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A management training group from Transco enjoying a fun 
improvised raft building & racing session during a serious 
CIP training programme with Peak Activities training staff 
in the warmer months. This was part of a course  designed 
to increase this procurement team's overall efficiency.

As part of our longer programmes we can easily
arrange fun-filled improvised raft building and
raft-racing on safe flat water for private groups
at one of a number of excellent watersports

Raft racing with delegates from 
Transco BG's Information Systems 
Procurement Team.   Click here 
to see what this team had to say 
about their training with us.
Rafting in the warmer months is loads of fun for all ages and
can be included as one of many watersports or as one of the
team challenges in our popular "Panathlon" events which
combine several challenges in a single day or over a longer
period. Raft racing can be dovetailed with our unique water
-based treasure hunt learning experiences too...or combined
with sailing and windsurfing training and canoeing instruction.
We do, however, have heart felt and serious professional
reservations about booking this activity in the winter or for
beginners and for, say, non-swimmers.
If combined with business-games, inter-team auctions, and
so on a short session of home-made raft racing can be a
useful, light-hearted, ice breaking tool. We have used rafting
for development training & fun-filled team build sessions.
Activities can be designed to include reviews and inculcate
creative problem-solving, listening skills, and much more !
In general, we tend to only include raft racing as part of longer
3 and 4 day duration programmes involving full days of water
sports for corporate clients ...and as summarised below there's
good reasons for avoiding certain activities in the colder months...
Scroll down and see what some of our corporate clients
who have been improvised rafting with us have had to
say about their experiences....
Corporate clients' comments. Comments from senior staff
in the NHS and other organisations after using our problem
solving sessions during serious training courses.

Please call us on 01433-650345 to discuss your group's specific requirements.




Above : A really good-natured team building group from the Montrose-Arbroath Resource Development Group of AMOCO OIL EXPLORATION have donned their wet suits, thermal undies & life jackets put the finishing touches to their oil raft creation named "January Titanic Explorer ! " Once ready they raced against their colleagues' rafts winning prizes plucked out of the water along the way.
The team's leader, exploration geologist Warren Birch, came up to Rock Lea well beforehand & worked closely with our manager, Iain Jennings to plan options tailored around the group's specific requirements....
Warren later sent us the following kind endorsement : -
"Dear Iain,

Thanks for making our few days with
your friendly team so enjoyable. I have
had nothing but really good feedback
from all concerned since we came back
and want to pass this on to you and your
prospective customers.

Although terrified (!) at times everybody in
the team thought all the activities were really
safe, well organised and great fun. I feel the
team is now much more cohesive as a result
of our time with you.

I'm writing to say once again 'thank you' for
all the hard work that I know was put in behind
the scenes and to let you know we won't hesitate
to recommend your events to anyone else interested /
mad enough to try this sort of team building event
in the future. I look forward to returning again
with another party sometime, & when are we all
going gliding ?"

"All the best, Warren"

As with all our activities we automatically provide
£2 million Public and Third Party Liability Insurance.


Please click to see more endorsements & comments from
some more of our delighted corporate customers...


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watersports events for under 18's
land-based sports
mountain biking
rock climbing
& many more activities !!!








Group leaders and organisers should ideally contact us on 01433-650345 in the first instance, please, so we can qualify your requirements and check over any specific needs and objectives.


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Wet suits do keep you warm but It is cold in winter ( a blindingly obvious
point we know ! ) and if it's very cold and windy people can get very chilled
and can become unhappy doing this activity when the weather is bad...so unless
you really don't like the people involved or if they owe you money ....we'd suggest
you keep away from raft racing, etc. in the colder months when most normal
people prefer to stay out of the cold water ! We definitely don't think it's a
v. good idea to make anyone do anything like this against their will at any
time of the year ! Character building involving frozen lakes is for Royal Marines
perhaps but it is not necessarily a good idea for office workers.
Similalry, non-swimmers may find this activity quite daunting, so it's probabaly
not a good idea to brow beat non-swimmers into situations where they feel
obliged or forced by peer group pressure to face this activity.
There has been a worrying trend recently amongst some some customers to
try put a plenary " three line whip" in place for some v. short team builds - and
as experienced and qualified professionals we don't like this tendency.
In both the short and longer terms forcing folks in to sitiuations they really
don't want to be in can be very counter productive and we don't want to get
involved in motivating or looking after people who have been "pressed ganged "
and who really don't want to be out there on a raft !
Another worrying trend is for group organisers to "surprise" their delegates by
not telling what they've booked for them till they arrive....especially if key
kit lists and health and safety notes have been "hidden" from the delegates
by organisers who feel such surprises are good for everyone. Frankly that's
the sort of thing the infamous "The Office " television team might have
sprung on them by their idiotic leader played by Ricky Gervais. Experience
here shows it's neverf a good idea to hold back heath & safety and other
key information from your participants unless its for a BBC office comedy
programme set in sunny Slough !
Activities such as rafting are best suited to people who truly want to have
a go and it is simply not our style to work with people who'd much rather be
somewhere else ! With over 26 years experience in this field we have a lot
of knowledge about what works best with different kinds of groups at different
times of the year. Talk to us if you are interested in buying in our expertise.
Our 30 or so staff collectively have nearly a thousand years of experience
between them to fall back on...