Corporate Events Division :

Pony Trekking & Horse Riding for Groups ( n.b. not individuals * )

As from 2010 pony trekking and horse riding are sub-contracted
outdoor sessions which we regret are now
only available through
our office for groups of 6+ people
& only when booked with at least
two other outdoor pursuits
over 2 or more days in Derbyshire's Peak
District National Park. Our booking office regrets we can no longer
help with riding enquiries from individuals or small groups.

* Individuals wanting Tourist Information about riding need to contact one of
the free TIC's ( Tourist Information Centres ) listed at the foot of our
links page.

See key booking restrictions for group organisers.


photos : taken by Iain Jennings during informal team building & corporate fun visits run for Land Rover.

* Prices for corporate groups of 6+ people staying for two or more days start from £189 per person
including VAT. ( Groups of 6+ only ). We're sorry but Peak Activities Ltd. no longer offers riding
horses or ponies to individual clients or to non-residential groups visiting us for just a day.


STAG GROUP getting ready to go caving and potholing with the qualified caving instructors at Rock Lea Caving Centre, Hathersage.
A very good natured mixed age stag group pictured in our
yard at Rock Lea - our base where stag and hen groups can
leave their cars and valuables and clothes and get changed
and drink lots of tea after they return from their caving trip.
For people driving home afterwards it's nice to have the facility
of getting washed and showered after a muddy caving trip.


For each of the last 25 years Peak Activities staff have run successful
weekend hen groups & stag parties which have included sessions with : -

Abseiling ; Biking ; Caving ; Climbing ; Led-Walks & Hikes ; Orienteering ;
Pony Trekking : Roped Scrambling : Trailquests on Cycles : Treasure Hunts :


Pony riding high on the hills of the lovely Hope Valley & Edale

Trekking is a great way to experience the lovely countryside of
Hope Valley with friends old and new at a relaxing natural pace.

Hens & Stags Groups coming to the Peak District for two or more days of
outdoor activities with us can now explore Derbyshire's Peak National Park
astride a sure-footed pony as part of, say, your multisports hen
weekend package with Peak Activities - or as part of your 2 or 3 or
4-day mid-week corporate event with Peak Activities !


Like many of our sustainable, natural pursuits, this outdoor activity
is kind to the environment. You'll only take away fond memories
& photographs and you'll only leave behind the odd hoof print .
Most of the process is powered by grass which very green !

( oh... and any pony poo you leave behind will soon biodegrade naturally ! )



Peak Activities Ltd has been arranging novices' horse rides
and beginners pony treks in the Peak District since we started
riding around the Hope Valley in 1980.

These equestrian possibilities will be of interest to the organisers
Hen Groups ( groups of six or more people ) visiting our base in
accessible PeakDistrict National Park for two or more days.
They may also be of interest to some of our corporate customers
looking to vary their mid-week and weekend multiactivity packages
with us. Please note weight limits apply - so this activity may not be
suitable for prop forwards !



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FAQ : Iain, we only have one day for our activities on Saturday
...............or Sunday, please can you arrange for us to go riding ?

. .............
NO ! we are very sorry ! Unless you're booking 2 or more full days of
activities we cannot help you.If you call our office asking for help
we won't be able to help you.

FAQ Is any special riding experience or any gear needed for
these pony treks ?

.................NO ! Like many of our outdoor activities this is ideal for first timers !

However, you do need to be under 14 stones with a good sense of
humour and a willingness to make a friend of someone much bigger
than you who has four legs and an insatiable appetite for apples, Polo
Mints, carrots & grass ....and who has a brain like an an impish 6 or 7 year old !

The weight limit means that this activity may not be for you if you're a bunch
of strapping prop forwards ! In that case, we'll suggest you look at mountain
biking with uis - or maybe caving or orienteering.


FAQ : Iain, will we smell of horses after we've been riding ?

YES, you will !


FAQ : Iain, what's the difference between a horse & a pony ?

Generally a small mature horse ( under 14.2 hands high at the withers ) is
termed a pony ! Grown ups ride horses and more lightweight people ride
ponies ! Ponies have long been used for slow trekking over lovely mountain
scenery but they aren't big enough to gallop all day long carrying a big
18 stone man !

A pony may also be classified as a "breed member" but s/he may be bigger
than 14.2 hands. For example, "Simon", Iain's old Exmoor Pony, was 16+
hands high ( he needed to be big to carry Iain ! ) but he was still called a pony
by the vet and others who knew much more than I did about horses ( & ponies ! )
Also, some mature animals which are under 14.2 hands can enter horse trials.
It's a tad confusing, isn't it ?

More specifically, ponies are horse breeds which have specific temperaments
and physical conformations. Ponies are usually friendly and intelligent & quite
affectionate. Generally breeds of ponies have thicker manes, tails and coats as
well as proportionally shorter, stockier legs and heavier bones with wider barrels
and broader foreheads. Examples of pony breeds include Exmoors, Dartmoors,
Shetlands, New Forest Ponies, Welsh Ponies, etc. Small and medium-sized adults
can ride ponies - n ot just kids - because generally ponies are strong.

Some ponies you may have met might be described as devious or stubborn
or both...and some ponies can be quite naughty ! This is often because some
ponies are owned by young and / or inexperienced riders such as young
children who do not have the equestrian training skills or time to train out a
pon's acquired bad habits and undesirable pony behaviour. When we look at
potential suppliers of riding ponies for our customers, and carry out risk
assessments Peak Activities Ltd looks for well-schooled, sure-footed animals
which have a nice temperament and which been trained professionally by
experts. Some riding schools buy and sell beasts all the time, so may not
always supply the best schooled and best trained animals. We avoid using
such venues.

If you're not used to horses just remember they like carrots and other
bribes and they will pretend to be your friend for life if you have Polo Mints
or an apple in your pocket. However, the front end can bite and the back
end can kick ( hard !!! ) - so you need to be briefed about safety before
you rush into a yard full of other peoples' horses !

Interestingly enough, if you carry out a thorough review of UK accident
statistics falling off your horse is a MAJOR cause of accidents going
through hospital casualty departments... ( much more statistically
dangerous than say potholing per thousand man.hours of the activity ).

The height of the horse riders' accident season is in July and August
when children are on holiday at home from school. If booking pony treks
it is worth making sure that you're on a safe animal which is well managed
by your accompanying grooms. Having said that, don't forget you're sitting
astride a large beast with a brain equivalent to a naughty six or seven year
old child - so even steady horses and ponies can sometimes get excited by
traffic or even a polythene bag flapping around in a tree !

Wearing a special horse riding hard hat is essential in case you take a tumble.
One pony Iain used to ride used to ride often used to fall over mesmerized
( or so it seemed ) whilst looking up to watch hang gliders high up in the sky
whenever we were trekking along a local ridge ...but Gnasher was a rather
odd horse anyway - so that's another story !

If you can avoid traffic on roads when pony trekking in the hills
it is nice to do so for safety and lots of other reasons. The half
day hill treks we organise try to keep away from roads insofar
as possible.

Please note : because of the specialist nature of riding you
will riding on our sub-contractors insurance cover.

Click here for more information on the equipment needed for horse riding & pony treks.

Information for group leaders wanting to include pony trekking in their multisports programmes.

At this time we are only offering sessions of pony trekking and
horse rides to GROUP clients at weekends who are purchasing
combined 2-day package multisports deals - such as our popular
hen group weekend package which combines abseiling or caving or
rock climbing with orienteering and horse riding or pony trekking.


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Phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss
the group programme you'd like to book....


We are unable at the moment to offer pony trekking as a single
stand alone option for groups of people. We regret horse riding
and pony trekking is currently not available through our company
for individuals - so please only contact us about riding ponies and
horse treks if you are wanting to book a group of 6 or more people
for at least 2 days of activities with Peak Activities staff.


We have another 40 or so other outdoor activities
and adventurous outdoor pursuits on offer for group
organisers. These include
abseiling for beginners, easy
caving, led-walks, treasure hunts, rock climbing, potholing,
Nordic Walking, high ropes challenges, scrambling,
watersports and mountain biking, orienteering and
much more !
Hen group women enjoying Caving Trip.  Copyright image : Peak Activities Ltd.

Four of the women in a jolly Hens Group of 20 ladies enjoying
caving with our centre's DCA qualified Caving Instructors




including horse riding & pony trekking session

9-30 am to 1-00 pm

Choose to try ABSEILING or easy, safe CAVING

after lunch until 5-00 pm



2 days of mid week or weekend multisports activity packages including hotel or inn acommodation from as little as £199 each for a party of 6 +



a more leisurely day ...but still loads of fun !

9-30 am ( or later ! ) ORIENTEERING

after lunch


Time for a swim in the heated outdoor pool and
then teas and coffees prior to your departures.

Click here for more hen groups information


The cost of the activities for the 11th place is free
if you bring 10 or more people.


If you are wanting to come on your own to the Peak District don't
, all of our other many outdoor pursuits are still on offer and
are running this season as usual for
individuals, stag parties &
hen groups and for corporate groups. Unlike pony trekking, we can
often arrange single " stand alone" sessions of, say, mountain biking
or abseiling, etc.



Restrictions which apply when booking pony or horse riding :
Horse riding and pony trekking are just two of the many
fun different safe adventurous outdoor pursuits and
outdoor activities and sports on offer TO GROUPS at
Rock Lea Activity Centre in the accessible village of
Hathersage. We no longer offer riding or trekking for
individuals and families or couples.
Please phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss the wide
range of other adventurous activities we can offer.

Clients specifically wanting horse-riding only are asked
contact directly one of the Peak District's many other suppliers.
We are not a Tourist Information Point - so please don't waste
our time asking for horse riding information if you are not a bone
fide group leader wanting to discuss a two day ( or longer )
programme with us.

Please remember, individual clients please DO NOT call us about horse riding - we'll not be able to help you so you'll be wasting your time and money.
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click here or navigate to http://www.iain.co.uk
Meanwhile if you are looking for outdoor pursuits instruction for your group in the Peak District please click here for details of lots more outdoor activity choices such as abseiling, caving, led-walks, treasure hunts on cycles or on foot, climbing, orienteering & trailquests on mountain bikes.

Telephone 01433-650345
Events designed for individuals run by Peak Activities Ltd



GROUP ORGANISERS - Put yourself in the picture by calling us today 01433-650345





Pony trekking and horse riding is suitable for people
12+ who weigh under 14 stones. If you are heavier
than 14 stones we won't have horses big enough for you !
Trekking is designed for
novices rather than expert riders
- and is a good option if you
have some people in your group
who'd prefers to go
as an elective instead of, say,
All treks need to be pre-booked and paid for separately well
in advance.
If you haven't got your own local transport a
centre minibus
can be provided to and from the riding school
c 25 mins. drive from our base in Hathersage. A small
may be made for this transfer service.




You will need shoes with a heel and in winter, riders will all need
to wrap up warm ! Hard hats, horses, saddles etc. provided !
We can provide you with anoraks, fleeces, etc. too...Most important
you must bring your own Polo mints for the horses
( who are always
open to discuss bribary and corruption offers and will
exchange their
temporary love and affection in exchange for a Polo ).
Please click link to see our kit list..


Lots more sports options are available...

Corporate entertainment possibilities...






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