Advanced caving & potholing trips for fitter cave enthusiasts...


Once a month Peak Activities Ltd run events down caves with one or more
vertical sections or steep pitches requiring safety ropes, abseiling, etc.
( this vertical aspect defines a potholing trip ). These trips are ideal for those
who are fairly adventurous and are not for the faint heated. They are led by
our most experienced associates such as Tony Kendall ( a County Caving
Advisor) and John Thomas, Steve Pope, Dave Baines and Alan Robinson.
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Serious potholing is strenuous and is not for the unfit !
Everything you need is provided, including waterproof suits,
wellington boots, hard hats, Oldham Lamps, spare lights, teas
and coffees, etc.
If you're wriggling through cave passages you can expect to get
very scruffy and possibly moist but you'll have a great experience !
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beginners weekends open to individuals, couples & 
small parties.


We specialise in bespoke events for exclusive parties all year round. Call us if you want to arrange a private potholing trip or a multisports event for your group from work, social club, stag group or and hen group.


We also run events and assessments for aspirant instructors from time to time...


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Whilst most of our centre's basic activities are for complete novices,
our adults advanced trips are only for those who are reasonably fit
and enthusiastic and confident about being in some fairly tight and
claustrophobic places. These are often a long way from the cave
entrance so our normal fitness guidelines do not apply for extreme
events ! Such popular trips can only be undertaken safely in small
groups with two or more of Peak Activities' staff supervising.
All activities are fully insured.
It's been very difficult in recent months getting liability insurance for
potholing and caving. If you are shopping around for caving suppliers
our advice is to make sure the providers have adequate CURRENT
insurance in place.
We do not take youngsters into tight or frightening sections of caves
unless they've undergone a careful series of preparatory training sessions.
Most underground abseiling and ladder climbing is similarly prefaced by
above ground training sessions to build up clients confidence and experience.


Some advanced cavers enjoying a beer
and some daylight out in the Plough Inn's
beer garden on the edge of our village.
Going for a drink and a meal together is a
good way to forge friendships and round off
a good day exploring deep underground !




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BBC1 and BBC2 television programmes "Breakout" & " 11th Hour "

...and by hundreds of delighted individual and corporate clients !


Corporate hospitality company director,
Rachel Kabra wrote the following commenmts
after a tough follow up caving trip with our
instructors Tony, John & Carole : -
"Thank you and your team once again for a
totally exhilerating & enjoyable weekend.
Grateful thanks in particular to Carole for
her seemingly endless patience with (unfit)
me, and to John for calmly helping me through
near physical and mental breakdown in the cave !
After that, running my company is going to seem
like a piece of cake !"
Rachel Kabra, Director, Red Letter Days.

Just a few of our team of team of caving instructors, all of whom have been working
at Rock Lea with Peak Activities Ltd for over 10 years. Steve Pope (3rd left) is one of
our caving technical advisors who has a first class certificate of competence as an
HM Mines Inspector.
Rock Lea has a reputation for not being the cheapest place you can go
caving, but we're one of the best for safety and value. Basically we just
won't cut corners with staffing ratios. We do supply more supervisory
staff than many other providers. In situations like the tight squeeze
illustrated above, however, we firmly believe that having plenty of tutors
helping you from in front and behind you seems a good idea ! If you ask
a qualified Member of the Institute of Purchasing & Supply such as Peter
here, he'll probably concur that down in the cave, price-cutting pales into
insignificance compared with the level of service and safety standards being
applied by our tutors !
Tony Kendall and Iain Jennings....
Company Directors Iain Jennings (left ) and Tony Kendall (Caving Director ) right.
Pete Brookes in a tight part of Giant's Hole......
Photo (above) Peter Brookes MCIPS, is one of Peak Activities
longest-serving part-time climbing & caving instructors. Here Pete's
helping lead an adult group on an open course through a tight section
down England's deepest cave, which is just 18 minutes drive from
We run advanced and intermediate courses for over 18's almost
every month throughout the year. These are events open to members
of the public. The trips can also be booked by stag groups,
corporate groups, etc.
Below : Maria, one of our enthusiastic first-time cavers descending
a ladder pitch in a section of the deepest cave system in England
- located close to our centre Rock Lea. On such trips we use folding
Electron ladders protected by multiple resin bolt-belayed lifelines.
Great fun if you're reasonably fit and willing to have a go at something
a little more strenuous than a day watching the telly ! Peter (above) is
one of the many instructors at Rock Lea who has come up through the
ranks from our client base. Many caving and climbing training
courses later he's a Euiain Jones qualified mountain rescue first aider,
an SPSA instructor and highly trained & experienced cave instructor.
When he's not climbing & caving & mountain biking with us, Peter is
an well known expert in the field of purchasing & benchmarking the
quality of nearly all of the UK's railway & automatic signalling
equipment. In a way Peter's a good example of the "culture fit"
we experience here....people who appreciate quality and safety
and having a good time with fellow enthusiasts like to hang out
with us and join our fellowship !


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