Peak Activities Ltd's UK products & training events for individuals  
& for groups have been extensively featured & highly recommended 
on national TV  travel programmes & documentaries, as detailed below...

We hope the high levels of coverage on UK radio and television will give 
our web visitors an index towards the high quality and value for money 
of Peak Activities Ltd's excellent people, products and services.


Above : Presenter Ian Wright filming with us for his new
 BBC1 Saturday evening television programme in 2003.

Broadband enabled visitors can click on Damion's abseiling picture
above or the canoeing picture below to try out two video links and
see some footage shot whilst Damion was abseiling and canoeing
with us. These are 4 to 5 Meg mpg files so is not suitable for people
with slower dial up web connections. Expect a loading time for broad
band lines of c. 30+ secs. per clip.
Media coverage of Peak Activities Ltd's events
has included a major Yorkshire TV "Edit Five" 
documentary on Gilders car dealership's 
sophisticated team-building & staff training initiatives 
(outlined in more detail below); a BBC1 "Eleventh Hour" 
television programme on team and personal development 
courses with staff from Birmingham Cable Ltd; several 
BBC Radio Four features on business courses with 
Alex Lester and a BBC Look North TV documentary 
with well known Sports Presentator Damion Johnson.
Recently we were in charge of the health and safety and
underground  filming again of the pilot of a new Saturday 
night BBC1 television challenge programme with Ian 
Wright and starring sports superstar Mohammed Ali.



Radio features have included pieces recorded and live for programmes 
such as BBC Radio 5, the "Today" Programme, BBC4's Breakaway and 
BBC4's Freewheeling travel and holiday programmes... plus numerous 
interviews of outdoor centre safety with local radio stations such as 
Radio Derby, Radio Hallam and Radio Sheffield. We've even broadcast 
live radio interviews 90 feet high up on a crag rock climbing with popular 
( and very brave ) BBC Radio 2 &  Radio 4 presenter & travel expert 
Alex Lester. Other live interviews and features have been undertaken 
with Radio Five Live.

Other well known characters who have appeared on film whilst 
out on location with us include BBC sports and travel presenter
Damion Johnson and Matt Dickinson.  We are proud that 
Peak Activities Ltd is often the first choice for many film & radio 
crews wanting a safe and 100% reliable professional service.

Click here to see what the Travel Writer of the Year Steve Bleach 
& expert Travel Writers such as Michael Woods of the Sunday Times 
have also had to say about our people, products and services.  
We are very grateful for their kind endorsements of our efforts.


Our base Rock Lea has also been highly acclaimed on NBC Superchannel's
"Ushuaia" & on  BBC2's "Breakout" television programmes....looking at our 
excellent courses using us for team development & enjoyment. Other media 
coverage include a live broadcast from local crags on Radio 5 Live and 
numerous interviews on local radio stations.

Other projects we have been involved with providing failities & support for
have included BBC Drama's "Tales of Narnia" & various  schools education 


Our staff filming in a snowstorm at the start of a caving trip 
with Everest Mountaineer Matt Dickinson who presents NBC's 
cable television's "Ushuaia" Outdoor Adventure Programme.
This filming was syndicated and also broadcast on ITV 1.

Travel Feature Writer of the Year 2004, Steve Bleach wrote articles 
about caving with Peak Activities in the Sunday Times Travel 
Magazine & also in the Sunday Times Travel Colour Supplement.  

Click here please to see more details.


Much of our company's successful tailored training & team
building work will, for obvious reasons,  always remain client 
confidential. However, details of some outdoor training events 
with companies such as Northern Foods, Lucas, the NHS, Bosch
& the Department for Employment have been published by the 
clients themselves or by us with their permission in training
media  such as "Works Management" , " Management Today", 
 "The Manufacturer" & "Training Tomorrow". 

Click to see other published articles on our people, 
products and services.


The success of assignments with many companies has 
also led to items being published in their "in-company" 
media. Examples include features in "Land Rover News", 
"Northern Foods News" Powergen News,  "Lucas Life"
and "Bosch People".
Some particularly successful team building projects have
been featured in the national press and several have been 
featured on national television & on national radio.

In addition we have also enjoyed very favourable coverage 
of our sports and leisure events in popular national media 
such as The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mail, 
Footloose, YHA News, Company Magazine, Great Outdoors 
and Country Walking.
Click here for more notes & samples of the kind comments we've received in the national press :


A management training film we made with 
Volkswagon and Audi personnel with a
Yorkshire Television film crew for their 
"Edit Five" series.  The programme was 
broadcast as an ITV documentary on 
outdoor development training called  
"A Walk on the Wild Side"

Televised Case Study #1 : Gilders Staff Development Event.

When Gary Scotting, Operations Director of car dealership 
"Gilders Group" based in Sheffield wanted a training 
programme to help members of his new Peugeot Car dealership 
to blend in with - and work to the same high standards as 
his existing Audi and Volkswagen dealerships, the first 
choice for a tailored outdoor training course was Peak 
Activities Ltd. Gary knew we would take great care to make 
sure the event was relevant and tailored to elicit the 
training outcomes the company needed - and would also produce 
a FUN event everyone would enjoy...even though there was snow 
on the ground for some of their stay !


Outdoor training is a particularly good way of accelerating the process 
of people getting to know each other, appreciating each other's strengths 
and weaknesses, understanding the importance of teamwork processes 
and sharing visions and hopes for the future over a beer in the bar at the 
end of a busy day.

The Gilders group, ( illustrated above with Ops. Director Garry) enjoyed 
a series of indoor & outdoor based task-based problem solving exercises 
to get the group working together - and to get the delegates into the habit 
of reviewing their individual and team performances in a constructive, 
humorous and caring way.

The event was such a success that the team later volunteered to come 
back in their own time and repeat parts of the course on camera for 
Yorkshire Television's "EDIT FIVE" documentary series. The film 
was a great success too ...and the filming process itself proved to be 
an excellent way of getting people of different grades from different 
departments, sites and teams working all together on an unified task.

UPDATE : In Jan 2000 Gary became Gilders' Managing Director.


Televised Case Study #2 : Birmingham Cable

A BBC1 film crew spent some time here filming a ligh-hearted social 
TEAM BUILDING outdoor activity weekend with a team of people from 
Birmingham Cable Communications. This was shown on BBC1's 
 "Eleventh Hour" TV programme presented by Cheryl Baker.


Case Study #3 : Team-Building with

Alan Gruar MBE, formerly Senior Training Manager, Lucas Aerospace in Wolverhampton (bottom left) has been to Rock Lea with many training parties over the years. Here he's with some volunteers on a lighthearted charity fund raising event. Click photo for details. See Lucas endorsements.
CLICK to links to more case studies of other successful development 
training and staff development projects with firms such as Transco, 
Norwich Union Healthcare, Rolls Royce, Boots, Barclays Bank, 
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Robert Bosch, Rover Group, 
the NHS Supplies Directorate & many other successful UK and overseas 




Comments from Lucas : Comments from BCL... Published Case study - Range Rover & Discovery Managers... Weekend away for a Christian Men's Fellowship... Further endorsements and kind customers comments... Obtaining quotations & booking corporate events... Main index : IPD Registered Consultancy Service ...

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