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Enjoy learning to sail a small dinghy...

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Sailing a Wayferer Dinghy. Copyright. Iain Jennings. ...SAILING LESSON

As the saying goes, there is nothing...nothing, quite 
so pleasant as messing about in sailing boats !   

Sailing small dinghies is lots of fun and safe and easy to learn if you have 
patient instruction and the right sort of place and kit to learn the ropes !  
A suitable wind helps too !   Peak Activities staff  have enjoyed introducing 
complete novices to a wide range of safe & enjoyable watersports in our 
corporate events & training programmes over the last 20 years.  

Dinghy sailing is always an extremely popular activity with groups of complete
novices....as well as for enthusiasts !  We can arrange sailing for groups and for
individuals between March and December at one of several venues available to 
us.  In the depth of winter (Late Dec to end of Feb )we would suggest you look at 
other activities such as skiing at our base in Tyrol or here in the UK we can offer
you caving or mountain biking which are a lot warmer and nicer when it's cold 
or raw !

SAILING LESSON. A 16 year old learning to sail a Laser Pico under instruction.LEARN HOW TO SAIL
James (16) learning to sail a Laser Pico watched over by Beck - an RYA qualified instructress. 


      We can now offer individual adults a unique "experience day" of sailing.
      Enjoy the fun of sailing with close personal tuition using a wide variety of
      sailing craft  including Laser Picos & Vagos or larger Wayfarers and our 
     Olympic Racing Class International " 420" Class Dinghy under the guiding 
     scheme outlined on our "1:1 Tuition & Guiding" page.  

     For prices & more details or call us on  01433-650345.  Advance booking is essential. 

     Prices for our unique exclusive 1:1 lessons from £399 per sailing experience 
     per person per day.  Ideal for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.


We enjoy arranging sailing for group leaders but one thing you have to fully appreciate 
is that sailing is a rather weather dependent activity.  Group organisers - please just call 
us on 01433-650345 to discuss your specific requirements and needs.  We will be glad 
to discuss your requirmeents and discuss what else you can pre- plan to do with us
if there's too much or not enough wind for sailing on the day of your choice !

Wayfarer Dinghy SAILING CLASS

All year round at our RYA-approved sailing venues, we can offer 
your party sessions of sailing for just fun or for more serious 
training purposes. Short or longer sailing skills-transfer sessions 
can be included as part of corporate event and tailored training 
courses and team building sessions. Ideal as a informal easy-going 
group team building activity...which can be combined with other
 watersports too on the same day.

A party of oil geologists from Amoco Oil

We've lots of sailing craft available, from  steady 4-person novices'
dinghies to sleek, fast single and twin person racing craft.

Boats available include 420's, Laser Pico and Vagos and Wayfarers.

Our fees always include generous safety cover from rescue
boats... high speed semi-rigid inflatable rescue boats staffed by
qualifed coxswains.  We have enough staff and craft to cater for groups 
of up to 100+ people...although parties of 10 are just as welcome too !  
All sailing and watersports activities need to be pre-booked well ahead 
of the date/s required.

If you're looking for a water-sporty activity day with a difference, why 
not try a water and land based treasure hunt to amuse your mixed ability
group ?

Corporate customers' endorsements and  thank you letters.

Click for information on Canoeing ;  Windsurfing ; Raft racing and much more...


At our watersports site we can also arrange sessions 
of canoeing, windsurfing, rafting & waterskiing. We can
also arrange problem solving sessions and exercises
to test problem solving skills, time management and
"Round robins" trying several watersports in a single 
visit are extremely popular with group organisers and
offer flexibility too when the weather is calm or v. windy !



Iain - one of our directors


" Sailing is suitable for complete novices aged from 9 to 69 !
No special fitness and no prior experience needed ! "
Short sessions combined with water-based treasure hunts and inter-team challenges are ideal for team builds, recreational clubs, staff "jollies", tailored training courses, staff rewards & incentives.
ADULT GROUPS Click here for more information on sailing prices/leaflet.
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We usually sail on an impounded lake just a short transfer in a minibus from our centre in Hathersage. The lake is over a mile and a half long and nearly half a mile wide. It is clear of many of the water-born diseases and algae which seasonally plague many other watersports venues in this region. The venue has excellent changing and cafe facilities...and we have a wide range of single handed, two-person and four person dinghies ( and larger craft ) for a wide range of sailing experiences. Sailboards and a range of canoes are also available here. Raft building and inter-team racing is also a popular options and waterskiing can be arranged too for groups. For landlubbers activities on offer include caving, climbing, biking, problem solving orienteering, land or water-based treasure hunts plus abseiling and lots more.


As frequently featured on BBC television


Above :  A team building group coming home in a Humber  
boat for a well-earned coffeee at the end of a watersports 
session. Wet suits, etc. all provided for windsurfing sessions.

All our watersports participants are given additional 
safety protection from high-speed Humber semi-rigid 
inflatable safety boats ( one of these is illustrated above). 
There's always at least one rapid response rescue boat 
patrolling the water and at busy times there may be as 
many as three safety craft on patrol......all in radio contact 
with a central control. We can arrange RYA Powerboat 
Level II & Safety Coxswain courses for small groups 
wishing to obtain a license to drive one of these powerful craft.

Wet suits are provided by our staff whenever required, but on most
novices SAILING  trips we try not to get anyone wet unless they want to !  

Just in case of any mishaps the wearing of life jackets and buoyancy 
aids is plenary on and next to the water.  All Peak Activities activities 
are fully insured.  No alcohol is allowed on or next to the water.


Bad Weather : We can sail most days rain or shine
but in exceptional circumstances when the wind is blowing 
Beaufort force 4 or above we may decide not to sail on the 
grounds of safety and comfort ...and guests must appreciate
that our sailing craft won't work too well on flat calm days 
either ! (but canoes do !) Thus, sailing may have to be adjusted if the
weather is bad (or too good !)  By and large however, sailing is less 
weather dependent than other activities elsewhere such as hang gliding, 
parapenting, gliding, parachuting, etc.

Senior Royal Yachting Association and British Canoe Union qualified tutors supervise all our sailing & other watersports activities. Our associates are licensed by the AALA to run sailing, windsurfing canoeing and rafting activities.

Helen Tan from Singapore Airlines

How can sailing be used for team building ?  In lots of different ways !
We can run inter-team challenges, and problem solving tasks (such as 
retrieving hundreds of floats chucked into  the water), water-based 
treasure hunt tasks, water-based first aid and water rescue exercises, 
and lots more ! It's a great way to boost people's coaching skills - and 
fantastic for building up personal confidence in trying something new 
& exotic !  Call us to discuss how we can help you.

You do not need to be fit or need any special kit to enjoy sailing !

Phone or e-mail us to discuss your group's needs & interests
with the experienced watersports tutors who answer our phones...
Just ask to speak with Iain or Caroline...who are both experienced 
sailing tutors.


Tel. +44 (0)1433-650345

Pick up that phone and launch your next adventure today !