TREASURE HUNTS !ALL AGES CATERED FOR !  Cartoon courtesy of Mr Jim Watson...Member oif the Heart of England Tourist Board

Cartoon reproduced by kind permission of Jim Watson. jwatty@freenetname.com

With over 25 years experience of looking after corporate groups,
Peak Activities' corporate unique treasure hunts in the accessible
Peak District National Park in Derbyshire & at our base in Tyrol 
are ideal team events for mixed age, mixed-ability & mixed 
-fitness parties. 

Carefully refined and developed over many years, our treasure hunts
 are totally UNIQUE, lots of fun, safe, & really good value for money too.
They're easy to book ...and they're available all year round  !  

Our many different Treasure Hunts are all designed and risk assessed 
fully using our in-house staff & they represent some of the very best 
value products we have on offer anywhere on our massive website.  
If anybody tells you that you can buy equivalent products cheaper 
elsewhere they are insulting your intelligence.  We only sell these 
tried and tested products through this the offical Rock Lea web site.

We can take care of from 10 to 100 people at a time for you !
We have frequently run very successful all day and half day duration treasure
hunts for discerning parties of 80, 90 and 100+ people from companies such as
Bosch, BP, Boots the Chemists, Astra Zeneca,  Novartis, Aviva, Rolls Royce, the
RAF the NHS and many others.  Click for a selection of client endorsements.


Prices we charge vary according to the number of people in your party, the amount 
of planning and staffing required on the day and any special requirements such as 
coach transport, hire of large meeting rooms, and meals such as lunches and dinners.
Generally, the sooner you book in larger groups the better any discount you may be 
able to negotiate.

Peak Activities Ltd's unique treasure hunts on foot or using mountain bikes 
or travelling from site to site in our fleet of minibuses (or a combination 
of these modes of travelling ) are very carefully crafted and run. They are a 
great way of entertaining groups large or small in a wide variety of stimulating 
environments.  Peak Activities Ltd's value for money treasure hunts are the 
ideal fun-solution to the age old problem of how do you amuse and delight a 
large number of mixed-age, mixed-fitness participants who may prefer to set 
their own pace and who want to have time to enjoy a chat during their Away Day 
at the same time ?

Please call us on 01433-650345 for a free quotation. 

In the depths ofd winter in the UK low season prices for simple events on foot 
can start from as little as £49 per person plus VAT. However, in the main part 
of our busy season and for smaller parties our prices are in the order of £69 to 
£79 per person per session plus VAT - depending on your group's size and 
required service levels.... for example whether or not you require lunch or 
facilities such as a coach ( or two or more ) collecting you from your hotel 
or conference centre using our peoplem carriers. 

Helicopter treasure hunts and Treasure Hunts on Bikes and our
popular minibus treasure hunts involve more staff time and resources
are therefore considerably more expensive to buy,  as you'd expect.

Price list for different types of treasure hunts & trailquests. 

www.iain.co.uk        group price guide

Corporate Treasure Hunts 
in Derbyshire's Peak District.

Peak Activities Ltd.  offers a wide variety of 
different forms of tried and trusted corporate 
Treasure Hunts and  Trail Quests for private 
groups from our bases in the Peak District
National Park and in the Wilderkaiser in the
 Tyrolean Alps in Austria.

Peak District Treasure Hunts for groups include : -

FUN Treasure Hunts for your Corporate Hospitality & Team Events.
Treasure Hunts on cycles & MOUNTAIN BIKES in the Peak District. 
Cycle based inter-team Trailquest Competitions.
Treasure Hunts ON FOOT in and around the Hope Valley in the Peak District.
    for those with limited budgets.

Derbyshire Treasure Hunts using our centre's people carriers & minibuses.
Helicopter based treasure hunts in North Wales and the Peak District.



Our underground treasure hunts involving caving have been
    featured on BBC1 television's "I'll Do Anything" programme with
    Ian Wright & Mohammed Ali. They have also been on Radio Four's 
    Breakaway Programme. Our helicopter treasure hunts received rave 
    reviews in the Sunday Times "Business Travel Clinic" Section.
Over the past 25 years Peak Activities Corporate Events Division 
has established a enviable reputation for developing some of the 
most reliable, imaginative, safe, exciting, enjoyable and unique 
mixed-ability Treasure Hunts, Inter-Team TrailQuests & Group 
Challenges available anywhere in the UK !   What's more, when 
compared to other forms of corporate entertainment in the 
Peak District  they're really inexpensive & cost-effective !

Don't take our word for it !   Clck photo above to see what 
this jolly group from Avon had to say about their time with us.

   price guide

Please scroll down this page for lots more information 
and top tips for group organisers. Alternatively call us 
and outline your requirements and interests.

Peak Activities Ltd.  Tel. 01433-650345

We can arrange for group organisers to come and see us, 
have at thorough look at the various options & go through 
your requirements face-to-face with some of our senior staff.

Click to see a comment from a typical delighted customer...   
Click for even more complimentary comments from happy clients...

Photograph of the winners of an inter team competition we arraanged for Rockwool in July 2006.    

The winning 6-man team winning an all day challenge
involving an on-foot Treasure Hunt and Orienteering 
competition we organised for UK wide sales managers
& directors from ROCKWOOL.

Dozens of well known blue chip firms have used our half day and full 
day treasure hunts on foot and using cycles to amuse and entertain 
and socialise with their groups of personnel and other key stakeholders.

Carefully tailored Treasure Hunts can be used as good ice breakers 
when we do more serious training with companies to help them elicit
mutually agreed changes in people's attitudes & behaviour patterns..

Our prices for our off-the-shelf treasure hunts & trail quests in the 
accessible Peak National Park are very reasonableand often include 
a formal or buffet lunch in a  private function room with a private bar. 


click on photos for more information


Current Special Offers : Prices... 

Please click here  for sample prices of treasure 
hunts on foot,  treasure hunts using mountain 
bikes and minibus based trailquests.. or call us 
on 01433-650345 to talk about tailoring a bespoke 
treasure hunt or trailquest event just for you....  

If you are feeling decisive and can book quickly,
our manager Iain can currently offer you some 
really very good deals this month !

Treasure Hunts astride bikes are great fun !

A syndicate of five about to set off on an inter-team
treasure hunt competition using bikes from our centre's 
own mountain bike fleet.   Mishaps & breakdowns are 
rare -  but just in case all our bike treasure hunts and 
trailquests are always fully supported by our team of 
friendly, experienced bike mechanics and instructors 
in our support minibus who can be out with you with a 
spare bike in under 5 minutes. 

Please phone us today and grab a bargain !

One of the 4-seat Piper Cherokees we use in N. Wales.





This new product is intended for corporate execs. 
such as company board members.

It is not suitable for people who get airsick and 
costs rather a lot more than one of our treasure 
hunts on foot or on bikes !   
Call us on 01433-650345


Tel. 01433-650345 

Please click here for prices of treasure hunts on 
foot,  treasure hunts using mountain bikes and 
minibus based trailquests in the Peak Park  

Booking your treasure hunt in the Dershre's
Peak District National Park is very easy !

Don't forget other sports activities we can offer your group 
During Treasure Hunts and Orienteering Sessions

We often include the use of powerful walkie-talkies 
to keep group members in touch with each other 
and to communicate with the event Directing Staff.
Above,  Caroline, one of our senior tutors is calling
up a syndicate using our GP300 network to monitor 
their progress across a challenging moorland based 
treasure hunt and orienteering session on the upland 
area immediately adjacent to our centre.

Click for TYPICAL TREASURE HUNT PRICES FOR EVENTS IN & AROUND HATHERSAGE for groups of 10 or more for this year. We specialise in Treasure Hunts on Foot, Helicopter Treasure Hunts, Cycle Based Treasure Hunts, Minibus Based Treasure Hunts, and Radio-Controlled Treasure Hunts in Derbyshire Challenge events for large groups can be tailored in the Lake District, Snowdonia in North Wales, and the Austrian Tyrol.
GEOCACHING Another new initiatives for this year include our new Global Positioning Satellite (GPS ) orienteering and treasure hunt inter-team competitions. Treasure hunts on foot, on bikes or in our minibuses ( or a combination of these ) are an ideal event for your next works outing or your company's next informal away day ! Established in the fabulous Peak District National Park for over 25 years, Peak Activities Ltd has loads of different tried & proven Treasure Hunts to choose from ...for all ages and abilities and lots of different kinds of event. We specialise in tailoring events for mixed parties of varying ages & fitnesses and we have some novel ways of including disabled or infirm members of the team in these events. See below for details of our events on foot, in minibuses and on mountain bikes. We can offer you rambling treasure hunts around pine fringed reservoirs, tougher routes up and down scenic mountains, gorges and dales, and we also offer some less strenuous treasure hunts in and around local villages and market towns such as Bakewell. Orienteering is a great complimentary activity to consider too.

Peak Activities Ltd even has Treasure Hunts in helicopters and light aircraft for 
those with more luxurious budgets ....and for those who like animals we now
have a zoo based treasure hunt with lions, tigers and sealions ! 

Our cave exploration treasure hunt is very popular last year and has now been 
featured on BBC television.

( The Sunday Times Travel Clinic Article - 1999 .)
If flying around in helicopters sounds way too expensive, don't worry ! 
There are full day and half day options in and around the Hope Valley 
in buses, using coaches, on foot and astride our mountain bikes to suit 
all seasons and any size of party from 6 to 160 people !  These are very 
reasonably priced.

Our fees vary according to what you want to do, how many there are in 
your party and how much lead time you can give us, if you require one 
or more meals, etc.  Prices for groups start at around £45 + vat each.

A 75-seater coach from Andrews bringing a group out to us 
for an evening treasure hunt from a nearby hotel in Sheffield.


Fun evening treasure hunts of 1 to 4 hours duration are now possible all year 
around...ideal for chilling out together after a busy day of working indoors or 
after a busy cerebral conference ...especially if the treasure hunt ends up at 
a nice relaxing local inn for some beers and a pea and pie supper !  Our local
suppliers Andrews Coaches can supply coaches large and small to help 
support and move around parties which are larger than our own fleet of 
minibuses can carry.  Coaches can also be booked to bring you from your 
base out to our centre in Derbyshire.  A lot of hotels in nearby Sheffield use 
our services to offer their clients an after dinner evening out with a difference.

No special levels of fitness or equipment are needed for many of our treasure hunts 
and inter-team challenge events.  We have facilities for including people in wheelchairs
...and we can also cater for people with bad backs, gammy legs etc !  However, if you ask 
us, say, for a tough treasure  hunt involving caving or a tough mountain bike trail
ride across mors and around reservoirs - that's what you'll get !

Click to see a comment from a typical delighted customer...   Click for more nice comments...

Typical prices for different kinds of treasure hunt & trail quest events.


Above : a  mixed age group of software development engineers on a tailored 
corporate team building event organised for their firm by Peak Activities. 
Here their Treasure Hunt took the form of a business game on bikes between 
four teams. The delegates above are having a quick meeting to make sure 
they get their route planning and decision-making "right first time" before 
setting off on a half-day mountain bike treasure hunt starting and finishing 
at our operational base - Rock Lea.  It's great way to get people working
closely together who may otherwise not spend much time with each other
at work... a great informal ice breaker to help encourage inter-functional 
co-operation and better team working....and it's loads of fun too !

Big or small, fit or otherwise ... Our mountain bike treasure hunts 
in the Hope Valley are great for mixed fitness, mixed age groups.

Click here to see various THANK YOU'S from numerous delighted corporate clients.


Typical prices for different kinds of treasure hunt event.

Sometimes we can book and run treasure hunts for some
private group bookings at quite
short notice. We're currently
offering some very
attractive seasonal deals ( up to 20% off
our normal
RRP ) for groups Treasure Hunts booked to start
this month or next month. Phone us to discuss prices and any
late deals we may be able to offer you.
We will confirm your booking in writing as soon as we are
paid and have received your booking form - and we can
accept and confirm bookings over the phone paid for by
VISA, MasterCard or Maestro / Switch card payments too.
Please phone us on 01433-650345

      We promise we won't let you down !


Our Treasure Hunts in Derbyshire have been featured on BBC television & radio


One of our bespoke underground Treasure Hunts 
deep beneath the Derbyshire landscape was filmed 
by a BBC1 television film crew with BBC Lottery presenter 
Ian Wright, who's pictured here with Caroline who's 
one of our senior tutors.  The BBC programme presented 
by Ian was broadcast on the evening of Sat. April 26th 2003 and
involved a first time caver searching for  jigsaw puzzle pieces
and other clues hidden bu our instructors down an easy
pothole to help her win the prize of a lifetime - a trip over to 
the USA to meet former Olympic and World Champion Boxer
Mohammed Ali. She successfully completed the task we set
her and she and her husband were seen enjoying on BBC 
Saturday evening BBC1 television.

Good planning and teamwork and communications 
are essential if you want your syndicate to beat the 
other teams in a fun inter-team competition !

Champagne & Chocolate for the Winners !

You want your team event to go well with no problems and it can 
take days to arrange a successful well organised corporate inter
-team event if you try to do it yourself.

We will do all the hard work at this end for you, arranging rooms and meals
and supplying all you need - from walkie talkies, fully serviced, safe cycles, 
safety helmets,  maps and clues and aerial photographs, to minibuses, 
insurance, food, drinks and prizes.  We can even supply cycling gloves for 
folks taking part in our Trailquests.   You can enjoy your day and take full
credit for a job well done knowing that everything you'll need has been taken 
care of by our experienced staff.


You and your party also will enjoy the services of our 
highly experienced and friendly tutors & trainers & facilities 
such as private syndicate rooms, private bars, PA systems 
and so on.

The Peak Activities brand stands for over 27 years dedicated to
supplying quality and safety, - so you can book our events with 
confidence.  Choose to book simple events off the shelf quickly 
and easily - or arrange to come and see us & we'll be pleased to 
tailor a unqiue event just for you.

One of our centre's luxurious air conditioned T4 minibuses.
We have another VW  T4 fitted for carrying wheelchair users. 


In the Peak District National Park we can offer corporate group organisers 
lots of choices all year round in the fabulous Hope Valley.   Bespoke 
Treasure Hunts for groups large and small can also be arranged from 
time to time in places farther afield, including in and around the villages
of Soll and Ellmau and Scheffau in the Austrian Alps.  

We've run successful events in lots of exotic places in the UK including 
Edinburgh, Chester, York and Geneva and have several great treasure 
hunts we've set up in co-operation with several museums & zoos too !  
For those with limited budgets, look at our "off-the-shelf" Treasure Hunts 
prices list - for events in and around Hathersage on foot, using cycles, & 



Our inter-team challenges & trail quest challenges and ORIENTEERING sessions are great fun for
mixed age, mixed fitness parties too and can be tuned to suit the pace, fitness, mood and character 
and needs of your participants.  Why not combine an orienteering session in the morning with
a pub buffet lunch and a gentle treasure hunt in the afternoon ...all from c. £120 + vat each.

We've been perfecting our corporate hospitality events for over ten years, so our Treasure Hunts here for adults can be tailored around clients' specific needs. Your group can enjoy a short, long, easy, hard, gentle, tougher ( or absolutely shattering ) events lasting from two to three hours or taking up a whole day or longer. Click to see other activities we can offer you. If you can't see what you want on our price list why not ask us to put together something specially for your party ? Special tailored treasure hunts & trail quests have been put together very successfully in the past by our team in places as diverse as caverns and even aircraft museums...However, please note events away from our base take a long time to set up and test - so will be more expensive than standard off-the-shelf events.
Two little treasures getting their dad ready for a FAMILY treasure hunt with a big difference looking for clues planted down an easily explored local cave !


These enjoyable Treasure Hunts can be on foot, on water and for those 
with more substantial  budgets we can also involve helicopters,  mountain bikes 
and other unusual forms of transport...such as rowing boats, ponies, etc.

Treasure Hunts can use lots of different  kinds of clues, such as
maps, air photos, riddles and so on. If you have a suitable budget
Problem-solving and other group activities can be woven into your 
tailored inter-team Treasure Hunt or Business Challenge too.  


Finding a clue high up on our ropes course during one of 
our Trail Quest Challenges for a motor manufacturer

Mixed ability and mixed-aged groups appreciate the fact that some
treasure hunts involve some delegates volunteering to go off on foot
whilst others can volunteer take off on mountain bikes or in minibuses. 

As an added extra we can also include training and practise in the use of 
GPS - Global Positioning Satellite Navigation Systems Equipment too.

Clues around a treasure hunt course can be linear (from A to B) 
or wideley scattered...requiring lots of cunning planning and some
really careful decision making and time management.

Go around scenic pine-fringed reservoirs, through oak woods, along 
rivers, over moors and mountains, through charming villages and so 
much more !   Prices vary according to the duration and type of event
and whether you're walking around, travelling in 4x4's or helicopters !

Wet or dry you'll have a great time !

Some of our best Treasure Hunts involve some of
the team members crossing stretches of water or
canoes, dinghies, inflatables, on home-made rafts, etc.

Transco IT Procurement Managers' Team having fun..

We can supply clues for your Treasure Hunt that are serious, 
cryptic or totally light-hearted. Problem-solving tasks can also 
be woven into the proceedings. Work as a single team or have
syndicates competing against each other for prizes such as 
chocolates and champagne...

Left :syndicate of managers from
Rolls Royce Aero Engines working
hard to plan their way through their
underground mission to get information 
for an all day Treasure Hunt/Team 
Business Game.

Not all our treasure hunt are above ground 
- some at Rock Lea are below ground, some 
are on water. The choice is yours !


Phone us on 01433-650345 to discuss exactly what you'd like !
You can even paddle a canoe around 
some of our wetter treasure hunts or why
not pedal around one of our cycle Trailquests ?


Who said all our Treasure Hunts were easy ...or even on foot ?

A 5-person team from Robert Bosch GmbH stops to check out clues during the mountain bike treasure hunt stage of a very competitive inter-company competition which we organised for managers from our previous corporate clients. Teams competed from Lucas, Leo Laboratories, Bosch, Kleinwort Benson, Thorn EMI, Tameside Health Authority, and many other quality-conscious organisations who use our people products and services. We provided the bikes and helmets, etc.

You can tell us how long you want your treasure hunt sessions
to last and how much ground you want people to cover. 

We can offer you linear or circular or random routes to suit your 
group's mood, interests and abilities...and you may even care to 
consider incorporating a theme to make the event more relevant 
and exclusive to your own organisation.
Why not make it an inter-team  competition ? 
- prizes can range from a tube of Smarties (TM) to a T-shirt, 
bottles of champagne, sweatshirts or even weekend skiing 
in Davos !  (the first prize for an event we arranged jointly for
Lufthansa and Steigneberger GmbH.

A sample case study...


We have been proud to be members 
of our regional Tourist Board for many 
years. When the Bob Collier was the 
Chief Executive of the former
 East Midlands Tourist Board based
in Lincoln he wanted a top-class 
corporate day out for his staff 
including an enjoyable, educational 
"treasure hunt" to launch his new
"Treasures of Middle England" 
publicity & marketing campaign, 
he contacted Iain & the team at 
Peak Activities straight away !

We put together an original and 
creative low cost solution to meet
his requirements.

Click to read his review of the event 
we put together for his product launch ! 

We subsequently organised several
successful orienteering and other team 
challenge events for Bob's successor 
Bev. Nielson who was Chief Exec of the
Heart of England Tourist Board.

Derbyshire Treasure Hunt Prices & fees guide. 

Booking form for Treasure Hunts in the Peak District

Peak Activities is proud to be a Member of the Heart of England Tourist Board.

Peak Activities has established a reputation for designing 
& running all kinds of different treasure hunting activities 
over the years..for groups young & old.   We decided to set 
up a brand new Treasure Hunt for the EMTB - & suggested 
they should combine their half-day treasure hunt with an 
inter-syndicate problem solving "team challenge" and we
included a pub lunch to make their day go with a competitive 
swing ! It all worked very well. Click the treasure sign for 
comments from the EMTB after we'd run this and other 
events for them, including glider flights and rock-sports 
events with their associates from the BTA and English 
Tourist Board.


We've had some very kind comments and letters from clients such as
Lloyds Bank, Aesculap Downs, Natwest Bank, Nacro, Price Waterhouse,
Bosch, Range Rover, Transco BG & Norwich Union following various
treasure hunts we've designed and run for their groups too.



One of the many successful bespoke treasure hunts
we've ever ran was for a group of midwives and 
medical administrators who wanted to caving but
were rather nervous, so we had them out
rescuing chocolate gnomes underground the
week before Easter. Many of the rescued
casualties were eaten unfortunately by
the  delegates but a few were left for
their grandchildren a week later !

To see what the organiser had to say
about the positive benefits of such 
events with us - click here.




Want help obtaining suitable prizes, etc. ?

Simply talk to Iain or Caroline on 01433-650345 !

If requested, we can arrange a wide variety of prizes & certificates
and digital imagery for your Treasure Hunts and other competitions. 

Our webmaster is very old fashioned and likes everyone 
    involved to win a prize if possible !   How about a prize for 
   the best fancy dressed team - or the team telling the best jokes ?

Winning team's prizes we've arranged for past customers 
have included a simple tube of "Smarties", monster Toblerones,
sets of specially printed  T-Shirts & Sweat-shirts, certificates,
huge cuddly toys,  and presentation cups to a weeekend of 
skiing from a five star hotel in Davos for the customers of a 
leading German Airline  who attended an event we designed 
and ran for them at Chatsworth House ( we knew Lufthansa 
was a class organisation ! )

Bottles of champagne for winning teams are always popular.
Above - a winning syndicate of 7 auditors after a treasure hunt
arranged for a party from PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2005.


Many clients like everyone to go home with a suitable prize of
keep-sake and like to issue their delegates and VIP guests with
special souzvenir gifts, such as silk-screen printed or embroidered
anoraks, rucksacks and so on. We can help with the supply of all of 
these, given plenty of advance notice...and can also arrange group
lunches, evening meals, etc. Please phone us for further details
and check out our prices guide for off-the-shelf value solutions.


If you'd like a Treasure Hunt based on a theme we can tailor and 
test a new treasure hunt just for you - this is possible, but this can 
be costly because setting up a really good treasure hunt and refining 
it so it works right first time takes quite a while.   We also need to carry
out detailed risk assessments and make sure our insurance underwriters
and land owners are happy with any new locations we set up...hence new
events away from our normal sphere of operations do tend to be more 
costly than our "standard" off-the-sheld events held in the locaility of 
our popular centre - Rock Lea.

List of other creative activities for visiting groups...


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Some other customers' comments & endorsements...

Prestigious inter-team event designed for Lufthansa...



If you like what you see on this page 
we have loads more tried and tested 
ideas for you if you just call us and outline 
what you're after !
We know we aren't the cheapest provider 
in this area - but we promise we won't let 
you down !



Rock Lea Activity & Training Centre
Station Road, Hathersage, HOPE VALLEY,
The Peak District National Park,
United Kingdom, S32 1DD.

Telephone us today please to discuss your aims, your preferred 
dates and the size of your party and any special requirements.

for groups of 10 or more for this year.