Information about some of Peak Activities team of staff & associates :

Peak Activities' team of tutors is a unique long-established community 
of friendly, patient, experienced & well-qualified non-macho specialists
in the fields of outdoor development training & outdoor education.

Without any doubt, the unique team of passionate enthusiasts and supporters
is the secret of Peak Activities success over the years! Our associates are very
patient, helpful & non-macho. Each has a huge range of skills and all share the
same high safety standards and high expectations of all the activities and training 
projects we run.  The team has a wealth of years of experience as fully UK qualified 
outdoor instructors and develoment trainers...with experience in the Alps and many 
expeditions further afield such as Iceland and Norway and the Himalaya. What's more
most of our team have interests and expertise outside the field of outdoor pursuits 
per se  which means they have extensive experience of working in commerce, IT, 
manufacturing, healthcare, health & safety,scientific research, engineering, mining,  
medicine and other fields.

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Our Manager, Caroline having fun with a visitor to our centre -
tv celebrity Ian Wright up here filming with us for the pilot of
what became his very popular Saturday night tv spectacular on BBC1.
A lot of film crews trust us to look after them & their presenters.
Our Director Caroline with Senior Instructor John Robert Thomas.
Our full-time and part-time associates have been working really well 
together for many years - in most instances for nearly thirty years 
as a very cohesive team of very close friends. The team is highly 
skilled and sets itself some very high professional standards. This 
unusual group of specialists has proven again and again that they 
can very successfully run a wide range of safe, high quality training 
& sports activities to the highest possible safety and other ethical 
professional standards.

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key personnel in our organisation.


Left: John, Lyn, Ben, Cheryl, Jon, Lynn & Russell during an in house first aid course. Right: John and Ian ready a stretcher for lowering.

Tony Kendall belaying the Head of the British Tourist 
Authority during a familiarisation visit organised by 
the Chief Exec. of what was then the East Midlands 
Tourist Board.

Peak Activities' friendly team of full time & part-time colleagues
comprises Chartered Training Consultants,  NGB qualified tutors 
& outdoor pursuits instructors. The team runs our open events for 
individuals and can be hired to design & run a wide range of tailored 
training and corporate hospitality events for corporate customers
and for private parties such as stag groups or works outings.
We strive hard to match the staff we field with the parties they look

Our team is one of our unique selling points. The team includes a
governor of a well known university, a forensic psychiatrist, a senior 
housing officer, a professional photo lab manager, several teachers
of subjects as diverse as physics, geology, geography and PE. 
We have two aerospace engineers, a supply chain management expert, 
a director of an aero-industry manufacturing organisation, a director of 
an electronics construction company,  a physiotherapist, a nurse, 
a skiing instructor, an IT manager and several senior training consultants 
with experience in the fields of engineering,manufacturing and HRD. 
In addition we have a research hydrologist, two teacher trainers and 
a few finance managers, a former coal mine manager, a former Health 
& Safety Inspector and a former Water Board Construction Site Safety 

The variety of our professional's backgrounds means that as well 
as being able to discuss how to put up tents and tie knots with some 
degree of authority, our staff members can also discuss clients' work 
related issues with some degree of insight too.  When we are working 
on training and development contracts a common comment arising 
from clients is that they appreciated the insights and analytical skills
of our tutors, which helps make these courses relevant and useful.

We believe it's not always what you say your team can do that matters, it is much more important that they are SEEN to deliver what they say they can do to support our customers. See some of our customers' comments and thank you comments to see what others think about the ability of our team to deliver what our customers want. Alternatively, please check out some of the comments of the efficacy of our events written by journalists in the training trade press and learned journals. H


See below for a list of all our current staff members. 

UK Senior Directors...

 Caroline E. Jennings BA PGCE.
 Dr. Iain Jennings BSc PGCE PhD FRGS, Chartered FCIPD  
 Tony Kendall MIST MISM FRGS, 
  Wing Commander Peter Daughtrey BSc PGCE Chartered MCIPD MRAeS RAF (retired)
  James Jennings MRAeS

The UK Senior Associates Panel this year includes...

 Dr. Andy MacLean BSc PGCE PhD, 
 Dave Baines MIA CIC  
 Angela Groves, 
 Frank Kent, 
 Dean Peck BSc PGCE MILAM  
 Steve Charles BSc MILAM,
 Steve Brodie BA PGCE MIA,
 John Thomas BSc BA, 
 Pete Brookes MIPS, 
 Alan Robinson BSc MICE, 
 Kim George BSc PGCE, 
 Kevin Parker, 
 Dave Herbert,  
 Claire Lilley BA, 
 Steve Pope BSc ChEng., 
  Glenn Richardson
 Eileen Farnes BDS

Austria : Mitarbeiter / Senior Associates...

Frau Ingrid Hochfilzer
Fraulein Claudia Heid & colleagues...

Quite a few of our team, including one of directors, 
  are former clients who didn't want to go home !
Our team includes teachers, dentists, doctors, former HSE factory inspectors, and 
folks from very varied backgrounds who all share a love of the Great Outdoors...and 
who've demonstrated an above average ability to work with the rest of our team.  

Some work with us full time all the year ...others on a part time or freelance basis. 
Sometimes there may be just three or four staff on duty. For other jobs we may field 
up to twenty long-serving, tried and proven associates. Our admin. office is staffed 
by a team of two full time and two part-time colleagues...all of whom are experienced 
instructors in their own right. 

If rave reviews in the press and on television are anything to go by, good staffing 
and our centre's policy of staff development have undoubtedly been the keys to our 
success and reputation for total reliability and safety being built up over the years.  
Coupled with good leadership, we feel the quality of our staffing is second to none. 

Delighted customers' comments and endorsements bear this out too.

Please scroll down the page for more information on some 
of the individuals we're pleased to have in our fellowship.


Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey BSc PGCE MCIPD MRAeS RAF (Retired)

Senior Training Consultant & Continuous Improvement Expert


Pete is a long serving member of our team of trainers who
has developed some sophisticated training resources with
Iain which have been highly acclaimed by a wide range of our
corporate training clients, including Rolls Royce, Reuters, Lucas,
Powergen, TXU, and Eastern Group.  Pete has also been actively
involved in organising numerous highly acclaimed prestigious
charity fund raising events. Pete is an experienced Chartered Trainer 
with a wealth of experience implementing and auditing schemes
such as Investor in People and European Foundation for Quality
Management.  He retired from the RAF 2 years ago. His last post
was Divisional Commander (North) in charge of recruitment and
training in the North of England and Scotland and Ireland.
Pete is a qualified teacher and Chartered CIPD member who for several
years worked as senior training officer at the new School of Aviation Medicine
at Henlow, where he was involved with developing & teaching courses up
to MSc level. In common with Iain, Peter is a Yorkshireman born in
Rotherham and he has a wicked sense of humour. However, if he tells
you he makes collectors' Teddy Bears he's not pulling your leg... he really
is the Quality Director of "Holdingham Bears"...which makes designs and
manufactures cuddly collectable bears of all shapes and sizes for serious
bear collectors all over the world. Pete and Barabara have been all over
Europe and exotic places such as Japan at the invitation of International
Bear Exhibitions.
As well as being an "Investor in People" Verifier and Assessor, Pete is
a fully qualified plumber ...which makes him quite a useful person
to have in
our team if the toilets or a tap needs fixing ! He is passionate
about training and, like Iain, doesn't mind hard work and getting his hands
dirty if it helps to get the job done for our customers.

Caroline Jennings BSc PGCE

Senior Director i/c Finance, HR & Rock Lea Operations

Caroline ( or "Fred" as she is affectionately known ) is one
of our longest-serving and hardest working team members.
She is now our Finance & Admin. Director as well as being a
mum of two. Caroline joined the team after taking
part in one
of our hillcraft courses as a PE student based at
Cardiff University in the early 80's. Now she owns a big part
of the company and everyone seems to like working for her.
She's very fair and straight.
Fred quickly became one of our key personnel. Iain's in charge
but nowadays he has Caroline's official permission to say so !
Like many of the other tutors, Caroline is an experienced, fully
DfEE qualified teacher who taught P.E. for many years at
Lady Manners
School in nearby Bakewell, where she still does
some days of supply work to keep in touch with her former
colleagues. Formerly a successful competition swimmer,
now enjoys walking her Pointer dogs when she's not busy
looking after the rest of our team and
sorting out all the VAT,
PAYE and all the other adminstrative stuff that goes on in the
back office !
Caroline is an experienced outdoor pursuits first-aider - as
are all
our tutors who take people out into the hills !
We all know that if we need a job doing well we let Caroline
do it !
Fred's favourite activities include walking and skiing in the
Alps - especially in her beloved Austrian Tyrol.


Senior Director


Tony is one of our longest-serving
colleagues ( 25+ yrs service ) & is our
company's senior director with special
responsibility for caving & potholing safety
& Adventure Weekends Operations.
A governor of a major red brick university,
Tony is also a long-serving member of the
Scouts Movement ..a holder of the
Chief's Scout's prestigious "Medal Of Merit"
as well as the "Silver Acorn" Award.
Tony has often been featured in the press
for his trips underground with us. He recently
led a typical trip underground with Steve Bleach
from the editorial staff of the Sunday Times - which
was given a rave review in the Sunday Times
Travel Section. This was no less than the third
time that Tony's caving and other events have
been given extensive write ups in the Sunday Times.
John Robert Thomas BSc BA

John Robert Thomas - Senior Instructor


John T. is one of Rock Lea's longest-serving
colleagues ( 28+ yrs service ) & is one of our
senior staff with special
responsibility for caving
& potholing safety\& the running of our popular
Adventure Weekends
Operations. John started
off here as a customer way back in 1980 attending
one of Iain's rock climbing courses....and he's
been around ever since !

John has a wealth of experience as an accomplished
and very successful rock climbing instructor - and he
probably now has more hours of experience as a very
patient and knowledgeable
abseiling instructor.
He's now retired from his long career as a Data
Processing Manager and IT Manager - working as a
highly qualified specialist designing and running huge
national networking solutions for a major UK employer.

John has a keen interest in diverse hobbies from steam
railways to archaeology and is also a skiing and snow
-boarding enthusiast. One of the quieter members of
our team - he posseses a very dry sense of humour.
When he's not here you might find him building a signal
box or driving a steam engine down at Peak Rail at Rowsley.
Dr. Andy McLean BSc PGCE PhD

Senior Associate & First Aid Examiner


Frank Kent

Associate & Team Member



Senior Associate

Dean is a graduate in Leisure & Amenities Management who
is a long serving senior instructor. He's a qualified
instructor (SPA) and senior caving ( DCA ) instructor. Originally a
surveyor by profession Dean is also a keen mountain biker with
considerable experience in running a wide range of corporate
management development & team building training programmes
with Peak Activities Ltd's clients.
He's a Sheffield United supporter too, but we try not to hold this
against him - especially since he holds a karate Black Belt and
karate nobody argues about how good Sheffield United
are when Dean is here !
Dean holds a PGCE Primary School teaching qualification and he
an experienced primary school teacher too. Dean worked full time
Rock Lea for many years and is now one of our valued panel of ad
part time freelance tutors. He works as a specialist in IT Pedagogy
teaches Primary and Secondary School Teachers how to use
modern training resources such as interactive whiteboards and other
impressive modern training aids.
A father of three, Dean is a much valued member of our team.

Angela Groves

Senior Associate
Angela is a one of our long serving instructresses with a wide range
of interests including developmental training. A former housing
officer in East Anglia with a great sense of humour - she has worked
recently on HR projects and welfare projects with the army in Bosnia
Northern Ireland and elsewhere.
A great listener, Angela is a wonderful person to have in support on
any corporate event or any training programme. She's a member of
team for nearly 25 years and she's also the Godmother of James
Elizabeth, Angela loves walking and rambling in the Peak District.

Steve Charles - Senior Associate

Steve Charles BSc PGCE MILAM

 Senior Associate
Steve is a part-time instructor & tutor and a good solid friend who we've been
delighted to have been associated with us since 1984 - first as one of our highly
qualified and very experienced watersports instructors - and in recent years as
one of our senior training and coaching specialists. Steve works as a Senior
Lecturer in a local College of Furthere and Higher Education...specialising in
Business Studies
and Outdoor Education.
Steve brings a broad range of skills and expertise to our training and sports
..and his genial and patient manner is appreciated by his customers
colleagues alike.

Glenn Richardson -  Associate

Glenn Richardson


Glenn is our newest part-time instructor & tutor who
joined our instruction team as a trainee in 2007 having
enjoyed various trips underground with Tony Kendall.
Glenn is the MD of a very successful electrical switchgear
manufacturing company ( Argosafe ) in Leicestershire which
designs and manufactures Control Panels for industrial
manufacturing processes. Glenn is hoping to qualify as one
of our DCA approved caving instructors shortly. He holds a
Rescue & Emergency Care First Aid Certificate and has
completed various in-house induction training modules
with remarkable enthusiasm and impressive aptitude.

Glenn has established himself as a very reliable & personable
backup cave assisting our more senior qualified potholing and
caving instructors such as John, Tony, Dean and Andy. We know
of no more an enthusiastic caver !

Steve Brodie MIA  

Senior Instructor & Technical Advisor
Steve was for many years the Head of Centre at Nottingham Education
Department's Hagg Farm Outdoor Education & Environmental Centre
on the flanks of nearby Bleaklow and Kinder Scout, so he knows the
joys of instructing and managing a centre in the Dark Peak really well.
He's currently enjoying teaching outdoor pursuits in the mountains of New Zealand.
As someone who has helped us with our own centre's staff development
and SPA training in the past, we are pleased that Steve returns to the Peak
District from time to time as one of our panel of senior associates and consultants
helping other organisations to make the most of their training investments.
Our guests enjoy Steve gentle and sensitive approach - and his very dry
Northumbrian sense of humour. Steve is a keen paddler and climber and
has developed in recent years a specialist interest in outdoor environmental
education for disadvantaged youngsters. Steve is actively involved helping
run development training courses for a national charity and is currently
developing teacher-training courses in New Zealand.


Dave Baines CIC MIA
Senior Associate
Dave is one of the many very experienced
and highly qualified people who works
alongside us from time to time on an ad hoc
freelance basis. Dave is an expert caving instructor
who as a CIC holder assesses and trains other
caving & potholing instructors & mine leaders.
He is also a very experienced & senior mountaineering
instructor (MIA) and is a keen canadian canoe tutor.
Dave is an accomplished cartographer and orienteering
enthusiast too.
Like many of our senior associates, Dave has worked for many
years in the outdoor training and education profession. He was
for many years the chief instructor and manager of a well-known
Christian outdoor training centre in the Peak District. A devout
Christian, Dave is a great joy to work with and over the years
he's won the respect of everyone he's come into contact with here
at Rock Lea.

Dr. Iain Jennings BSc PGCE PhD FRGS, Chartered FCIPD
Company Director & Company Secretary
                                   * Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development 
                                     Registered Training and Development Consultant

A fully qualified & experienced teacher and lecturer as well
as a busy and active training specialist, Iain is a graduate of the
University of Liverpool and holds postgraduate degrees including
a Science Faculty Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He is
one of the founding fathers of the company and has been the Head
of Rock Lea and senior manager of Peak Activities Ltd for over twenty
years. Iain is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is a
Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Training and is a Registered CIPD Consultant too. Iain has taught
full time at the universities of Sheffield (Geography Dept ), Edinburgh
( Forestry & Natural Resources Management ) and at various schools
in Edinburgh and NE Derbyshire. He has taught as a Visiting Lecturer
at The Universiteit van Amsterdam and for UNESCO in Murcia.
Iain has worked successfully for over 25 years arranging tailored
events for people at all levels from organisations large and small.
He has frequently designed and run sophisticated programmes for
board members of many UK and overseas blue chip companies... and
has often been featured on BBC and ITV television & radio programmes
from the 1980's to the present time. Iain's work has recieved glowing
praise for over two decades from CEO's of many well known UK and
German organisations who, to Iain's surprise, often treat him as an
equal when it comes to discussing Training and Development issues.
A graduate geologist and a geomorpohologist and a glaciologist amongst
other things, Iain has been on the boards of several charities - and has
been a Member of the Council of both the British Schools Exploring Society
and the RGS Young Explorers Trust...having led and taken part in numerous
expeditions to the glaciers & mountains of Iceland and Arctic Norway and
Arctic Sweden. Iain has often appeared on television and radio and has
often been involved in broadcasting - working behind as well as in front
of the microphones and cameras. One of Iain's films was broadcast as a
40 minutes "Horizon" porgramme by the BBC many years ago and recent
projects with the BBC include acting as safety officer and locations manager
for films involving Ian Wright, Damion Johnson and other celebrities.
As a big fat Yorkshireman, Iain has few airs and graces and so he's equally
at home arranging low key events for small groups with much simpler &
modest requirements such as Stag Groups and Hen parties. He treats all
his assignments with great care and attention and takes a great pride in
making sure jobs go well for our customers.
Like many of our team of tutors, Iain combines teaching and coaching
skills with training qualifications and is a very experienced and fully
qualified climbing and abseiling instructor. He enjoys nothing better
than going out with groups and getting his hands dirty away from the
office paperwork !

If you've called our offices you'll know Iain loves answering the phones 
and talking with clients and prospects alike. He never forgets that in a 
small firm like ours "MD" often stands for "minibus driver" too and is 
firmly committed to making sure everyone involved in the firm he 
established is safe and has fun.  Iain takes great pleasure from receiving 
personal letters of thanks from delighted customers and one of the reasons
why this website is called " iain.co.uk "  is because he likes it that all our 
customers work closely with him when booking and planning their
events with us.

A Yorkshireman from Rotherham, Iain is very open and direct...and is
well respected for his analytical and training delivery skills and his
desire to make every event at Rock Lea as successful and as safe as 
it possibly can be. Iain was very actively involved in the 1990's in the
movement to improve safety at outdoor centres for young people...
and served on the task force of the English Tourist Board's Activity
Centres Advisory Committee, where he officially represented a large
percentage of the UK's outdoor centres in discussions with government
agencies including the DFES and ETB and the giving of evidence to a 
select committee of the House of Commons which led to the setting up 
of  AALA and the 1996 Young People's Safety regulations.

When he's not working Iain enjoys spending time with his wife 
and children and skiing and simply enjoying being in the mountains in 
his home-from-home in the Austrian Tyrol...which is where he keeps
dragging various members of the team off to with his family for all sorts 
of adventures. Almost all of the pictures on this website were supplied 
by Iain - who is our centre's most avid photographer.
Tutors Cheryl , Alan, Caroline, Iain, John, Stuart & Ed Silva slaving over some red hot concepts en route to the Dolomites at the Zugspitzeblick. Who said staff meetings had to be hard work ?
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