Safe, reliable facilities for school teachers, 
youth workers, college lecturers & scout leaders
in the very accessible Peak National Park....



Click to see detials of the AALA safety licensing scheme

Peak Activites Ltd. offers safe, totally reliable government-licensed 
facilities for teachers, scout leaders & youth group organisers 
wishing to pre-book safe, adventurous days out in the Peak District. 

Choose to come on a lower cost non-residential basis or a 
residential basis over several days on the dates that best 
suit you.

We are open all year round for groups large or small and 
we offer a huge range of residential and non-residential 
activities & outdoor pursuits.

One of our competitive advantages is that as well as 
being highly qualified national governing body coaches, 
most of our staff working with visiting youngsters are 
BEd or PGCE qualified, experienced experts in their 
fields - who you can trust to take good care of you and 
the people under your aegis. 

We are not the cheapest providers of outdoor educational 
experiencesin the Peak District. However we have been 
here for over 25 years and have an excellent reputation 
and professional track record- so if you don't want to take
chances - it's probably best to consider the value of booking
with the best rather than the cheapest !  


"If properly run,  taking part in sensible outdoor pursuits is healthy, 
lots of fun, great for building up self-esteem & self-confidence & a 
great accelerator in the development of lasting, positive relationships 
with teachers, youth workers and fellow students."

"Sadly, some rather rare but well publicised events elsewhere have 
caused many teachers and youth leaders to be unecessarily worried 
about taking youngsters away, which in the opinion of many outdoor 
education experts is a great shame and could lead to many youngsters 
not having access to the benefits of such educational experiences."


You don't have to be submerged under a sea of risk-assessments & nightmare
paperwork to set up some very safe, worthwhile & enjoyable activities for your 
young people. See what some of our delighted customers have to say about our 
AALA licenced people,  products and services based at Rock Lea.


To paraphrase the famous words of Fred Harper
the former Head of Glenmore Lodge, whether it's
 your first trip underground wearing a headlamp 
or your first self portrait using a digital camera 
- " things are often best in their beginnings ! "

Peak Activities' core business is working with adult groups from
firms such as Rolls Royce, PriceWaterhouse, Bosch, Hotpoint & so on.
However, since before our firm was established in 1981 we've always 
enjoyed taking care of young people & we recognise that our services 
are in demand from youth groups leaders , scout leaders, youth worker, 
primary and secondary school teachers and college lecturers. 

Many of our staff are former teachers and lecturers with families of 
our own - and as lifelong educationalists & commited teachers we enjoy 
sharing our excellent management training centre's resources & our 
knowledge and expertise with young people.  The proof of our success 
in this regard is indicated by the dozens of thank you letters and kind 
endorsements we receive every year from delighted students, teachers, 
and other group leaders ( scroll down to foot of this page to see some 
examples from police cadet leaders, school teachers and 
youth & community workers. ).  

See what some of our delighted youth group customers have to say about us.

As you would expect from Peak Activities Ltd., our young people's 
courses are run to the very highest possible professional standards from 
start to finish. We welcome inspection visits from bone fide group leaders 
& will process all enquiries & definite bookings speedily and efficiently.

We specialise in both non-residential ad hoc days and residential 
programmes of between 4 and 7 days. Incoming groups from overseas
are especially welcome.  Pre-booking is absolutely essential. 
Normally the sooner a group books in, the cheaper it will be.

Making a booking is easy - all we need is a signed booking form and your 
prepayment .  We also in due course require parental consent forms to be 
completed for all under 18's. Because of the high demand for popular dates, 
we regret we cannot usually hold off bookings for busy periods on a tentative 
basis for more than 7 days.

 Tony Kendall, one of our directors and founder member of 
our company, holds the Chief Scout's Medal of Merit and the 
Silver Acorn for services over 25 years as a volunteer potholing 
safety advisor to the Scout  Movement.  He is also a member of 
the NCA (caving's national governing body) Radon Gas Working
Party considering the safety aspects of caving in areas that are
affected by Radon.

Tony recently went to the House of Commons to collect a prestigious
Investor in Community Award from the Secretary of State for setting up 
multi-cultural youth activities scheme in inner city Leicester.  We've lost 
count of how many young people Tony has introduced to caving & abseiling,
but he's as enthusiastic today as when we first met up with him in 1981. 
Tony is just one of  the 30 expert, mature staff we can draw upon to run events.

Activities sessions on offer for schools, scouts & youth groups from Peak Activities now include: -
Age and size limits may apply for some activities such as mountain biking & potholing.
We can offer your group single sessions on a single day or a whole week or a full weekend programme. Tailoring programmes to suit the interests, abilities & budget of each specific groups is what we do best ! Prices will vary according to group size, dates, and the activities you choose to book. Please phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss your requirements with our experienced event organisers.


Parental consent forms need to be completed for all youngsters.

We regret we can only handle enquiries & bookings from people aged over 18.

All necessary equipment is provided

It's can be a lot of fun for all concerned, so many of the 
outdoor activities listed in our sports index (such as
abseiling, climbing, orienteering and caving ) are available 
for pre-booked non-residential half day & full day sessions 
for groups of under 18's.  

Non-residential parties use our instruction services 
between the hours of 9-15 am and 5-00pm and make 
their own accommodation arrangements.

This facility is popular with many scouts groups visiting the 
Peak District from all over the world.  Last year a group of 
women and girls came all the way from Austin Texas  to go 
caving with us !  Schools and clubs use us too, when our
facilities are available.

We can tailor single days or mid-week and week long events 
comprising a mixture of outdoor pursuits, personal development 
and adventurous training activities. Clients using this facility include 
group leaders from colleges, schools, & clubs. Organisations 
such as The Princes Trust, BDA, and the US Air Force have also 
booked our staff. Some of our clients are involved in special projects 
such as drug demand reduction...and find our senior staff's years of 
experience extremely valuable in designing and running appropriate 
programmes. However, you have to pay for what you get and we are 
not cheap providers !  As you will see from the glowing comments from 
happy clients (at foot of this page), however, we do offer a good safe, 
reliable service for those prepared to pay for our bespoke services.

Many of our staff are fully qualified, DfEE registered teachers 
with BEd's, PGCE's, etc.,  as well as national governing body 
sports coaching and trainers' qualifications - which is why we 
are definitely not the cheapest providers in the area. We value 
our professionalism so please do not waste your time contacting 
us if you are just shopping around looking for the"cheapest price" 
in the local market. If price is your chief concern we simply won't 
be able to help you because we're not interested in compromising 
on our high safety standards and excellent pupil:instructor ratios.  
We're sorry to be blunt, but that's the way it is and time is valuable. 
We don't want to waste your time or ours if you can't afford our 
services. We're selling reliability, safety and total quality and we have 
a long established reputation to uphold.

Phone to discuss free places for group organisers
who pay by VISA or Mastercard or SWITCH over the phone.


Our centre's minibuses & Land Rovers are often busy with adults' 
group activities - and so we prefer youth groups to arrive here with 
their own group transport....because it keeps down most groups' 
overall costs and  simplifies logistics and so on if your group turns
up late, etc.

All quoted rates for youngsters groups will assume you 
are bringing along your own suitable group transport.  

There are numerous private, exclusive  camp sites, camping barns 
and other places to stay nearby.  

Bookling form & terms for booking our instructional services.

Insurance Cover...

Once they're booked in with us, we can help 
our clients find suitable local group accommodation,
such as hostels, camping barns and camp sites.

We cannot book these facilities for youth groups, 
however, and group leaders are advised to book 
well in advance as demand for good low cost 
accommodation in this area can be high all year round.


"An excellently run centre provided a most successful holiday
enjoyed by staff and pupils alike. The safety and care of our 
children was always uppermost but discerningly and discreetly 
applied at all times." (SJG - Hertfordshire School Evaluation).

NO COMPROMISES ON SAFETY ! Licensed to thrill ....again !
Rock Lea Adventure Centre is licensed by
the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
to run outdoor activities for under-18's.

 Peak Activities offers some of the most experienced staff and 
the best value for money in terms of staff ratios and quality 
assurance. Our safety record and reliability is unsurpassed. 
Scroll down this page to see some unsolicited endorsements
from delighted youth group leaders...

Below is a small sample of some of the many kind
unsolicited comments from teachers & youth group 
organisers who've used our services for their youngsters :-

" Sincere thanks for my party's "caving experience " 
week at Rock Lea. It was an excellent introduction 
to the sport for my pupils which was enhanced and 
enlivened by your staff's personal contributions to 
the instruction, catering and activities. I enclose my 
report to the Head and Governors for your information, 
which you can quote from freely if you wish. Thanks 
again for an extremely professional and safe induction 
in potholing for our children."

Steve Conquest. Head of Year 8,

Dame Alice Owen School, Potters Bar.


" Dear Iain,

Every year we have activity holidays which
turn out to be a cut above the rest, and I 
must say that both our weeks at Rock Lea have
been in that category. Everybody I have spoken
to had a "Cracking" or "Wicked" time. Well that's
what they all said ! Obviously all the work 
planning the event so carefully beforehand with 
Helen and Chris (leaders) paid off ! From my point
of view this has been one of the easiest holidays 
to administrate. We'll be back again next year !"

Graham Hood, Co-ordinator of Youth Holidays, 
British Diabetic Association.

as seen on television !

"Dear Peak Activities,

I'm just writing to thank you for arranging 
the activities for my Scouts on Good Friday. 
They really enjoyed their day out with you 
and had a great deal of fun as well as 
achieving personal success with the abseiling.
I'll be in contact again soon to arrange a 
weekend's activities later in the year."
Bob Meyer, Scout Leader,
3rd Kenton (St Johns ) Scout Group.

"Dear Iain,

I would like to thank you for the excellent afternoons of 
outdoor activities that you provided for our group of young 
people from Norfolk. We had an excellent time and I was 
impressed with the quality of the staff that you provided 
and with the equipment that we were given to use.

As part of our week in Derbyshire we spent a day at 
Alton Towers and one would suspect that to the young 
people that would have been the highlight of their week, 
but it was in fact the afternoons we spent climbing, caving
and mountain biking that is still the topic of conversation 
amongst the participants.

I have passed on information about your centre to all my 
colleagues in the County and certainly look forward to working
with you once again in the not too distant future.  

Yours sincerely,			Robin Konieczny

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Details of some our instructors and tutors...

Quality & safety assurance...

Insurance Cover...

Transportation of Youngsters in Minibuses...

Our excellent team of experienced, qualified coaching staff...

Lots more endorsements from other discerning group leaders...

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Booking form...



Our A-Z Index is worth looking at. It's an "encyclopaedic" 
navigation aid for quickly finding your way around our 
award-winning website. Thanks to young James (age 8 yrs)
who suggested this aid to navigating our massive site.


If you have a sensible budget do please 
call us on 01433-650345 to discuss your 
specific requirements in more detail. 
We'll be pleased to help you if we can !
Small parties of 6 to 20 people are 
especially welcome !

School and youth group enquiries cannot be handled efficiently by e-mail, so please phone 
us in the first instance if you can.  We do not normally mail out brochures in response
to specific school group enquiries. Instead most materials required for youth group 
bookings can be dealt with using e-mail attachments in the form of .pdf Acrobat files, 
which are the standard means of information dissemination between staff in schools 
and colleges.  This policy is to save wasting paper, energy and renewable natural resources.

Please do not contact our office if you are under 18 year of age. We are only allowed to
discuss quotes and make bookings with adults...and we do not have any facility for helping
people with their school projects or college desk studies at this time.


Telephone 01433-650345