What happens if it rains or the weather is really
    bad during my event with Peak Activities ?
Hathersage rarely has bad weather, we simply
have lots of different kinds of good weather and 
you can enjoy lots of our activities & have loads 
of fun even if it's raining as long as you are well 
prepared with suitable waterproof clothing ! 
Many of our fun sports activities and all our
training events are designed to be "weather-proof"
so they wil go ahead and be enjoyable in most
conditions, including rain, especially when our
customers have a good sense of humour.
Snow, strong winds and heavy rain can affect
someof our activities. However, activities such
as abseiling, caving, orienteering, treasure hunts
& mountain biking are all fairly "weather-proof".
We can provide waterproofs and, of course, it
never ever rains inside the local pubs !
We strongly suggest group organisers should
consider putting a few such weather-proof activities
into any multi-activity programme you're planning with
us- this gives our staff the flexibility to switch things
around for you if it rains or snows or is extremely
windy. Our terms and conditions of business require
customers to allow our staff to change programmes
if it is deemed unsafe to undertake any activity
because of inclement weather conditions.


We can usually provide guests who haven't got
their own gear with equipment such_as anoraks,
wellies and waterproof suits to help keep
everyone warm and reasonably dry.


Training events are rarely spoiled by bad weather,
because a series of indoor exercises & alternative outdoor
options is built into every day's set of training choices.


One-day events of sports involving activities such as rock-climbing
can be quite tricky when the rocks are wet. Climbing isn't so much
fun when the rain is running off the hand holds into your armpits !
( However, don 't forget it never rains inside pubs ! )
Similarly dinghy sailing is a tad frustrating if there is no wind !
Too much wind is bad for sailing - and gliding. If you call us we'll
be pleased to help you choose a blend of activities & bad weather
options that that will work whatever the weather has in store.
Trust us ! :-)


All group leaders wil be asked beforehand what
activities are required as "bad weather" options.
It is important that any under 18's get parental
permission to do the agreed bad weather electives
as well as the principal good weather choices.
See our under 1s parental consent form

We regret we're unable to refund fees to groups
because of bad weather, so careful pre-event
planning of bad weather options and staffing for
alternatives is a key part of getting your event
"right first time." This applies to adults events
as well as youngsters programmes.


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Easy caving is a great bad weather alternative activity...

So is orienteering...

Treasure Hunts are great in the wet 
- especially pirate treasure hunts using rowing boats !

Abseiling is good even if you don't bring your umbrella...




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