economy is now a
big employer of people within this part of teh UK.
If anything the park is now a huge playground for all sorts
of outdoor pursuits, much loved and appreciated by its
many visitors. Peak Activities runs lots of different kinds
of outdoor activities for groups large and small visiting us
here in the National Park.
In many respects the Peak Park was a National Park set up
where one was most needed. Surrounded by the huge conurbations
of the Midlands & Northern England, in the immediate post war
years there was pressure to build houses, factories and other ribbon
developments in and around this area, including an ironworks in Edale !
We are under one hour's travel from major towns and cities such as
Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Derby, Nottingham. Sheffield is only
30 minutes away.  Many people come here from Birmingham and
the West Midlands ( 90 minutes drive away ) too. As you can imagine
the Peak Park's beautiful landscape was, is and will be under pressure
from visitors wanting to come and enjoy this wonderful varied set of

The Peak Park today comprises c. 555 square miles of high, sombre 
gritstone crags and moorlands, a rolling limestone plateau, reef limestone 
canyons, and spectacular limestone Dales.  We also have lots of
superb caves and caverns,  gorges to explore and great stretches of
scenic impounded water surrounded by pine trees.  The area is a walker's
paradise and a box of delights for the outdoors enthusiast.

To date the planners have successfully kept out unwanted intrusions 
such as tall electricity pylons, advertising hoardings, massive factories, 
and so on.   The area falls within several administrative areas, including 
the Derbyshire Dales, the High Peak and the Staffordshire Moorlands, 
but through planning regulations the whole is unified under
the aegis of the Peak Park Planning Authority based in Bakewell. 

Recently attempts have been made to try to centralise the promotion
of the facilities and attractions of the area using a unified destination
management scheme.  However, compared with the excellent DMS 
systems we've been using in Austria for many years, the Derbyshire
DMS still appears to have a long way to go.  For example, several
attempts to produce a "comprehensive" guide to the area have been
attempted since the internet was born - but to date there are still lots 
of web sites ( including this one ) whichj don't link up with one another 
properly as far as the customer ( the prospective visitor ) is concerned.

We would like to hear from people who may wish to set up better 
reciprocal web links.






Caring for a Living Landscape...


Rock Lea is a signatury to the the 1997 PEAK CHARTER (see bottom of
this page for more details), undertaking to conduct all outdoor our activities
in a manner becoming an environmentally aware and sensitive centre.
Since our managing director is an ecologist and a Doctor of Forestry &
Natural Resources Management, our centre's team is acuterly aware of
the need to run activities in a "green" way. We have a long standing
commitment to the maintenance of the continuing, long term sustainability
of the resource bases which make the Peak National Park such a marvellous
place to visit and to work in. We try to leave only footsteps and only take
away photographs !

An excellent base for outdoor pursuits...


Within a two mile radius of our
centre in Hathersage in the Hope Valley
there are no less than five excellent rock-climbing
& scrambling crags, spectacular gorges
& rivers for walks, and unbroken miles
of high moorland escarpments.
Within a ten miles radius there are many
wonderful limestone caverns & potholes...
...with more spectaular walking up above
ground too...plus heaps of great moorland
and lowland mountain bike trails many of
which run alongside wonderful pine-fringed
reservoirs surrounded by rolling hills.
The mighty and wild moorland plateaus of
Kinder Scout and Bleaklow form a massive
wilderness backdrop to the Hope Valley -
our valley of delights - and here at the start
of the Pennine Way you'll find some of the
toughest walks across remote, trackless
upland terrain to be found anywhere
in the UK. Add the close proximity of
disused railway viaducts for abseiling,
gliding-airfields, old lead mines for
underworld exploring, and our extensive
hill sheep farm estate for management training,
problem-solving sessions, & team building
exercises and for orienteering .
To sum up, the Peak Park is one of the most
varied & accessible landscapes in which we can
base a fabulous range of challenging outdoor
programmes for the fit - and less strenuous
activities for those who are not-so-fit !
Best of all, it's so easy to get there from all
parts of the UK and from overseas.
Photo : Exploring high on edge of the Kinder Scout plateau
which is just a short drive away from our base in Hathersage !
We often run guided walks for clients over this spectacular
plateau which is potentially hazardous for those who can't navigate.


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Links to other Peak National Park web sites....

External link to Peak Park Authority's official website.

Link to more comprehensive guides & a comprehensive  website on facilities
and facts and news about nearby  Sheffield and the accessible Peak District
 National Park.  Click for link to Chevinside.com which contains information on 
rock climbing and the Peak District National Park.
An excellent, lavishly illustrated guide to the Peak National Park and local accommodation
is provided by Cressbrook Multi-Media's website.

Another website offering commercial advertisements with lots of ideas of where to stay
in local accommodation is the Peak District Accommodation and Tourist Guide 
[info@peakdistrict-nationalpark.com].  This also has ideas for local walks, balloon rides, etc.

If you are looking for self catering accommodation in the Peak District have a look at the
excellent service provided by Peak Cottages. Tel. 0114 262 0777.  


Local Tourist Information Centres ( TIC's ) are really helpful if 
you are looking for accommodation in the Peak National Park.
TIC's are located on the edge of and in the middle of the Peak
Park and some of these include :  - )
Ashbourne ..........01335-43666
Bakewell ............. 01629-813227
Buxton .................01298-5106
Castleton .............01433-620679
Derby ....................01332-290664
Edale ....................01433-670207
Glossop............... 045 74 5920
Macclesfield....... 01625-504114
Matlock ...............01629-55082
Ripley ..................01773-841482

We think these numbers are all current ! 

Please let us know on 01433-650345 if 
we have got any numbers wrong !


The Peak District Outdoor Charter :

As members of D.A.R.E. we were actively involved in the 
development of the Peak District Outdoor Charter, which 
seeks to establish & maintain high standards for managing 
groups in the Peak National Park and surrounding area. 
When leading groups in the Peak District we require all our 
staff to follow the conditions of the Charter which seeks to 
promote the sustainable use of the Peak District, and also 
minimise the impact of outdoor activities on the environment.

As a co-signatory to the Charter, Peak Activities Ltd promises :-

1)  As part of our leadership we will seek to actively encourage 
     everyone we meet to develop a respect for the landscape of the 
     Peak National Park, its wildlife and people.

2)  We will minimise damage to sites and disturbance to wildlife.
3)  We will abide by access and coutryside legislation, and by local agreements.
4)  We will show consideration for fellow landowners and residents and to other
      users of the area.

5) When appropriate we will liaise closely with the National park
and with landowners over sites and the organisation of events.
6) We will promote awareness of the Charter and encourage others to 
consider adopting it.
7) When operating with Young people, all parties using the Peak District
should conform with the Activity Centres (Young Persons Safety) Act 1995.


Tel. 01433-650345

Fax. 01433-650342

See our "NEWS page for details of some great late bookings offers for groups.