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Outlined below are samples of prices of serious & light-hearted team
programmes and OMD training events with Peak Activities Ltd in the UK...
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The page outlines some examples of the many kinds of event clients purchase from each of Peak Activities
Limited's three main divisions. It offers a rough guide to how much you can expect to pay for different levels of service.
If anything interests you please click on the links to go to pages with lots more details, photographs & prices.
For example we have a .pdf format sheet with lots of different prices just for treasure hunts alone...and we also have
a .pdf fees sheet for our IPD registered consultant's services for running sophisticated tailored 3-day and 5-day staff
development training programmes. See customers endorsements for reassurance we can deliver what we promise.

Sports Division - for people with low budgets who want easy to book, safe "off the shelf" events...

 half day session

 full day

2 day weekend
long weekend
 6 to 20 people

 Abseiling or Caving Treasure Hunts, or Orienteering from c.£69+ vat each
 Watersports Day
or Breakout Day from
c.£99 to £159 each

  Breakaway Package or Climbing Weekend

from £129 to £169 each
 Multi Madness
20++ people

Treasure Hunts, or Orienteering from as little as just £59 each + vat.

Inter Team Challenge from c. £100/each + vat
  Breakaway Package
or watersports weekend

Peak Activities' Sports Division specialises in running high quality off-the-shelf "fixed price" non-residential sports sessions.
These are normally booked by fax or phone for groups of 6 to 30+ people who usually make their own group
accommodation arrangements. Choose from sessions of caving, abseiling, mountain biking, rock climbing, sailing,
windsurfing, canoeing, treasure hunts, orienteering, and lots, lots more. Typically this division's clients include groups
of friends, informal groups from work, stag & hen groups, church fellowships, works social clubs, etc. On the day we'll
meet up with your group at our base, Rock Lea, which is located in the centre of Hathersage. Booking is easy. Just work
out how much you want to spend, how many in your group and what dates you want and we can let you know what choices
you can have ! Prices start at around £69-00 per person per day or part day inclusive of VAT and rarely exceed £180-00 per
person per day. Check out some of the thank you letters we've received recently from satisfied clients. Press articles.

Corporate Division - unique, prestigious and comprehensive group packages
        for organisations who value reliabiliy and total quality...
Peak Activities Corporate Division runs both light-hearted off-the-shelf and more sophisticated tailored
"jolly" social gatherings and team build events for exclusive groups. These clients generally use us to
book their high quality corporate hospitality events in the form of packages including prizegiving ceremonies,
champagne receptions, meals, de-luxe hotel facilities, T-shirts, prizes, minibus transport to and from their hotels,
airport transfers, etc. As featured on television.
Popular events include Treasure Hunts and Group Challenge Competitions. In additional to
our normal range of sports events, lots of other group activities and team building exercises
can be incorporated into corporate clients' programmes to suit mixed age & ability,
mixed fitness groups. Many projects can be booked over the phone, but for those wanting
something really special or completely unique we also offer a face-to-face planning service
allowing customers to tailor their own events. This allows clients to have more control over
their event's content.


Examples of some typical "jolly" team events : click here for a list of our Sports Options

 smaller parties of up to 20

 large groups 20 to 100
low cost "off-the-shelf" events for half-days and full days
Treasure hunts,
Caving trips,
abseiling, climbing sessions

 treasure hunts / orienteering

 tailored days from £100/day

 mountain bike trailquests

 team games / challenge days


Prices for a half-day session vary from £69 (simple walks, mountain bike trailquests and treasure hunts, etc.)
to over £290 per person per day (helicopter trail quests) and are quoted exclusive of VAT.
Some clients want to invest a little more time, effort and resources into putting together with us a highly polished,
unique exclusive corporate event just for them. No problem ! We can offer events that are based in prestigious locations,
centred on specific themes, product launches,and so on. Inter-departmental competitions, and "getting to know you"
events can involve building and launching rockets that really fly, collecting equipment to build a bridge, extracting "victims"
from crags and caves, constructing robots that really work, abseiling for glittering rewards, solving problems to hunt for
pirates' "lost treasure" and a host of other tried and tested outdoor team challenges. See what our previous customers
and BBC tv and radio have had to say !
"We are sending this photo as living proof that Iain's
rockets really do fly and he does not need the psychiatric
treatment we thought he needed when he said he could
get us to work better as a team" - message on a thank you card
signed by everyone in the Personnel Team - DIGITAL COMPUTERS SME
This is the webmasters favourite endorsement of all time !!! :-)
Before we can start tailoring a bespoke package, clients' representatives must
assure us in writing that they have an adequate budget and full budgetary clearance.
Moreover, they must be prepared to pay for the extra fees involved in our sitting down with them
to go over their specific requirements beforehand and plan things out in detail. Whilst serious bone
fide purchasers are always welcome to come to Hathersage and look around and discuss their needs
with us, from Nov 1st the cost of pre-trip planning appointments with our corporate specialists is payable
to preclude time wasting by people who do not really have a suitable budget or spend clearance. We will,
of course, deduct the full cost of any preliminary planning workshops against your subsequent booking fee.

Management Training Division
+ IPD Consultancy - Tailored Programmes from c. £4,000 + vat
Our PGCE, MEd, MBA and Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development qualified training specialists
include Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey MCIPD and Dr Iain Jennings FCIPD. Pete and Iain have run
very successful bespoke three and four and five day events for clients for many years designed to change
the attitudes and/or behaviour of delegates attending, who may be workers from all levels including
supervisors, managers, directors and chief executives.
We've worked successfully with many organisations large and small -including household names such as
Transco, Rover, Lucas, Eastern Power, Rolls Royce, Powergen, TXU, and many others.
These carefully targeted training and development assignments vary in price,
according to our customers needs, numbers of delegates, and so on.
Our consultants rates are published in detail elsewhere on this website.
Events may require analysis of pre-course psychometric testing,
pre-trip interviews with delegates, on-site pre-event briefings, etc.
and are usually planned in close co-operation with the senior staff planning
the event on behalf of the client organisation.
featured on BBC & ITV television !

 assignment :

 typical fixed fees :


 Three day team building course for party of 12 people

including pre-trip and post-event follow up meetings in house.
 from c. £350 to £900 per delegate
+ vat plus accommodation.

 Five-day leadership training course
for up to 24 persons at a time.
 from £700 per delegate + VAT
As professional trainers we know from over 25 years experience that any serious "training" courses less than 3 days
duration will probably not work very well - and are therefore not normally within the scope of this Division.
See our other Divisions' fees (above) for light-hearted (jolly) one and two day events, but remember "serious" training
(i.e. training with a written down specific set of aims & objectives ) can and will be lots of fun too !
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