Outdoor "BMD" Problem Solving Tasks followed by sensitive reviews
with Peak Activities Ltd's CIPD qualified development trainers have
been proven time and time again to help stimulate great open forums
for boosting delegates' confidence and to improve their teamworking skills...
.................................................................but don't just take our word for it !





Senior Managers & Supervisors on a team
building programme we designed to accelerate
the development of teamwork and management
skills for delegates from a greenfield site sandwich
and convenience food factory in Sheffield.
Here the team enjoy a simple problem solving
exercise at our farm estate overlooking Edale and
Hope Valleys,

For clients wanting to run serious training courses,
sensitive, carefully selected and well-run managed
review sessions after fun-filled "Brief-Monitor-Debrief"
team tasks will encourage constructive feedback from
employees from all levels.
A lot of organisations can run "monkey-see, monkey do"
problem solving activities, but if these activities are not
properly reviewed and used to stimulate appropriate
discussions & action-points then it can be an expensive
waste of time and a lost / wasted training opportunity.
Comments from senior NHS executives
Comments from managers at Amoco Oil Exploration
Comments from Lufthansa German Airlines

For over 20 years Peak Activities Ltd's staff have regularly 
been discussing training needs with our clients & designing 
and facilitating unique company training events involving :-



From our library of tried and trusted original training 
resources developed over the years by our own 
specialists Peak Activities Ltd can draw upon hundreds 
of excellent exercises ( indoors and out of doors ) which
have been researched and developed here over a period 
of more than 25 years by our team of CIPD chartered 
training & development professionals.

Some of our development trainers : Tony Kendall, Caroline Farnes,
Steve Charles, Andy McLean & WIng Commander Pete Daughtrey
Because our team includes our own senior CIPD qualified
management training consultants & several highly qualified,
experienced specialists, we naturally have a lot of tried & tested
and well-resourced outdoor team problems and tasks that have
been developed and researched here over more than a decade.
At our base, Rock Lea, we have a library full of tried and tested
and well audited training activities & problem solving exercises
...backed up by rooms full of specialised training resources
and equipment. Unlike some firms who trot out the same old
training exercises from one course to the next, we will take
time to make sure the exercises we pick out for your are
relevant & appropriate. Many of our exercises are exclusive
to us - having been developed by our own team.
Different initial team problem solving tasks can last from as
little as 15 minutes. More complex sophisticated exercises
lasting all day long can follow ... which can be the finales to
our popular 3-and 4-day duration team development programmes.
A v. simple ice-breaker !


We have some excellent classroom facilities available for delegates.

Hotel and conference accommodation for clients seeking serious training events.


Problem solving for more light hearted activities :
The various problem solving tasks referred to above have
sometimes been modified for use as fun-filled "get out of that"
type inter-team competitions forsyndicates working through
series of tasks & problems on a "round robin " basis.
Lincolnshire Police Officers attempting to
beat our free standing crate stack record
during a familiarisation & sites visit !
We have a number of places where such imaginative
non-machismo tasks can be undertaken, including an
exclusive training site on our upland farm estate overlooking
the magnificant Hope and Edale Valleys ( illustrated below ).
The ways these reviews are run is critical to the success of serious training.




Birmingham Cable Communications

Below : A training group Enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor
based problem solving tasks on a specially tailored 3-day
Team Building for Transco BG



It is often easy to build in themes into your tailored programme.
For example when we ran a project for the Chief Exec. of our
regional tourist board, the whole day's activities and the lunch menu
all related to the client's vision-sharing messages for the day.


Lloyds Bank held an event with us where the theme of the seminar 
was electronic data transfer, and we were told they were delighted 
with the results of a challenge and special Treasure Hunt which we 
tailored especially or their guests.



See what the customer care boss of a leading healthcare
company had to say about our tailored programmes....
When Lufthansa and Steigenberger Hotels arranged a day of activities 
for their top 100 UK accounts to promote the use of Cologne as an 
international hub airport, we simply transformed the parkland around
Chatsworth House into a map of Europe with groups of travel agents 
chasing all around the place solving puzzles and product elated the 
u.s.p.'s of the sponsors. It was a great success. The winners prize 
was a weekend in a top hotel in Davos ! Our clients reported 
excellent increased sales as a direct result of their corporate 
hospitality investment with us.


working together



Recent thank you letters

Management Process Skills Development...


Comments from NHS Supplies Human Resources Director...





A complex problem-solving and route finding
task for a syndicate on a team development
event for Bosch Orginal Equipment, Denham.

Command tasks can be based in a variety of environments, such
as on crags, on water, underground, travelling over hills, through
woodlands, etc. Our team of safety technicians are always close
on hand to make sure everyone is looked after.
If macho-looking exercises aren't your thing, why not look at less
frightening ideas such as Treasure Hunts on water, on foot, on
cycles. If well managed and structured and organised they can
all have similar outcomes in terms of boosting teamwork,
communications, leadership and other management & team
process skills.
The key message is to make sure that if you are serious about
training you need to build in serious review sessions and talk
well in advance with suppliers who have a grasp of what will
and what will not work in different situations for different kinds
of groups with very different needs and aspirations.
If you have a suitable budget and would like to spend some time
talking to one of our training specialists about your organisations'
aims and objectives we look forward to hearing from you.
Please telephone us on 01433-650345 to discuss your needs.




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