Here in Derbyshire we have a saying that whilst they
can train up brilliantly clever sheep dogs we should
try to develop our people as well as train them !
We believe that true "training" is about developing skills and
experience and confidence and it's clearly all about changing
attitudes and /or behaviour patterns ( in a mutually agreeable
way ). Development is all about helping people recognise the
potential for change & continuous self-improvement in
themselves and others - plus doing things to bring about
such changes as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible
in partnership with their employers.
Lincolnshire Police Cadets during one of our residentials...
Properly planned and executed, professional
outdoor development training has a lot to offer
in the field of development for a number of reasons
mentioned elsewhere on this web site.
At Peak Activities Ltd we have a strong commitment
to the personal development of clients' individual
Courses are often preceded by our staff assisting
with personal training needs audits which can be
dovetailed into personal development planning
systems which may already be up and running at
We don't like running " standard courses " so our
preliminary work with delegates gets them involved
in the ownership of their own events - which we think
is only right & proper. Preliminary pre-course meetings
& confidential questionnaires provide our trainers with
a good idea of delegates perceived strengths and
shortcomings and allows us to make each course
relevant to the majority ( if not all ) of the people taking
part in training and development events with us...
...including the needs of more senior managers
and team leaders as and when appropriate.
Typical topics for development might include boosting
leadership process skills, such as listening, giving clear
directions, cross-checking colleagues' understanding
through Socratic questioning, reviewing performance
openly & constructively, conducting meetings, giving
presentations, time management, networking and many
other confidence and effectiveness-boosting qualities.
Often assumed to be the preserve of young people's
training,such soft and fluffy (that's even softer !) skills
often benefit older delegates just as much as they benefit
young graduates and apprentices !
Boosting the confidence of people so they adopt a more
"I can do it if I choose to" approach is something we're
told we excel at here in Hathersage. If so, we're very
pleased to be of service.

Above : Not all of our team projects are outdoors based.
Here's a small working party from a party of 16 technical
engineering apprentices from various Bosch factories in
Germany. They're spending two weeks with the Rock Lea
team getting to know each other better, developing their
English & their understanding of English customs, and
working on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects
to help build upon their existing leadership and team work
skills. Here they're finishing off engineering a fully operational
hydraulic model of a JCB as part of an egg-dropping and
catching competition, which their larger team and they
managed to complete in record time & under budget.
The varied programmes we evolved for Bosch apprentices
over a period of five years was highly successful and lots of
fun for all concerned. Varied tasks involved a blend of
engineering and outdoor pursuits skills - such as assessing
the engineering and practical uses & limitations of various
rope braking devices for applications such as mountain
rescue stretcher lowering, organising a day trip to Whitby
to allow our guests to sample and report back on the
technical qualities of Yorkshire fish & chips at their finest ,
and about 30 other very varied tasks !
It was clear from post course evaluations held with us in
the UK and in Stuttgart that everyone involved up to Bosch
director level felt the apprentices had packed an enormous
amount of useful skills learning and time for reflection on their
careers into so short a time. We're always delighted to assist
companies such as Bosch which are true investors in their
people. See "Weiterbilding"
Over the years we have been asked to help design and run
many development training programmes for organisations
as diverse as the United States Air Force, Avon Cosmetics,
Digital, Kelloggs, Transco, Norwich Union Healthcare,
Birmingham Cable & Lucas Aerospace. We've evolved an
impressive repertoire of tried and trusted training resources
and modules which are waiting in our toolkit to help our next
customers if appropriate.
We design new exercises and programmes when needed,
such as the "product launch" below, which was for a
multidisciplinary group that wanted reviews to help them
grasp the nettle of departments not co-ordinating their work.
All the parts of the rocket had to be in place after a moorland
search for the components before assembly and blast off and
the measurement of the rocket's performance on farmland
we rent. We reckon 0- to 600 mph in 10 seconds within an
hour of being given the task was quite reasonable ! Only a
few of the group started off the exercises believing the two
metre thing would actually fly... but watching it go on it's
way to take some stunning aerial photographs was a pleasant
surprise for the team ! Imagine the groups' euphoria at such
obvious success...
Careful, sensitive post-exercise reviews are crucial to the
success of each outdoor or indoor training task we undertake.
We will be pleased to outline Peak Activities specially evolved
review systems when you meet with us.




If you feel we might be able to help boost or lift off some aspect of your
team's performance, please call our Training & Development Division
on 01433-650345 to discuss any specific ideas you may have !